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September 1, 2022 2 mins

Jack & Joe talk about the end of the nearly 10-year run of The Armstrong & Getty Show on the once-great San Diego radio station widely known as KFMB.  

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Speaker 1 (00:00):
The end of an era. Kind of it's one more
thing we understand. I don't think we knew this, did
we know this show? We understand that we're the second
longest tenured morning show in the history of KFMB Radio

in San Diego AM seven sixty, the mighty legendary AM
seven sixty, that is correct, which has been around for
freaking ever. And so that's what we're We're proud of that.
But it has come to an end. Yeah, long story short,
ownership changes, format changes, etcetera. They're going in a different
direction away from talk, I guess, and that's the way

it goes. But it's kind of a bummer because over
a decade, I mean, we've loved our relationship with KFMB
and in the people of San Diego, all the events,
I mean, spent so much time and energy and you know,
what are you gonna do? Yeah, and um, the obviously

our relationship with Warrior Foundation Freedom Station over the years.
Absolutely loved that and bringing everybody's attention to it across
the other it's the almost sixty radio stations that were
on and uh, and so that was that was obviously great,
But what a what a fun ride that was times change,
things change. The only constant life is change and uh

and when when anything ends, I always try to remember this.
If you'd ask me at the beginning, how would you
how would you feel about this many years doing this?
I have signed up immediately m hm, so yeah, I
can't be unhappy about that. Shout out to the programming
genius Dave Sniff who hired us. And if you're a
fan and have been listening and aren't gonna be able

to on the radio anymore, podcast is available, you can
obviously subscribe as the easiest way to make sure you
get it on a regular basis. Armstrong and getting on demand. Yep,
it's the radio show available like pretty promptly. Uh so
a little later in the day than you're used to.
But each hour of the show is its own separate download.
And we'd appreciate it if you'd hang with us because

we'd miss you otherwise and take it personally. Yeah, we
hope we will still be talking to many of you.
Good listeners in the San Diego area now listen to
us on KFMB all those years. Thank you very much
catch the podcast, but thanks for the ride. It was fun. Well,
I guess that's it
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