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May 21, 2024 13 mins
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Mo John on the morning show.So I had to take an Uber to
work today because my car was here, and so I had kind of a
weird thing happened to me. Ihad to call for an Uber and get
the Uber at four forty five am. So it sounds like, okay,
are there going to even be anyubers out at that time? And if

not, I was pretty much gonnasay, all right, I gotta like
have my son or something, youknow, let me borrow his car or
whatever. But I called for theUber. The Uber comes and picks me
up. And when the Uber cameto pick me up, and do you
have any Uber drivers listening this morning, maybe driving to the airport or doing
something, do you guys just automaticallyassume that the people who are getting ubers

that early in the morning but arenot going to the airport are criminals.
Because I got in the car andI figured I better talk to the guy
right away, which I always doanyway. I love talking to the Uber
drivers, and so I figured Ibetter start talking to him, otherwise he's
going to act kind of weird.And when I put in the address,
it doesn't come up on the Uberas the radio station I had to just

put the actual physical address in there, so he had no idea where the
hell he was going when he wasdriving me. And as we were driving,
he looked at me and he goesthrough his rear view mare. I
could see his eyes piercing at me, and he goes, you do something
legal, And I said legal likea lawyer, and he goes, no,
like not illegal. And I saidto him, I go, ha,

no, well, I know,yeah, I do a legal thing.
I mean I think it's kind oflegal. And he goes, you
delivering something to somebody, and I'mgoing, wait a second, I think
this guy thinks I'm a drug dealer, like I think he's thinking I'm going
to because you know, it's notlike our radio station is in a sketchy
area of town. But be honestwith you, it might be middle of
nowhere. Actually, it's not reallylike a place that you would, you

know, randomly go to at fourforty five in the morning. Right.
Yeah. Usually when you're le pickingup and going somewhere at four forty five
in the morning, and it's notthe airport, you're usually going to A
the hospital, B, the airportor c to do a drug deal in
Farmington Hills or it's like, youdon't want to do the walk of shame,
so you do the uber of shame. Take an uber home from whoever's

house you spent the night at.You know. Yeah, so I had
the by the way, just donethat. It was awkward the way through.
And we're driving to the station andthe station's only like fifteen minutes away
or twenty minutes away with a littlebit of traffic, and there was a
little bit this morning, and aswe're driving, the conversation got, oh,

okay, so what do you do? And I told them eventually what
I did. I go listen.I'm a you know, morning radio and
stuff. And the guy actually justmoved here, so he had no clue
anything about our show, so hewas not, you know, a person
that had you know, ever listenedto any of our stations or iHeart or
any of that stuff. Guy waslike sitting there telling me all the thing
he's like going into is what helistens to. And I said, what

do you listen to? And hegoes, I listen to classical alternative rock,
and I'm like, there is classicalalternative rock and he starts naming artist.
I have no fing clue about Ihave no clue, and I'm looking
around his car and stuff and I'mlike, going, okay, you know,
the guy keeps it kind of clean, so this is a nice ride.
I don't want to upset him,so tell me a little bit about
your music. And he starts playingme his music and I'm like, oh,

Christ, I should have never donethat. But it was four in
the morning or five in the morning. I'm going, you know what,
this is the only ride I'm gonnaget. Roy, what's going on?
How are you good? How youguys doing today? Good? Right?
You're an Uber Roy? What's happening? Welcome to Uber Drivers four Mojo Live.
Give us a beat eight four foursix six five six by four eight.
Yeah. Yeah, I'm not anuber driver anymore. I used to

drive early morning and I picked upsomebody at five o'clock in the morning on
the west side of gand Rapids andhe's running from my Uber like somebody's chasing
him. He gets in my car, we get a half mile away.
Next thing you know, I'm surroundedby at least eight police cards out at

gunpoint. Come to find out,he just committed an armed robbery out of
gas station and ship loaded, hada loaded gun in his backpack, got
all the money that he had justsow men literally like ten minutes before that.
Wow, and he thought you wouldn'tpull over. I don't know,

but apparently they thought I was anaccomplist. I told him my phone that
I'm just the umer. I'm justtrying to make That's what I'm telling you.
This guy thought that that was me. This guy was convinced that I
was doing something like that that Irobbed a house. No longer do anymore
because that that took it over theheads, Like I don't like gun drawn

who came on units one in thefront one of the man. What I
want to know is did he justcall it or was this like premeditated?
He scheduled it for like, now'sthe time I opened the he pops up.
I pull it up. He runsin the car with something. Okay,
if he's going from his baby mamaor something. And time minutes later,

pop car pulling behind me. Thenabout six more pulled up behind me.
One pulled in front of me,and they pulled apart. I'm a
grown man, I'm growing everything.Image Yeah yeah, what kind of rating
did he give you? Levin theUber driver, what's going on? What's
going on? I am a firsttime caller in a short time listener,

Levin, what did you listen toprior to us? Classic Alternative? Yeah?
Did you have another show that youused to listen to or another station?
No, I don't like I lookforward to nine five five in the
morning when I'm doing my uber drive. I love it. The only thing

I pray is that my passengers areoffended by some of the topics that co
oh, jeez yeah, mirror,Like are you good? So, Levin,
would I be sketchy to you ifI called for an uber at four
in the morning. Four thirty inthe morning, So at that hour,
I always think someone's going to work, Like, I don't really think anything

bad, but I've had a weirdexperience. So if I'm picking you up
and you're not fully dressed, I'mgoing to pull off. No. I
was dressed. No. I literallyrolled up on somebody and they had on
pajamas and work boots and they livelike at the end of a river,
and I was like, no,like, you are not going to put

me in the water. I Amsorry, sir, You're gonna have to
get another Uber. He was juststanding there with his hands in the air,
and I always feel so bad whenI do that, but I have
to say, first please please besafe. Yes, mind, thank you,
thank you for the appreciate you.Wait, what about the rest of
us? Well, we're all Ubercustomers too? Why everyone? You go?

All right? All right? Shegets five stars from me? What's
going on? Christina? Hi?Hi? What's happening? Hear me?
Yes, I got you. What'shappening? Nothing? I was just calling
one time. I First of all, in the mornings, it's always school

or work drop offs. I neverreally think they're criminals. Okay, this
is Uber Christina. So okay,so you usually pick up like kids going
to school. Yeah, It's crazyhow parents will send their kids to school
and they don't really like still usetheir account, so I never know it's
the school. I just dropped somebodyoff at school, like literally, I'm

telling you, I wish that Uberwould have been like something that Chelsea would
have been cool with. I wouldhave thrown my kids ass in a Uber.
Isn't there a program now through Uberlike for this? Yeah? Ubertine,
But I have those turned off becauseI don't want a bunch of kids
in my car. But I endedup getting them anyway, because they just
send them. But I actually calledbecause last summer I had somebody steel.

I had a brand new Steve Maddenpurse and shoe set in my trunk and
she stole them. I had nevereven worn them or anything like that.
How does she get in your trunk? Well, she had a bunch of
bags. She was coming from athrift store. She had two little kids
with her, So I let heruse my trunk because she had a traps
and of bags. And when Idropped her off at the other thirst store,

I thought to myself, like,yeah, I should probably check my
trunks because she looked kind of sketchy, And yeah, she definitely stole them.
I had to call the police.Nothing ever came of it. I
never got my money back or mybelongings back. I don't know where that's
the worst grands. Other than that, it's good. I really don't have

any bad ones. You almost haveto have, honestly, the person the
uber passenger, when they get outand put something in your trunk, you
have to get out with them tosee it, because otherwise they're gonna take
whatever they got back there. Danwhat's going on? How you doing all
right? Dan picked up a guyon the run. Who's he on the
run from Detroit police? So Iget a call to the gastion on liver

Noise in Detroit, got in thecar, didn't say nothing, took them
to like seven mile Hoover, getsout, goes away. Next day,
I'm driving around and like Macomb Township, I get this nine to one number
call me constantly, which I havea nine oh one number also, but
I thought it was a spam call. They called me twenty times. So
finally I'm sitting in someone's driveway waitingfor them to come out of the house

and I answer it. It's theDetroit police looking and over. I took
that guy that I picked up withthe night before. Wow, the guy
was wanted by the cops. Whyyeah, so I had to pull over?
So you tell him where I tookhim. I could remember at the
time. And then he tells methat she was shooting at the cops in

the street in front of the gasstage I picked him up from, which
was blocked off by cops when Ipulled him the gas stition. You got
my contacted. Do we know ifthe guy got caught. I don't know
they got my contact information from uh. The railers came into the gas station.
See, I would have not toldhim anything because I would have said,
I my name has Bennett and Iain't in it because I don't want

them coming after the Uber driver,you know what I mean? And then
four hours later the state police callme, tell me me in the local
poice station to see if identify theguy. Did you go? I blame
but yeah, you random thirty yearold guy. It was eleven o'clock at
night. You were not helpful withthem. That was I gave him the
Uber I D ride numbers. Ishould have had enough information to find him.

Yeah, this is crazy. Theonly crime I doing in Uber is
art. That's a pretty severe.Friend. Listen to this call, last
call in this one here sketchy ubers. Joe, Hey, what's going on?
Mojoe? Not for everybody, nothingmuch, buddy, Hey, Joe,
tell everybody what some guy did inthe back of your Uber. Well,

I was working Saint Patti's day.It was crazy as normal, and
apparently a guy broke a back ofbook of sugar in my back seat.
Who how did you know? Didyou examine it? Uh. Well,
first they were like, oh,my bad. Was like, what do
you mean my bad? And thenwell, I was trying to do a

little bump here and uh kind ofbroke all over me. What did you
do? Uh? I had toplay it cool. And then I remembered
where I was in, Uh,the Saint Clais Shores area. No real
spot to drop, but found acar wash and I vacuumed the heck out

of my car as soon as Icould. Do you charge a cleaning fee
for that? Because I feel likeyou deserve that money? Uh? As
I said, I was kind ofplaying it cool. I was like,
hey, just tip me pretty goodand we'll see what we can do.
Yeah. Guy ended up tipping mefifty bucks, so I was on the
move. It was Saint Patty's.They had to make money. Yeah,
Or do you just go in theback on your carpet and just go all

over the place, Mojo, I'mgonna plead the yeah. Come on now,
I know this guy all right?A little booger sugar. I love
that, by the way. I'venever I've never heard it called booger sugar
before, but I think that's whatthis song is about, isn't it.

Am I right? Or no?Is about drugs? Now I can know?
Yeah? Exactly all right, UberJoe, thanks for calling, Buddy.
I appreciate it. Don't appreciate you. Guys. Love you guys the
morning. Oh we love you tolove you to. Oh no, you're

talking about something yeah yeah, okay, the other like watermelon sugar man, Yeah okay
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