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April 4, 2024 41 mins
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Skinny skinny. I know you likeone day right now, like, what
the hell is this? Right?Let's I guess you's about to see right
now? Wake wake up, wakeup, Wake up? On Chicago it
turned up and it's the dog GCI want to show hold on seven five
CC. You know we just shotstupare pumpin artb Yeah, sir, it's

Friday Eve. We got to callthat Thursday right here on the best dawn
morning show in Chicago's myself, that'sthe legend. Leon Rodgers, Zach Bug
is in the building. Yes,whack Boy Ryan is in the building.
And listen, man, some specialjumping off today. Man, you don't
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But hey, nonetheless, we're stillgonna give those tickets away, man,
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day to day with locked In.It's the best dawn morning show on Chicago.
Hello, wake up, Chicago's onlylocal hip hop on the show.
It's the w GC I want toshow on seven father to the g CR.
Yes, sir, one of sevenfive w GC showers number one for

hip hop and R and B comingup in the headlines. Man, I
can't believe schools get closed for this. I'm sorry, I'm I'm sorry.
Just this for real, for real, really, I want to know.
G C I one O Semper five, w GC shows number one for hip

hop and R and B and man, there's gonna be some school closings next
Monday. And when I tell youwhy, you're gonna be like, for
real lyon board being school. Nowshake the news, it's time for the
headlines, freaking news, your newscoverage from Chicago to the worldwide. But

to WGCL Morning Show, Hey,listen, parts of Illinois would witness a
total solar eclipse for the second timesince twenty seventeen coming up on Monday.
And would you believe that schools areclosing so students can get the full experience
to see the solar can see thesolar clips. That's a beautiful thing,

leear man. If you you wantme to believe that you ain't got no
school that day, you're gonna haveyour ass outside looking at the solar clips,
looking at the xbox. I'm playingwith my creative character NBA two K
nobody. So there's gonna be outin the mall. Oh man, let's
go act like we looked at theclips. We ain't even got the glasses.

I don't know why they wouldn't justcancel. I mean, had them
go to school and then be like, hey, everybody was going outside to
look at the solar clips to makesure that they look at Illinois is one
of only fifteen states to experience therare event. And uh they say the
height of the eclipse will be attwo o seven. It's about to start.
It starts at twelve fifty one tothree twenty two when Monday this Monday.

Can we get off work for that? Then? Yeah, all right,
we can can look at the solo. I ain't looking at if you
let me off if you want to, I'm not looking at no solar clips.
I ain't looking at those. Idon't want to look at this on
your off work. We're done atten am. But I'm saying to prepare.
Obviously, they need a whole day. The kids need a whole day
looking at it. So why can'tI have a whole day off? Well

go God bless you. I hadn'tlooked looked at enough eclips. When can
you look at it with your mariYou've got to have glasses on certain types
of glasses that block out certain typesof race, or you're gonna be more
blind than what you are now whenyou take those. Okay, so I
can't throw on the ray band.No, you can't do that. You
need some specialty glasses for that,and not the ones you stole from the

movie theater neither. Okay, Iwish go throw all my three D glasses.
Yeah, so you know, uh, South Holland School District, Country
Club Hills School District, Main TownshipHigh School District will be this. They'll
be dismissed at twelve oh seven.So some schools are getting out early,
and some schools are just saying,hey, don't come in watch your clips

from your home. If you don'tget the hell out of here, just
give me the glasses. I wantto see it. We had to go
to school if Larva was coming downthe clips. Hey, listen to California
bill that get If it gets passed, we'll give workers the right to ignore
after our calls from bosses. Whoneeds a bill? Who to do that?

I think I think a lot ofus do that here and ain't no
bill. So the bill mandates employeesemployers to clearly outline working hours and guarantees
workers, uninterrupted personal on family timeoutside of those I feel you don't call
me when I'm off, don't callme. Ryan, you really like this
because you you you work around theclock. I know that you're gonna really

enjoy this bill. I have nocoming because I get called anytime I thought
I was. I thought it wasalready a bill here in Illinois. Listen,
he bag, Hey, listen,man, that phone shut down.
I'm talking about even children. Youbetter get home for a certain time because

I don't I don't get your call. I'm not gonna lie go phone on
silence, sleep time. Listen.Go to w gc I dot com for
these stories and more coming up Leon'slocker room. Somebody announced that they're going
to the league. I'll let youknow who that's coming up. I drink
oven drinking one on seven five GCshots number one for hip hop for rn

be coming up in Leon's locker room. Somebody's taking their talents to the professional
level. And the rollout they didto announce it, what's insane? That's
coming up? She shot? What'sup? Tamp I'm about to pull up
on your right quick. You gotman big up to doing me. All

you need to do is Sports here, Saul won't get found inside one of
the seer. You know, it'snot strange for a lot of players to
make the announcement on TV that they'regoing pro or whatever. You know,
Kaitlyn Clark, we know she's goingto the league. You know, some
other players like Juju are old enoughto go yet or haven't had enough time
in college basketball. Well, AngelReese made her decision after the loss.

But how she did it with straightraw I'm not gonna even lie. She
announced that she's going pro with anarticle in Vogue magazine. Hey, you
can't beat that. That's how youdo a photo shoot article. I'm going
to the league. You know whatI'm saying. Act like y'all know.
So the twenty one year old sheshared her plans in a press conference.
She didn't and she kept it real. She said, I didn't want anything

to be basic. I wanted tobe dope. This is huge. I'm
on my way in. I've beenSouth Southeastern Conference Player of the Year,
I've been an All American, andmy ultimate goal is to be a pro
and to be one of the greatestbasketball players to ever play. And I
feel like I'm ready. I'm excitedthough, because she could possibly fall to
the Chicago Sky that would be doe. They have her projected around seventh A.

She could fall to the Chicago style. That'll be licked. Ain'tel Reese
in the sky. That'll be lift. That'll be licked. And I like
when when she gave her announcement.I like how she recapped her career and
basically let everybody know what she haddone already. You know what I'm saying.
She said, I won a nationaltitle. Like you said, SEC
Player of the Year. I don'thave nothing else to prove on this level.
I'm a pro. Hey, LikeI said, man, I'm excited

because, like you said, theChicago Sky draft that three, and they
also draft that eight, so theygot two picks in the first round like
the Bears. Yeah. So Idon't see it going third. I think
I think they're gonna get the shootingforward from Tennessee third. But if she's
still on the board at eight,if the Links and nobody pick up,
I could see her in Chicago,Angel Reese. You know what I'm saying.

I love to see it, catchher out and about and moving around.
It's gonna be too late. Hey, sad story, man, and
I met this others several times throughmy good homie Cam Buckner. Vonte Davis
former NFL cornerback. He made twoPro Bowls with the Indianapolis Coachs, and
he retired at halftime of his finalgame. He was found dead by police

Monday at his home in South Florida. He went to u OFI good brother,
man, and like I said,I met him through Rep. State
Rep. Cam Buckner. Cool brother. Every time I met him, you
wouldn't even think he was a proplayer the way he interacted and kicked it
with people, real smoothed down theirbrother. So the Brown County Medical Examiner
Office is investigating his death. Hewas only thirty five years old, man,

So you know from right now they'resaying there's no foul play. But
at the end of the day,and they just fought him in his home.
They just found him in his home. Man. So played for the
Indianapolis coach where he was dominant asa corner and then he signed a one
year, five million dollar contract withthe Buffalo Bills, but he retired at
halftime of the team's second game,and the decision shocked this team inmates and

the league that typically values, thewarrior mentality. He just was like,
I can't do it no more.I don't want to play football. I'm
done. And he didn't go backout after halftime. So prayers up to
his family. Shout out to VonteDavis, his family, and we're gonna
miss that brother. All right.Go to w GCI dot com for these
stories and more. Where we gotcoming up in the Z spots, that
road Wave, he gonna have agood music on the way after this.
I'll tell you don't slap Joaquin nomore. Let's go no more hip hop

and R and B. All right. Listen to w gc I via the
iHeartRadio app for one hour for yourchance to win tickets to the sold out
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Zach book what we got coming upin the Z spot mind. I
got a good feeling. We're gonnaget some good music from uh rode Wave

on the way. I'll tell youwhy sure one five to the GC out
of shots number one there Pop andArin B in his time for your Z
Spot Entertainment. Report. Let's getinto it, man, Rod Wave was
arrested in his home state of Floridafor possession of a firearm by a convicted

felon. Now, his lawyer hasalready made a statement and said, hey,
Rod Wave is not a convicted felon. Okay, he may have had
a firearm, but he was nota convicted felon. And he has been
released after the charges have been determineddetermined not accurate. So it looks like
Rod Wave is gonna be okay fromthis. I do know he's gonna make
a good song out of it,though. You know, he gonna he's

gonna sing something about it. Ijust long nine in the car in the
again, and he gonna sing.He's gonna sing it and then take somebody
else's lyrics. It's gonna be reallydope. So you shout out to Rod
Waves. Also, man, thejudge denied that Jonathan Major's request to drop
charges, and it's a sawcase.He's actually going to be sentenced on April

eighth, so he was trying getout of it. But April eighth,
we will see what what Jonathan Majorsentence is going to be. Oh,
I'm excited to see what that's gonnabe like, that's gonna be Monday,
And I definitely had an update foryou. It's one before the eclips.
What Tim's still clips and clip coachstart at twelve? What's the they ain't

gonning to do with the twelve thirtymean black out of your black That could
be a dark time for Jonathan Madge. And stand what I'm saying, bro,
my brother see old. They theytrying to block his light, They
try to diect that. Yes,stay what I'm saying, you woke brother.
Yeah, you know what I'm saying. This is a Marvel Universe superstar
man. It's the cane and theygonna do it on the day they knew
that the eclipse was see see nowin the multiverse. Can ain't even got

worried about that. But like Isaid, they trying to take his piles
away. Yes' a black man.Yes I about thenize you my brother did
flagello. Yes, these stories aremore. Head over to w GC.
Got that coin open up your fourtheye. You can follow me on Instagram
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ears open because we will be droppinga pair heyday on this show and probably
throughout the day. You know,our buddies down the line gonna be giving
up some too, Hey coming up? Love them believe and what we got

going on is that? Should Igive my man a hall pass that's on
the way? All right? Youdon't want to miss? Hey? What
up your boy? Togat the hiphop and R and V turn me on
ron with us waiting nice a wGC. I want to show after the
number one hip hop and R B. Yes, sir, man come out.

I don't got it in Chicago,coming up. We got that on
deck. We can get it.I'll read my own deck. Love believe,
Yes, love of beliefs of deck. Should I give my man a
hall pass that's on the way?Man one O seven five w g C

I the shines number one for hiphop and R and B. It's time
for love and leave them with thebest damn morning show again. No,
it's gonna be Ratchet Leon. Whathappened? It's Zack Chelller ld Zack chall

Shop shop Chop Chop chop, hithim with the house. If you're on
your way to school, chop withme. If you're both say to day
with me, If you're on yourway to world with me, just chop
with me, Just chop with me. Everybody jump jopoo joo jo jo jo

jopp jump get to it. It'severy season. Chop chop this airy Seaton,
Dear Lehan exactly. So. Meand my man have been going strong
for about a year now. Weboth love each other very much, but
neither of us are perfect. Wehave both cheated on each other. I

was messing with my ex on thelow after I found out my boyfriend was
cheating. But the thing is,I ended up getting pregnant and had an
abortion without him knowing. We decidedto put everything on the table and basically
be honest with each other. Itold him everything, and when he heard
about the abortion, he thinks heshould get a Hall Pass to make things

even between us. He has ahe has a point. I was pregnant,
but I feel like, if we'retrying to move forward, why does
he need a Hall pass? Whatshould I do? Should I love or
leave this situation? I gotta lovemy brother? Ain't mad? What do
you need to get hold? Didthis is wild? Wild on both sides?

Yeah? Yeah, this is asix six eight A five one o
seven five Hit us up? Ben? Should she give her the Hall pass
or not? Metro booming, don'tdo it like that. Ignorant, flip
it yeah, soap teucher, metrobooming, insane. It's called like that

right here on one O seven fivew GC I. Man, let's go
to the phone lines. A sixsix eight A five one O seven five
A writes to my dad in themiddle of love him, leave him.
Uh, young lady is trying toa big whether or not she should give
her guy hall pass or not?Yeah, man, you see who is
this? They smoke calling from thesouth side, baby man to be You

ain't got to give him no hallpass because he's messing around on anyway.
They're supposed to be unreconciled, thatthough, that's why they sat down and
put everything on the table. Bigfailing, big failer. You ain't no
reconciling, no da Come on,man, come on man, keep it
gangs al right, all right?Man, So you say he don't need
no hall pass because he's still gonnabe passing. He ain't gonna pass up
no ass right, he just getthe class, get the couple off.

Thanks for your call, man,Yeah, A six six eighty five one
oh seven five Continue to hit usup. Grump five w GC shot is
number one for hip hoppin iron beatthat was sizzled with shirt were right smack
dab in the middle of love himor Leave him? Zach, we got
pretty interesting situation going on. Yougotta let her say de Leon and Zach.
So me and my man have beengoing strong for about a year now.

We both love each other very much, but neither of us are perfect
perfect We have both cheated on eachother. I was messing with my ex
on the low after I found outmy boyfriend was cheating. But the thing
is I ended up getting pregnant.I had an abortion without him knowing well.
We decided to put everything on thetable and basically be honest with each
other. I told him everything,and when he heard about the abortion,
he thinks he should get a hallPass to make things even between us.

He has a point. I feellike. If he has a point,
I did get pregnant, But Ifeel like, if we are trying to
move forward, why does he needa Hall pass? Should I love or
leave this situation? Let's go tothe phone lines eight six six eight A
five one oh seven five? Whothis? Where are you calling from?
It's nod he honestly my say,why should she do? Always for one

and he don't need pass. Healready knowing what he want to do.
Like he'll went something like he needsone up on you. But she cheated
too, though they might as loveus each other like they did cheat him.
I hate y'all so judgmental people canchange. Uh, y'all need to

just leave each other alone. Yeah, y'all definitely should in this relationship.
Go y'all separate ways. You goback to your ex because it seems like
that's what you're comfortable with. You'recomfortable enough to get pregnant by him,
and uh, he can just goand wrong in the world and do whatever
you want to. But y'all,staying together is going to create a terrible
human. After I read the firsttwo lines of this letter, I said,
oh, to throw this whole relationshipaway, and the jumbout we both

love each other, but we ain'tperfect, Like I started talking like that.
It's not like the beginning of aslow song. I know we both
love each other, but we're notperfect. You know each other need a
whole path, Like, No,it's time to let this go. Both
of y'all start over, leave italone. We helped you today. Yeah,

that's good. Advice. Yeah,y'all leave each other loan because that's
gonna end up in a restraining orderof bloodshed. Yeah, so just just
call it quits right now. Ora baby. Y'all gonna have a baby
together, and that baby's gonna bean evil genius. We hope we helped
you, but if we didn't,we never do. Hey, what up?
You talka pone Mike chat one soone? So people, all right,

it's that time of the day thateverybody loves one person gonna be absolutely
pissed as Leon's goofy ass person aday. Let me tell you something,
man, Come on, I don'tcare how much you love somebody unless they
your mama or your children, youroffspring. Mmh Ain't nobody worth going to
jail though? Nope. Now somepeople might be like, leama, what
about your wife? Well, letme tell you some wife, wifs and

husbands can have a change of heartand move along to the next person.
You can't get mad at that.Well, this is what happened in Dallas.
Tragic incident occurred. A dispute thatoriginated it was a love triangle,
escalated into violence, resulting in thedeath of one man and the rest of
the other. The Dallas Police Departmentcharged Joshua Andrews, thirty year old man,

with the murder of thirty one yearold Denzel Branch. Now they was
arguing over a woman at church,No less Easter Sunday man, no Jesus.
On his way back, talk toy'ad here, y'all go arguing.
Next thing you know, they getto argue. Branch steals on you know,
they say he steals on Joshua Andrews. Josh Andrews say not today up
to twenty two popped them. Now, probably would have got away with it

if you just shot the man andkept it moving. But Branch ran to
his car, running to his car, and my man followed him and shot
him in the back, killed him. Now you're about to go to jail.
Guess what it was over? Overwhat? Because Joshua Andrews was messing
with Denzel Branch's ex wife ex wife. So who threw the first perch Branch

through the first punch. That wasthe man who was getting cheated. That
was the man whose ex wife wasmessing with josh Regardless, at the end
of the day, guess what she'sgonna be in the club Saturday with the
whole new dude in her face.Y'all gone and the other one about to
be gone. Make it make sense. Don't ever fight over nobody and don't
want you no more. Man,that's shed X for a reason, he

X for a reason. Let thembe somebody else problem. Now this brother
gone and this brother about to dotime. He won't, he gonna he
won't. He gonna get some timebecause it wasn't self defense. Like I
said, you shot him the onetime because he hit you first. They
might have said self defense is Texas. But you chased him to the car
fast, shot him two three moretimes. You gone, buddy, And
she she getting murdy charged. Shefree before eleven at the club. Stop

telling us she said free before eleven. So to my man that's sitting in
the jail cell right now, misterJoshua Andrews, you know what I'm saying.
Prayers out to mister Branch's family,But to Joshua Andrews, see what
that got you ain't no thank thatgood shit? Your goo fast down,
goofy, hey man, don't bea goofy. Call man attorney Howard Anchor

three one two six million, threeone two six million one, number one
for up and how Zach was comingup in the Z spot. I don't
know. Yeah, it made memad. Now how about that now the

spot that if it's gonna be one, it's gonna be one. We'll see
how end of the day. Ain'tno big three, it's just big me,
Big Me. It's on the way. One on seventy five w g

C. The Shies number one forhip hop and R and B. All
Man, it breaks my heart toreport this. It looks like Chance and
his wife are getting a divorce.They put out a statement says, after
a period of separation, the twoof us have arrived at the decision to
part ways. He said, wecame to this decision, Amica, believe
and with gratitude for the time wespent together. God has blessed us with

two beautiful daughters, and we willcontinue to raise them together. We kindly
asked for privacy and respect as wenavigate this transition. Thank you. Prayers
and prayers and good vibe goes outto Chance and absolutely, man, absolutely,
you know what I'm saying. Ifanybody knows about going through a divorce,
it's so I don't want him toclear. Brother boy if you talk

to Zach maybe about music only.No, No, I'm just saying you're
still fresh. You're still fresh,you still knew. Give yourself a chance
to calm down first. Then youstart giving advice. Right now, I
ain't in the place you're not.I'll do it. Also, man,
Cassie has a Leslie been working withthe FEDS for weeks after Diddy's house raid.

So Cassie is working hand in handwith the FAS. And we found
this out because the lawyer, Cassie'slawyer had said that like, hey,
we're gonna help whatever you need orany information you need, we will be
a witness on that. And thisis after she paid the money, So
I just after did he paid herthe money? So I wonder within the
money that was paid, wouldn't youthink that it would be some type of

hush claus in it, where likeif I paid you this thirty days Some
people even saying up to fifty milliondollars did he pay her? If I
pay you this much money, thatyou can still go back and yeah,
if you didn't sign an NDA,Wow, if you didn't sign an NDA.
I'm just surprised that he would givethat much money. Without an India
and let's be on and let's behonest, Zach. The Fed's gonna do

what they want to do. IfFares won't Castie to testify, Cassie gonna
testify. It ain't no if asa budget, I don't care what you
got signed. When them people reallyon the witch hunt to get you,
Yeah, we throw all this out. Come on, come on, yeah,
get it so well. That manthat goes man that doesn't look good,
not at all. G that's theone person you don't want to talking

periods. Cassie know everything, sheknow where the body's are. Bear all
right, man, these stories moreand over the w g c I dot
com. We'll follow me on Instagram. Sack e A C h B.
Today we're looking at a high fortyone degrees tonight a lord thirty seven right
now, all these guys thirty eightdegrees. Is GC wake Wake up.

This Chicago's only local hip hop onthe show. It's the w gc IM
on the show. Poll on sevenfar to the GCR Saturday June first at
the United Center is going down.Polo g g Herbo, Rob Fox nine
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So keep the lock right here oneon something five. Yes, sir,

that was sister snooze right here onone O seven five w g c
I. Uh. Now it's timefor our safe space therapy Thursday therapy Thursday,
we do the best. I wantto really sad. Why I gotta
be sad? Dog therapy is supposedto be uplifting and here, yeah,
this is relaxing, but I wantsad. I meant relaxing, just something

that we all frowned up. Sheneeds therapy, Ryan, This makes me
feel safer. Okay, that's fine, it's not all about you, like
we all want to feel safe.Okay, do you feel safely? No?
I feel like it's raining outside right, all right, So listen today
on Therapy Thursday, we want toask the question, when you're in a

relationship, should you should you fullyopen up to the person you with,
like you know, bear your soulthem, because you know, sometimes you're
getting an arguments and people bring upthat you told them that you went the
bend still at thirty five, andthen they say something they arguing in front
of your parents, Oh I hadto clean up your little people staying she

that's not cool. So and thatmake people you never liked your mama cook
and your mama sitting right there,right there. Oh, you're gonna say
that in front of my mama.I told you that in confidence. You
said that Auntie Dora couldn't stay withyou because she was in a hot in
front of the whole family. Sowe want to know, man, is
it should you open up entirely toyour significant other or somebody that you're dealing

with, or is it best tokeep some things safe and close to your
chest so you stay in your safespace. What do you think? Well,
I do you know my wife knoweverything anything about me, every DP
God sheet, every crazy thing I'dhave done, and she done caught me
doing she knows. So, man, I hope she never gets to the

point where, if we get intoit, she feels the need to say
that because there's a lot of stuffgonna get set on fire. Okay,
Okay, her being one, shedoes that with you as well, she
tells she does, well that Iknow of. I can. You know,
I can't. I don't know ifshe tells me, but I assume
that, yeah, you know,she's she shared some stuff with me before
that has made me mad, thathappened in our life. That so,

so you do it? Okay,so what. I would never throw that
back in her face though if wewere Okay, so you think it is
important to do that, I did. Okay. My thoughts on it.
I think you can, but Ithink it takes time. You know what
I'm saying. I don't think youshould just come out the gate right saying
oh absolutely, not saying everything.You know what I'm saying, like some
stuff hold and don't get it twistedup. It's a little scary, even

after you take time, it's alittle scary, Like, man, I
just gave this person something that Ididn't haven't given or said to anyone else,
not even my parents. You knowwhat I'm saying. So you know,
if you do get into it,you just you don't want to have
this feeling like she's gonna spring thaton you. Yeah, hopefully you got
to get enough person that won't dothat till you've got to drive this car
for bridge. I can't go toeverybody else because it's it's certain relationships where

that's what they do. They saythe lowest thing they try to hurt,
hurt you, yep, man Asix six eight eight five one seven five.
Hit us up? Is it isit cool to is it? Share
everything after a certain point of time, you know that you got or sometimes
it's something's best left unsaid. Allright, hit us up? You don't

give the matter what time one onseven five w GC the shots number one
for Hippop and R and B.We are here and we are allied the
best of that morning show in Chicago, and it's step upy Thursday where we
come to our safe space, asbrother Bug likes to say, we're in
a safe space and today we're talking. Yes, should you fully open up
to your mates? You fully openup to your mates? You share everything

with your mate? Or should youkeep something tucked? You never know when
they might want to use that.Yeah, like a political debate or something.
Right, let's go to the phonelines eight six, six, eighty
five, one O seventy five?Who is what you call him from?
What up? This? LA isfrom the low end? See something to
yourself? DTA, don't trust anyone? You see what did he going through?

Wow? I don't think that's necessarilythe comparison of when we say c
A, don't trust no one.Okay, one, okay, we're praying
for you with the blunt down GC. Who is what you call him from?
From? This time? Call mywast I think it should be safe

if y'all in a committed relationship,there should be a level of trust so
that you are able to share thingsthat have happened to you, that you've
experienced. And I you know,if it does come up in an argument,
I heal from it, So I'mnot bothered by it. It's just
being a mental note of you broughtthis up, and so you know that

changes the relationship for me. AllRight, thanks for you called A six
six eight, eight five, oneseven five. Continue to hit us up,
GC, I who this where youcalling from? Leslie calling from the
south side of Chicago. Oh mygod, Leslie from the South Side,
what do you say on therapy Thursday? Should you open up fully to your

mate or should you keep some thingsto yourself? I definitely believe you should
keep some things to yourself. Beenthere, done it. Like you said,
once youginictle argument, they're gonna throwit up in your face. And
that's that's what happened. What happenedmy soul father. I told him when
we got together that I had messedwith a female that was ten years before

I met him. So now wehad a toy. It was you gonna
go back be the females, gowith her, eat her. And I'm
just like, damn, that wasjust some fantasy that I told you I
dog ten years ago. So keepwow. All right, yeah, thanks,
so you come all right, heyman, Let's continue the conversation on

social media Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, and also at w g c I
dot com. In the meantime.In between time, though, we're gonna
offer somebody a chance to win apair of tickets to w g c I
and bm in Entertainment's Shy City FastiestCommon City Fast coming to the United Center
on June first. Now, Zachbuff This lineup is hitting. Yes,

Polo g Holo, Building forty two, Dogs, come on, j T
talk to him, g Rbo,who else? Hunt Show? Come on?
Rob Faux nine, Uh huh,Skill a Baby, Yeah, Big
Buggie come on. And Mellow Bucks. Oh yes, that's an awesome line.
That's crazy. Now, everybody else, you can take advantage of the
pre sale that's happening in April fourthat noon at ticketmaster dot com. That's
today, use the cold w gc I. All tickets go on sell

Friday, April fifth at noon andyou can get your tickets at ticketmaster dot
com. But tech caller A sixsix eight A five one oh seven five
you're gonna get a pair of ticketsto shat City Fence. But we ain't
gonna make it easy. Uh uh. You got to name at least four
people that's on this show. Yep, give us four artists and the tickets
yours? All right, I'll saythe names again, Polo G forty two,

Doug j T, g Herbal,Hunt, Jo, Rob Fox nine,
Skill a Baby, Big Boogie,and Mellow Bucks. And I do
want to just say real quick thatyou know pre sales goal don't seal at
noon, right, you know,and so you gotta use the cold WGC.
I to use that, and Iknow it's not all I know snapping
ebt here, So get out thereand flipping and come on to the figure

it out. Yeah, Hey,what up your boy talking Paul here afternoons
two the sixth on g C.I And you know I got my friend
Amy for one eight hundred truck wreck. Now I will tell you. Come
on, I see these sides onthe back of the truck that says how
Mike said one one. So allright, it's that time of the day

that everybody loves one person's gonna beabsolutely pissed as Leon's goofy ass person all
day. Let me tell you something, man, come on, I don't
care how much you love somebody unlessthey're your mama or your children, your
offspring. Ain't nobody worth going tojail though. Nope. Now some people
might be like, Leama, whatabout your wife? Well, let me
tell you some wives and husbands tohave a change of heart and move along

to the next person. You can'tget mad at that. Well, this
is what happened in Dallas. Tragicincident occurred a dispute that originated. It
was a love triangle escalated into violence, resulting in the death of one man
and the rest of the other.The Dallas Police Department charged Joshua Andrews,
thirty year old man, with themurder of thirty one year old Denzel Branch.

Now they was arguing over a womanat church, No less Easter Sunday
man, no Jesus. On hisway back, talk to y'all here,
y'all go arguing. Next thing youknow, they get the argum. Branch
steals on. You know, theysay he steals on Joshua Andrews. Josh
Andrews say not today up to twentytwo popped him. Now, probably would
have got away with it if youjust shot the man and kept it moving.

But Branch ran to his car,running to his car, and my
man followed him and shot him inthe back, killed him. Now you're
about to go to jail and guesswhat it was over over what? Because
Joshua Andrews was messing with Denzel Branch'sex wife, ex wife. So who
threw the first perch Branch through thefirst punch. That was the man who
was getting cheated, That was theman whose ex wife was messing with josh

regardless. At the end of theday. Guess what she's gonna be in
the club Saturday with the whole newdude in her face and one of y'all
gone and the other one about tobe gone. Make it make sense.
Don't ever fight over nobody and don'twant you no more. And she had
X for a reason. He kedfor a reason. Let them be somebody
else problem. Now this brother goneand this brother about to do time.

You're gonna get some time because itwasn't self defense like I said. You
shot him the one time because hehit you first. They might have said
self defense it is Texas, butyou chased him to the car, fact
shot him two three more times.You gone, buddy, And she she
getting murder charged. She free beforeeleven at the cut stopped telling us is
free before a LEFN. So tomy man that's sitting in the jail cell

right now, mister Joshua Andrews.You know what I'm saying. Prayers out
to mister Branch's family, But toJoshua Andrews, see what that got you
ain't no thank that good shit?Your goo fast down? What on seven

five to e GC out of shotsnumber one for popping R and B.
It is time for the prayer ofthe day, Amen, and today Lord,
I just want to take this timeto just pray. Well, I
ain't got no music going on.I wish I had some music to pray
with. Heymen, there we thereis the organ. Dear Lord. Near

everybody please buy your heads unless you'redriving, But please, man, everybody,
please put your inhalo by the altar. Amen. Because it is allergy
season, Lord, and I ampraying that we all get through these allergies.
As you hear in my voice,I ain't signing the same. I've
been sounding crazy, sneezing, havingto blow my nose every five minutes in
and out the studio because of theallergies. Hey man, Lord, we

ask that you just become a bigcloud of zyrtec. Lord, be a
cloud of Cleritan. Lord, besome benadria or allergy. Lord, be
it all that we all may comedown and be regular once again. We
are tired of the runny eyes,the runny nose, and the sneezing non
stop, Lord, especially coming outof COVID. You know, every time
you sneeze, people look at youlike, oh, y'all, you Okay,

you see, No, I justhave allergy. Say man, I
am you know, got a littlecongestion from the allergies. Lord, please
Lord, clear my throat. I'mnot being dramatic, it's just really what
it is. Clear my throat.Be some tea or something, some herbs.

Lord, give us a flower likethe one they crushed up on on
black, Give us the up,the juice to heal these allergies, whatever
it takes. That's what you callthem. What's it called allergies? Allies?
That's what I got. That's whatyou got. What you call it.
I mean, there's symptoms that I'mseeing that the post names will drip,

constantly rubbing your nose, change inbehavior, mood swings. My uncle
used to do that, and wecall it cocaine. Okay, okay,
no, it's not. I've neverrandom sneezes. Happy two seconds, lady.
You're gonna be complaining about something I'venever moved. I've never I've never
done okay in my life. Okay, okay, they got pink cocaine too

his house. That's what I heard. I heard they say, you know
all about it, bro listen,man, but I don't mind. Okay,
Loosten. This is a prayer.I don't know what you want to
touch it. I'm all right afraid. I'm asking for relief, praying for
my allergies. You know what I'msaying. Everybody else who's going through it.
Man, the peels, the liquids, Do whatever you got to do.
God, take it away, becausethis is really stressing me out.

That's allergies, you see.
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