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April 1, 2024 38 mins
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Skinny, skinny nothing. I knowyou like Monday right now, Like,
what the hell is this sight?I guess she's about to see right now?
Wake up, wake up. I'mtrying to wake up on Chicago.
So then it turned to tell youDC, I want to show one cc

y'all. You know Papa artby Yes, sir, good Monday morning, Chicago,
Northwest Indiana and all our friends checkingin with us on the iHeart radio
app. It's your boy, that'sthe legend. Leon Rogers to my right,
my brother's that book, White BoyRyan in the building. Breeze Specific.
That Breeze Specific is in the buildingas well. And listen, man,
this Monday. It's April, right, April first, don't fall for

the okie dope, Okay. Ifshe tell you she's pregnant, it's a
prank. It's a prank. It'sa prank. Bree it's a prank.
Don't go for a dog, it'sa break. It's a prank. Ladies.
If he tell you he coming back, it's a prank. He's leaving.
He's never coming back. Okay.You say you're gonna drop your son

off the school, and then youwake up and your baby's still there put
all their clothes on April fool,don't fall for it. Okay, we
got a lot of stuff going ontoday. Man, we probably got some
ticket giveaways, a lot of stuffto do in the short time to do
it. It's the best damn morningshow in Chicago. Let's get to it.
The ciciacht we're looking at a higherforty six degrees tonight, a lower
forty one right now, cloudy skyis at forty four degrees. It's g

siat so sock, what's suck yoursocks? I want to show I don't
want to simmer far to the gcachit shouts, no more fippupping on bat
Hey, man, stay tuned.We got the headlines coming up. Man,
I'll keep your breast of what's goingon in the city in Chicago one
on seven five w GC the shotsnumber one for hip hop and R and

B. Hey, somebody's getting somestudent loan debt canceled. I'm gonna hope.
Yeah, let's see if it's let'ssee if you following us category,
Yeah, well, check the news. It's time for the headlines. Your

news coverage from Chicago so worldwide.But to w GC I Morning Show,
all right, check your emails fromthe Biden Harris administration saying that your student
loan is uh, your student loanthat is canceled? And bring did you
get an email? Ryan? Didyou get an email? Shirt? You

went to school? She went toprepaid school. I ain't have no student
loans monthly. She paid for iton the fine and cut your books off?
How you cut a book off?Jack? Did you get an email?
You know? I didn't? Okay, Well, people are getting billions
of student loan forgiveness because of thechanges the rules of the program for public

service workers if they're already enrolled inthe program, but others who have not
signed up yet can also save money. Seventy seven thousand teachers, nurses,
social workers, firefighters, and otherpublic servants who are enrolled in the Public
Service Loan Forgiveness program will be gettingfive point eight billion in student debt relief
this week. What's the qualification?Uh, you have to be a public

service worker. And that little thingthat you do on the weekend where you
hang out on the corner and gettingpeople's cars, that's not that's not public
service. What's a public service worker? Man? I just said, what
do I have to do? Teacher, nurse, social worker, firefighter,
other public service like police officers,you know EMTs, people who served the

public. When we serve the publicdough Yeah why can't. I mean I
paid cash for my school. Hedidn't go to school either. You went
to the same one, like breathethe prepaid, like the prepaid. I
just did all mine up front,did installment whole year. Why are y'all

counselor to of my books? It'sall online load so man, you know,
go check it out. Make sureif you're a public service person,
go sign up, you know,because you're still eligible five point eight billion.
I ain't used it all up yet. Yeah, I'm gonna sign up
though. Okay, when they whenthey when they check your job status,

realize you're not a public service andthey come in here and lock your ass
up, I'm gonna pray for you'nsend money public service money on your public
service. Let me ask you this, if you remember when COVID happened,
we got them badges. You rememberto be able to go to work to
broadcast? Hey man, do youremember that? I remember? Chalk yourself
into believing whatever you want public serviceworker? Man, leave so I leave

ins steal them people's money and I'mgoing to go to Yeah, coming up
man Leon's locker room. This willbe one of the most big Knights and
women's college basketball out here for it. I'm locked in popcorn Brockwurst. Ready
to go here, GCI, Yes, sir, Man one on seven five

w GC shots number one for hiphop and R and B. Give me
you an update n CUAA tournament forthe men's and the women's games. The
night are going to be incredible.It's gcattle all you need to do in
sports. I'm just here so Iwon't get found. It's inside leon SLocker
room, on one of seer fiveGCI. All right, so our good

friend Ryan is gonna be happy becauseyes, Purdue is in the final four
along with Yukon, Alabama and nc State. Duke took it on the
chain to uh North Carolina State Universityseventy six to sixty four. Man Perdue
beat Tennessee seventy two to sixty sixto advanced. So your final four for
the men to set Yukon, Purdue, Alabama, n C State, it's

going down. Shout out to Ryan, what you're doing, man, it's
Purdue. What you got going.It's like you got you got to keep
it cool until the game is played. You gotta keep cool. Now he's
having erectil mike dysfunction. Just smart, don't worry about that. They don't
have like Viagoras stuff. But it'sperdue. Man. I thought you would
be excited. I thought you haveyour boiler maker like a rapper when we're

used to this. So you're notin the final we used to. We
used to. You're supposed to next, the next You're supposed to be Ryan.
That's what y'all do. We usedto right, my faith would be
painted blue. Right, let's not. There's no dream where that happens.
There's no world I know could everlose my mind. I'm not even being

funny. Y'all have a team forYeah, I'm not even great athlete State
University. There's some great players camefrom Tennessee State. Don't do that now,
right, one of the don't donothing. One of the best small
fords ever played. Never heard that'shistory. Better. You know what,
Richard, you're a Richard Robert Covingtonin the NBA right now? Yeh from

here, from here, from hereas well? All right, Okay,
well, let's move on to theladies. Man. I can't wait for
these games tonight. Man, Ohyeah, oh it's going down. LSU
and Iowa rematch of the championship gamelast year and Yukon versus USC. Those
are gonna be two great games.You got stars in each game. LSU,

you got Angel Rees Kaitlin Clark.Remember the big controversy, Angel resaid
Kaylin Clark with the U can't seeme as the final seconds kicked off,
and LSU has been deemed the badguys data thugs of the tournament. It
was an article just to in theWashington Post about Kim Molkey and LSU and
they called him dirty de wu tantis. Now, I really don't like Kim
Mokey. Like Kim Mokey get alittle bit out of her body sometimes,

but I like her passion when itcomes to basketball. But she talked crazy.
Kim Molky be one of them womenyou have to check in the grocery
store because you know she'll just moveher cart in front of yours like you
ain't there. Hey, I'll saythis if you haven't, if you haven't
been following the women's game, youmissing it tonight it's to night, Yes
to like, and it'll catch youall up because all the stars and not

not to say that the other sideof the lead ain't got stars because you
got usc Connecticut Page Buker going upagainst Juju Yi's Fresh Miss Sensation. And
then of course South Carolina is stillin the game. They're gonna be going
up against NC State University Show.I mean, listen, the women's side
is gonna be absolutely not. Don'thit my phone today at six o'clock because

it's oh my daughter. When youget out of gymnastics, bring your ass
all right. Go to w gcI dot com for these stories and more.
What's coming up in the Z spots? Hey man, in the Z
spot. We're gonna talk about it, man, Lauren London's in the Z
spot. Alright, gc I fixedthe bridge tonight of Lord forty one right
now, Cloudy Skies and forty fourdegrees. Is GCI this Chicago's only local

hip hop more the show its thew gc I want the show. I
want to sell a fa to theGCI. Hey Man, listen tonight live
on Fox the twenty twenty four iHeartRadio Music Awards. Now, remember this
is not a competition. It's anight where we will celebrate and honor the
music and artists that you listen toall year long on WGCI and iHeart Radio
stations across the country. Now thisyear, we're gonna celebrate the queen mother

of the Beehive, Beyonce, withthe Coveted Innovator Award. Very few artists
in the course of history of takingthe kind of creative risk that Beyonce has
transforming music and pop culture for answer. It's hosted by good friend Ludacris,
with performances by Justin Timberlake, TLCand more. Watch the iHeartRadio Music Awards
tonight live on Fox thirty two atseventh Central and right here on WGCI.

Is brought to you locally by Wabanic Community College, and you can tune
into Fox Monday tomorrow at nine amto hear the first award winner announced for
the Duo or Group of this year. Okay, that's gonna be dope,
man, I Heeart Ryan, Whatyou eat? You just see Ryan's breakfast,
No idea, I'm not eating inthe studio. Yes, coming up

out there spot man Layd Lennon isin the Z spot. We're gonna get
right into it. One of thesefound w G shots number one for hip
Hopping R and B. Zach book, What's coming up in the Z Spot?
That was Gunner? You mean?And Gunna is in the Z spot
report? Wow? Well all right, that's coming up one on seven five
GC out of shots number one forhip hop and R and B. Let's

jump into the Z spot. Now, I do want to say this.
Gunner UNDC Gunner and Chloe Bailey areback outside you mean together? You know
what I'm saying. They had datingrumors before Gunner had went to jail and
got locked up. Now now he'sout and she's back. A lot of
people are criticizing her, like,oh, you you're back because he up.

Now you know you wasn't You wasn'tholding him down when he was locked
up. Here's yes said nor aboutthat. We don't know if she could
have been secretly still standing in contactwith him but before because of her image
and who she is and the thingsthat she you know, she does that
they present for her. Maybe,you know, sometimes you got to put
some space between you and stuff likethat when you getting locked up because people

getting indicted around you. Yeah,yeah, that happens and you know what,
speaking of hold speaking of holding peopledown, Lauren London put up a
post yesterday she said, if youknow me, you know March it's always
tough for me, thirty one daysof holding my breath. This day is
that it is decided to follow onEaster Sunday, this twenty twenty five.
Interesting considering your name. And it'sa picture of of course Nipsey hustle man.

She was honoring them and that's toughbecause she did. They did hold
each other down. I did likethose were one of the few. Those
were one of the few Hollywood whereI could say industry relationships that I actually
was like, Yo, man,he got him a down chick. You
know he got Lauring mind then,So I mean, you know who yesterday
was the anniversary of his That's crazy, right, you know East Yeah?

Yeah, also wow Wow vowow saidhe'd moss. He said they running back
lottery ticket too. Now the thing, yeah, I forgot what happened in
the first lottery ticket? Does anyonedo anybody know how we get to two?
I remember the first ticket at all? What happened? Why? I

told you? What did I say? Man? Sometimes you just gotta leave
some movies alone, so you're gonnahave to do a refresher. The first
ten minutes of that movie is gonnabe like, let me catch you up
on what happened. I remember hewon, they won, they got,
He took the money, and hestarted a sneaker store. I do remember
that. What's that because he workedat foot locker. He started a sneaker

store and he made up with myman who played in the Olympians, Percy
Jackson, Brandon T. Jackson.He made up with him and they started
a sneaker store. Okay, well, I'm gonna tell you this. This
nigga came out fourteen years ago.Lee fourteen years ago, and I don't
think it was that good that youwas like, we gotta see the second
one fifteen years later saying, bro, who cares? And that's what I'm

saying, go back and watch theoriginal. Stop trying to make stuff like
you can't rewrite history. Bow Wowhas had better movies exactly like Mike,
like Mike two, maybe like youknow, it'd be like Mike three.
They did it too, Okay,like three, he grows up and he's
a coach now, right, buthe puts on the magic coaching time.

Getting now a lottery ticket. I'mnot insteading in line to see that.
That's not gonna that. I willwatch the Detroit movies on two B before
I watch that's exactly what a lotteryticket too. Going straight to two B
not to this too, be becausetwo we got a lot of heat on
there. Okay, but this onegoing straight there. You ain't even got
to going on YouTube bread first.It's the ones that just show up.

Well, you ain't even gotta signin. This is terrible, all right,
These stories are more. Head overto the WGC I dot com Instagram
On the first one, I don'tknow b oh oh g one on seven
five w G shows number one forhip popping RN b exacht book, what
we got coming up? Love them, believe them? I fell in love

with my baby mama sister, Ohwow, good good and runs in the
family some Monday b turn me onwhat's one of back one time? Trying
to w GC Morning Show. Let'sgo some w G. It's no more
for hip hopping R and B oneon seven five w GC shows number one
for hippopping R and b ay Man, Love them, believe the man.

Yes on the way, Yeah,I fell in love with my baby mama's
sister. Yes, that's on theway. That's how you do it.
One on seven five w GC shoesnumber one for hi popping R and B
ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages. It's time
for love and believe them with it. That's with the best damn morning show

in Chicago. And you know it'sgonna be Ratchet Leon. What hapzacky chair
on the Rattler run? Is itJoe Zacky chair? When he got on
around? Chop chop chop chop chopchop chop chop hit him? What the
hogs eat? Chump chump chop chump, chump, chump, chop chop chop

chop up chump chump. I'm achopper, baby. I just want you
to know and where I'm chopped,just where I'm about to go, and
I just want to chop. Whotake all this cash? Try to forget
your man? Come on, notchopping for me? Chopping all right?

Yes, dear Lehanne zach So,me and my baby mama were high school
sweethearts. We had a baby whenI was eighteen and she was seventeen.
Our daughter is ten now, soI met this woman about six months ago
and it was one of those loveand first sight situations. She's beautiful,
funny, and has a great job. She just moved from Charlotte, So

why I just find out that sheis my baby mama's half sister and I
never knew because they never saw eachother and have never had a relationship like
that. Now, my baby Mamasaid, I'm wrong for not breaking it
off, but she never had arelationship with her half sister. They barely
know each other, and it's notlike I did it on purpose. God

did this her communication. Her sisterhas been distanced since finding out, but
we still have been in communication.I'm in love and I don't want to
end this relationship? Am I wrong? Why are you laughing? At a
minute? God? He said?God did it? Boy? God did
a six, six, eight,eight, five, one oh seventy five.

What's this brother do? Should hebreak it off? Or should he
continue to keep on keeping on?She said? One of other five w
GC out of shots number one forhip popping R and B with Rismack Dad
in the middle of love them.Believe him that we got a brother that's
in love. Yeah, with twosisters. Yeah. He said, so
him and his baby mama were highschool sweethearts and they had a baby when

he was eighteen, she was seventeen. A daughter is now being all right.
So he met this woman about sixmonths ago. It was love at
first sight. And then he saidthat he found out that that's his baby
mama's half sister, but they neverknew each other and never had a relationship
like the relationship like that because thehalf sister is from Charlotte. Well lived

in Charlotte, all right. Sonow his baby mama said he's wrong for
not breaking it off. But he'ssaying, hey, you never had a
relationship with her. You barely evenknow each other. And it's not like
I did this on purpose. Hesaid, God did this. And then
he the sister that he was talkingto, said has been distanced since finding
out, but they still been incommunication, and he said he's in love

and he don't want to end therelationship. Once you know what's he's wrong
or not A six six eighty five, one seventy five, hit us up,
man, God did who this way? You called him from this kid
all some time parts, So firststretch tweaking he needs to leave over all
alone because he's gonna have kids bybecause he's saying in love and his kids

gonna be cousins and siblings. That'sweird. That's true. That is that
is and that is weird. Andnext, I get what you're saying,
but he didn't know though he inlove heartbreak that thing five to run in
the family clearly, but alone alright, g C, I who this way

you called him from? Big areall right? Man? What should this
brother do in this situation when hejust hit him with the future? Man,
you don't care if they real Wow? Wow, we got toxic anyway,
man, yo, just toxic?Well, uh, some advice,

man, that's tough dog. Imean you, even if you don't know,
you gotta understand where you're coming fromthe sister's point of view, Like
they don't even know each other,and you got a better relationship with her
sister than she do. Now,how can they ever really become close if
you there in the middle and yougot babies about both of them, and
that might bring up some trauma abouther father being a rolling stone. You

know what I'm saying, Like yougot a whole nother family now you not
even came back around to hunt meagain. You want this man to miss
his blessing just because just because theymight have to leave that one alone.
He didn't try. You're gonna calland go looking for it, gonna call
him. Yeah, but you're gonnacause a lot of trauma and that family

dog like that, that family alreadyjacked up, They apart, They ain't
gonna never be right. You're gonnahave sister cousins, brother, sister cousins
explaining that to your babies growing up. It's not his play. Yeah right.
I wouldn't be able to do itlike you do what you want to,
but I wouldn't be able to livelike that. Look, brother,
all I'm saying is you didn't goout there and look at this. No

he didn't. He didn't. Hejust found it out, so you know.
But it also takes a hell ofa man to say, hey,
look man, I might be causingmore damage than I am positive. I
know the optics look bad. Iain't no, ain't no, I know
the opticists bad. They are bad. He didn't he didn't do no wrong,
He do no fault. He didn'tmislead nobody, didn't lie and cheating
nobody. Just ten years ago.Ye, just explain to your babies how

your sister is. Yo. Thiswouldn't even be what is this wouldn't even
be an issue in Alabama, Buck, Kentucky and Kentucky they do this all
the time and they know each other, you know, So this ain't this
ain't even an issue. Blood lineis blood line there it is. That's
what you should do. Move goto the South comfortable. Well everything it

is fine here in Mississippi. Everybody, that's my cousin. No, we
just got shoes. Man. Wehope we helped you. But if we
didn't, we never do. Hey, what up your boy to Paul here
afternoons two to sixth so debut mightcheck one so one so scoofy. Yes,

people, right, it's that timeof the day that everybody loves.
One person's gonna be absolutely pissos Leonspoof you as person of the dead.
What let me say this right now? Today is April first, come on,
which is known as April Fool's Day, just a day when people like
to play jokes and pranks. Uhhuh, okay, let me tell you
something. Everybody ain't for the jokingand the pranking stress of times going on

out here. So like, let'sjust say you a manager of a company
or something and you come to somebodytalking about some man man you know,
and cut back on stuff we hadto let you go. Don't play that
one with people, okay, becauseMike get pistol pulled on. You get
to play shot up because people goingthrough stuff. Man, don't play with
people. Job say something like,hey, man, toilet backed up,

Johnny ain't here. We need youto go clean that toilet out today before
you go to lunch. Give themthat one, right. Don't tell somebody
that't lost their job. Then whenyou walking the to Hi talking about hey,
hey prolfools like, get your ass. Well, this is real stressful
out here. We're thinking about thatnext set of bills that's coming on the
first Ladies, don't sit up herewith this guy that you love and you
quote unquote care about and talking abouthey, I'm late. Oh you might

get that. You might get ananswer that he been sitting on for a
long time and just ain't said ityet, but now at the right time,
Oh I'm late. Okay, wellI'm early about to leave. Good
luck with that. He's gonna getthat out. If you're trying to tell
somebody to see if you don't getthe real answer that you won't do that.
Hey for food? Yeah, don'tplay no games. I get it.

Hey, hey, baby, youknow what I was thinking about it.
You know I'd like to be Polly. Oh you would. That's cool
because this is guy that I liketo We could all be together. You're
gonna get answers that you don't wantfood. April fools. Stop playing games
with folks. Did it to mykids yesterday? I told them that I
had six Easter eggs in the housewith one hundred dollars in it and they

could find them. They had tilltoday to find the eggs, tearing the
house up, told the house upwhen they woke up this morning, said
I need to put all this backin April fools. I'm pretty sure my
eleven year old call me a mLfund of breath, but I let her
have it, though should have.I felt great, But then with kids,
imagine that it was adults probably gotwarmed. Alright. So all I'm

telling you is y'all gonna do someApril Fools jokes. Keep it cool,
like you took somebody food out therefrigerator and just moved it didn't need it.
You just moved it because you stillmight get whooped eating somebody's food out
Absolutely all right, but don't beplaying those games with people because you're gonna
get the asses you really want tohear. And that ain't gonna be no
April fools. Sit your go fastdown, Scooby, as people wore.

I tell you who's not in theplaying pranks. Attorney Howard Anchor hit him
up three one two six million,that's six million, one GC out of
shots number one five poping RnB,she Boy exac book and at this time

for your Z Spot Entertainment report lookedlike there might be trouble in pair of
dice between Ari and money bag Yo. Ari went to Twitter and she said
she is single. She said,I'm so fing single, and then she
went on to say, f thatsong in that video. They just put
out a song. The money bagYo just put out a song and had

Ari Towerking in it and stuff,and it was about her, of course,
and had everybody confused because it waslike, hey, y'all was just
doing good yesterday. What happened?But I'm gonna tell y'all this hood love,
They'll be fine. And I don't. I don't think. Yeah,
so I'm like wondering, like whatwhat's the problem, Like what about money
bag? No yo that you knownow that you didn't know when you met
it. They're fine, they'll befine. They do it like they like

a regular couple. Every every threefour months. They get into it and
they get onto it and then theyback together. They'll be fine, all
right. So cute. Also,Chief keeps Forno is a cozier. It's
officially platinum man. Chief Keith Benois officially platinum. Huge shout out to
Chiefs just now throwing platinum the waythey used to spend that song. Bro

like it. Wait, it's beenplatinum down south too. Yeah. I
used to hear a lot down Southtoo. Well, I didn't hear it
a lot on the East coast becausehe was about to blow New Jersey up.
Yeah that's probably said they banned.But now that's that's a that's a
huge accomplishment. The stories and morehead over to the w gc I dot
com. You can follow me onInstagram Zach Bugs the A C H B
O O G. Hey what upthe moment your son on the show?

I want to to the gc moref buthering on B Yes, sir,
coming up man, Chicago. We'regonna sound off at A six six eight
A five one o seven five.What's the worst April Fools joke you had
played on you? You? Orwhat's the worst April Fools joke you've played
on? Somebody hit us up Asix six eighty five one oh seven five.
We want to know it's gc.I we ain't gonna tell this truth.

I don't know what y'all gonna do. Beyonce Spaghetti. I love it.
She'll be at the iHeart Radio MusicAwards and not getting the Innovator Award.
Yeah, you can check that outon Fox and WGCI dot com.
Beyonce, y'all, I don't knowwhat you're gonna do. I mean,
it's real fitting right now, especiallythis Innovator award that she's innovating with it.
That was almost like Trapp actually notknow what you're gonna do? She

trapped rapping all right? Man,Hey, let's get to a Chicago signing
off A six six eight A fiveone o seven five. What's the worst
April Fools joke you've had played onyou? What's the worst April Fools joke?
You've ever played on somebody hit usup. We want to know,
man, we want to know whatabout you. Me When I was in
the army, Man, I wasnew, fresh out of basic training,
got to my first duty station,shout out the side of call on.

The staff started to call them mync on my I seen my brother for
life. He sent me across FortSeal. I had to go retrieve twelve
cans of ai R. And whenI got over to the supply thing,
they was like, okay, tellhim he's got to fill out the form
for the two cases of s OC K S and once you bring those
back, we can get you withthe twelve cans of ai R. So

I went back and forth how manytimes? Three times for socks year before
I realized the playing with me anduh and uh. And then the last
one I went to what tipped itoff for me? When he was like
yeah, but the two cases theTP come with that, and then I
was like TP toilet paper man.So when I came back in, I
had to do fifty pushups. BecauseI went three times, it was like

twenty push ups for each time,So I had to do fifty. Eventually
stopped. Man, I probably wouldhave been a swool. I don't have
to do a hundred, but wedid. But the fun thing about it
do I got to play that jokeon New Province when they came in.
We had one guy make about sixtrips be pushing all day. He had
to cut twenty five push up everytwenty five each way every time you do
it. So I did too,and I was about to go back on

the third when I turned around andsay, man, that's toilet player.
Man, y'all playing with mena giveme the fifty right, That's what I
ever had played on me. Man, that's not bad. It's bad.
When you were outside, you nervous. I'm thinking I'm messing up because they
keep sending me back. You know, you don't want to keep coming back
without nothing in your hand, right, So I'm thinking I'm messing up.
And he was like, hey,look Rogers go over there and telling my

knee my ai R. Now Iget him the s O c KS crates
later, but I need my ailwhile you're there. Give me two cases
to TP too. Tell him Ineed the TP. And I was like,
y'all please playing that's crazy, man. I don't remember any April fools
jokes that were played on me.Now got you, that caught you,
that actually got me. Usually I'maware during April Fools, Like I'm really

really aware on the first. Youknow what I'm saying, I don't trust
y'all right now, I don't trustnothing y'all do in here. You can
tell me something right now, Iain't gonna believe it. I don't believe
nothing going out, nothing, everythingthat don't work. I just be hoping,
like your bosses don't come in andtake that, because then you know
you'll say what you really want tosay that they were, man, I

was just playing. Dangn I knowyou felt like that. That's why I'm
saying, don't be playing with peoplejobs, man, because you go get
them bars that you don't get tohear from them. Yeah, because they
think they out of here now theyreally got to go because they have said
something crazy to you. Yeah.And some people play about the wrong stuff.
The people kids like that can't dothat. I don't play. I

told my daughter, don't ever playno jokes with me about you sick or
something hurt happened to you. Youknow what I'm saying, Because kids,
you know, they just dad,I got putt in this van. All
right, we'll tell them when theyready to bring you back. Let me
know. Now you don't win toshut up a van and said, go
ahead. She's really in trouble.Oh wow, A six six eighty five

one o seven five And it isup at GC, I g C.
Who is what do you call herfrom? Leaf from the west side,
lead from the west side. What'shappening? Brother? Hey, I played
a foods joke on my girl.I had my buddy who worked at my
doctor's office, called my girl andsay she had crash. Oh wow,

and my girl was at work.She actually took off work to go to
the doctor. Then it was ablefool's joke. Oh so she went to
the doctor thinking that you had crabsand then gave it to her right,
and so she went and paid thatco pay for nothing? Or yeah,
well she got or did she notknow where? Hey? She trying to

get ahead of brother. You mightnot unlock up? Yeah, like they
said, And uh, why didI get married? Or I had the
shot already? I just wanted tosee what you was going saying A six
six eight A five one o sevenfive? Is GC? I not child?

This one Miss Gladys Boy one ofseven five w GC showers double one
for Hippop and r n B withRightsmack Dab in the middle Chicago signing off
and honor of April Fools Day today was saying, what's the worst April
Fools joke you had played on you? And? Uh, what's the worst
April Fools joke you've played on?Somebody hit us up? A sixty six
eight A five one O seven five? Who is where you calling from?

Anthony? My nieces and nephews,Me and my brother had like Steve Mass
and stuff like that, like thehouse was getting broken into and then we
like hot thompkin forty sauce salt overmy shirts and stuff like that, and
then I just passed out of beforewas all over the okay, y'all terrible
children, trauma, mentally mentally traumatized, and my uncle just got killed.

That's great and you're still loving aboutit. Dog, shame on you,
man, how old day? Yep, that's the right time. But we
outside, yep, got to doit. Well, you terrible man.
You think this is funny? Areyou the oh? She says you,

yes, walking ticket, Amen,and a man a man. Today we
are going to teach a little bit. It's the prayer of the day.
And today is April Fools, thefirst of April. Now this this,

this holiday is unofficial. It's nota real holiday. Nobody gets off work
or anything like that, no extrapay and they check for working on it.
But it's something that has a traditionof tricking people and making up jokes
for others entertainment. And now,now, now, if you take it
back to the sixteenth century of France, fifteen eighty two, the Georgia,

did you the Georgia and calendar,the George them calendar, and we observed
on that day the start of Aprilfour. Now I'm gonna say this,

It started in France. Can Iget that? Yes, it started in
France. And you ask, whatis France in Western Europe? Correct?
Come on, follow me, greatorian, great wory Gregorian. That's what I
said. Now, listen, didyou I just started in France. And
you know what, France is thelargest country in West Europe, in the

west side of Europe. Okay,the largest country means what it was the
biggest, It had the most peoplethat follow me. Follow me. I'm
taking you somewhere. Okay. Whenyou say April, which month is that
the fourth? Okay? And whichday did the Lord rise? The first?

No, the third day, mybrother, So on the fourth day
they acted a fourth here because heback, Because he's back, He's April
actor Fool's day, hey man.The f stands for focused, oh stands

for on. Oh, it's onlyand el is love. We are focused
on only love, gone man onApril fool. No, don't fold your
laptop, keep your breath. I'mgonna step out on this. No this
we asked. You're not getting onin your name? Hey, hey man

one O five who is number onefor hip hop and R and B?
And now it's time for the bestpart of the show where we talk about
what we learn today. And Ilearned today that Beyonce. Yes, it's
getting the Innovator of the Year Awardat the iHeart Radio Music Music Festival.
So this is not like a thisis not this award, it's not like

a you know, competition. They'rejust paying homage to all of the people
that we listened through to our It'sthe twenty twenty four iHeart Radio Music Award.
So what they're doing is honoring Yeah, we're honoring Beyonce for all the
innovation that she has added to musicand the culture. And you know,
I think it's really fitting right now, especially with her dropping this country album.

Man, that's that's innovative. That'sprobably the most innovative thing that's happened
in this past decade. And ofcourse you're gonna have artists on there,
like Justin, Timberlake, TLC andsome other people. It's hosted by Ludacrisluda.
I want to is Luther gonna perform. I don't know. When I
move, you move, just likethat when I move, you move,
you know. I want him toplay Move Get out the Way. I

don't know if we're gonna play thatone, but it's pretty I'm pretty sure
it's gonna be a party. Justinis probably gonna do some stuff off his
new album TLC. It'll be goodto see Chili and Left Eye out doing
that thing. So it's gonna benice, man. Make sure you tune
in. It's on Fox and it'salso w g c I dot com.
You can check it out as well. So, yeah, you think she's

probably gonna do a good heartworm andspeech. I think Beyonce is gonna keep
it short. I don't think she'sgonna go crazy with it. I think
she's gonna say, hey, listen, this is what I do. This
is what I've been doing. Andyou know, thank you all for recognizing
me. God bless you. Let'sget back to the show because I got
more to get, y'all. It'scoming, but I'm just chilling on it

right now. And like right now, Cowboy Carter thing is a thing.
It's a real, real, realthing. That's the thing. That's why
I said it's perfect for her tobe getting the innovator ward because right now
and the time, she's the wayshe's innovating. Just the song that we
just played, the spaghetti song soundlike trap and country. Now, I
wonder that you're gonna put format.Yeah, that's what you gotta do,

man, GC I w G.Shot is number one for hip hop and
R and B. That's gonna doit for us. Angela Yee is up
next. Hope you all had awonderful Easter Sunday. Man, it was
Easter Sunday. It was good.Well, it was good. It was
good. Did you go on theEast Egg Hunt? No? I sent
my kids off though one of them. I told him it was six eggs

in the house with one hundred dollarsin it, and they tore up the
crib all day till today. Itold him it wasn't no eggs and they
it was gonna have to straighten upeverything that they messed up. Pay for
foods. Yeah, but we hadgood time hanging out with family and stuff.
Yesterday I got to see a coupleof cousins and stuff I hadn't seen
all yeah, because they've been busy, but they were in town. So
yeah, man man man. Allthat rain though, and they're supposed to

rain later on today, so youknow, I see that. Bring your
umbrellas and stuff. We'll be backtomorrow. Those same back time, same
bat channel. Angela Ye's up next? Gee yup.
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