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May 21, 2024 11 mins
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Call the show now eight four fourMojo Live eight four four six six five
six five four eight. Let meask you real quick, Harper, the
stripper whose alias is Gabby Uh,do you have any like stripper friends or
anybody like that that we could callto ask and verify all those things that

you just said. I feel likethat's a lot. I don't know.
I think I wouldn't want to,Like, why don't you do that?
What did you pass on their informationto Carly? Yes or no? Pass
on to us the information and ortext them yourself and then contact us and

let us know what what they say. Okay, okay, do that right
now, start texting them. Okay, we're the Roses. Thoughts on this?
What's going on in Jeremy? Howyou doing? Joe? How are
you, buddy? We're for recappurposes. A boyfriend girlfriend who got contacted

by the stripper. The girlfriend didsaying that her boyfriend says some really bad
things when they are together as acouple at a strip club. You just
heard the War of the Roses.What are your thoughts? He just sounds
extremely guilty. Just the way hewas talking, his tone of voice.

They came off as super guilty.Yeah, I felt the same way too.
But I felt the same way toountil I started realizing what kind of
non evidence that the stripper has.I mean, I felt like, Okay,
this guy's definitely doesn't sound like he's, you know, telling us the
truth. But then when she kindof got into the well, I really

don't have any of these messages anymore, and I don't save these things and
all the rest of that stuff,there's no proof. Yeah, Melissa,
what's up as much of the morningwhere the roses? I got to tell
you he is a liar. I'vebeen in a situation similar to Gabby.
I'm not an answer, but definitelyhe is hiding something, And Gabby,

get your friends, get to yourfriends, get that proof, because that's
what you need. Girl, whatwere your situations? You don't want to
say what your situations were? Ican say what a situation was. At
work. For instance, there issomeone I work with and he is always
constantly flirting with me. He's married, He's texted me like weird things.

He got my phone number off ofwork schedule, and I do delete stuff
because I don't want my husband tosee it, because I'm like, this
is weird. He's not gonna wantme to work there, So I feel
for Gabby. Yeah, I reallydo. Thank you for the call,
appreciate it. What's going on?And Jamie, what's up? It's much
of the morning. Where the roseis? Hey, Mojo Jamie. Yeah,

it's just a quick comment. Asfar as the whole gay thing,
I think it's a little too suspiciousthat she went for the lengths to delete
stuff, even though she's going tothe lengths to try to call him out
right. I heard the previous callersay that she should get her friends.
So if there is legit like evidencethat he's doing this, then yeah,
she should get a friend. ButI think personally, she's just going through
the links to try to get himaway from her so she can have them

all to herself. So then whywould she go to the lengths to delete
that if she was going to goto the work. Wait, so you're
saying that the stripper wants the girlfriend, No, not the boyfriend. Not
the girl the boyfriend, Okay,if she wanted him, why contact the
wife, get on her side,and then call him out for his girlfriend?
Yeah, well sorry girlfriend. Hmm. Isn't that what a home record

does to create problems. Yeah,and then that way you can get in
when everything's all messed up and notmentioned just previously, you guys are talking
about the partner snatches or something likethat. I mean, why would this
not fit the description? But shewas already winning and her like for the
dancer, she was already getting hisattention. Why why, I don't know.

Why blow it up when she alreadylike that? Just seems more effort
than just hooking up with the guymcgreb. Carly again here, Carly,
are you believing any of this stuffthat is being said and what's happened so
far? Prett No, why wouldall the girls inspire against him? Well,

and we only have one that's that'stalking right now, so we don't
know about all the girls yet.But hold on once, hold on one
second, John. There's a lotof doubters, but there's also some people
that do agree with you. We'regoing to try to get into maybe possibly
other people to contact us to totell us if you've been reaching out to

them. Can I ask a quickquestion you guys, real quick? Both
you and I got you and uhCarly on the phone. Why do you
guys go to strip clubs like asa couple, like, what is the
Is it just the thrill of goingthere as a couple really fun? And
from what you know? Harper Gabbyuh says to us, you guys each

go back and get private dances withouteach other anytime between off thing who gets
more private dances? It's smarty?I mean you right? You John right?

I don't. I mean you know, we don't. I don't keep
try. I can't really say Ido. Okay, hang on one second
again, Dustin, what's up?It's Mojo in the morning. Hey Mojo?
Hey, how you doing, buddy? Not too bad? How you
doing today? Good? You dateda stripper, so you know the drama
that some of this can cause.Yes, I do. Actually I had

a situation where I was dating astripper and I had another stripper get jealous
and try causing an issue saying Iwas cheating with her. So I kind
of feel that she is saying thiswith not having any of this proof.
I feel she is just being ajealous and trying to cause issues because she
wants to be with him literally thesame exact thing. That's kind of what

I get by this. What endedup happening in your situation? Like how
did you then you were cheating.She was watching me and I just I
never touched her, like she wouldalways come over, like my girlfriend would
watching me while I coming because Iwould go up there like the last two
hours of the night to pick herup, and she would watched me like
she would come over to talk tome, and I would ignore her,

and she finally realized that, soshe would realize that she was lying trying
to cause problems. Can you makea stripper a wife? I'm not gonna
say no, but I'm gonna sayit'll probably be very hard. Yeah,
I would have a hard time withthat, like you know what I mean,
Like I would have a hard time, especially if they wanted to stay

in the occupation, you know,well, I mean if you can get
them, and when they're early inthe occupation, probably, but once they
get into them private parties and everything, no, because they like that money,
they like the attention. Thank youfor the call, Marlene. What's
up? War of the Roses?Good morning, beautiful people, Marlene.

Okay, just hear me out here. Okay, I got it here with
the strippers, got who with thewife? And there's then they all in
the backstage saying man we can't keepdoing her like this. The wife,
you know, she tips us thatshe she comes in here, she supports
us. We got to let herknow what her husband is doing. So
they probably don't care about other husbandsbecause they don't know the wis. But

they have formed like a connection withher because she comes to the strict joint
so often. And if I wasGabby, I would just let her keep
being cheated on. Get that money. I mean, do what you do.
Yeah, why do you think thatshe's not just allowing that to happen.
Maybe she does have a good moralcompass though, girl Marlene, But

when she brought it up, lookwhat happened. Oh well, why don't
you have proof? Why would youdo it? Okay, I'm sorry I
even said anything. You know,she probably is like, you know,
the wife is good people. Youguys, We've got to stop doing her
like this. I'm gonna let herknow what's been going on backstage or when
she doesn't come, when he comesby himself. It could have started out
like, oh, well, forgether, We're gonna do what we do,

and then they built that connection.Let me, I'm gonna bring her
back on with us. The stripperso I'm gonna bring Harper back on with
us. And has the husband orthe boyfriend, John, has he ever
said anything to you that Carly shouldlike ever know that you haven't told either
Carly ahead of time or even toldus right now? Oh yeah, what

has he said to you? Hehas said, I want to try and
take you out again, because,like I, I didn't. I thought
that he was like in an openthing with Carly, and so that's why
I went out with him. Andthen I found out that they were exclusive,
and so I was like, wait, that's super weird and why would

I do that because it's not likelike Carly's also like a customer. She
comes through to the club all thetime with him, but like he comes
alone. Carly, did you knowthat John goes alone to the club?
No? I didn't know that.What then does she call alone? Like

it took on out like weird hours, like business hours, like during the
day and stuff. John, anytruth to that? Hey? You know?
Yeah? You know? And howcome that's been a secret from Carly?

She obviously was not aware. I'venever tried to make it a secret.
It's just that's how it, youknow, breaks down. I guess.
So How much was I trust you? How are you supposed to trust
me? Are you really much?I really believe in? Are you believe

in this person who calls? Yeah, you're completely and totally saying that you
called during the day. How doyou know that? Why did I have
to find out now? Like Iwouldn't think it's I mean, that's like
me going to get a urger orsomething. You know, I don't think
that's a fair comparison. A liar. I'm a liar because I didn't tell

you he thought of police, liar. You never asked me if I went
there, So why would I saidno? I thought it was our saying
why would I pass you? Holdon one sec. We're gonna let you
guys talk off there.
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