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June 18, 2024 9 mins
Columbus security cameras
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How about anticifying? How do youdo I've never had pet insurance, but
I know plenty of people that getpet insurance. But I don't know how
long ago Nationwide got into the petinsurance game, but they did. And
listen to this Nationwide dropping one hundredthousand pet insurance policies. So they start

this article with apparently Nationwide is noton everyone side. Nationwide is not on
this side. The insurance company reportedlydropping coverage for one hundred thousand pets across
the country. So inflation in thecost of veterinary care other factors led to
the recent underwriting changes and the withdrawalof some products in some states, difficult

actions that are necessary to ensure afinancially sustainable future for the pet insurance line
of business. So clearly there wasso there must have been some loss involved
with this is the only way thatI mean, that's the only way to
quantify why they would do something likethis. But I do know there's a
lot of pet insurance companies out there. Here's the other part I think I

don't even see. I don't knowif anybody that has pet insurance that went
to use it and then got stiffedor said, Oh, this isn't what
I thought was going to happen.I don't know. I don't have anybody
who's you know, said they gotwho dude by this, So I I

just know there are a lot ofpeople who love this idea of having pet
insurance. We've even are are veterinariansaid, you know, I think they
have the information if you want tomove forward with this, but we've just
never really messed with it. Now, I even if you know, we
don't have a pet anymore than awhile since who lost our cat. But

even if we did, you havea pet, I'm not. I can't
waste my kids. My human beingsin my house come before my pets.
I'm sorry. Oh yeah, yeah, So it's like I can't afford that.
I if I had extra money toblow maybe because I know for a
fact that it can get really expensiveif you got to take your animal in
for surgery or something. Oh yeah, we were upwards of right now we're

upwards. We're closing in on tengrand with esther so far, including what
we paid for her, and thenrecently you know how she almost died and
all that stuff, and we hadall these these surgeries and stuff. And
clearly they're not cheap, and sothat one was I don't know, right
around the five thousand, five sixthousand mark. And then you think about
what we've been doing for her fortwo years, taking her to the VET

and all the other different stuff,the medicines and all of that. So
yeah, we're up. I'm tellingyou, if there's somebody who qualified,
not qualifies, but it would beworth it, or a smart VET would
be someone like us, because wehad a lot of stuff with Jasmine too,
are our other toy rat area beforeher, we oh my gosh,
she got attacked and lost a kidneyand it was crazy. We didn't have

any pet insurance ever. And peoplewere like, even at the veteran like
the place where we took her there, like do you have insuran? Like
no, They're like, oh boy, it would really come in handy right
now. I'm like, yeah,I know, but I don't know.
It's just odd. It's an oddconcept for me to think about having insurance.
But there's I'm sure there are plentyof success stories where people have it
and they're like, whew, goodthing, we had it kind of a

thing and it saves them thousands ofdollars. I don't know. I'd never
even looked into what it costs,you know, to do it or what
have you. Anyway, I wantedto get to before we have to go
to another break. Columbus wants toinstall security camera network to fight crime.
Uh oh, I have a feelingwe have somebody. I see the phones
ringing. Somebody probably wants to tellme. I'm all good, okay,
this is something about you know what. Before we even get into this,

let's bring in Hey, Mark,Well, thank you very much for calling
in. You're talking about the securitycamera network to fight crime. Yeah,
you know, it goes back tothe gonna put one hundred more cops on
the streets, gonna do all this. If they don't prosecute these people,
it doesn't matter how much it's alla scam. It's all to spend more

money and get all of our taxdollars and then they don't do nothing to
these criminals. Anyway, it's ridiculous. That's the best take ever on this,
and I one that I had noteven thought of. But Mark,
you're one hundred percent correct, especiallyif you know these they have these cameras,
they have footage, and it's they'redead to rights, I don't know,
filling the blank crime with filling theblank person. And they're using you

know, the technology that definitely linksup the person that committed the crime.
You've got them dead to rights,you've got them in custody, and then
they get cut loose your right.This is all for not if they don't,
you know, continue down the roadof prosecution. I mean, that's
a fantastic take exactly. I mean, there's no on. They don't do

anything to them whenever they do goto court, So it's it's just it's
a big scam. No, Okay, Mark, thanks. I mean that's
a good take right there, becauseyeah, the whole thing is contingent on
are you going to prosecute these people? Are you gonna hold their feet to
the fire once you get them?Because let's see the uh there's investigative face

recognition software, and this contract alsoincludes that as well as the application that
enables a limited number of police officersto run face recognition searches right on their
mobile devices. Now this is they'reusing Detroit and also Chicago. They're using
information from those two. That's whatthis one that I just read to you

is from from Detroit. The facerecognition technologies configured. It compares unknown faces
in the footage against the database ofmugshots. Again, this is in the
city of Detroit. Think about thatman, that that stuff has to be
working overtime if you think about allthe crime it's constantly happening in that city.
So, in addition to Detroit,Chicago and they are both furthest along

in their creation of the security cameranetwork, and they purchased the face surveillance
system called Project Greenlight back in twentyseventeen. Authorities also have begun piloting similar
programs in Orlando, in DC Districtof Columbia and then also New York and
now we're joining that list. Andoverall, so they found that overall this

the crime decreased thirteen percent in areaswith video surveillance. Cameras were effective as
a deterrent for property crimes like carburglary, staft and all of that,
but had no significant impact on violentcrime according to this, So then we
don't need it. And also,I have serious privacy concerns, and that's
another thing that's hearing this. Ihave serious privacy concerns. I don't want

to be like London where every timeyou walk, anywhere you go anywhere,
you're constantly being surveilled by the government. Don't tell me that bastards like Andy
Ginther and the lunatic Marxist scum anddown at City Hall wouldn't use that to
their advantage in some way against people, against their political opponents. I don't
trust it. I'm not saying thatit's not the cops I'm worried about.

It's the politicians who can influence membersof within law enforcement. Give me,
give me an example of you know, weaponizing this versus a political case.
So just just a just an examplethat doesn't have to be somebody, somebody
who somebody who has been you know, goes out to the Short North or

you know, Park Street one night, goes out parties, has a little
too much, but they you know, and you can see them stumbling and
maybe like their husband or wife hasto kind of like carry him. And
yet it's somebody who they know isan opponent of them, or is has
is trying to stop what they're doing, or whistleblowing on them or something.

Don't tell me you can't, uhhuh, okay, because if it's facial
recognition, software. You set itup to send you an alert whenever it
has this person, whenever it's spottedor has footage. May it sounds far
fetched, but dude, the discoveryI thought COVID was far fetched. Okay,
I am paranoid as all get outafter COVID. So you can go

ahead and say, I'm crazy,it's tinfoil had I'm stupid, I don't
nuts whatever, I don't know,though, that doesn't seem that far fetched
to me, especially with AI.We thank you with AI. Yeah,
how you can manipulate security camera footage? Well, it remains to be seen
if this will be even effective oris this a bigger thing about the privacy

concerns that you brought up? Sothen Mark the caller, what a great
point with Hey, if you're gonnaget people and you've got them dead to
rights and then you cut them loose, what good is this? You're investing
millions of dollars into something that you'rereally not going to utilize or do what
you need to do with, andyou're you're really as kind of a secondary
thing, you're using it to maybeyou know, political punish that dude.

That's I hope that you're wrong andI know you hope you're wrong too.
But that's a that's interesting for sure.
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