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January 26, 2022 12 mins

Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer has announced that he will retire, creating an opportunity for President Biden to appoint his replacement--and Jack has a rather audacious suggestion. Is it a win win?

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Speaker 1 (00:00):
Ladies and gentlemen. Supreme Court Justice Kambala Harris. It's one
more thing. It's some of the worst things I've ever
heard you say. How dare you? Uh you heard it
here first, unless you heard it somewhere else before us. Uh.

So there have been a number of serious political pieces written.
I think political had one. The Atlantic brought it up.
Bill Maher the other night on his show of How Look.
Biden can't run again, and Kamala Harris is less popular
than him. Democrats have a serious problem. Here's your opening.

Lefty Justice brier on the Supreme Court announces retirement. Biden
promised a black woman. He moves Kamala Harris onto the
Supreme Court, which I think you could justify and not
make it look weak, even though everybody will know the truth.
You could easily make it not look weak, make it
look like it's a promotion, plausible deniability. The Biden family

knows all about that. Yeah, and then you open up
that slot, which I don't. So what I don't know
is can he appoint just anybody and their vice president
or do you have to confirm him or anything like that?
Just looked it up. He can appoint whoever he wants.
They have to be confirmed by a majority, just a
majority of both the House and the Senate. That makes

it difficult. She would cast the deciding vote for herself
in the Senate. How crazy is that? She would wait
a second? Who would coast cast? She would cast? She
would cast deciding vote in the Senate for whoever gets
named to be vice president. Yeah, so he announces Hillary

is gonna be my vice president. If all fifty Democrats
are on board, then she would cast the deciding vote
to make Hillary the vice president. And Commlin goes into
the Supreme Court with a majority of the House, accept that.
Mitch McConnell goes to Joe Mansion. They have a secret agreement.

Mansion comes out votes against Hillary and McConnell announcement. We've
passed legislation that West Virginia is now plated with gold,
the entire state. And then Gerald, we've given him a
million trillion tons of gold, and Gerald ford EN's up
vice president. Exactly. No, I don't know. Well, so we're

getting into ain't gonna happen territory now. But the first
part I actually think is a possibility. Do you give
given a percentage chance of them naming Kamala Harris to
the Supreme Court. That seems I feel a little I
was gonna say, I feel a little out of my depth,
just because I don't think she's really distinguished herself as

a legal mind at all, And that would just be crazy. Boy,
you do have to she does have to get the Well,
although Democrats you pull them aside and say, look, we're
staring down the barrel of a guaranteed loss in twenty
four you want Trump to be president again, that would
be the argument. If you want Trump to be president,
go ahead, don't vote for Kamala Harris on the Supreme Court.

But if you want to stop stop Trump, we have
got to get somebody better in there. Boy, I could see,
you know, most of some of the journalists, well, let
me put it like this, most of those who held
on to some level of sanity, you know, especially post Trump,
they've kind of regained their sanity. I gotta believe there
would be such widespread mockery of her qualifications for the

bench that it would it would go sideways. I don't
obviously I could be wrong, but oh it would be ugly.
I often say half cocked things, knowing him half cocked.
But I'm not sure this is half cocked, just because
I've taken in a fair amount of that conversation from
the Democratic heavyweights to think they're in trouble. They're in
big trouble for twenty four So I don't know. Yeah,

that that's a hell of a thing, though, to take
a crap on the Supreme Court like that to win
a presidential election the next one. Wow, ladies and gentlemen,
let that sink in for a little bit. Joe gettet
Joe getting calls Kamala Harris is a Supreme Court justice
taking a crap on the Supreme Court. Well, she's utterly

unqualified the legal mind. You're throwing her on the court
to win a president win the next one, or runs
some nice moderate Midwestern governor. You got a decent chance
on actual moderate if Joe Biden hadn't been che Guavera
in sheep's clothing. You know somebody like that, you know
an actual moderate. Boy, This is a crazy idea. I'll

be interested to see if anybody else is talking about
this today. Um, maybe it is completely half cocked, which
is about as good as I can do, frankly. Um,
so I hadn't seen this, you know, Peter Dinklage is Yeah, absolutely,
He's the little person. He is the wow lord, Oh

what what if I said something wrong by today's standards.
I just wondered what you were going to say, because
it is part of the issue here. He is the
what he is the little person who is the big
star of Game of Thrones, among other You know that
his appearances on stage and screen was also on Seinfeld
and then maybe my favorite role he beat the hell

out of Will Ferrell and his elf costume and call
me an elf aget. Anyway, he's unhappy with a Disney's
remake of Snow White and the Seven Dwarves. Now maybe
you've heard that Disney is going with a new, woke,
progressive version of snow White and the Seven Dwarves. He says,

if we're gonna be woke on this, let's go all
the way. He um, I'll just read his score. It's
literally no offense to anyone. But I was a little
taken aback when they were very proud to cast a
Latina actress as snow White. But you're still telling the
story of snow White in the Seven Dwarves. He called
the use of dwarves. Uh, effing backwards. It is a

little odd that they're identified not as elves or or
hobbits or whatever. They're there, they have dwarf is um.
I'll read this, take a take a step back and
look at what you're doing here, Disney. It makes no
sense to me. You're progressive in one way, but then
you're still making that fucking backwards story about dwarves living
in a cave together with wacky names. What are you doing? Man?

Have I done nothing to advance the cause from my soapbox?
I guess I'm not loud enough. Dinklich has something called
a condra plasia, which is a type of dwarf dwarfism,
which results in him standing four ft five inches tall.
And I'd never really thought about this before. Uh. And
I'm not usually into this sort of stuff, but the

idea of something that actually exists for human beings, this
dwarf is um, and then having you know, dwarves be
like kind of well, not cartoon characters because it's a cartoon,
but cartoonish characters even if it's live action, you know,
with wacky names and living in a cave together, and

they're not full human beings. They're all jolly and dance
about and have names like their dogs. I mean, that's
that's weird. You wouldn't do that with a particular race
or gender, or with mentally challenged people or anything else.
Blind deaf, Yeah, yeah, it's it's crazy. And yeah, I'm

usually not in this crowd, but I think he's right
at this point. It's kind of weird. And and what's
really weird is their dwarf is um is never really
it doesn't mean it doesn't factor in at all. Ye
elves would be fine. There aren't actually elves, so you know,
there's someone elves that live in a cave and they
got funny names and they do funny things, but you
can't have Yeah, it's just weird. Yeah, I'm with um

with Peter Dinklich, Boy is he good in the Game
of Thrones? You gotta watch that. Did you get into
that at all? I actually, oddly enough started into it
not long ago, but got it got to a sex
scene quick, and I was like, yeah, I just why
why do you have to do this? I just don't
need this. I don't need it in my life particularly

right now. Um. Just you know, I like the other stuff.
I just I just don't need sex scenes. I know
I want them banned from shows, but oh yeah, I
just I just did. I don't need to go there
mentally fair enough, fair enough now, Dwarves aping each other's
heads off with swords is okay, but people getting it

on not so much. It's up to you. But there's
another show similar to that that they're trying to kind
of get started on Netflix or Disney. One of them
hasn't gotten going. Is it Frederick the Great or something?
It's a It's in one of your old timey um
bludgeoning people shows. God, I wish I could come up
with the Navy, the Witcher? Is it the Witcher? One

of my favorite genres? Yes, old timey bludgeoning people's shows.
I don't know if it's the Witcher. All I know
is there are people inside a castle. Is the Vikings
something to do with Vikings? Have you seen that? I've
seen promos four, and I took the first couple of
episodes and it was freaking fantastic. You got these people
who are living in England, um, you know, and doing

their thing, and all of a sudden, the Vikings show
up and their ships on the horizon and they're like,
holy crap, and they go into their castle and hope
to fight off the Vikings, and the Vikings are are badasses.
It's it's pretty good and and you know, from my
reading of history, fairly realistic. Any hot, hot Viking love
and they didn't throw any just gratuitous sex to try

to appease teenage boys. Wow, that's a little condescending. It
was crafted as to be that was Were there any
transgender Vikings? I only ask because it's come out that
the upcoming HBO Max film Batgirl and includes the first
transgender character and transgender actor playing the transgender character in

the history of something or other. Fantastic. Um Uh, this
is a podcast and I don't know when you're gonna
be listening to it, but if you weigh in in
a timely fashion, I'd be interested to anybody thinks it's
really actually a possibility that they move Kamala Harris over
to the Supreme Court to open up that vice president
slot to help them for boy, not Game of Thrones.

But what's the political show? Oh, how's the card House
of Cards? Yeah, I just you know, it's it's so
funny as I'm contemplating this. I love it as much
as I hate it, and I hate did it as
much as I love the idea of appointing Comparis to
the Supreme Court. It does, you know, I'm not going

to use the awful term you used, but it does
kind of not take the Supreme Court seriously. No, and
especially now it ought to be taken very, very seriously
for reasons we've drawn down about through the years that
the Congress doesn't do its job anymore and it just
issues these incredibly vague edicts that the administrative state the

fourth branch of government that puts in action, and the
only thing protecting the people from the bureaucracy is the courts.
So yeah, it's it's really really important. On the other hand,
nominating that lunkhead. And I've talked to people in California politics,
California law enforcement who worked at her, worked with her.
Rather I'm sorry, I'm trying to read all I talk

um that they worked with her and said not impressive,
not impressive at all on any level. Okay, and I
believe them. They nominate her, it's going to be a
ship show man. It's just it's gonna be a full
on three ring ship show, and uh, do we have
our clip, Michael. She'll say things when it's time for

us to do what we have been doing, and that
time is every day. There she is in oral arguments,
but gun rights or something, Sorry, what did you say,
and the lawyers thinking, I don't know what to say.
Now I understand your honor, I don't understand. Well, I

guess that's it.
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