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March 26, 2024 47 mins
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Skinny, skinny nothing, I knowyou like one day right now? Like
right? What damn is this?Right? Let's I guess she's about to
see right now? Wake wake up, wake up, wake up. It's
the DC boy the show hold onseven fin to the CCR. You know

we just shout stup boy fair popinArby, Yes, sir, Tuesday morning
right here on the Best damn MorningShow in Chicago. Boy, that that's
the legend, Leon Rodgers, ZachBug and the Building White Boy Ryan on
the board. Listen, We've gottickets to see Magnie Stallion. She's added
the second show with glow Riller,So we're gonna get you, get you
some tickets for that later on inthe show. Also, some sad news
coming out of Baltimore. We'll talkabout it in the headlines of bridge collapse.

Man terrible, terrible, terrible.And of course you know who is
on the run. No, he'snot on the run. Well, anyway,
some crazy stuff went down to Diddy'shouse last night yesterday, and we're
gonna talk about it right here onthe best damn Morning show where you get
your news and information first, theonly local show in Chicago that's here.
You can actually talk to us andsee us. Man. Let's get to

it. It's GCI. You don'twant zero problems, big fella, so
suck. What's up your sock?GC Morning Show on one of seven par
to the GC besues No more fBumping RB, Yes, Sir. One
of seven five WGCR shows number onefor hip hop and R and B coming
up in the headlines and tragic storycoming out of Baltimore. I'll get you

the details of g for the headlines. Freaking news your news coverage from Chicago
to worldwide. But to w GCour Morning show, very sad news coming
out of Baltimore, Maryland this morningthe Francis Scott Key Bridge. A container
ship struck it early this morning,causing it to collapse and sent vehicles and

people into the water. At aboutone thirty five a m. Baltimore City
Police were notified of a partial bridgecollapse, with workers possibly in the water.
The Baltimore Police Department said the statement. Officials have since said the bridge
has fully collapsed. Nine and fortyeight foot container ship Dolly It's a Singapore
flag vessel out of Singapore, struckthe bridge at about one point thirty am.

According to the ship's tracking company,and the vessel appears to have hit
one of the supports and causing theroadway to break apart in several places and
plunge into the water. So theship caught fire itself and appeared to sink.
Multiple vehicles pluged, plunged into thewater, and divers were at least
searching for at least seven people inthe water. So responsible crews from the

Coastguard and Annapolis, Maryland have adeployed to search man. They've got divers,
they got a helicopter crew, andCoastguard investigations and pollution responders are also
en route to the incident. Thisis this is crazy. So when I
first saw the video, I thoughtit was they were just said that the
bridge collapsed, and I was like, did it just collapse out of thin

air? Then I saw that aboat actually ran into it and made a
collapse. So, you know,that's one of my biggest fears. You
know, you already know when wedo show I can I'm scared of hype
yea a bridge collapse and just freakedme out. If you already have like
a phobia about bridges, this isnot gonna help. This is so like

if you grew up in the FinalDestination the era. This is probably one
of the worst things you could everever see in real life. My prayers
goes out to the Fabuls who's deaffeeling. So the Maryland Governor, Wes
Moore has declared a state of emergency. He said, we're working with inter
agency teams to quickly deploy federal resourcesfrom the Biden administration. So they're doing

everything in their power and they're stilllooking for people. So you know,
the last time something like this crazyhappened in Baltimore in two thousand and one
and freight train carrying hazardous materials derailedin a tunnel and it spilled black smoking
the surrounded neighborhoods for officials to temporaryclose all major roads to the city.
So I don't know if this thisis an accident or are they possibly considered

a terrorist attack. I don't know, but I don't either way. This
is crazy. Yeah, that manOn a brighter note, two jackpots totally
literally two billion up for grabs,one point one billion Mega Millions prize and
estimated eight hundred million powerball jackpots,so nobody won. I haven't checked my

tickets yet. So I won't behere tomorrow to tell you if I haven't,
right, So make sure you goout and get your Powerball tickets.
The next drawing on the next drawingfor Mega millions will be uh Friday night,
and the next chance to win Powerballwill be Wednesday night. If nobody
won, all right, and youwant to know what your odds are,

bro, they're dismal. One inthree hundred and two point six million.
Chat one got a chance, though. That's all you need. That's all
you that's all you need. Igot to have the whole thing. They
can give you that third of athird that you get getting like phone numbers.
Hey, you don't unless you play. They're gonna give me two hundred
fifty three hundred thousand. Me takea couple of days off. I got

you, Hey many Go to wGZI dot com for these stories and more
Coming up Leon's locker room. TheWomen's Sweet sixteen is set. I'll let
you know and the bulls do itagain. What's that lose? GC?
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All Right, the NCAA Tournament isin full effect for the men and
women's side. And the women's side, man, they've been having some great

games also some great teams and starsto watch. I will go out on
the limbit saying that the women's tournamenthas more stars that were being focused on
than the guys this year. Forsure, you got Caitlin Clark at Iowa,
which they win to go on tothe Sweet sixteen. They will play
number five seed Colorado. LSU numberthree will take on number two UCLA.

That's gonna be a great game andthat could also set up a rematch between
Iowa and LSU. You remember lastyear LSU be Iowa for the championship and
Angel Rees hit him with the Ucan't see me and everybody was in the
uproar. Juju and USC balling thestar point guard Juju Watkins from USC.
She takes number one USC against numberfive Baylor, who's an established program,

and then ukon with my girl pageBucker who went crazy last night. I've
been watching them. Number three takeson number seven Duke. Then on the
other side of the bracket, NCState number three versus number two, Stanford
Texas, number one takes on Gonzaga. That's gonna be a good game.
Same summer saying that might be thegame of the tournament. And Oregon State

versus number two Notre Dame, andSouth Carolina taking on Indiana. South Carolina
just been blowing everybody out. They'regonna blow ninety one points first game,
eighty eight points to second game.So now they take on her number four
Indiana and Dawn Staley. Of coursethey're start head coaching. They nice little
talent to point guard they got.So the women's I've been watching the women's

game. They've been getting it in. I mean, it's it's such a
at a high level right now,and you know, it's super dope.
So you know, we were talkingabout letting the girls go to the league
earlier earlier, but then I thoughtabout it. You wouldn't have like,
you wouldn't have these games. Andyou know with the nil deals now they
probably making more money. True collegenow. I never looked at and I

never thought about that. So ifI'm a Juju watchers, I want to
stand spre for another two years.I'm making five million dollars with Pepsi and
everybody else, because I know whenI go to the w NBA that money's
not the hot Those players going toI think are gonna put more asses in
the seats, which the revenue isgonna go up absolutely, and then you

know, maybe they can start makingthat money. Yeah, yeah, because
i mean the Kaitlin Clark as Jukawhen all of them started making a jump
and the young ladies coming behind ittoo. I'm just excited by women's basketball,
right. I've never seen it wherepeople are talking about the women's tournament
more than the men. And listen, I've never I haven't watched the men's
games. I watched two men,but I've been focused on the on the

girls tournament. I watched the littlehomie Cuzinard from out here in East Chicago,
Indianna on Oregon do his thing,you know what I'm saying. You
know so, But other than that, I've been locked in on the women's
side. Last night NBA actually wasfantastic as well. I can't believe that
the Phoenix Signs lost to the Spurswithout webbing Yama. Now they just got
to reevaluate yourself after that because nudgersa trash. I don't care. Kevin

Durant played and the Bulls they losea nail bier one O seven to one
o five to the Wizards. Ryan, you were in the building last night
working for the White Sox. Yeah, yes, how was the vibe?
It was lit. It was actuallya really good game. It was a
closer. Came down to the lastshot. Oh man, Yeah, okay,

fourteen and fifty eight Wizards beat theBulls one o seven to one oh
five in still a good game.You should not lose to the Wizards,
but we beat You can grab fourpeople. I go to Hayes Park,
grab four dudes at myself and wecould play the Wizards to wen and get
bleu out no two point just likethe Bulls. Go to w gc I

dot com for these stories. Andboy Zach's coming up with the Z spot.
You know what's coming up asking methat you know what you talking about
it because I'm public interning number oneDiddy Diddy Diddy, He's on the Wayish
seven FA to the g Yes,Sir, Zach Bull. What we got

coming up in the Z Spot.We talking Diddy Man that we are talking
Diddys WGC out of shots number onefor hip hop and R and B.
It's your Boyzac book and it istime for your Z Spot Entertainment Report.
Well listen, Rapper Sean Diddy Coombs, I repeat, Rapper Shan Diddy Coombe's
home was rated by Homeland Security.This is not a drill. The US

officials confirmed tu Fox News that Diddy'shomes are connected to a federal human trafficking
investigation. Okay, they rated hisforty million dollar home in LA and also
rated his Miami home on Star Island. All right, but at this time,
the Department of Homeland Security has notnamed Diddy as the focus of the

investigation. Now, you're probably asking, what are they looking for? Well,
they're they're they're saying that they haveallegations that that Diddy has been drugging
young women and that the agency islikely looking into those alleged crimes committed in
multiple states. So they're looking forthings like laptops, flash drives, and

anything that would connect Ditty to thoseallegations. All right, and you know
this is something that they've been workingon for a while because obtaining these search
warrants to this magnitude of being ableto just raise his house. You know,
that's a lengthy process and you gotto work with state and local attorneys
to do that. So you've beennice. Man. When them alphabet people

knock on your door with them nightline jackets, it's a rap. Man.
I don't know nobody who beat theFeds, yet they kind of undefeated
when they storm your crib like that. I mean, they just stormed somebody
else's crib like that not too longago and found Topsy the files in the
bathroom. So and he in caughtfor that now. So hey, man,

friends up Diddy dollars. It doesnot look good. Well, you
want to know how it makes itnot even. What doesn't look good either
is the fact that he's not evenin the United States right now, allegedly,
yeah, allegedly. So they're sayingthat there was rumored he was on
his way to Cape Verde, Yes, but that's not they're saying that he's
in the bye Antigua, Yeah,Antigua right now. Yes, they're saying

that he's in allegedly in Antigua rightnow and it's been grounded and can't leave.
So he's in Antigua. Tried toeven go somewhere else. They're like,
no, alleged, you can't leave. Alleged. Well legend, Hey
man, listen, more money,more problems. He had a song about
it with Biggie. No, thisain't no more money problem. This,

this is no more money big.These are big. These are big,
big problems. Like you said,when the Feds get involved, it's troubled,
you know, son. And Iwas reading some court documents with some
doctors statements that like Justin is involved, his son, Justin Combs is involved.
A police officer, uh in Miamiis involved. Brother by the name

Muhammad. That's that. Were likea liaison between Diddy and the police that
like, you know you you've been. I've been. I went down wormhole
I went. But these are actualcourt documents, though, Man, this
is not there ain't no this.This This person had actually the actual redactive
court down. I mean, theyhad the people in the house and I
feel so sorry for the kids.Man, the kids are sitting there.

I mean, this is it's justa mess. Now. They did show
a video I believe before he leftof him allegedly in Miami. Did you
see that video of him kind oflike pacing around looking sick at the airport
right right as the houses were beingrated up Before that, you're saying that
was while the homes were being raided. So I mean from now, like

all these lawsuits from Little rid Jonesand all that, You know what I'm
saying, Like, does that allcome back up to like these Well when
you when you talk about the drugsand different that's something that has been consistent
in all the lawsuits, even goingback to Cassie. You know what I'm
saying, Like the drugging, Thedrugging of people, you know what I'm

saying, Whether they're miners or not, we don't know allegedly, but you
know that that has been something thatI've noticed that it's consistent throughout this entire
case since this Diddy stuff has comeout. So this is the way we've
known Diddy and thought of Diddy.I think that has changed regardless of this
outcome. For real, I do. And this go back flashing something that

May said last week when somebody askedhim a question, is like, are
you you know glad you went throughleaving certain things He was like, yeah,
because look what's happening now. Hewas like, look what's happening now?
He said out im glad. Ibroke away from that a long time
ago. I was like, Wow, this is crazy, but it goes
to show you, man, youpissed. You pissed certain because Diddy was

riding high like for a moment,I thought he was untouchable, bro.
But it wasn't even like we thoughtof him as a bad part na.
He went through this whole love Itwas before this, these this stuff,
we did think about him as amonster like this. He had issues with
artists, like artists, Yeah,he felt like you know, like it
was Yeah, but we didn't thinkit was the monster level. No,

we didn't. We didn't think ofit like this, not not from a
sexual predator aspect you thought of Yeah, he wasn't thinking like that because he
was just on the Love campaign,giving my album, giving money to colleges.
He was dropped the R and Balbum. That was amazing. Yeah,
man, so well all that thesestories are going ahead over at w
GC. I that's how I wasabout to be made in jail. You

can follow me on Instagram. ZachBooks The A. C. H B
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coming up? Loving and leaving maneWow, always gotta do it. That's
on the way. Why come oneof seven five w g C shows number
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leah. What have I? It'ssecond chair got on in the y'all's second
chair got on in the reveler rentnot chop chop Chop Chop chop chop.
Hit him with the house. Hechump jump jump chump chop. Can't nobody

hold me down? Can't nobody tellme why? I know? I know
I got to make it up.You know, Take that, Take that
chop job, take that, takethat, take that, Take that shop
Every step by many, every moveman, every fly, I take every

mansion, I may say, isright? So right? All right?

I get a ticket? Okay,I quit, we quit, we quit,
we quit. Let's get straight toit. Man got this letter today.
It says why I always got todo it? Look like we got
a little sibling fuel right here,says de Leon and Zach. What's up,
fella, so my sister won't stepup? Easter is coming up this
weekend. Every year, it's afamily tradition for us to have an Easter

egg hunt for the kids. Ihave two other sisters and I'm the oldest,
and I usually hosted at my house. My sisters don't do anything but
bring they bad ass, bring mybad ass in nephews over and they tell
but it's fine because I love them. Well, this year, I can't
have it at my house because I'mhaving some work done. And I asked

both of my sisters can we haveit in one of their houses? But
they both got excuses. I'm sotired of them. This is a family
tradition our mom put in place,and she passed. She passed away three
years ago, and this is importantto us. One of my sisters called
me and said, let's just skipthis year. Please help me before I
fight both of them. Oh that'seasy. Hit us up A six six

eight five is easy. One Oseven Bro, you know im to the
only child? Okay? One Oseven five w G shows number one for
hip hop and R and B.We're smack dab in the middle of Love
Them or Leave Them a Zach book. Uh, sibling rivalry, Yeah,

little silver sibling can't talk man.That was a little sibling rivalry all right.
So basically, basically a lady wroteit, and basically her sisters won't
step up. Easter is coming upthis weekend. Every year, it's a
family tradition for them to have abig Easter egg hunt at her house.
She usually hosted over her house.This year, she can't have it at

her house because she's having work doneon her house. And she asked her
two younger sisters could they step upand you know, host of stuff at
their house, and they're actually refusingto do so. And this is this
is a family tradition that their momput in place, and she passed away
three years ago, so it's realimportant to them. And she said,
she basically said, please help mebefore I fight both of them. She

said, one of her sisters calledand said, let's just skip this year.
We ain't gonna do it at all. You ain't doing it. A
six six eight eight five one oseven five. Let's go to the phone
lines. Who this is where youcalling from? Hey? This midnight from
the south side, My boy,good morning man. All they gotta do,
man, gonna get a going aroundthe airbnb and just like everybody the
head hunt that y'all. But Ithink her problem is she's always left holding

the bag. Either they do itat her house or now if they get
the Airbnb. Her sisters act likethey ain't gonna pitch it in on it.
Oh Audioce, I wouldn't do Ijust doing my kids since dad,
Go have a good day. YouTubebro A six six eight a five one
o seven five till you to hearthis up. It's GC. I.
What's up though, Trump? I'mabout to pull up on your right quick.

You got I man, they gotthe door? G C. Who
this where you calling from? World? What's pact? She should go and
listen to sister because they have theyrabbit ass man. They gonna mess up
with all works up every year andwhile we are elitia go on here happening
for the next year. What wellthey got they rabbit ass man? Yeah?

Yeah, so you come, shesaid, and skip next year too.
Hey, I'm I'm with her,man, Like y'all ain't gonna keep
making me pay for everything every yearand it's three of us and then the
one year I literally can't do it. It's not like I'm faking the funk.
Yeah, my house needs remodeling.Y'all can't open up y'all cribs for
one one day out of the year. Just show our mama love and carry

on this tradition. All right,Well, I got you. I rent
that BnB. My kids to belooking for Easter eggs and yours won't y'all
yours, won't yours have to findtheirs wherever y'all live. Yeah, I
mean I think they should just stepup. I think try to talk to
your sisters, man, and seeand see if you could just have it
over. Tell her you'll help them, you know what I'm saying. Maybe
they don't know exactly what to door you know, but they know what

to do now cause I got familymembers like that. Man. Don't never
throw nothing at their crib. Butthe first one to want to do something
at your house, they want totell your house up. Yeah, and
like they kids really and literally thekids really don't listen. But because we
love our nieces and nephews and littlecousins, we don't mind having no mother.
But then every time they leave,it's something pulled out the wall.

Who did this? Oh somewhere?And I'll be more mad at my kids
than I do the other kids,because this is Joe out right here.
So yeah, I know that feeling. Come over with ten pounds up a
well and I donna come empty handed, believe leave it leave. Yeah.
Now, I just feel like ifyou skip this only thing about skipping the
year is I think that you know, if you skip one year, you

get comfortable skipping and the next thing, you know, this family tradition is
gone. Yeah I feel that,but I'm not gonna skip a year.
I'm gonna steel new it just theythey just won't know the location. But
nothing. It's for the family,but not well in my family. It's
crazy. Alright. We hope wehelped you, but if we didn't,

we never do Mike chat one soone. So if we are scoopy people,
it's that time of the day thateverybody loves. One person gonna be
absolutely pissed. Its Leon's goofy asPerson of Today listen, man, when
they won't you, they gonna getyou. It's like the booty band what

was his name? He said,I won't you. I got to have
you do this easy way or thehardway. This is what the fes tell
him. Diddy right now, Diddy, we won't you. We got to
have you. You can do thiseasy way or the hardway. Fas raised
your crib. Man, when thefares raised your crib, band's just a

matter of time. You next hadyour sons detain them. You at the
airport looking like, oh my god, what happened you? Looking like the
day after that million dollar lossuit camedown from Cassie and he was walking in
the hardway. No Beijing, ain'ton your bed or nothing. Just let
it grow. I am upset.You look like pandemic p Diddy. Now

this is over your head, nopun intended. But at the end of
the day, man, all yougot to do is standing there and face
is somebody. It's making you thefall guy for some time to get Diddy
up out of there and put somebodyyou knew up at the top. They
reshuffling the deck. Boy, don'tcare how much money you got, did
he still black? Still black.You stepped down from a vote. You

did all the right thing, stepdown from a vote. I don't want
this attention on them. Let medo this, Let me throw some money
to school. I no sub comingto get you. We need you.
Meanwhile, we got somebody else thathave done just as bad or way worse
crimes as you about to run fordamn president. Or if this don't tell

you something, This don't tell yousomething, boy, don't tell you something.
What it tell you? How muchmoney you got at charcoal on Rubbo
like somebody else's but brought it onyourself? Did he brought it on yourself?
Man? Mister, take that?Take that well, you got to
follow your own advice. Now atleast should be going to Club Fed.

Yeah, club Fed it's different thanthe regular. Tell you it may have
a little cocktails and shrimp, butfast. No, you think you're going
to the real one. Ain't notnice about nothing nice about no jail one
of them. If I had topick one to go to it, I'd
rather be in Club Fed than CookCounty or State Bill. Trust me,
Okay, I'll take your words.Don't want to find out, Diddy.

I love you brother, but man, boy, it's up and it's stuck.
Seit your goof fast down Baby oneon se five gc iis shots number
one for hip hop and r B. Hey, you know what happened yesterday?

Sean diddy Comb's homes was raided byHomeland Security. Okay, they're saying
Diddy's homes are connected to a federalhuman trafficking investigation. Okay, so they
are connected to the investigation. Hehasn't been charged with anything yet, but
they said that they're looking for likelaptops, flash drives, tapes, different

things that can you know, tiehim to these to this, you know,
federal human trafficking thing. So peoplehave been wondering, like, where's
Young Miami. You know what I'msaying? And all this Before Diddy got
in trouble, he was running aroundthe town with Young Miami and basically everybody's
like what Kris shatt and she saidyesterday on Twitter she said, right here,

what's up? She said, Idon't know if you saw. Then
they tweeted her again, they said, I don't know if you saw,
but you might want to check thenews. Love. She said, this
is finn be a fun summer,Young Miami, Young miamis can't just be
a fun summer. It can't justbe a fun some of your man.
You just said it was with abillionaire. He needs your help right now.
Have you seen him need to beby his side supporting him? I

think so I just show you well, He'm like, hey, not my
problem. He said enough to bea fun summer. That ain't my man.
Man, that was just your man. It was just holding signs at
the award shows, ten toes downthe you had the podcast you just love
Diddy and now all of a suddentell them fair and sweeping that change everybody

mind about Yo, Mama, belike, hey, I ain't got nothing
in ten years, and that's tough, man Like, Like to just imagine
somebody who's like, never had nothingright and you're taking everything from them.
They're like, well I never hadanyhing, yo. Diddy was on top
of the world. Gee like whenit came along time, when it came

to just like when you throw moneyand great lifestyle and your Diddy, I
mean he made me want to renta boat and well Versachi shirt just standing
on the front of him with abottle champagne like it's over and it's crazy,
Like so much. He's done somuch for the culture musically, you
know what I'm saying. Just thinkabout how many people he's produced. Man,

people not gonna think about that nomore. When they first think of
Diddy, They're gonna think of theirlegacy. Is just like it just gets
crumble when you already had doubts aboutyou, Like people already had doubts about
you about some things about far as, like dealing with artists. The whole
twopocking Biggie thing is still always beenover your head, you know what I'm
saying. With you know, conspiracytheories or whatever not this. Yeah,

it's tough, man. This isSean Combs. Man. I'm praying for
you, brother, but hey,it don't look good. And Cassie's lawyer
even got put in a statement.He said, we will always support law
enforcement when it seeks to prosecute thosethat have violated the law. Yeah,
so they Cassie now may steal onyou, you know, even though they

paid the money. So don likelike oh he also said on he said,
I said, hopefully this is thebeginning of a process that will hold
mister Comb's responsible for his conduct.But what I'm saying is is is Diddy
the end game, like when hefalls gonna is it's gonna be stuff in

this paperwork that shifts it to somebodyelse, like you know, And they
just started rounding up people like EpsteinIsland. Yeah, will it? Will
it be like that? You knowwhat I mean? Well, whack one
Hunted said something. You know,whack One's got something he said for Meek
Mill's sake. I hope that hegot rid of those photos and tapes.
You know who I'm waiting to commenton it? Who fifty Sid? I

won't he from Mace. I won'teven well, macecot fifty been talking.
Mace kind of spoke on it lastweek when they asked him a question like
does he love way Out? Hesaid yes, looking where I'm at now,
looking where I could have been,Look what's going on right now?
And I was like he kind oflightweight, But I want to see fifty
like, oh yeah, fifty fiftyis on on this Instagram. You know

he's been he's been talking to Supertroll. He put up a he put up
a video this morning of Trump.It's Trump, but he's talking as it's
been Trump voice, but he's it'ssome other audio opposed over it. It's
hilarious. But yeah, these storiesare more hit with WGCI dot com.
And I think let's let's let's bringthis to the eight o'clock topic too.

Man, We'll be right back atCCI. Hey, what up your boy
here? That's right hand head poppingRMB. It's the best of that I'm
on to show in Chicago. Andtoday Chicago was signing off the whole Diddy
issue of Thatch. So you wantto get everybody up to speed on what's
going on with puff, Well,yesterday Diddy's homes were rated by Homeland Security.
They're saying that his homes are connectedto a federal human trafficking investigation.

So his homes are that's true.They are connected to a federal human trafficking
investigation, which gave them the opportunityto have that warrant to rate his home.
He has not been charged of anycrimes as of yet, but and
he's not been named the focus ofthe investigation. But they said that they
raided his homes looking for like laptops, flash drives, or anything that connects

him to these allegations. And youprobably like, well, Zach, what
are the allegations? Well, theallegations is that that he had drugged young
women at these home. So youknow what I'm saying that that opens up
a whole different can of worm fromsex trafficking and things like that. Man,
people have been chiming in. EvenCassie's lawyer said, we will always

support law enforcement when it seeks toprosecute those that have violated the law,
and that he's hoping that Diddy getsthe you know, basically, Diddy's dirty
closet comes out to the public.So this is this is just one of
them things. It's tough, it'scrazy. You know, even when we
watched the footage yesterday, you sawhis kids were handcuffed in the yard.

I mean they were showing the footage. It was just it was nuts.
Let me ask you a question.Do you think society and the community will
have a bit of sympathy for proffator is it kind of like, uh,
we kind of knew this was coming, or some people be like,
you deserve whatever you're getting, especiallyafter the To be honest, I've seen

it. I've seen both sides ofit. You know what I'm saying,
You've got I've seen from social media. I've seen people who are like,
hey, if he's been doing wrongand he needs to book thrown at him,
And then I've seen others say,well, it's it's other people who
may be of different color, adifferent race that do these same things,
if not worse than did he,and they don't get this same type of

publicity and like put on them.So you know what I'm saying, some
people. People will have their sideof things, you know, based off
I just wonder how the people whoare react, Like when Cassie came out
with us stuff and you know,and I sat and watched people like watch
you wape this lead and yeah,all this and now this comes down,
like what are those people say now? Like now is the fans making it

up too? It's like homeland security. And if they are making it up,
why did he? Like on allthe people, you can make up
stuff after you know, why didhe? And this is this just one
domino in the line, Like dodomino start falling everywhere now, especially on
like black entertainers or you know,elite black And yeah, I mean once
you start confiscating laptops and hard drivesand if you noticed in if you look

at some of the documents that likeCassie File. You remember one of the
things that she said is that shewas had the videotape herself having these acts
with male escorts and things. Thatwas something that was documented, you know
what I'm saying. So if thatstuff is still out there and you know
it wasn't destroyed or if it exists, the FEDS will find it. And
like I said, then Lil Rodthe producer he came along said the same

thing, like I was forced tofilm myself with Stevie j and all that.
So like does that start just addingup now either way? Like you've
kind of seen the crumblings of theempire, Like you said, back when
Diego he was going at it withthe people who make de Leon and it
it's just been one thing after anotherafter another with Diddy. But hey,

man, like Shay, and thisis another question I have, And these
are just questions now that I thinkabout it. When he was you remember
Diddy was going like on a lovecampaign. It was all about love.
He was giving back to colleges.He gets back a million dollars to Howard,
a million to like I believe itwas Jackson State University. He was
giving his the masters back to hisartists. Was that all a part of

a get in front of the campaign? And you know, I was just
like, dang, did he doinga lot of good? Was he trying
to get in front of this?I don't know, right? Do you
do you do? Was it genuine? Yeah? You know what I now
remember I'm giving all the artists backthey stuff, And it was just like,
okay, man A six six eightA five one on seven five hit

us up, man, We wantto know what y'all think? Ye,
g C? Who this where youcall him from? That was going on
squea. But but what's up?Man? How you feeling broke and blessed?
Join your weather's always with the whole. He didn't getting messed up?

And Russell or something about Russell rusYeah, Russ got up. I'm on
the way, cub about I needa roll real quick? Yeah? Yeah,
Russ went to Thailand where you whereyou can't extra dight. Russ paid
that money. Yeah, But thedifference is Russ sold all his stuff for
he left. True? Did hetrying to trying to get back to late?

Take that? That appreciate you?Brother? Ivey'll sure alway? G
C, who this where you calledhim from this Biggs called him from the
south side. Coler Bigs from thesouth side. What's happening? Man,
I ain't gonna even like to seeyou. They hit Diddy with the freak
coach. It's over with forl Bro. They might as well free kills Bro
now garnishing a black man that allapprove of that. Now that's the bad

part because they wait to black manis successful and more like this. But
did he freaky? Man? He'sfreaking freaky. He too freaky, Bro.
He gotta up out of him.I'm not trying. I'm not laughing
at Diddy. I'm laughing at him. Many freaking for society? What is

what he says? What is didhe got to do with free and kill?
Because he said kill's freaky too?Kells was right, a little freaky.
Oh oh god, he was normal. He was Chicago freaking many matter.
Get out my phone, man gone, man gone, yeah all right?

Bro A six six eight A fiveone O seven five continued to hit
us up ghot w G shot isnumber one for hip hopping round and b
that was drake girls want girls?Uh we're talking Diddy, Yeah, man,
we're talking to Fairs raided his houseyesterday and detained his boys for a

little while, had him looking ourword and disheveled at the Miami airport,
stopped just playing in Antigua. Yeah, don't nobody know where he was headed
though, we don't. We don't, but they I know both his homes
got ready, the one in lA and the one in Miami as well.
Went on star item. So theylooking for laptops, last drives,
anything that can con connect him tothese federal human human trafficking crimesmes. Yeah.

Man, so we wanted to knowwhat you all thought about it.
A six six eight eight five,one oh seven five. Let's go to
the phone lines. Who this whereyou calling from? DJ Bull west Side,
hey man, Cat Williams. CatWilliams said it. He's gonna Cuy
said, y'all don't think that thatcrazy? Now? He did? Did
he gonna be paying for this?He did? He did said it.

You know what I'm saying, Andeverybody ain't telling it. Everybody ain't telling
the same life. Damn. Heyman. Let's continue the conversation on social
media at all our social media pages, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok at w
g c I. You can goto w G c I dot com in
the meantime in between time or didhe's getting his life figured out? We
got a pay of tickets to seeMegan thee Stallion on the Hot Girl Summer

to us coming to the R ninetiesmake Septee. That shows social that's just
that's the uh. And they havea May ninety team show that's on sale
right now. Glorella will be inthe building with a cruber no Kruber.
You can go to ticketmaster dot comor you can win them right here at
eight sixty six eight a five oneon something five tip collar to hit us

up. Just see it, andyou gotta say no, please don't.
She makes me feel so good,better than I would by myself or if
I was with somebody else. Idon't understand. She made the people say

yes yes standing in this room.Amen, Amen, it is time.
It is time for the prayer ofthe day where you please buy your heads
please buy your heads less unless youare driving. It is time as we
pray for brother Diddy today. Asyou know you've heard the news that Diddy

at the FEDS raid is home.Amen, where is my instrumental? Okay?
Well, I can't pray without theinstrumental. All right, we just
gonna pray. Drive man, Oh, we just doing It's all right,

It's all right, got everything onit. We just want to take this
time to pray for puff Daddy.Lord, we want to pray for brother
Diddy. We want to pray.Sean Combs is in trouble. Lord,
the fed raids is home. Hegot the kids in handcuffs. Lord Diddy,
we are Diddy is asking. Heneeds help right now. Lord.

He needs he needs a priest.Lord, he needs a pastor. Lord.
He needs some angels. He needMother Mary. He needs Mary Magdalene.
He need Mary Mary to sing forhim. He need everybody you can
find that's got a little bit ofconnection to God. Hey man, he
need need jake'son. Have you everbeen sad? He needs everybody he can

get. Hey man, he needHoly oil. He need GrapeSEED, or
he need canola oil. He needevery type of oil you can rub on
his head. His head needs tobe shiny like he going to school on
the first day in August. Boy, we are praying for brother Diddy.
I hope Diddy, whatever you're doingright now, get your life together.
You need to be fast and forRamadan. You need to be putting ashes

on your head tomorrow for ash Wednesday. Whatever you need to do. You
need to just find a connection tothe higher power because you are in trouble.
The Feds own you. I don'tknow if you need to go to
jail and join you know, becomebrothers, uh, join the nation.
And I don't know what you needto do, Diddy, but you got
to clean up your life. Brother, it's that time. Okay. Read

the Bible, the Koran. Whata good books they got out of there.
Read it you need it and paphletthat the Jehovah witnesses year. Yep,
you need two of them. Stopit. You need every bit,
every bit of faith you got.You need it all going in one direction.
Right. I would like get outof this. I would like to

read a quote that I think wouldfit your prayer. Oh, go ahead,
Shirn. The Diddy life ain't alwayswhat it seemed to be. Words
can't express what you mean to me. Even though you're gone, We're still
a team through your family, ourfor fear, your dream. That's just
I'll be missing you. I'll bemissing you because we're gonna be missing you

if you don't get it together.Look, Diddy, I ain't gonna lie
to you. This ain't the time. Don't. You can't fly far enough
in that jet. Okay, youcan't unless you're gonna you might go get
in that gitt and try to flyto heaven all the way up because they
come in after you. All right, this we ask in your name?

Amen? Amen? Hey Man oneon seven five w G shots number one
for hip hop and R and Bin this time of the show that I
love the most, where we findout suit we've learned today. I'm sure,
bro, I am sure. Whatyou scared about it? I ain't
getting no no bridges? Yeah,that's crazy. That bridge out there in

Baltimore after that boat hit it andit collapsed. Francis Scott keyper Francis Scott
Key Bridge and Baltimore Meyland was hitthis morning by a freighter and it brought
down over half the bridge and thelike still people. Yeah, it just
started falling apart. He hit oneof the main support beams and it just
started falling down. I guess I'mstill curious, is like, what are

they saying from the boat that hitit? Was it an accident? Was
this say, you know or wasit an attack? You know what I'm
saying because in this day and agelike stuff like that. You know you
after nine to eleven, Man,I don't put nothing past nothing. I
get it. And like you know, you know, for some people were
saying what you know, common sensewould be like, well it was an
accident because you like, wasn't reallynobody on the bridge. But I'm like

anybody up there, you know whatI'm saying, somebody lost their life and
you're still searching for people. That'scrazy. I can't do it, bro
I'm telling you, Yeah, ifyou got a phobia about bridges, that's
really gonna get your anxiety. Now. You know what I'm saying. I'm
taking Western to Ohio everywhere the stateof ohioef I go right hosted Holsted a

cincer row. Like these little bridgesout here, like over the Chicago River
ain't getting on them. So ifyou got to go on that side,
I ain't going ain't gonna make itover there. Everything got to be on
this side of the river. Forme, that was that was crazy.
Well, well, I know youbetter get out here and grab your tickets
for that Make a Millionaire Powerball onepoint one billion on one side, eight

hundred million on another. You gotto chess with. Like I said,
I don't need the whole thing.I need a third of the third.
You just need a piece up.Man. You know how you get a
pile of it and that little pieceof that, that christy piece of pop
and be delicious. It's still hot. Not somebody else gonna enjoy the old
pie. But I can think aboutthis power But I got one. I

want to like that. I ain't. I just want to slice. When
they draw again for the power Ball, I think the drawing is what like
eight o'clock, nine o'clock. Idon't know. Yes, no, no,
no. To one is tonight Powerballtonight and Mega millions. If don't
nobody win, y'all don't need toworry about this. Why we all be
at work tomorrow morning. Man,listen, see, and this is what

I'm talking about. But then whenI but then when we win, though,
every friend, what's happening? Beysright here? I'm going right here?
And I remember I told you Isaid, if I hit it,
I'm blessing all my peopils. Youalready a little something. You know what
I'm saying. It's gonna put youput your put you straight, a diamond
and crested hoodie. Yep. Nowsee, I'm not gonna do nothing ignorant

like this exactly. I'd be like, hey man, little Norse, here's
two hundred thousand, put that upfor him, trust fund for college.
And then I'm do something like payoff your house, homy, you know
run, I pay responds for night, I pay you you got out.
Uh, I'll give your parents.No for all people should want one of

us to win. You should becausewe're gonna. We're gonna take care of
your brother any money. I'll seeyou all tomorrow morning. I've been I'm
gonna come in. I'll come inif I win. I'm coming in.
I'm acting no fool at all ofme want me to what I'm having,

no fool. I'm gonna be in. I'm caring who is in the visit.
I might be at eight thirty,but after the chief's coming in and
what's up in words? You?You you went to DNA. You must
have been one of them. Youwant one of the It worked from man,
GC, I get up five wG shots number one for haipop and

R and B. That's gonna doit. For us today. Angela Yee
is up next. It's been astressful day, man, it has all
diddy stuff got me stressed out.It's been a lot. The bridge.
The bridge got me freaked out.The bridge is terrible. It does,
it does. I'm not I'm notalready not favorable of heights. I don't
like large bikes of water. Thatwas that together messed me up. But
the Lord can make it right tonightwith this uh powerball puller. Oh yeah,

and I got this one ticket.Matter of fact, I'm gonna go
buy finna, go to an areadifferent areas that I normally don't shop,
and buy two three months. Ifi'll hit the powerball, I'll hire my
own bridge inspector. Just before youdrive get over there. I'm not getting
on the bridge. I'm a helicopterand never right. I'll just fly a
cow for what up next? Man, We'll see y'all tomorrow morning, same

bat time, same bad channel withme. Now you'll leave me there,
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