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May 20, 2024 13 mins
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Home with the judgment Free Zone.WUKQE Detroit, usnx ORSKIS Toledo. Three
great stations, one stupid show.This is Mojo in the Morning. Lie,
oh, give me something money,Give me a little money, money,

money, money, money, allright, I guy had it one.
Here here we go. We're gonnagive out the word. Yes,
the word that could win you onethousand dollars to pay your bills is fun.

F you n don't enter that wordright now up on our website at
Mojo on Themorning dot com. Enterfun up on Mojo on the Mourning dot
com for a chance to get onethousand dollars to pay your bills and pick
up your phone if you get acall from a number you don't recognize.
That's how we tell you you won. Good like you? What seconds up?

Bo? Great? That sucker upthere, Zach, Get that thing
up there as loud as it.Let's haag those meters. You look even
better with me, and it's goingme and tell this weekend for Movement Movement
Festival in Detroit, Ludacris is goingto be performing is already this weekend.

Yes, it's a crazy Yeah.We got a three day weekend Mike three
day weekend. We're gonna be alltrying to steal Mike's uh buckets. This
can swear to go on the beach? Are you gonna be camping? Are
you gonna go out on the hThis is also a big week for you

because of Mike is going to bestarting on another morning show. He's actually
going to be co hosting with Alion B ninety three The uh Breakfast Club.
Would it's the B ninety three MorningShow with Mike, The B ninety
three Morning Show with Ali and Mike. You lost top billing? How did

that happen? I don't think Ineed to be your agent. I swear
to God this thing has turned.This thing has turned into a freaking fiasca.
I need to be your agent.You want me to? You want
me to be your What's what's thatguy's name that represents all the football players?
The uh the guy who on thatfootball agent? He was in town
and everybody was saying that he was. He was like the party guy all

the all over the place. Uh, here you go, football agent to
the stars. What the hell isthe guy's name? He's like, I
got a notorious name. You'll knowwhen I say his name is the guy
from the Jets, like the Jetsquarterback, but I don't even remember his
name. Oh god, what isthe guy's name that was the big is

the big football agent? Who's DrewRosenhause? That's the guy. I think
Drew Rosenhouse might have been. Whatthe Jerry McGuire movie. I think he
was the guy that was stealing people. Yeah, you remember how there was
the There was the agent that stolepeople from Jerry McGuire, And I think
Drew Rose that was based on DrewRosenhause if I'm not mistaken, But I

am the Drew Rosenhouse of radio agents, and I'm gonna represent and we're gonna
we're gonna have some some deals goingon here right now. Did you didn't
sign anything yet? Did you?So? Anyways, I'm going camping this
weekend. Am I making it upmore and more uncomfortable every day every day?

Why are people taking this stuff sogosh darn serious? This is radio
for guys, not sing Nobody hedoesn't want to talk about it. I'm
not joking. I hear through thegrapevine. This is the thing I hear
through the grapevine because nobody wants totell me anything because they know I got
a big fat mouth, like whatyou're doing right now? Well, it's
not the case, though, Mikeis. This is a huge first off.

I think this is the smartest thingthat our programming departments in any of
the cities that we broadcast in havedone in a very very long time.
The fact that Mike has always wantedto be part of a morning show where
he was you know, hosting orone of the main players of a show,
and to take on this role islike, to me, one of

the smartest moves that these guys havedone. That they have said, Hey,
you know what, the mojo onthe morning show has got a great
you know, listenership. Mike hasbeen in West Michigan for a long time.
He's been successful, he's he's beennumber one at night, number one
in now mornings. Why not givethis guy an opportunity, you know,

to do this. And so Bninety three, which is a legendary station,
has probably the the most talented femalehost on there, and they put
Mike with her, and then forsome reason, I don't know what the
story is. Have people call metoday. My flight is at two o'clock.
I'll be on a flight at twoo'clock. Mike, don't sign anything

until I talk. So Silver Lakeis where I'm going camping. It's gonna
be I very You're not camping thisweekend. We're getting into the four Seasons
in Chicago. We're working it out. You tell them, you tell them
talk to your agent. When theysay, well, who's your agent,
say it's Mojo m o j O, Mojo Rose in the house. That's

the thing you need to have.I've often said this, You need to
have an agent, an agent thatyou know that takes things seriously. What
do they always say? What didNormal always say to us, Shannon,
you got to be willing to walkout? Oh, I remember, he
said, But I don't remember that. One Norm told me one of the

greatest things in my agent. Normtold me one time, and I was
in a dispute back way way back, when he told me to pack up
my office, clean it out,and go home. I swear to god
I didn't. And I just saidto him, I'm in the car driving
home, because he says, yougot to make them understand that you're serious
about this, that you don't needthem right. And I remember him saying
to me, I'm in my carand I'm driving home from the radio station,

and he said, did you packup all your stuff in a box?
I go, norm all I hadwas a coat. He goes,
that's all you got. They're noteven gonna know you're gone. And I
said, I don't have an office. I don't know what you're talking about
here. But God rest his soul, Norman trust he was the man of
men. So I loved that guyso much. So next week Mike is

going to be is did you starton Tuesday then the day after Memorial Day?
Yeah, I'm joining. You knowwhat, Can we have Ali on
the show this week with us?Uh? Yeah? Absolutely not not just
your alley I love, I'd loveto have your alley on, but I'd
love to get your new UH cohost Ali on. Let me talk to

her today and see what days shecan. Yeah, just talk to talk
to her and see what's going on. I think this would be great.
And I think the coolest part aboutthis whole thing happening is is that Mike's
not leaving the show. He's notgoing to be a you know, daily
contributor, but he's still going tobe on the show. He's still going
to do stuff with us. He'sgoing to do a throwback throw down,
and there'll be other things that Mikethroughout the you know, the year will
be part of and he'll still You'llstill come to events and things like that.

Right, it's all hang out.I mean, if I'm allowed to,
Yes, if you're a who's tellingyou you're not allowed to? I
know, you call Tony get TonyTravado on the phone, tell him that
Mike's agents on there were sister station, Like this is the thing. If

you were if you were leaving togo work for Jeff luck Off over at
the competitor town Square, then Iunderstand I would be like, you know
what this is. We're in radio, you have noncompetes and things like that.
You're going to work for our samesister station, brother station across the
hall. I think this is awonderful thing. I hope advertiser, if

you advertise on Mojo in the morning, I hope you go and advertise on
B ninety three and vice versa,advertise on all of our stations. We're
one big, happy family. Andknow this. People cried when we said
that Mike was leaving the show,and that's how it shows you how big
of a personality Mike has been inWest Michigan and Detroit and Toledo, that

listeners love him that much that theywill literally A woman called us earlier this
morning said her husband thought she wascrazy because she was crying. Mike is
a great human being and great personality. And I'm telling you, guys,
he is going to be an amazingaddition to that radio show over there.
And I'm and I'm telling you theadvertisers this, some bitch works better and

harder than anybody else that I knowof, way harder than I do.
And I think that that is amazing. Tony Travado, It's it's Mojo Shrut
on the phone here, Tony.I just want you to know that Mike
has just attained the services of Mojoas his agent. Just as you said

whatever you said, the phone wentdead, So you're gonna have the norm.
Shrut was upset that I used hislast name. Uh, I am
now Mike's agent. I would likeeverybody to know that I want to know
why Mike is. Mike is veryuh squirrely about wanting to talk about leaving
and going across the whole stree andall I want Mike to be comfortable.

This is Tony. Is this nota wonderful thing happening? Like? This
is a legendary radio station. Sowhat's what's funny is I grew up listening
to this station. I grew upon the Mike and I are actually from
the same city. We grew upin Belding, both of us and I

grew up listening to this radio station. It is an iconic radio station.
Mike and have been like, whatthree morning shows? Yeah, in the
history of the station, there's onlybeen three morning shows. Yes, like
three, It's Neil and who who'sit been? Neil and Reese, uh,
Matt and Alley and then and thenthe next show right or other shows

somewhere, other shows in there.Now, that's it. That's it.
That's okay. I mean you coulddo this for the next twenty years.
Wow, well you can only doit for twenty years if they talk to
his agent and I agree upon it. I listen. I want this to

be I thought, this is oneof the coolest things ever because on our
show we've had Mike is I thinkthe third person that has been part of
the show that go lead another radioshow. And so I think this is
wonderful when this happens, you knowwhat I mean, Like I, I
don't want to see people get outof radio when they leave the show.
I want to see them continue andcarry the ball to other great things.

So I think this is awesome.So please, Mike, enjoy this week.
It's going to be full of tearsfor all of us and you because
I'm sure you're going to miss allof us on a daily basis. I
hope, yes, But moment's righthere, but yes, the rest of
the Oh jeez, Tony, makesure your agents send you something really good

as you transition to the new show. Hey, yeah, I got a
bottle of don piernon fo. Youain't getting that. You got to be
a long term client to get that. That's a big one you do.
I'll tell you what, Mike.You attained number one ratings. We will
get you some Hennessy. We willhennessy it out for you. So no,

we're very very happy for you.And please tell all the people and
you tell them to call me ifthey have any issues. Tony, this
is a happy moment. Bob Pittmanwould be happy about this, right.
It's a happy moment. And bythe way, there's another happy moment.
Not to transition from that to another. But today is the day the Radio
Hall of Fame ballast are sent out. No, I did not know that.

Really, it went out this morning. Let's go, did you vote
for me? Let's go? Didyou vote Tony? I haven't voted yet.
Part of that depends on how therest of this call goes. I
do love you, Tony. Ijust want you to know that. All

Right, all right, we'll talkto you later. This is gonna be
a cool week. This is gonnabe cool. So here's the deal,
Mike. You're moving to a newmorning show, and I'm gonna lose for
the third time in a row inthe Radio Hall of Fame. No,
I think you've got it this year. I know you haven't. And you
better be there with us when wedo this thing, because you're as big
a part of that. You know, is take a morning off on being
ninety three. It would be anhonor. I would love to
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