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May 21, 2024 10 mins
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Mudjo on the morning show. Shannonis not a go to the strip club
kind of girl, but she isa go to Costco kind of girl.
I haven't been to Costco in foreverand ever, and yesterday Smith's swim practice,
Lucian Smith's swim practice got canceled,and so I was like, you
guys, We're going to Costco.I had like a whole list of things

that I needed to get, andI thought, you know what, I'm
going to skip the regular grocery sto. I'm gonna go to Cosco because I
needed to get some like big stuffand then plants for my backyard patio and
stuff. So we loaded up thecar and went to Costco after school and
we went to town. The worstthing to do is go to Costco with
two kids because they see all thesnacks and they want every single thing that

they see and those and those boxesare big, right. So I had
a cart filled that up, gota second cart, so Louise was pushing
that one. Then Smith and Ipushed the second cart. That the cards
of the normal carts. Okay,well we had two normal carts. But
then on the way out, Itold Lucy, I go don't let me
forget. The reason we came herewas to get plants for the patio.

So then I had the palette cartthat I was pushing with plants for my
patio. So we get up,we check out. By the way,
the two cashiers that were checking usout were listeners. They were phenomenal.
So good morning to you guys.And we're pushing this stuff out to the
car. Now, mind you,each of us have a car right now.
I'm driving a Traverse because I getmy new car from Marine Buick GMC

on Thursday, so it's not likethe biggest vehicle in the whole entire world.
We get to the car and Ilook at Lucy and I just busted
out laughing. I go, louthere is absolutely no way everything we bought
is gonna fit, especially these plants. Like what was I thinking? So
I call Wes because I thought,Okay, he has a ram, if

he's anywhere in the area, hecan come and get me and help us
and take some of this stuff.He was still kind of far away.
He had trackway on the east side, so Loose and I went to town
trying to fit all this stuff inlike a puzzle. We got almost everything
in I had to sacrifice one ofthe plants and toil get back in and

actually return it. I felt likethe biggest idiot. When I told the
lady, I was like, Ijust bought this ten minutes ago. I
can't fit in my car. She'slike, this happens all the time.
So I looked at Smith. Igo, it's either you coming home with
me or it's this extra plant cominghome with me, And I choose you,
bubby. So we don't do theplant thing that our parents would do
to us when we were kids andmake us hang in the back in the

plant area. Oh, like we'dbe in the back of the trucks with
no seatbelt on. And I havea picture that's how it was. Yeah.
By the way, they don't makethose traverses high enough that they like
they need you know what I mean, Like you you know how it where
you trying to get the plant inthere. It's like your plants all of
a sudden smushed or bent over becauseof that. No, so we had

the plant sideways. I mean,did the dirt come out of the planter?
No, because they're all wrapped up. They wrap them up in like
this brown paper. So, bythe way, five. Shout out to
Lucy being able to push one ofthose huge parts. Those cards are like
Smith had his own too, SoSmith Smith is also pushing his own car.
I thought he was helping you withyours. Oh so you had all
had three of them. By theway, what makes you think that you

were going to be able to getthree cartloads of stuff into what is it?
A clown card? You know whatI mean? Let me tell you
something. When you're in the thickof Costco and you're so excited at these
new items that they have, you'renot thinking about whether or not it can
fit. You're thinking about, ohmy god, I made so much money

while spending one thousand dollars in thehouse. Yes, exactly, Costco delusion.
Yes. By the way, thebest is when you ever see those
people that are driving on the highwayand they got like the mattress on the
roof or the couch, you know, hanging out of the back of their
their suv, and you're like,these bastards are going to cause an accident

because there is no way that thosebat those uh, like the mattress on
the roof, you know, isgoing to end up making it all the
way home. Without falling off thetop of that car of theirs and they're
funny. Thing is my favorite isthe people who go mattress shopping and they
go mattress shopping in like I don'tknow, like a little uh like Zach.

Yeah, you know, it's like, you can't I don't know how
you're gonna fit that thing. You'regoing to cover up your eyes on the
front windshield by having it hanging overthe front, or it's going to be
so hanging off the back that it'salmost like, uh, you know,
the people driving behind you are gonnabe worried about it. H Yeah,
eight four to four Mojo Live.Let me give the phone number out eight
four four six six five six fivefour eight. The text is nine five

five zero zero. Have you everdone this before where you had your car
and you went shopping for something,you bought it, and then you realize,
I don't think I'm fit this thingin my car. This happened to
me, but I had to callmy dad for back up. Yeah he
did. When I bought my lasttelevision, Uh, there was a really
good sale going on. They weredoing a clearance getting rid of like all

of the last year's models. Orwhatever. When do they do that big
TV sale? Is it like rightafter Christmas? I think it's super bowlish
time, Isn't that? Yeah?I was gonna say, I feel like
it's after Christmas? It was NewYear and I went and I got a
television that didn't fit into my car. TV's are tough because the boxes are
so big. Correct. It wasn'teven that big of a television. And
I was like, why does Ihave an SUV? Why does this not

fit? And my brother in thewhole the whole time we're on the show,
was like, this is gonna fityour car, Like it's gotta fit.
We're gonna da in the car,got out to the car, did
not fit the car. Had tocall my dad to bring his pickup truck,
and that we had to plan fora day where it was good weather
to bring it up to my newapartment in Detroit because there was no way
to cover it up. So butI had this happen to me picking up

friends from the airport. I droveLuke's car, not realizing these people way
overpack and I thought they just hadcarry ons because they were only coming in
on a Friday and leaving on aSunday. But they all had like two
checked pieces of luggage and they wereso big. I get to the airport,
I had to and you could havedone this, Shannon, And at
Costco, I had to get anuber to take I took some of their

bags, and then I had anuber take some of their bags. And
then what Sean went with me andDave went with the Uber driver. And
how funny is that that all wouldhave wasted time for me. It could
have just gone with the Uber driver. You could have uber called for an
uber for your plants. Genius.Sweet shoot, I could have gotten more

plants. They were only twenty nine. Yeah, the the U the Uber
driver shows up and he's like,all right, I'm here to get you,
and you just throw plants at Iknow, I don't really look like
to train out what's going on there? By the way, they're checking it
big time now. She did notcheck yesterday. I flashed that it could
have been any Well, it's becauseof you. She knew who you were
right from the radios. No,well, no, they didn't check it.

They actually didn't check it at checkoutjust when I walked in. They're
doing checkout now at the Costco byme, which Jane never did before.
It used to be just checking youwhen you walked in. What's going on?
Katrina? Hey, so I hadwhat idea to buy a new said
like bed, brain, mattress,all of it. Yeah, that thinking.

When I get my load up everything, I had to shove it all
into my tiny cheap Liberty. Ohgod, yeah, you're not thinking about
that when you're in the store.All I wasn't. That's certainly everything comes
in like pieces and small boxes,but it definitely fit. I want to
see a bed in a jeep Liberty. That had to be very That had

to be fun. Getting on twoseventy five one of the worst places ever
to be driving. Absolutely, what'shappening? David? Hi, you guys
talking about mattress and stuff. WhenI was younger, my grandfather put a
pony in the back of his trunk. Life function a pony. We picked

a pony, We picked it upand put it in the put it in
the trunk and shut the lid.And I'm like, Grandpa, how are
we going to get that out ofthere? He's like, don't worry about
that. We cracked that. Wegot back to the house, opened up
the trunk, and that things shotout like a bullet. That's awesome.
Oh my god, Mojo in theMorning show, what's happening, misfit Ron,

how are you buddy? Hey?Good? First off, Shannon,
the Traverse is actually a good carbecause I have I have a twenty fourteen
and I've been remodeling my house andsheets of drywall or sheets of like OSB,

which is like for like the wallson the floor. You can fit
a four by eight sheet of OSBcorner to corner in the back of the
really, so it slides on sittingdown on the thing. Huh well corner,
Well it's corner to corner, likeuh yeah, twenty fourteen. How

many times I had to go tothe lumfery yard of there's guys with trucks
and they can't get it in andno, they're loading their stuff up in
their trucks and I'm loading the stuffup in my Traverse. That's crazy.
I put a washer and a dryerend to end and shut the hatch in
the Traverse washer. There's no way, no way you can fit a washer

and a driver in the back ofa verse. I swear to God,
I don't believe it. I movedmy washer and dryer and I put it
in the back of the room.But yeah, zero, zero chance point
zero. They're nice cars, butyou need to get ratchet strapp. What
do you think that rack on thetop was floor? Cand you see me

doing that? Come on, Iwould love that. That would be actually
fun to hear and see you doingthat, Mannie. What's up? Hey?
Uh So one time I went togo buy this seventy inch TV.
We have a Ford Explorer, andI had my wife and my daughter and
me. Well, I didn't thinkabout, uh, the TV fitting in

the car. I had to laydown all the seats and I made my
daughter lay down in the back withthe TV come home with us. Oh
man, Yeah, that funny.You take the TV. Which one's more
valuable, the TV or your daughter? Well, it was early enough in
the day I could have gotten backthe best buy before they stay right here.
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