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May 21, 2024 4 mins
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Mojo in the morning. Shennon justdied in the dirty story about how a
dog busted a owner of the dogcheating because the dog ate the mistress's thong
underwear and uh, the pet ownertook the dog to go to the vet

to get the thong out and thethong ended up being exposed. And she
doesn't wear thongs. That's interesting,a woman that does not wear thongs.
I did not know that. Idid not know that was possible, but
that's interesting. That's the one takeI got for that entire story. I
know exacted to be rather not thatcomfortable. We were talking about how did

your animal catch you cheating? AndI got some crazy text messages that Lydia
called up hold on as she withus right now chevn Hi, Hey,
what's going on? We're talking abouthow did the animal or the pet catch
them cheating? What happened? Sowhen I worked at I'm a Vet Tech

and when I worked at a littleday practice, we had a pub come
in with a bowel obstruction and wedid the foreign body surgery, removed a
pair of underwear, which is prettycommon, and the next you know,
the owner, the doctor told theowners, you know, hey, this
is what I found, and Ididn't seem to concerned. And then the
next day when we discharged the dog, he gave them the bag with the

underwear in it, and the whitelooked at it and went, those aren't
mine? Same same okay, outof the room and left the naive doctor
with them, and I had tothe back of the clinic and I just
lost it. Oh my gosh,that's amazing. So so the the dog

ate the mistress's underwear, like,just like we were talking about, Yeah,
women know what their underwear looks like. Oh yeah, by the way,
the dog got the dog. Huh, that's pretty amazing. I love
the So we go to a greatvet clinic, We love them so much,
Union Lake Veterinary. And the guywho used to be the doctor there

that we would see all the timewas doctor Plink. I could not imagine
doctor Plank because he's very straight laced. He doesn't seem like he's, you
know, one that would be ableto handle a room of a wife and
a husband who just found out thatone of them was cheating. The do
most vets have the same personality?No, not like the one I currently
work for. He's like the brotheryou never wanted, so he tes inappropriate

things and we give him crap back. Oh okay, so that would be
a perfect guy to have in thatroom because he would probably have fun with
the whole thing. Yeah, heprobably would. Mojo in the morning.
Is it Sandra on the phone withus? Hi? Sandra's and yeah,
Hi, you're also a vet assistant, right? Correct? And what did

you guys find out about an animalthat ended up busting a cheater? We
found condoms in a dog's stomach andthe couple didn't use condoms. God,
So who did you tell that itwas condoms that you found and what was
the reaction? Well, we justI mean, once we get the surgery

done, we call them and tellthem what we find. And we ended
up calling the wife and they wereactually trying to get pregnant at the time,
so they weren't using condoms, butthe partner had been cheating. And
just for my sick mind, werethese used condoms or were these legs?
Yeah? They were tied up andeverything. God, did you bring condoms?

That is unbelievable. What a wayto go out. By the way,
does that not make it's so muchbetter during your day of normally you
know, boring crap that you haveto deal with with dogs and cats and
ferrets, and that definitely a turnto the day, but it's not something
the doctor wanted to exactly pull out. Yeah yeah, who got the who

got the dog? And the divorceI don't remember. That's amazing. Thank
you for the call. I appreciateyou. Problem
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