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May 21, 2024 11 mins
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Catching cheaters. I'm proud of it. I'm sorry to get your home for
Boar of the Roses in the morning. Carly doesn't think that her boyfriend's cheating
on her, or at least didn'tuntil you were told that he was cheating
on you. And who was it? Tell everybody who was that told you
that he's cheating on you? Isthis super at the price that we go

to all the time? Oh soyou got you guys frequent a like a
strip club? Yes? And whatexactly did she tell you? She told
me that he's calling her all thetime, that he has her phone number.
Your boyfriend has her phone number?I guess so, as just and

what does she say that he's tellingher talking to her about they seem to
have chen and she was saying thatshe's really into her and that you know,
he's just he's not that interested andhe doesn't really have auther thing going.
In other words, he's not reallyinterested in me. And I don't

I don't know, I don't knowwhat's really going on. Have they ever
met up or do you know ifthey've ever met up outside of the strip
club or is this just like atext call type of thing at this point,
I'm not even sure, Like Ikind of just wanted her out after
a while because it doesn't sound likehim. Let's talk to her because we
got her on hold with us rightnow. Are you okay with us saying

your your name or do you notwant us to say your name? Uh?
Which sam My strip our stripper friendthat's on the phone with us?
Okay, Yeah, that's fine.I can say your name. Your name's
Harper, Yeah, and Harper.We were just having a conversation with Carly.

Some questions came up about Carly's boyfriend. Have you guys ever met outside
of the strip club? Yeah,he's tried to give me a call.
I met up with him once,but I should not stay a long.

Why would you sell him out likethis? Like why are you doing this
if this is somebody that's a goodcustomer of yours? I don't know.
I mean I met his girlfriend.She seems awesome. I really enjoyed her
company, and I guess there's justit was a moral conscience thing. And

Carly, do you believe her thatshe's telling you the truth? I thought
she believes what she's saying. Doyou have you confronted? Did you confront
your boyfriend to say, hey,no, I'm always just so confused when
like you say that you didn't wantto confront him because it's a lot,
but then you're you're going to beconfronting him either way. This today,

I know if it's just makes sensenone of just all right, Well,
why don't we do this. I'mgoing to have you guys mute your phones.
We're going to call up Carly's boyfriendwhile she's listening and the dancer who

uh told her that her boyfriend ischeating is listening. But you guys have
to be quiet because it's going tobe very difficult to do this if he
suspects that this is a bunch ofbs. If I got out, okay,

So can you guys hit mute onyour phone? Yeah, all right,
wore the roses. We're calling upJohn and we hope the flowers go
to Carly. Hello, Hey isthis John? Yes? This is John.

Hi John. My name is Nicoleand I'm calling from a new online
floral company called roses bloom dot comwith an offer for some free flowers.
If you have like thirty seconds toanswer two very short survey questions for me.
We are going to give you adozen long stemmed red roses that you
can tip. You can tip tothe person of your choice anywhere in the
country, free of charge. Notgoing to ask you for your credit card

info. Hey, listener, Ijust want you to know I love more
Joe in the Morning. I mean, do I get need tickets with this
as well or anything like that?Hi? John? Hello? John?
Yes, Hi, it's Shannon.Okay, John, do you listen?

I mean, well, if Iwasn't a listener, I wouldn't have said
anything. So John, you actuallyknow the mojo of the morning show,
so you know that we do athing called the War of the Roses,
which is what Shannon was calling youup as with roses bloom dot Com.
Yeah, John, do you haveany idea why we would be calling you

for War the Roses? Because mygirlfriend wanted to know where I was gonna
send some flowers to exactly. Andwho's your girlfriend? H Carly? Okay,
making sure you got all the factsright, Carly? Are you there?
Yeah? Carly is there, andCarly John is a listener of the

show. So this isn't gonna work, but maybe we can actually surprise John
some more. John, are youup for some surprises this morning, I
guess, so I'm already in one. All right, Well, we got
Carly on the phone, and soyou John, you would have sent the
flowers to Carly if you didn't listento us, right, Uh? Correct?

That warms your He's gotta warm yourheart, Carly. Yeah, it's
him chilling them to right exactly.John. There's something else though, that
we have to surprise you with.Okay, John, we have another special
guest on the phone with us rightnow that told Carly that you are not

to be trusted. It's a personby the name of Harper. I'ms that
a guy or girl Harper. Ohyou know Harper. Actually, I don't
think you know her as Harper.What does he know you as she knows

he is? Gabby? Okay,okay, John, Gabby. Gabby who
is the uh professional entertainer that youand Carly like to go and see?

Told Carly something about your guys' relationship. What's if you knew about that?
I don't know that you're sketchy thatyou like call up a lot of the
dancers that you tried to go outwith me that we met up and it
was weird. No, No,I would I don't do that. I'm

sorry, I don't. I don'tdo that. I'm already taking do that
for other dancers. It's not justGabby, you go no, nothing like
that. Canna, of course not. That's a total lie. That's a
complete even say that. Why wouldyou put that in her head? That's

not true. You have an opportunityhere to like that's up and be a
good person, and now you're likean idiot and that what is your mo
I'm not looking like an idiot.I don't understand. You're making me look
like an idiot. And I'm here'sthe thing. Here, here's the thing.

Why would she call us up withyour girlfriend and put herself out on
the line to say that she knowsthat you're doing this if she didn't believe
that, if this wasn't true,because she has no life obviously, but
wait, wait a second, butshe but she also and I'm assuming this

and it's Harper, not Gabby,but her real name is Harper. But
I'm assuming Harper that you have proofof him calling your phone and messages that
are sent and any other girls.Yeah, I mean, I've deleted a
lot of stuff, but I'm surethat it's in the cloud. Oh,
I'm sure that it's in the cloud. What are you saying, so you

don't have it on your phone?No, I don't have it on my
phone. So you don't have anyproof of this. Did you do a
delete things off your phone? Yeah? I believe it. Well, yeah,
I got rid of stuff because Idon't pay for all of that storage
stuff. Wait, so don't youdon't pay for all the story stuff.
It's just a text message or aor a call log. Yeah, I

like to just like clear my stuff. I don't know, it's that weird.
I don't know. This just doesn'tmake any sense. You said he
was sketched with other girls too,so would they be able to huh?
I'm sure. Yeah, I'm notlike the only person like he is notorious
around the cloud and he like,he was really rude to one of my

dearest friends. She's an amazing dancerand she really likes you, dude.
And oh my god, here's thedeal. I think that we I think
we need to get more proof thanjust of the the conversation that you know,
you guys are having right now.And I'm assuming and this is all

up to to Carly. Carly hereyou're here's your boyfriend arguing with uh,
you know a stripper hair? What? What? What are you thinking?
I need more than this and thisis really going on. Yeah, I
need to talk to the other girls. I need to know I can guarantee

you. I don't know if Ididn't chip her well one night or what.
Why don't we do this? Whydon't you guys hang on one second.
We'll come back and we'll talk more. This is the home in the morning,
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