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May 21, 2024 4 mins
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I hate to say this, butI think we could go a little longer
with this War of the roses becauseand I don't know, you guys judge
for yourselves. In this one,we got a ton of strippers on the
phone that want to talk to us, and they woke up early for the
Mojo in the morning show. Imean, it does does normally does not
happen, by the way, dancers, I'm sorry because of the with the
whole conversation is are they strippers,dancers, performers, entertainers? Yes?

So do we pick them up andget them? Because we didn't get into
any of them during that last one. I don't know, thoughts. Go
around the room and vote, Shannon, I'd love to hear yes, okay,
Megan going to have a perspective,we don't good Yes, okay,
all right, Cav, I knowwhat you're votes, Cav Yeah, yes,
okay, all right, Mike yeayor native strippers always yes to strippers?

All right? Okay? Uh kpno I let them sleep in Oh
okay? Wait? Uh Lydia,do you want to say goodbye to them?
Or what do you want to do? Yes? Yes, okay?
And then last but not least,Zach, Can I take him home?
Not an option? But no,no, no, we'll get him.

We'll get him on the phone.Here we go, Come on, all
right, Mojo in the Morning showon the phone with us right now?
Is in her entertainer name is Casey. What do you like to be called?
Casey? But what do you liketo be called? The title?
Wise? Dancer? Yeah, entertainer, dancer, entertainer? Okay, Casey's

here talking about this situation. Now, you're not one of the dancers that
works with Gabby, do you?Or Harper? Okay? We were just
doing War of the Roses and hada stripper, dancer entertainer tell a girlfriend

that of a guy that her guywas a no good son of a bee
and didn't really have something to backit up other than just stories of what
he has said to her. Andthen we did find out that he likes
to go to the club when she'snot there. They used to go.
It's just a couple. What doyou have to say to this? Well,

typically when we have customers that comeinto our club or regulars, sometimes
there are other dancers. When youwalk into a club, it's basically about
money. So other dancers will pretendto be your friend, but we'll go
after that customer. So I'm assumingthat Gabby here might have had him as
a potential customer when his wife wasnot there. Then maybe another dancer had

met him on an off day andhe came in and decided to liked a
different dancer and staid, and maybeGabby, you know, caught feelings for
him and not jealous for the factthat he's spinning his money on a different
dancer now instead of her. SoI feel like this might be backlash towards
it all revenge, right, yep? Have you seen You've seen that happen

before? Yes, all the time. Dancers will fight over customers as well,
and they get very very protective oftheir money when they have reoccurring customers
coming to see Have you ever seenit though, where as was the case
in this instance, a dancer wasreaching out to a spouse at home or
a partner or whatever, just outof fight. I've never seen that where

a dancers actually reached out to acustomer or you know, their partner.
This is something that I was totallyout of the blue. That's why I'm
calling in. I think that itmight just be out of pure jealousy honestly,
and maybe that once he realized he'smaybe found a better dancer or somebody
that he likes, that he's goingto her instead and getting her money.

She's just upset and she tack likecash app event goal to also see you
know where that creates of money isgoing. That's a good point. Yeah,
check the financial Yeah, and seewhat's happening. Thank You've actually had
a customer's wife try reaching out onme on Facebook when they saw that he
had cast at me and trying tofigure out like who are you? Like,

why are you casting apping another woman? You can cash app at a
strip club. Yeah, that's whata lot of dancers do nowadays. They
use cash app in Mozelle. Wow, that's the high tech way of going
to do and the at M hasa service like ten dollars. Yeah,
time a little comment section. Idon't know a Yeah, in my mind,

they have a QR code on theirbody somewhere and you just scan it.
Right, Do you have a QRcode that you'll just show them on
your phone or anything. Yeah.I just pulled up my cast app or
my venmo and just have this lethim do it, and then amazing
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