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May 21, 2024 7 mins
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Couple of things I want to dobring up before the end of the show.
I had a really kind of awesomething happened to me yesterday, and
I did not know that it happeneduntil like late in the day, but
I guess it came out in themorning. And I think it shows you
that we don't read trade magazines aroundhere because or that little thing that the

industry puts out in the morning thatramp yeah you an I never read.
Every once in a while you'll saylike, oh, did you hear about
yeah, and I'll teke it,but no, I really don't. I
never never normally read the damn thing. Unless there's a big headline that says,
you know, Iheart's laying off employeesor something. I'm like, oh

crap, oh what's going on.Well, for those that hadn't already heard,
for the third straight year, I'vebeen nominated for the Radio Hall of
Fame. Two time loser. Thankyou. It's it's very nice to you
know, it's nice to have thepeople reach out to you and stuff like

this when it does happen where youget nominated. But with that said,
this year is a little bit different. I ended up getting a friend of
mine, actually friend of the show. We've really need to shout out Steve
Reynolds. Steve used to work withour radio show back in the day.

He's been a longtime friend of minefor many, many years. He put
an ad in the trade magazine Ramp, which is a magazine that a lot
of the people in the industry whovote for this thing go and look at.
And his ad that he put inwas congratulations to all the twenty four

nominees for the Radio Hall of Fame. Now let's talk about this guy Mojo
in the morning and put a nicepicture of myself, he wrote in the
ad. And can I tell youthis. I had somebody reach out to
me. My buddy Tim Rich,who hired me here at this radio station
yesterday, reached out to me.He goes, did you see what Steve
did for you? And I go, what did he do? Like?
I didn't know what he did likebecause I was on an airplane today and
I was traveling from Tampa. Hesent it to me and I was on

an airplane reading this and I startedbawling. Sitting next to a woman with
a dog and an old man.Literally it was me, a woman,
a dog, and an old man. It says Mojo and Detroit have been
in love for twenty four years,carrying on a ratings dominance rarely seen.
Mojo gives Detroit the pride it deserves, mentors radios next generation of superstars,

and reminds listeners and clients each morningthat radio works. All that success brings
his usual great humility. All thatsuccess brings his usual great humility. I
should have had you read it,Chane, because I can't read. Now.
We root for him to the RadioHall of Fame. Voting COMI for

all he has done for radio inDetroit. I asked you to vote from
shoe in the morning and he putyou know, he doesn't add in there
for his business, which is theReynolds Group, and he puts photo and
he put a name a photo.I thought that was unbelievable. Yeah,
I put an ar puts the photo. I to me, I was so

so so kind for him to dothat. And I don't know if it
will help get votes, but honestly, it's kind of like you know when
people you know put up yard signsor those pelt or what are those pelicans
or what are those pink things?Flamingos for your birthday or something like that.
I never want that ever done tome. He carted your yard,

but I could see I could seewhere it is done to you. Like,
wow, that's pretty awesome that somebodyI thought of that. Can you
explain because I've had a few peopleask me, and I actually don't know
the answer to this. I mightknow part of it. But when you
say you're looking like you have tobe voted to win, right, you
have to get a certain number ofvotes. Who gets to vote? I
don't know because I've been because I'vebeen getting reached out to by former morning

guys, uh and current morning guys. But I think they're in the Hall
of Fame. Like I had,so people in the Hall of Fame get
to vote. Don't find program directorsget a vote. Yes, program directors
got Yesterday I had I had fourprogram directors reach out to me that said
that they voted. I had theguy who is the head of the Country
Radio Hall of Fame who said hevoted. I had Tommy Sablan, who

we know was he's a Hall ofFame morning show producer. He said that
he voted. Don Anthony, whodoes morning show boot Camp, told me
that he voted, And I don'tknow if these people want to wonder how
somebody gets to vote, So Idon't know. I think I from what
I understand, it's radio industry,you know, leaders like Tony's and colleens

and stuff of the world. Andthen I think if you get in the
Hall of Fame, you all ofa sudden become a now a voter.
Okay, that you get to vote. I don't know if you're into this,
but I am. And certain thingsstick out to me. You've been
in Detroit for twenty four years.Yeah, this is twenty twenty four.

There are twenty four nominees. Wow. I like where you're going. And
in between two and four is thenumber three. This is your third nomination.
I think it's happening. I likeit. I like it, buddy.
That took some time. I whendid you think of that? Literally,
when you just read it and yousaid two thousand, when you said

the twenty four nominees, that's whenhe popped, and I was like,
whoa, he said twenty four yearsof the trade. I'm like, whoa,
Wow, I've never honestly thought ofthat. It makes sense to me.
But also, this is the thingthat I think I got you,
guys with When I talked to youabout being nominated, I told Chelsea specifically
there was one city I wanted tovisit this year, and then they announced

where the inductions are going to takeplace. The Hall of Fame is in
Chicago, the Radio Hall of FameChicago. This year's induction is in Nashville.
I told Chelsea I wanted to goto Nashville this year. I've never
been, so yeah, I don'tknow it would be interesting. But Kevin
nicely put now, if I don'tget nominated, I'm on this audio plane

or get voted in. What's up, Nancy High? Hey, Mojoe,
how are you good? What's goingon? I am so happy for you.
And guess what, I've never beento Nashville either. So you are
getting nominated and I'm going with you. Oh my god, you gotta tell
you what You're in my carry on. I'll put you right in there.
So you got my vote. Ilove you, My kids to school listening

to you, I watched you giveto the community, you and your team.
You are the best person in thewhole. Whenever I go in the
car, it's gotta have you inthe morning. Well, thank you,
and listen. I say this,it would be an honor to be in
the Radio Hall of Fame. Butalso I think for a bit of Detroit.
Detroit is I think the greatest radiocity in the world, and we

still care about radio. We stillsee it in our amount of listeners that
listen to us and all the otherradio shows here. I think Detroit deserves
it. I think it's the radiocapital of the world. So we put
more radios out than anybody else.We put them all in their cars,
and of course I heard app too, So thank you
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