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April 3, 2024 30 mins
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Skinny, scarny nothing. I knowyou like one day right now, like
what the hell is sticks? Right? I guess you're about to see right
now, wake wake up on theWake Up, Wake Up on Chicago to
tell you GC, I'm going toshow those pears Cca, you know,

a pumping arbat. Good morning,Happy hop day in Chicago, Northwest Indiana
and anybody listening to us on theiHeart Radio app. It's the best damn
morning show in Chicago. Myself,the Dustin Legend, Leon Rodgers, my
brother Zach bug to the riop,white Boy Ryan on the boards, and
breeze specific. That breeze specific isin the building. Great day lined up
today, it's little o. Theweather outside is a little traphed ugly little,

a little slushy little you know,they say, expect a little bit
more of that for later on Todayit's gonna be a slushy, damp,
dreary day. It's terrible weather.Yeah, yes, it's terrible weather.
But we're here to make the morninghot for you to get you going.
Man. We got some tickets thatwe're gonna be giving away. We're gonna
be talking about stuff like the BlackEffects podcast Network and what they're gonna be
doing in Atlanta. A lot ofstuff going on today. Of course Leon's

locker room or Love Them or LeaveThem? The Z Spot with Zach Budd,
keep me up on all the entertainmentstuff that's going on in our industry.
And of course you the listener,kicking it with us right here,
best thy Morning Show on Chicago.Let's get to it. I check the

news, it's time for the headlines. Break your news coverage from Chicago,
so worldwide. But to W andGC I Morning Show, imagine being convicted
as something that you didn't do andhave to spend time in jail. Well,
that's what happened to these two brothersin nineteen ninety four. They were
convicted. Sean and Reggie were convictedof a murder that they didn't commit,

mister Henderson. Sean Tyler and ReginaldHenderson. They were arrested in torture by
now former Chicago police commander John Burge, and they falsely confessed the murder.
They were later exonerated. But youknow, even though you get out of
jail and you get exonerated, youstill have a record, so to speak.

Well, this judge Erica read it. She granted these two brothers their
certificates of innocence. So now they'recompletely free of everything that happened. Well,
of course, you know, notfree. You did go through the
time that you spent in jail.But their names are free and clear now.
And you know, of course they'regonna get some money. Yeah.
I wonder how much money they didand how much time did they have?

Did they well thirty years later?Oh hell, they just got out twenty
twenty one. Oh no, that'scrazy, y thirty years of my It's
crazy. So he said, youknow, it's a it's a little it's
a long time coming. But it'sa blessing, you know that that they
got out, because it's some peoplethat did probably did the time under under

the Birde Act, and never gotout of jail. I was able to
do a couple of crimes without CanI steal a little bit? You know
what I'm saying, Like I stealI got thirty years car, I got
to man, Yeah, something toget. So they're gonna be federal lawsuits,
they say, the brothers are gonnafile federal lawsuits, and both brothers

continue. What I like about itthat these men, knowing what happened,
to him, they're going to tryto help other guys that are in behind
the wall. Man. But let'sbe clear, everybody behind the wall did
not do it. You know,before we get that a lot of us
listen, some of y'all did it. But these two guys right here were
coerced and forced forced to admit tosomething that they didn't do. And this

guy Burge did a lot of peoplelike that. So it's a brother named
Edwin Ortiz who served twenty years inprison. He's fifty years old now,
has been thirty five years, andhe's still trying to clear his name.
So there are a lot of guysthat have gotten out underneath that act.
But you still in order to getyour record clear and everything, you can
be exonerated, but you still gota record. That's crazy. That's crazy.

That's crazy. So hats off tothose brothers though, for getting out,
getting their certificates and then turning aroundand trying to help other brothers like
them, because you know, youcould easily get your stuff and say,
now I'm trying to get mo moneyfrom the city. I don't care about
nobody else, but the fact thatthey know that, that's the thing,
and it's a lot of brothers onthe other side of the wall that might
need that help. Hats off tothem, right for sure? Hey,

coming up in Leon's locker room Men'scollege basketball and NT final was set and
NBA action was fantastic, and somebodya famous player's son might be jumping in
the transfer prot them. I heardabout you who that's coming up in the
next Leon's locker Room's GCI. Allyou need to do is sports. I'm

just here so I won't get found. It's inside leon SLocker room on one
a simper far GCI. All right, man. Results are in from the
great game with LSU and IOWA twelvepoint three million viewers, the most in
women's college basketball history, according toESPN, the top the previous hive nine
point nine million viewers from last season'sNCAA Championship game between the same two programs.

So the power and women's college basketballis there and legit. Well,
some coaching changes in college basketball.USC coach is gone. He's moving on
to green and patches, which peopleget mad when students do it, but
they don't get mad when coaches doit, like you get they get your

son to commit to this school andthen North Carolina call him. He out,
Now your son is stuck there.So this is why I'm glad to
transfer portal exists because now students cansay, all right, coach gone,
I'm gone too. So there's rumorsthat Lebron James, Bronnie James Jr.
Might be leaving USC, And whenLebron James was asked about it, here's
what he had to say, endtoday. Bronnie's own man. He has

some tough decisions to make, andwhen he's ready to decisions, he'll let
us all know. But as hisfamily will support whatever he does. That's
what any fathers say. I loveit. I love this for Barney because
he gets to if he's leaving USC, he gets to get under from under
his dad's shadow in La be hisown man, go hoop somewhere else,
develop as a ball player, andyou know, see where it goes.

I like this movie. Yeah,I do too. It depends on where
it goes. Yeah, Like youknow, I would like to see him
go to a program where I wantedhim to go to Oregon from the beginning
that he's probably gonna still go toa Nike School's still gonna be pressured though.
If you go to a Nike school, you go to Oregon, you
gotta go to a Nike school.Yeah, idea big Nikes school. Like,
well, I mean that don't reallymean nothing, because you see how

Michael Jordan's sons changed the change thegame when he went When uh he went
to the University of South Florida,they weren't a Nike school. At Jordan
School, they was a DTA school. He came in, he was like,
I'm wearing my daddy's shoes, soI don't know what y'all gonna do.
The whole school flipped and whipped andthey all went Jordani. Yeah,
I can see that. But Imean if Bronnie, if Ronnie go touch

it down somewhere and be like,y'all what not? No more man like
Nike school. Now, let's seewhat he do. The n I T
Finals is set. That's kind oflike the Baby Brother Tournament of the n
C Double A Tournament Indiana State.The Sycamores will be taking on Seaton Hall
for that championship. You know thatgame is locked in, all right.
Go to w GCI dot com forthese stories and more. Follow me on

all social media outlets. At LeonRodgers. No D in my last name,
because I don't do the d zachbud was coming up in his EA.
SPA is being sued once again,man, Yeah, alone, I'll
tell you about it. One onWGC Out of shots number one for hip
hopping RnB is time for your Zspot entertainment report. Man, Kanye is

out here being sued once again.That's right, man. A former employee
of donda Academy is suing Kanye.His name is Trevor Phillips, and he
says that he was employed at Donda'sAcademy in twenty twenty two and says Kanye
treated his black staff differently, saidhe would scream and be great black employees,
but never raise his tone at whitestaff. All right. And then

the documents also stated that on severaloccasions, Phillips witnessed Kanye spew fourth hate,
profess anti semitic lies, threatening theLBGTQ community, and on occasion almost
sexually stimulate himself. What yeah,almost, I don't know how you almost?

Okay? But anyway, that's whatthe lawsuit is, yo, yet
Wiley, that's what they saying.That's what they're saying. That's this guy
saying Trevor Trevor Phillips used to beemployed at down De Academy. All this
while making a beat yep there itis. Also Stevie J. Says he's
never seen did he do anything foulafter knowing him for twenty nine years.

Check this out. I don't know. Whatever someone does in their bedroom,
that's what they do. I don'tgot nothing to do with that. I'm
just here to say that I've neverseen my men doing anything foule like they
talking about none of it, allof it. I mean, I've never
seen it. I've known him fortwenty nine years. And then it's like
with guys like like fifty Uncle Tomcast like that. You know, he

wants to bring the black community downworse than anyone else. How is that
self? That's that's Stevie J.Defending Diddy. That's might the only celebrity
that I've seen come out get itin. That's because it's on him too.
Yeah, they put it off himto it. I mean, you
know, I want to did he'sbeing quiet? I want to hear what

did he have to say that?Stevie J. Just because you ain't seen
nothing, dam man, ain't nothinghappened. He said he ain't seen nothing
in twenty nine years and know theman thirty years. But steveej also is
in the lawsuit exactly. I guessDiddy Okay, So we'll see how that
goes. And if most of hisfocus was on fifty, you know what
I'm saying, saying fifty Turner inthe black community. Now, I don't

think fifty's tearing the black community now. I think he's just making You're making
fun, making light of what didhe's going through right now. And if
Diddy ain't doing none of it,god speed on him, clearing his name,
clearing his name. But if youdid, you deserve whatever you got
coming to you. Yeah, yeah, I mean you deserve whatever you got

coming to you. And I'm tiredof people being upset that comedians or whatever
it's cracking they jokes about it's gonnahappen. That's going to happen. There
it is. Man. These storyhead over the WGCI dot com. You
can follow me on Instagram. Zachbull Z a ChB oh og, Yes,

sir. The Black Effect Podcast Networkis proud to present the return of
the Black Effects Podcast Festival. Itgoes down Saturday, April twenty seventh in
Atlanta. And they're gonna level upand make this one even bigger and better
than the first one. And theygot some of your favorite podcasts like Black
Tech, Green Money, Deeply Wellwith Debbie Brown, and of course Horrible
Decisions, few more the name.It's all hosted by b dot and Pretty

V. You can get your ticketstoday go to the Black Effect dot Com
slash podcast Festival Light Light Light oneon seven five w GC out of shows,
number one for Hip hop and Rand B. Coming up Man,
love them, believing what we gotcooking to day. Don't let your ex
wife mess up your next wife.It's cold that's on the way one O

seven five w GC out of shows, number one for hip hop and R
and B. Ladies and gentlemen,boys and girls, children of all ages.
It's time for love them and leavingthem with the best damn morning show
in Chicago. And you know it'sgonna be rat yet Leah, what happened?
It's Zac cheer around exack chair andjo Chop Chop Chop Chop Chop chop

hit him with the house it jumpchop chop who who? Yeah? If
you're on your way to school,just chop chop. Come on. If
you're on your way to work,just chop, come on, chop chop.
Yeah. If you're feeling good aboutyourself, just chop and jop chop.
Yeah, do it two times foryourself. Let's chop chop, Come

on, chop cho cho cho.Al right, not check us out.
You know you can always hit usup on w g C I dot coms,
on Instagram, DM me whatever toget these letters to me. But
got the letter today, says dearleannas Hey, y'all. I listen to
you guys every day. I ama newlywed and have been married three months.

My husband was once married before andhas two kids from a previous relationship.
From that relationship, well, hisex wife has become ill and has
been in the hospital a lot.I understand him checking on her and the
kids from time to time. That'snot a big deal to me. But
here's the problem. We decided togo on our honeymoon a few months after

our wedding, and now my husbandis saying he wants to cancel our honeymoon
because he doesn't want to leave thecountry while his ex wife is in the
hospital. I'm pissed. This isour honeymoon and his ex wife shouldn't be
dictating the way we live our life. He says, I'm being selfish and
that he would do the same forme. Am I wrong? Should I

love or leave this situation? Asix six eight eight five one seven five?
Hit us up? Should this womanlead this situation with a man still
kind of tending to his ex wifebecause she's sick or shit? You know,
he canceled the honeymoon? Man?That's crazy? A sixty six eighty
five one o seven five is gci? Who is? What do you call

her? From? Sabrina? Andfrom elegent Sabrina? From Elgin? How
you doing this morning? I'm allright? What should this lady do?
Should she leave her husband because he, you know, might not take the
trip he don't want to take thehoneymoon trip? Or should she understand what
he's going through? I say sheshould understand because you don't know if they
have kids together, and if theyhave kids together, I wouldn't want to

leave out the country as a man, knowing my ex wife is in the
hospital, just to leave my kidsout here. So it all is like
a lot of questions you need toask about that. Now they do that,
I don't think you should leave him. Yeah, they got kids?
Okay, Well then no, sheneeds to be understanding that and with them
kids forget her. She needs tobe understanding about the kids. All right,

six six eight eight five one Oseven five Hit us up? Shot,
what's up? I'm about to pullup on your right quion. You
got one on seven five w Gshot is number one for him? Pop
and RN b riight smack dad inthe middle of love him or leave him?

Very very serious situation a man betweena man and his ex wife and
his new wife. Yeah, man, she wrote in she said, I'm
a newly wed and have been marriedthree months. My husband was once married
before and has two kids from thatrelationship. Well, his ex wife has
become ill and has been in thehospital a lot. I understand him checking
on her and the kids from timeto time. That's not a big deal
to me. But here's the problem. We decided to go on our honeymoon

moon a few months after our wedding, and now my husband is saying he
wants to cancel our honeymoon because hedoesn't want to leave the country while his
ex wife is in the hospital.I'm pissed. This is our honeymoon and
his ex wife shouldn't be dictating theway we live our life. He says,
I'm being selfish and that he woulddo the same for me. Am
I wrong? Should I love Aleave this situation? A six six eight

A five one oh seven five.Let's go to the phone lines. Who
this is where you call him from? Walt wrong? They Yeah, he
got kids? Yeah, now seehe do have to stick around for that.
If not, tell him to tellold girl, we're taking the kids
waters on my honeymoon. That's terrible. Just lead them and lead them,

Mama there byself and Jesus, that'swhere you call brouh GC Who this where
you called him from? This?Not here? And I'm calling from the
south side. From the south side, What should this woman do? I
don't think she should leave him becausethey got kids involved, Like God forbid
she passes away or anything like thatwhile they're out of the country for the

honeymoon for something that can be replaced. A life can't be a place you
can always take enough a shirt.And plus they got kids, so he
got to be there for his kids. That she you know it just happen
to pass away. Man, Doy'all think it's the only that's the only
person there, Like they got theother family members. I mean, but
if it's kids, though, theygot family members, but they them his

kids, they gonna need they gonnawant to be with their father versus being
with other family members. Yeo,I think the I think the new wife
is being a little selfish, man. I mean, if the woman has
a just gravely ill like and itis a chance that she could check up
out here while y'all gone, Iwould hate to be gone and and not

you know what I'm saying for mykids, Like that'd be like me and
my wife not being together. Mywife gets sick. I'm a see like,
hey, listen, can we putthe trip? We can rebook another
trip and I'll make it up tillyou We'll stay even longer. But I
don't want to run the risk ofleaving. And she's in a situation she
might pass and I'm not there formy children. I'm in a whole other
country and I could talk to themover the phone, but it ain't just

saying like daddy being that literally Iwould be doing it for these children.
I just want to know. Howsick are you? That's a question.
I don't know. How ill?Right is the ill? That's a question
I have. And how old arethe children? That's what I want to
know. Well, I don't thinkit mattered about how old the children are
because because the kids twenty one,I can't I can't say that zach to

you lost to you lost somebody,Like when I lost my father. I
barely made it on before he passed, and I think about how it would
have felt if he'd took his lastbreaths and I wasn't there. It would
have bothered you know what I'm saying. So I mean, even even though
you've grown and older, it's stillsomething about having that parent or somebody there
that you trust, to be ableto hug, to hold. And you

know, because my kids didn't getto see the pop off before he left,
so you know, it hit themdifferent. So I get it.
But like I said, I wouldsay, how sick are you? Like,
you know, are you in fearof like something might happen while we're
gone, or you just you gotcovid? You got cold? You know,
she just got COVID on that trip. That's why she just got cold.

To take the trip, the trip, but you know it's like the
last days of stage four cancer.Yeah, that's bad. But I get
what you're saying. I get whatyou're saying. I'm so selfish. I'm
sick. Are you You shouted likeKelly, Well, what do you say?
What do you mean when you sayteam? What do you mean when
you say teenage? Hold? Heyman, we hope we helped you,

but if we didn't, we neverdo. Hey, mister w GC,
I want to show I want tosell a fault to the g C.
Hey man. In case you missedthe twenty twenty four iHeart Radio Music Awards.
It was a historic night of musicand you can stream it now on
Hulu. That's right, man,you can stream it now on Hulu.
Just go to Hulu and stream thetwenty twenty four iHeart Radio Music Awards.

If you missed it. That's GC. I coming upon goofy ass person of
theday. Stop moving stuff. Stopmoving stuff. If you do this in
your home, I'm talking to youchat one. So it's that time of

the day that everybody loves. Oneperson's gonna be absolutely pissous. Leon's goofy
ass person under Dead World let metell you something. There's nothing more than
I hate than a misplaced remote,especially when it's the only remote that controls
the TV. So it's like yougot an Apple TV. You know,
the remotes is real small. Somy I got my Apple TV plugged and

hooked up to my TV where itcontrols the whole TV. All I ask
is is in the couch. Thatwhere the remote is. Put it back
into the cup holder with That's whyI leave it all the time. You
know, if you come in,if you can't find nothing else, house,
you keys, toothbrush, whatever youneed, you know where the remote
is at. It's in the cupholder. But see when your other family

members, children, wife, theycome and mess with your TV. This
is why man cave wasn't vented.This is exactly why man cave. You
can go to your man cave.You know where everything is at because you
put it there. See when it'supstairs where everybody get the shed or the
remote being all types of places,Like the other day, right before I
was trying to watch the game,where's the remote to the TV? Oh

no, oh, no, ohno, Then everybody don't know. Then
you look in the couch, it'sin the kitchen cabinet because somebody went to
go get some cereal had the remotein they hand. Couldn't leave the remote
there while they went to go gettheir seal. Oh, I might have
left it in the pantry. Whythe hell is the remote in the pantry.
And this is why the man cavewasn't venting, because nobody touches or

moves anything in the man cab andgets set there next to the dirty sox.
It's there when you come back.So my message is for everybody in
the house. And it may notbe it may be dudes doing it.
If you're a woman and you leaveyour remote there and they move remote,
tell them to stop move in thedamn remote. If they can't put the
remote back but they find it,don't watch no TV? How about that?

How about you stop watching this TVand go in your room and watch
the TV where we bought you aTV. That's another thing too that pisses
me out. You buy your childrenTVs. They still want to come down
and watch the Big One. Gowatch the thirteen is black and white,
child that I got you, andbe grateful. I feel like you're gonna
be Patty and Blake. The remoteis coming with me to work the show
is I'm I'm gonna start stapling it. I'm gonna tie the tether it to

the couch. Well you can't moveit, then I'm a jerk. So
for all the people that move theremote in the house and don't put it
back, I'm talking to you,sit your goo fast down and lead the
remote alone. Scoofyes, people watchthe Father from GCR. Hey man,
call my man, Attorney Howard anchorat three one two six million. That's

three one two six million. Whoahey, standing at your dress because it's
through on one on seven five ofe GC Out of Shoes number one,

FIP popping eye and be its timefor your Z Spot Entertainment Report. Big
Glow. That's right. Glororella hasrevealed the track list for Everything Everything that's
her new mixtape that is coming outthis week. Here's the thing. Big
Glow said that she lost confidence afterthe Remember she put out that Cha Cha
song She's like right for chat chat. Everybody was like that, ain't it?

Glow? She said she lost confidenceafter that. Then she came back,
well yeah, Glow. So shesaid she's back with a vengeance okay,
and she's gonna be on Club Shayshaytoo. You know, hopefully she's
a little bit more in depth thanwhat she was on CNN when they asked
her about the presidential election. Shesaid, at the end of the day,
the day got in. So hopefullyand hopefully she don't say nothing that

incites a riot within the rap community, right hope. Well, actually I
kind of got she when she keepher answer simple like that, you can't
get in troump Now that's when youtalk too much because I'm gonna come out
that's gonna piss somebody off at theend of today that they got in hilarious.
Yeah. Also, man, youshout out to Beyonce. Beyonce is
slated to have the biggest album debutof the year with Cowboy Carter over four

hundred thousand units in the first week. Damn Yeah. So Beyonce doing almost
gold out the gate, Out outthe gate, man. I know,
future of them had a lot ofhad good first week sales. That thing
was like a two hundred and fifty. That's a and that's a that's a
feat. In this day and age. Yeah, you know, when everything
is streaming, everything is so readilyaccessible to get off rundred thousand copies in

the first week. Man, she'sdifferent, is Beyonce? You? I
mean, when we y'all gonna realizethis is an artist that came out in
the nineties. Okay, you gottarealize Beyonce came out in the nineties.
It's twenty twenty four. She's stillgoing strong, bussing y'all in their head
crazy, all right? These storiesare more hit over the WGCI dot com.
You follow me on Instagram's at bullz a c hbh O GI.

Right now, Snowy Sky is atthirty five degrees. She s w g
C one O seven five w GCout of shots number one for hip hop
and R and B. And listen, man, we're gonna give away some
Lollapaluza passes to four pack. Yes, but you gotta earn these, all
right. We're gonna bring bring backthis game we used to play called four

Corners. All right. So whatyou have to do, Chicago, You
have to listen to what I'm gonnadescribe what's on each corner of this intersection,
and you have to tell me whatintersection. I may give me the
street number and the street name,and you're gonna get this four pack uh
to lallapalude. So you're gonna theypass to Lalla palus. So you're gonna
tell them four corners in Chicago.I'm gonna tell them four corners in Chicago,

right, and I'm gonna give you. I'm gonna say south side.
We're on the south side. Fourcorners. I'm gonna give you what's on
each corner, and you have totell me the intersection that I'm standing in.
All right, Okay, are youready? Let's do it? All
right, here we go. I'mon the south side, okay, Right
on one corner, there's a Checkers, all right. Across the street from
the Checkers there's a Walgreens. Nowacross the street from now Walgreens is a

City Bank, all right, Andacross the street from the City Bank there's
a CVS. Once again, I'mon the south side. Starting give them
the four corners again, starting withthe Checkers. Then across the street from
Checkers there's the Walgreens. Across theintersection from Walgreens there's a City Bank.

And across the street from the CityBank there's a CVS. And then of
course, the CVS is across theintersection from the Checkers. I'm on the
south side. Where am I at? You have to give me the street
name and the number, and you'regonna get a four day pair of four
day pass to Lallapaloosa. All right, I'll just that simple. A six

six eight, A five one sevenfive. We call this four corners its
GC, I GC. I knowthis is where you call it from chaside.

What's your name, baby, Jasmine? What you want? I'm calling
to answer the question for the corner. You're trying to get them a lot
of Palooza passes. I am,I am okay, So I'm ana state
it for you again. We're onthe south side. Uh. There's a
Checkers on one corner, and acrossthe street from the Checkers there's a Walgreens.

Across the intersection from the Walgreens,there's a City Bank, And across
the street from City Bank there's ac v S. Where am I give
me the street name and the number, and you're going to Lallapalooza. Eight
Yeah, eighty seventh Stony. Youjust got that four day up? Yeah,

you got that pair of four Theytickets the Lollapalooza. It's returning to
Grand Park August first through the fourth, featuring Scissor Future and Metro Booming,
Victoria Monet, Big Sexy, ComeOn, Ben Staples, Sir Tzo,
Touchdown and more. You got thetickets right here, right now on knowing
your city. Everybody else gotta goto Lollapalooza dot com. You got yours

right now because you know your cityblocks. Hit you up one of the
seving five w GC shots number onefor hip hop and R and B and
White Sox fans listen up. Theygot a lot going on. Man.

You know they're doing big things.Uh at guaranteed rate a stadium this year,
a teacher appreciation night is coming up. Yes, teachers don't get enough
love. Yes, you know fortwelve is a teacher appreciation night. And
I'm gonna have to check out.I was just looking on ESPN. They
were saying most entertaining ballparks to visit. Uh huh and White Sox. White
Sox Stadium was one of the stadiums. And the first thing they listed,

and I've seen it was the campfiremilkshake. They say the campfire milkshake got
chocolate Graham cat crackers and toasted marshmallowSoundmores milkshake. That sound too good?
They had. That was the firstthing they listed. That was like,
Oh, I gotta try tod Yeah, hypeing it up. You got Chrispy
Chicken sandwiches, Jimmy Cheery steak sandwiches. Yeah, and this looks like this

might be fun too. On Apriltwenty seventh, this looked like two Fisty
Bug might be in the building forthe socks Crawl. Oh, that sounded
like something I like to do.The whiskey queue that's going down what Saturday,
April twenty seven, Yeah, thepregame Crawl inside the Stadium, presented
by Jack Daniels. Yeah, I'mreally thinking about this. I like on
the fourteenth of this month, theygot their Family Sundays. Yeah, ticket

started ten dollars and know it includesfamily free and activities. Kids get to
run the basis. That's a goodchance to bring your kids out. You
know what I'm saying. I thinkthat's a dope. And then if you
you know, if you just onsome solo date night stuff, you can
go to the Busy view Bar.It's a new bartop TV's digital menu,
furniture, open air and a nanowall. I don't even know what that

is. That sounds amazing and actuallynano wall. Yeah, this is dope.
All this is going down guaranteed rightstadium. Yeah yeah, And we're
gonna give you a chance to wina four pack of tickets to a future
White Sox game, So it couldbe one of these nights we're talking about
that you get to go see theWhite Sox play and indulge in the campfire
milkshake. Just bring me back asouth Side Smashburger while you eight a five

one oh seven five tip call againstthe tickets at GCI
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Stuff You Should Know

If you've ever wanted to know about champagne, satanism, the Stonewall Uprising, chaos theory, LSD, El Nino, true crime and Rosa Parks, then look no further. Josh and Chuck have you covered.

The Nikki Glaser Podcast

The Nikki Glaser Podcast

Every week comedian and infamous roaster Nikki Glaser provides a fun, fast-paced, and brutally honest look into current pop-culture and her own personal life.

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