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May 21, 2024 7 mins
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Do Do Do Do? Meghan's newbooty. Meghan's new booty, Meghan's new
booty Mojo in the Morning Show,What's happening. It's good to have you
guys here. Something with Meghan's newbooty cause caused for an embarrassing moment for

her yesterday. She just had likeone of those days happening to her,
and I got to make light ofit just to make you laugh a little
bit this morning. But yeah,you you don't have a new booty,
but you got a new body andwe love it. You love every bit
of it. Booty does feel alittle bit new because you can tell I
have one now. Well. It'sfunny because I find that to be kind

of refreshing because I know you complainedin the past that you didn't have a
booty. No, yeah, exactly, you know anything it is for me,
it was relative to the size ofmy belly, you know what I
mean. So I wish I couldtake the belly and put it to the
booty and and I'd be happy.But it turns out when your torso gets
smaller, it looks like you havethe butt. Yeah, what happened to

you yesterday? I am literally youbrought up how I'm having a rough day
yesterday, and I really was,because I'm just having so many difficulties with
my car lately. It just feelslike every time I fix something, something
else becomes a problem, you know, kind of like it rains. A
poor situation. Is where I'm atright now. I'm actually currently worried about

a potential issue I might be havingwith the undercarriage of my car. And
I say that only because we don'tget to use undercarriage, that the undercarriage,
you know what I mean. Soevery time I bark, I have
to like squat down and check andsee what's happening underneath my car, because
you know, we love to checkfor oils, bills and all sorts of

other issues. And as I'm squattingdown underneath my car yesterday, I just
feel Now we both know that itwas eight million degrees outside yesterday still felt
a cool breeze, and I thoughtthat shouldn't be happening. And that's because
when I squatted down, my pantsliterally split at the scene. Shut up,
No, not kidding you. Sonot only is my car leaking oil,

but it felt like my body wasabout to too, because the butthole
puckered when I felt the wind onmy butt. Oh and I'm just thinking,
okay, cool, so happy thatjust happened. I get to now
walk a couple of blocks to myapartment because my parking garage is not attached
to my building, so not onlyis my car leaking oil, my pants

are ripped. And I was like, you know what I'm done with today.
I'm real time, I'm real sickof everything that's going on, and
I would like to go to bedat four o'clock in the afternoon. Oh
god, that sucks, and nowyou have to buy new pants. Oh
yeah, where did they rip?Right down the butt crack scene? And

by the way, hey, thatis the worst when you have multiple things
happened to you. Like it's onething to have your you know, ripping
your butt crack happened to you oneday, but then to have the fact
that the oil leak is going onor whatever the leak is, that's just
the is that anybody ever had thathappen to them, where it's like one
thing after another where you know,it just becomes just like, oh,

this is gonna be awful. Atleast it's happened later in the day though,
right, I mean does that makeit better? Well, because if
it happened in the morning, itruins the entire day, and then you're
then you're really you know, no, because at that point I have the
excuse of I have to go homeand change, so I got to work
less. This was the same amountof work and split pants. You really
think that you would have less workif your pants ripped? No, I

cover you the same amount of workafter the show. Yeah, less work
on this show and you have towalk around here with you know, goofy
guys like Hassan and Jay and allthese guys walking around and covering up your
butt. Yeah, Oh my gosh. Eight four four eight four four six
six five six five four eight.Megan had a day yesterday. Who's had
a day recently? Or or rememberthat one day that you had where it

was like one thing after another afteranother. It's like, Jesus, give
me a break please. I hada wardrobe one malfunction day. This isn't
like it's piling on, but itwas one of those is this really happening
right now moments? Yeah. Iwas running home because I had an event
later and I needed to iron somedress pants for it, and I turn
the iron on, you know,all the way up or whatever. I

go in the other room try toget this other thing handle. While the
iron's eating up, I put theiron on the pants and literally burn a
hole through the vah. Before you'retalking about what the f moment at that
point, just hands in the airlike I'm noting anymore. I I tell
you my favorite part about walking backto my apartment though, real quick.

I had nothing in my car buta winter jacket and it was eight million
house time, So I was like, cool, we get it's baby.
You know, when somebody's wearing differentclothing than the weather calls for, you're
like something happened with their pants,like their pants ripped or period. You're
the period is shorts? All wait, jacket, Jennifer, what happened jen

Oh my god, good morning?Everybody, morning, Good morning. This
was so embarrassing. So I wasat work. I was working as CBS
in the pharmacy and I'm wearing scrubs. I squatted to grab something on the
bottom shelf to fill, and myscrubs split exact same way at the theme

you could see my underwear. Ihad to call my Boyfriendessa's time to bring
me a pair of scrubs through thedrive through because I would not move at
all. Wait, do they fitin that little drawer that goes right in
that d Yes? Yes, butdraw That's what I always love. When

I pull up the CBS, it'slike ping up though, it's like the
recorded guy that comes on there andstarts talking to what's up Rachel? Oh,
I'm on Monday Part two and Isplit my pants today. So yesterday
it was my kid was a buttole, my car wouldn't start, I was
late to work. Today it wasthe kid locked the keys, or the

kid locked the keys in the carand my parents. But Monday part two,
how did your pants split? I'ma small pretty much everywhere, but
my pants were just a little small. By the way, You've got to

hope on a day day like today, you have cute underwear on Victoria's Secrets
all day. Okay, still doesn'tmake it better. It doesn't because the
worst isn't whors is when you gotunderwear they don't match, you know,
or don't kind of blend in alittle bit. What's up Ryan? How
you doing? Hi? Good morning, guys. Morning. I worked at
a hospital and I got really upset. This little kid patient I draw a

lot made me really upset, andI had an accident in my pants,
so I had to throw everything away, and my coworker brought me a pair
of like male scrub pants with ahole in the crotch. So I was
showing my business everybody at work.Oh no, I didn't know that there
was a hole in the scrub pantsin the front. By the way.
By the way, when you getupset, you actually duty yourself. Yeah,

I did. It was it wasbad. I had ibs as time
as old. Oh okay, allright, that's understandable because it's funny because
I like, if I had thathappened to me, I feel like I
have to duty myself all the time. And if that happened to me where
I get upset, it'd be like, oh, oh, don'tybody make me
upset? You imagine it running outof pansy. Her husband or whatever was
like, hey, is everything okay. She's like, yeah, it's fired,

and he goes, no, it'snot
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