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April 9, 2024 46 mins
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Skinny, skinny nothing. I knowyou like one day right now, like
let the hound sticks right. Iguess she's about to see right now,
wake wake up, wake up,Wake up. On Chicago tune in and
turned to the GC. I wantto show those farms of the CCR,

you know, show stup pumping arm. It's Taco Tuesday right here on the
best that I want to show inChicago. She bought the dusk alleged Leon
Rogers in front of me today,Zach Bug working the boards, PI ship
to my love breef specific that briefspecific in the building. One half of
the Kickstar kids Kickstart represent Kicksaw andwere in the building. Hey listen,

man, great day to day,beautiful weather. Yesterday I got nothing done
Za you know, I was supposedto do some little home detailed stuff.
Man, that outside it hit me. Man. I went to change clothes,
took the top off my jeep andride round and I'm geeting it's gonna
be the same way today that Iain't gonna get nothing done today. Starting

to get the no draws weather allyeah, starting to get there my favorite
time of the year. Donna bringit ain't in your life command no weather
come on and cut on mic onsome people to hear. Hold on,
what did she say? She said? What did you say? Hold on?
I didn't hear you say it?One more time, y'all know draws
in the summer, man, whatnot? In the summer? Ring ring

ring, a ling and ling lingring, And then you do the bell
check, you go from side toside, stick, you take a shower.
We got a great show lined upfor y'all today. Let's get to
it is g ya, it ismy way. I'm on the show.

Let's go no more hip hop andR and B. Right, man,
coming up in the headlines, Laurylightfoot done, step back foot in the
down. It's a new sheriff intown. I'm gonna tell you what she
owned. I'm gonna tell you whatshe owned. That's coming up GC.
I yeah, coming up in theheadlines. Man, it's a new sheriff
in town, Dalton. Get ready, somebody coming to clean your area.

Up's g see. I check thenews. It's time for the headlines.
Your news coverage from Chicago so worldwide. But to w GC Morning Show,
Hey, let me tell you something. If you was missing the sixth button,
wide shouldered gray leisure suits and AirForce ones. Don't worry about it.

This back what fade is in thebuilding. Mayor Lori Lfeut, the
former Chicago Mayor Lori Lightehutt, hasoff been appointed by the Villager Dalton Border
Trustees to investigate Mayor Tiffany Henyard.Now affairs came in. They seemed like
they couldn't get nothing done or theydragging their feet. They needed somebody really

laurd and took that square shoulder,padded shouldered, great six button Steve Hardy
collection, flair leg pants with thewhite crispy Once went to a local barber,
got the fag. It's in thefact. Now what's up? It's
about the real they said. Thedecision was made during the highly anticipated meeting

on Monday night, which was heldfollowing the postponemer the last week meetings.
Of course, remember we reported thata dozen of community members came to the
meeting and they weren't let in andit was ended prematurely when Ford trustees accident.
But those trustees have hired Glory Lightfootand it's going down. You know

she can read it to the bottomof that. Yeah. So now Mayor
Henyard, along with two village trusteesStanley Brown and Andrew Holmes, who was
under a lot of scrutiny, couldnot attend, and in response to trustees
who were in attendance, moved tomake Trustee Jason House mayor pro tempore for
the meeting. So that means hewas mayor for the meeting. Okay,
So she'll be launching her Laurie life. She's on the she's on just the

head of leading this investigator glory.This is what she's gonna be doing,
all right. She is the newrole as special investigator. She would be
launching a pro and to the mayor'salleged miss handling of village funds, among
other complaints. She has more authorityto get what we're missing, the seal
this deal and take our community backbecause Dalton is more than seven million dollars

in debt. And so Laurie lfefor that's been asked to investigate a village
of Dalton work trip to Las Vegaslast year. So she a a the
town. She on. This nameis Reggie Hammond. No no stop Lorid
life, stop it suit, seeyou go. Hear her flap through the
da flap flap jacket open, jacketopen. It was Michael Jackson's in my

world, never be the things,got a one of them suit ahead with
laurid Man. She got the oneson what if she pull up and some
black ones. It's all the blackblack somebody going to jail, somebody doing
time lids with the belf crow strep. I can hear him, I can

hear her strap him on. NowAll right, man, y'all ask for
Laurie Lighte for this back. Sheis back and she's ready to put in
work now. I whope Dalton getsit together. Man, coming up Leon's
locker room, his legs. We'llget into the sports world shenanigans. This
GCI one on some five w GCIshows number one for hip hop and R

and B. Speaking of running thistown. That was Jay Z and Rihanna
and Kanye West, Yukon Huskies ranto town last night and also Don Staley
creates history. I'll let you knowwhat she did. That's coming up the
next Leon's Locker Room with GCI.Oh you even know in sports, I'm

just here so one in on oneof the seer Man. If you had
the Yukon Huskies taking it all,you won big. They had a dominant
run back to back national championships andit's their sixth in school history. For
the man, shout out to them, Husky, shout out to my man
Ryan. It was a little underthe weather today because Purdue lost. I

mean, I could be that's whyhe didn't want to come in there.
That's probably why he didn't want tocome back in there. So but Perdue
did that thing. Christian Newton ledhim with twenty points seven assists. The
big guy for uh, the bigguy from Purdue. They kind of handled
his ass. He's sorry, Brover, like that're telling me? Man,
y'all kept telling me the dude hegoes, Yeah, this is the lottery

right here. I never said,man, no, Web, he is
trashed. He traveled four times inthe game. Zach Edie. Yeah,
he's big from Canada. He's bigand he can probably rebound block a few
shots. But he would have beenamazing in the eighties and nineties, yes,
and eighty. Today's game. Yougotta have a little skill to go
to that next level. Yeah,no, he don't know you kind of

Huskies Jack track. He trash broon NBA easily as sixty eight overall.
Bro If he going to NBA rightnow, he is sixty eight overall,
he just tall, slow, Maxdown run slow man. Winby y'all and

them will kill him. Hey man, listen. Got to show some love
again to coach Don Staley of theSouth Carolina game Cocks women's basketball team.
Of course they win the title,they go unbeaten. But she made history
and she becomes the first black headcoach and men's or women's d one to
go undefeated and win three national championship. That's hard. So I'm saying,

like, I'm gonna put this outthere, and my boys think I'm crazy.
What's that the universe? These aretwo teams that should offer Don Staley
as at their head coaching job,The University of Kentucky basketball team, which
Kyler Parry just left. The men'sare you talking about the me inside?
And the Charlotte Hornets in the NBA. I said, give it to her,

but offer her a chance, bringher in and interview with her,
a shock her mind, because whatDon Staley has showed me and the years
she's been there, it ain't justabout coaching. She's about off the off
the field. She gets players rightand they respect her. There's one girl
that wasn't even going to come toSouth Carolina. Don Staley got the school

to create a major that the girlwanted to go in environmental engineering. That
was the major. Don Staley gotthem people to create that major to get
that girl to be a part ofthe team. So it's not just about
basketball like what you're saying. SoI'm saying too, I'm not mad at
that Kentucky because they just got ridof calip Power. He just left went

to Arkansas. Give us a shot. If you and in the pros Charlotte,
how worse. You can't get noworse she can. Only do you
think she could motivate those guys thesame way she could? I think don
Staley would be dope because because atthe end of the day, hoopers respect
basketball knowledge. From what I've seenguys that play the sport, guys that

I talked to that follow the sport, hoopers respects somebody that know the game,
know the nuances of the game,and can make them better in a
winner. Now, you might havea few dudes that push back with the
testosterone and the ego, but atthe end of the day, winning cures
everything. Yeah, that's true.I'm just saying. So if she gets
a young guy and say like,hey, Melo, if she tell mellow,

I could make your game better.And she would play too. And
she was nice. It ain't likeyou can't look at her accolades. She
was nice in college and in thePro Pro nice. Yeah. Now,
and you fly on the sidelines withthe Louis Va Times, the Louisa Time
done, the whole turn of thewhole tournament. I'm just saying, I'm

putting that out there. I putit. I like Dogstaile. It's one
of my favorite basketball players. HeardTeresa Weatherspools. I like that. I
ain't mad at that. Go tow g c I dot com for these
stories and more. What we gotcoming up in the Z spot ain't coming
up in the Z spot. Thecity girls are fighting? Did you did
you? Did y'all see that?No? Did you see that? No?
Last thing I saw it was jT shaking it up in this little

pink dress. And I see whydid it trade that? Yeah? I
see why did it? In hislife? Boy? I say, lord,
who is at Yeah? The Citygirls of fighting? Don't rap?
Yeah, don't rap? Don't rap? O God, I won't say nothing.
Who'll be right back. Don't youmove don't say nothing. You don't

say that. Yeah, number onehip pop and R and B. That's
sir man. We're doing it realbig right here on the Best the Morning
to Show Chicago's that book was comingup in the Z spot. In the
Z spot man, the City Girlsare fighting, so GM man, that's
on the way right now. Let'sdo this. T grizzy, I D

A F. I'm about to pullup on your reguard. One on seven
five w GC shotes number one forhip hop and R and B. That's
T grizzly, Chris Brown, Mariotyscientists. You right, No, that
sounds a little creepy. I'm notgonna lie. What's coming up to the
spot? Hey, the spot onthe way man, the City Girls was
fighting yesterday, but they made up. I'm gonna tell you all about it.

Hey, oh yeah. One onseven five w GC, out of
shots number one for hip hopping Rand B. It is time for it,
your Z spot Er Entertainment Report.Let's get straight into it now.
You saw the City Girls was fightingyesterday. Did y'all see that yesterday?
I'm gonna cut your mic on onthis too. It was very sad to

reach did you did you see that? All right? So tough to read
or sad? It was just sadEnglish correct, yes, So so basically
I don't even know where this started. All I saw was JT at in
Young Miami talking about you being jealousof me or you know they've been having

they just they just been real,Caddy, and Young Miami believes that JT
threw some shade on her and snuckthis her in her song No Bars and
in her song Sideways them the onlytwo songs she got. Yeah, but
them the songs? Did she feellike, well, your only two songs?
While so singing the songs and helpingpromote the song, So why was

you promote the sneath dish? Sowait a minute, now, hold on,
because see I think that some thingsyou can't come back from. Okay,
when person said to another you alwaysbeen jealous of me, that's been
on for a whole Yeah, thatis that is crazy. So I'm gonna
read you what I what I saw. Okay, Now, I don't know

at what point I saw this.I don't know up that close to your
face to read that. I gotclasses. First of all, I got
a lot going on today, youknow it. Okay, so Ryan's not
in so I'm running a board andit says you looking for a way out
of your situation. Who was thefirst person called when it all started,

You're a sad fing case. SoJT caught young Miami a sad case,
all right, And she was respondingto her, she said, ab trying
to kick me while I'm down andplay into the narratives. It's dangerous when
I've been nothing but a friend toyou. So that's how they they just
they just I don't I don't knowwho's right. I'm just reading you the

tweets I saw. It's just differentplaces. They got to get used to
them being into different spaces. Thatbut that whole I've just listened to that
first line, like you've always beenjealous of me? Yeah, that's been
simmering, and then it just blewup. I don't think you've come back
from certain things, man. Yeah, I don't think my friends should tell

me you've always been jealous of man. What I'm saying. She had a
right to say that because Miami bea carrious city. Girls want they teas
in jail. She did, shedid, she did, she did.
Also, I want to tell y'allthe guy who's fighting too. Meek Mill
and uh and Wa they were theywere fighting earlier. Meet Meal basically said,

he said, while they never likedme, now I'm gonna treat him
like the streets every time I seehim. I gave him a thousand chances.
These guys be thinking they Lincoln withthe enemy clown a n I wish
I would have knew the other day, I would have stretched you. So
it was actually pass. Yeah,Wile and meet Mill's old friends took a

picture and they were they were hangingout, looked like they were eating something.
And that's what while they had tosay to that, I mean,
that's what Meek Meil had to sayto about that. Well, you know,
they always been caddy with it backand forth because I think while they
always thought Rick Ross took more ofa liking to meet me. And I
said, well, yeah, Meekis kind of more like in his genres

rapp up just fit better. Itfit better. While A you was the
esoteric guy, the arn't sye lyrical, scirico lyrical, you know, and
you just didn't figure you wanted tobe tough guy, but nobody looked at
me was a backpack rapper and plusyour a hole. Let's be honest.
Let's be if we can be honest. We've all had personal encounters with Lee

where he was mean, tough ismean while they wanted to beat up one
of our former producers producers said hedidn't like his out and they went back
and forth on Twitter. Then whilethey came here like he was hot about
that. I'm like, bro,that that's like me trying to fight any
and everybody that saying I ain't funnyon state right, I'm gonna fight you.

I'll be fighting a bunch of peoplethat don't take me for no reason,
like dude, like get money,man and do your thing. But
you know, rich folks problems.I don't care. God, bless y'all.
I'm only man. Only one personhas made me mad from yesterday?
Who make you man? J mademe man? Yes? My mom upset,

still hurt. I'm still hurt.I'm still hurt. I got it.
I got into one of our homiesthat used to work here. Man
had a back and forth for likean hour. All yeah, because I
saw, I know you're talking aboutI saw. I say no, You're
not going to play that game,because then your two favorite raptors. No,
let that mean here each other.But let's get it ship y'all alright,

literally don't physically lyric. Yeah,head over the w g C I
dot com man, we'll be rightback though. Move one w GC shot
number one for hip hop and Rand B coming up, Man, love
him or leave him? I seestop it, man, you don't stop

it. Wiz Kidd and tim Essenceright here on one on seven five w
g C. Hey listen, comingup. We got tickets to the wheedam
Ones Comedy Tour. We also gottickets to Shy City Fast but also love
them or leave them? This isa good one, man, this is
a good one. Yeah. Yougotta see what's coming. Oh I hate

that you. I know what thislast and that all adds up that sentence.
Ads. You have to see what'scoming. You can't. Literally you
are dirty when you When people finallyhear this letter, they're gonna be like
le a dirty man. I didn'twrite it. No listeners, man from
Frankfort wrote it. I didn't writeit. We'll tell you all about it
coming up. Ghut the ladies yourson. I want to show I don't

want to ser futher g no more, Father dor B. Hey, don't
forget. We still got tickets tothe Wheedo Ones Comedy Tour and all So
Shot City Fest. Yes, butcoming up, love him, alive him
and man got a letter today andshot hiding in plain sight. Oh my
god, you got to stop right. This is a very serious matter of

people putting their whole lives. Youknow what I'm saying on these letters for
us the times What's done in thedark status? Okay, bye bye you
I do that one O seven fivew GC out the shoes number one for
hip hop and R and B ladiesand gentlemen, boys and girls, children

of all ages. It's time forlove of believe them with the best damn
morning show in Chicago. And youknow it's gonna be wratchet LEI what hapened?
It's zack ye got on the Reveler? Who is it? Job?
Exack yea when they got on theReveler? Not chump job drop trap trap

trup chop jaw hm, what thehouse a job? Don't don't get in
your car on your way the worst. Just chomp chot celebrating the birthday.
Just chop chop, chop chop.If you want to twork. Go ahead,
do it and just shop chop chopchop, chop, chop chop.

That's only one way to do it. That's with us. Just shot jo
chobody, not you. Hey,hey, it's gonna be today. It's
gonna be seventy the grace today.Seventy degrees today, Yes, just seventy
degrees today. All right, man, I ain't wearing no draws today.
Okay, alright, okay, allright, okay, ain't wearing. Let's

bring it down. Let's do theraw today. Let's do the letter.
I'm gonna take my shirt off.Okay, okay, now, let's do
the letter. Okay, do theletter. Yeah, because he's bad enough.
This letter is very disturbing. Thismight be one of the most disturbing
letters we've had. Yeah, okay, I'm ready here of this love and
believeman, go ahead, Hey,guys, what's up. My name is

David. I'm thirty two from Frankfurt, and I have a situation. I
need help with my girlfriend of fouryears, who was blind and the love
of my life have been talking aboutexploring the polyamorous lifestyle. And my girl
as bad as f By the way, I wish he would have sent a
picture, but anyway, now I'mnot gonna lie. I had an affair
with an old flame of mine abouta month ago. As she said,

she was interested in the lifestyle aswell and would be me and my girl's
unicorn if you know. You knownow. My girl was furious when I
cheated on her, and when Ibrought up the idea of her being in
a relationship with us, she hadadmirantly said no. Well, here's where
the BS comes in. Me andmy girl were out one night and we

got wasted and was leaving the clubto go back home, and my girl
suggested we grab a friend to havesome fun lo and behold, the battie
I had the fleeing with was there, and I invited her to hang out
with us. Let my girlfriend fillon the merchandise, and they got cozy
in the car. We got homeand had amazing sex. My girl said
it was the best she had everhad in a while. We've had sex

a couple of more times after that, and each time my girl is ecstatic
about it and wants to spend moretime as a unit with us and this
woman. But now I'm scared totell her it's the girl that I cheated
on her with oh Lord, andthe woman is saying she wants to go
public with us as a thrupple,and if I don't tell her she will.

What should I do? Should Iend this poly idea stuff or just
tell my girl not knowing how she'sgoing to respond. Okay, her girl
blind? Girl is blind and theyhad and they had relations with another woman
they had so he chated with.Yes, he's not saying it's her,

but she can't see us, andshe enjoined the sex and the time spent.
But now that the chick that hegated with and that he'd bene brought
back into their bedroom, it's like, look, you need to tell her
that. I know. I'm notsupposed to laugh at this. You know

what, I'm gonna go ahead.That's why I said sometimes when the dogs
stay in the dark. No,I'm not doing this. A sixty six,
A fivego, y'all gotta help.One O seven. I have nothing
to say. I got something tosay, dude, fogus A five one
O seven five G I get tosay this what you call it from?

What's something beyond your boy? West? Two ninety check it in, man?
Now, what should this dude do. I personally think he got a
bogus? But what should this dudedo? Hey? You know what,
this is a sticky situation because itwas dark in the dark. Come to
the light unless you can't see.Yeah, no a for real though,
I think he needs to tell herjust to keep the just to keep the

ps down, because to sound likeshort and ready to tell his wife anyway
you feel me? So I thinkit'd be better coming from him than from
her because if she telling, youknow, a woman always be like I
don't want to hear nothing something No, notther woman in the street. So
he might as well tell her,you know what I'm saying, Like,
that's real tough. I just likethat the hallway. Don't let me know

another bub Don't let another person killme something when you should have told me
first, you know what I'm saying? All right? Bro g C Who
this what you call him? From? Man? It kit boy beings a
kid? Check him here from Inglewood? Man? How did that? My
boys? Know? Diddy? Howyou out doing this morning? That's that
Inglewood up to? No good man? What's happening now? What should this
brother? Du man? I thinkhe bogus personally, but what should he

do. I ain't gonna even laughto you, bro for one, and
I ain't even trying to pull aboutnobody. She blind gang, that's the
first thing. And give him thegoofy air person that the boy. You
can't have a blind all around boat. He says, she's bad man.
Come on, man, she ain'tbad man. She handy, captain.
She's probably sho you focus your friendsas hell. Man, I'm just saying,

like being honest, like I ain'ttalking about nobody. But he knows
she's not what she's saying she is. You ain't never seen a fi I
have seen some fine blind women before. Man, Now you are gonna wear
carpet like that? You're a wildboy. Bye bye, y'all, Get

off this. Live y'all doing this? Man ain't six the views and opinions
and do not represent the views anddependals of Zach Bulkley riding at all.
I heard the w A six six, ain't a five one on something five

sneaky one on other five w GCshows number one for hip hop and R
and B with smack dab in themiddle of love him or leave him just
to let y'all know. Bring y'allup to speed. David thirty two from
Frankfurt has a situation. His girlfriendof four years was blind. Uh,
they've been talking about exploring a polyamorouslifestyle. Now he cheated on her with
a chick and that said she wasinterested in the lifestyle as well as said

that she would be a part ofthe couple, be their unicorn. Now,
this girl was filled when she whenshe found out he cheated and when
he brought up the idea of herbeing in a relationship with them, she
said no. But one night theygot drunk at the club and the same
girl that he cheated on us with, he brought her home with them.
Didn't say nothing. They had sex, the girlfriend enjoyed it. They've had

sex several times after that, andnow the girl was said, the girl
that they had sex with is saying, look, if you don't tell your
girl that we've been doing this andwe all throuffle, I'm gonna tell her.
Now he doesn't know what to do. Should he kill the poly idea
or should he tell his God.First of all, dog you bogus for
taking advantage of her because she's blindand she didn't know who you had in

the bedroom. The second of all, that chickens bogus too, because for
laying down with y'all. I getit, y'all want to be polyamorous.
But your bogus man, I say, if I'm a blind girl, I
would say run, but stop it, stop it your sisters and get away
from it. Yeah and yeah,he because he wouldn't do that if she

could see, if she could see, he wouldn't do that. You're not
gonna bring that, you know whatI'm saying. So you know he And
that's what makes me think, like, are you dating her because she's blind?
Because you know you can get awaywith certain stuff. You know what
I'm saying, She needs to sayif you really want to party with me,
No, I'm not no, no, no, no, no.

He gotta be serious. So theviews and the I'm just saying, do
bogus as hell. The boyfriend bogus. I don't know what he should do,
but he just super bogus for evenputting that young lady in that situation,
even if she did enjoyed it sexor whatever. You know what I'm
saying. She she can't. Youknow, you need to keep it in
the closet because she can't. Iwondered, they watched the eclipse yesterday.

Come by. We hope we havetoo, but if we didn't, we
never do. Hey, what upyou talk of? Poon? Here Wake
Chicago boy, little co hip Hopon the show's shot this the w GC
I want the show P one seven, Father to the g C R one
on seven five w GC shines numberone for hip hop and rn B coming

up, Leon's goofy ass person ofthe day, Don't let it be you,
g c I one on seven fivew G shoes number one for hip
hop and rn B. Listen,coming up Leon's goofy ass person other day.
Don't get off porch. If youdon't want to play balls, stay
on the porch. That's all yougotta do, Mike said one so on,

so right, it's that time ofthe day today, everybody loves one
person gonna be absolutely pissed. Leon'sgoofy ass person out of dead Boy.
And I should have did this yesterday, but I didn't because it was fresh
on my brains that came in herewith this information pill from the Z Spoe
J Cole, one of the guyswho I think top five dead are alive.

It's a bad brother. You knowwhat I'm saying. He did a
little dish track back to Kendrick Lamarfor his slap on like that, you
know what I'm saying with Future,which kicked this whole thing off. But
then he goes on stage at thisDreamville fast or whatever and goes to the
audience, you know, after thinkingabout it and sleeping on it. Spiritually,

that's not where I'm at. Andas a man, you know,
I didn't feel right even writing it, and so spiritually I just want to
say that I apologize, And don'tyou all love Kendrick Lamar. Give it
up a Kendrick Lamar no foul.No, you had me in here all
hype thinking that I'm about to getsome good lyrical content bars. We know

you and Kendrick Lamar not the typeof dudes to be out in the street
fighting each other. We knew thiswas gonna be a battle of pen to
paper to see who got the nicestlines. This is chuck ball. Were
playing twenty one by ones, Notools, no fouls, go to the
bucket. Who got game? No? No, you went out like a

beautiful, intelligent, talented, crappyhuman acronym. Come on, man,
he went out like one. Iexpected that from the other light skinned dude
like to throw rocks and hide hishand, not you, Jcob. But
I know what happened. I knowwhat happened. Who served up that little

dish salad? And it was medthat had no flavor? It was missing
something, right, you know whatI'm saying. And now when everybody started
saying that I'm in my spiritual phase, man, get your sage waving ass
side of here and go to walllyrically. I need Drake, Meek Mill,
I need Drake push your teeth,I need jay z Nods, I

need to Ether Takeover. You guysare great. You guys could have probably
made something great. You know,I'm not saying me Tupac hit them up.
I'm not saying ice Cube, novasci Lea. Those were super personal.
Even Ether and and Takeover were alittle personal. But it was lyrical.
Pin It never got violent between ofthem. It was lyrical. Pis

Well pop different story, but itwas lyrical. I'm waiting for the lyrics
now. Uh, don't get offthe porch next time then you see us
playing basketball, stay your ass upon the porch because you're not ready to
hoop and don't tell me you topfive hoop and now I gotta leave that.
I gotta take you out that equationbecause you ain't proving it. So
jco I love you, man,but bring back Low Faie Low Faie.

JCole would have gotten the mix LowFake the first album. J Cole would
have got in the mix with kendm. Now y'all grow these locks and dress
y'all come on Afrocentric and it's hiphop. Man, sit your goof ass
down, its goofy as pore gcup. Don't be a goofy. Call

my man Howard anchor at three onetwo six million. That's three one two
six million, yall echo and herwould be us. That's that's so if
your girl playing that when you comeinto the house. Yeah, around the
lee, Yeah, turn around mebecause your Jordan's already got bleach on it.

Yeah. Listen, we got abig show coming up, the Shy
City Fest. Yeah. Off thechain. Now, who are some people
on this show? Is man GeHerbo? I'm sorry? Yeah, Gee
Herbo, Polo g forty two,Doug Hot Yo Rod for nine, skill
a baby, Big Boogie, MellowBucks. It's going down at the United

Center on June first, you first, June first, so you can buy
your tickets now ticketmaster dot com.Yes, make sure you get your tickets
because this show looks like it's gonnasell out. Man, it is.
It's definitely gonna sell out. It'sdoing this thing so nice. Nice.
So what we want to do rightnow, We're want to give it a
pair of tickets. Okay, let'sdo it to the shot City Music Fest.
Let's do it. Taf carler asix six eight eight five one o

seven five, you get the tickets. Hit us ups gc I. What's
up though, tump, I'm aboutto pull up on your right quick one
on five be GCT of shops numberone for hip hop and rn B.
It is time for your Z SpotEntertainment Report. Let's jump into it.

Meek Mial Meek Mil is definitely inthe in the Z spot right now because
he said that the rumors of himand Diddi are confusing his twelve year old
son. He said people are sayinghis dad is gay. He put up
a tweet he said, I don'tbelieve no Diddy story. Once they lied
about me. Now anybody try tosexually assault me, it will be a

bang out on spot. Oh wow, that choice word. Yeah, that
wasn't how y'all don't know that aloud? I don't care, but y'all confusing
my son. He's twelve with peoplesaying his dad's gay. It's sick now
out you so f it. Andthat's the one thing I do hate about
this Because social media, everything isout and prevalent. People get a hold

information. And he's at that agetwelve years old where kids in school might
pick on him and bully him aboutthat. But me has got to find
better burgiage when trying to finish up. This makes the comedy bit that Andrew
Shuldz did. You just said meis having a tough time. You can't
say, hey, somebody tried tosexually assault me and be a bang out
right that Well, no, that'sthose the words that are used with that.

So listen, let's just say,hey, I'm not gay man,
never being gay. I love women. You know I've never even said a
bang out. Yeah tell yourself,Leon, anybody tried to sexually sault me
and so a bang out a side. I know what he means. He
means a bang out like you know, up to tu li or whatever.
But that's what he means yeah,bang out like like sho okay. But

you can't just kind of you that'sterrible way it works. Rather you just
go saying, man, somebody triedto sexually so me, they gonna get
shot. It's gonna be a fight. It's gonna be a fight. So
you don't move some furniture. Alwaysjust say hey, listen, my name
is Meek Mel. I'm a heterosexualman. I love woman. I love
everything about women. Y'all confusing myson and the clice, Yeah, said,

that's that's the bad part of itis that his son has to hear
that. That's nobody's children should haveto hear that, especially at that age.
And like I said, that's thattender age. Yeah, you go
to school and kids could be merciless. Man. Oh yeah you know that.
You know they are. Ie gotroasted by shortage before and went home
like damn, he took me up. You threw them pairts away by some

more hand over the w GC dotcom. We'll be back do move already
twenty twenty four. I'm on theshow. Let's go gides No more hip
hop and R and B. That'sright, man, we are right back
at it, coming up. Chicagowere getting ready to sound off. Baby,
we're getting ready to sound off,so clear the phone lines. We
already gave away those tickets to theShat City Fest, so thank you man.

We already gave away those tickets tothe shot City set Fest. We
got more coming up, but Chicagowere getting ready to sound off. That's
on the way, don't you move. It's GCI one on seven five W
GCI of shots number one for hiphop and R and b oh lord,

oh my throat. Hello. Yes, all right, let's get into it,
man, Chicago sound off. Hitus up A six six eight A
five one O seven five. Andthe conversation we're gonna have today is,
what's one piece of advice you gotfrom the opposite sex that's stuck with you
about relationships? Okay, what pieceof advice did you get from the opposite

sex that's stuck with you about relationships? I'll go first, I'll go first.
All right, I was talking tomy best friend, she's a woman,
one of my best my female bestfriends, and she basically told me,
she says, Zach, she says, Zach, you gotta watch out
for the pick me girls. AndI'm like, what's what's the what's what's
the pick me girls? And shewas like, these are the women who

do everything and say everything right.They agree with you all the time.
They easy going, they don't askyou nothing, They keep it they keep
it real simple. I'm like,I thought, that's what I should be
looking for. It's somebody who makemy life easier. And then she was
like no. She was like no, because they are after something and once
they get what they want, theyflip on you. I said, oh

no, she said, she saidyou got to be She said you gotta
watch out for the pick me girl. So I took that advice and I
look out for that now. Youknow what I'm saying, You can't like
everything I like. You know whatI'm saying, never know And it's kind
of like, even to this day, I'm still trying to figure out the
balance between that, Like, youknow, somebody who's just really a compatible

person with you, or somebody who'sbeing a pick me you know what I'm
saying. So hit us up,man, what's one piece of advice that
you got from the opposite sex that'sstuck to you, stuck with you when
it comes to relationships. We gotthe phone lines why open eight six six
eight A five one seventy five.Listen to this here his future drake Tim,

just wait for it. Don't giveno matter what Tim is GC.
Who is this? What do youcall it from? H? This is
Jay. I'm calling from Aurora.All right, Jay from a roy talk
to me. What's one piece ofadvice that you got from the opposite sex
is stuck with you? The onething that I got it was years ago.
I was a teenager in a relationship. I used to get mad doing

confrontations, but with stay mad,like go to bed mad, wake up
mad. Uh huh. And theguy I used to date, you know,
we could argue, be mad andhe'd be fine in like five ten
minutes. And I couldn't understand thatfeel mady. And he taught me that
young. He said, listen,you had a difference and it's been spoken

about. You done had a conversationabout it. Let it go. That's
mad all the time, and thatstuck with me through the year. That's
good advice. That's good advice.Appreciate your call, baby, GCI Who
is this? And if minnight frommyself? That my boy, good morning,
good morning, midnight, my man. Talk to me, man,
what's the piece of advice that youlearned from the opposite sex when it comes

to relationships? Man, look toldme this, man, She's like,
look at how a woman treats herfather and her brother. The way she
treats them, that's the way she'sgonna treat you. If you don't respect
them is the correct way. He'snot gonna respect you. Now, let
me ask you this, Midnight.What if she ain't got no father and
she ain't got no siblings. Well, man, you gotta focus on observed.

But she has to treat others.Yeah, but the males, Yeah,
you're not gonna observe how you're gonnatreat you. Yeah, appreciate that,
Midnight, g C. I whois this where you call it from?
Damn? What's that? My man? Talk to me, man,
what's the piece of relationships advice I'mgonna learn from the opposite set? I
mean, my own cousin told methis. She said, don't never give

woman money, because once you givemoney, they don't expect it all the
team one thousand dollars. But everytime I see her, she'd be right
that money. She thinks you're supposedto keep giving her a thousand dollars every
time I said, all you gottabe at your man. Ain't like that.

I think that would common sense.I think that would common sense.
It should be, but common senseain't common we know. Damn well that's
the truth. Hey, let's continuethe conversation on social media at Instagram,
TikTok, Facebook at w g cI and then go to w g c
I dot com one O seven fivew GC shots number one for hip hop

and R and B. Hey,listen, we got tickets to the Weeding
Ones tour that's coming up. Man, A six six eighty five one O
seven five tenth call against gc Ione on seven five w g c I
the shots number one for hip hopand R and B. And yes,

it is time. It is timefor the prayer of the day, and
I need everybody please buy your headtoday. Lord, we have a nice
warm less you're driving, yes,unless you're driving, Unless you're driving,
got a piece safe, brother,Leona. Is a nice warm day,
deacon, And it is almost goingto be seventy degrees today. Yes,
yes, yes, so I seethat spring gets on the horise. Now,

last year, Lord, we missedthe season that I looked forward to
every year it's called sundress season.Yeah, I don't know what happened,
but they ladies were not wearing thesun dresses. Amen. They had replaced
it with those little wrestler outfits thatthey've been wearing, you know. Yeah,
there were singlets, one piece outfits. And yes, we are ready

for the sundresses to be back.Amen. Amen. Amen, that's all
I ask. I come to youtoday in prayer asking that we bring back
the sun dress and that was aseason that we all loved. Amen.
You know you go because you knowwhen sind dress season, everything gets to

move it almost like the spirit.You know, when the things get to
move in and shake it in theright direction, show it takes you a
tool away into a place of righteousness. You know, you know what I'm
saying, ain't man? Amen?Now, I don't have a problem with
you guys wrestle outfits that you ladieshave been wearing to replace them. But

the only thing is, you knowyou give a hug in one of them
wrestle outfits. You haven't noticed sometimesthey be having that hard stuff under the
outfit body on your ding, tingting ting. You know that's not like
hugging a sun dressed woman. Youhug her, she smelled good, everything's
nice and squitchy. But then youhug one of the wrestle outfit women and
it be ting ting ting ting,be like ten and we don't want that

again. Amen. So that's allI wanted to pray for today. Amen.
This we asked your name. Amen. With the sun, with the
sun being back out and the weatherchange, yes, we just pray for
a successful a holy transition sun dresssees Amen. Amen. Amen, a

man, what's up there with wrongyou? Right? QUID one O seven
five w gc SHO is number onefor hip hop and R and be announced
time for the part of the showwhere we recap what we learned today exactly.

I want to say this, Okay. It amazes me every time we
get an email from people for loveof Milisiam. But today, oh my
god, we might have talked toone of the most evilst humans ever.
David from Frankfort hold on, butno, remind them what happened in the
e. I'm gonna read it,Okay, read the whole email over again.

God. David from Frankfurt his thirtieshas a situation. My girlfriend were
four years who was blind and thelove of my life have been talking about
exploring the polyamorous lifestyle and my girlas bad as f By the way,
now, I'm not gonna lie.I cheated on her with an old flame
of mind about a month ago,and the old flame said she was interested

in the lifestyle as well and wouldbe me and my girl's unicorn if you
know, you know now. Mygirl was furious when I cheated on her,
and when I brought up the ideaof her being in a relationship with
us, she admirantly said, nowhere. Here's whether BS comes in.
Me and my girl were out onenight, we got wasted and was leaving
the club to go back home.My girl suggested we grab a friend to
have some fun lo and behold,the chick that I had to fleeing with

was there, and I invited herto hang out with us and let my
girlfriend fill on the merchandise without tellingher who it was. They got cozy
in the car, we got home, had amazing sex. My girl said
it was the best she ever hadin a while, and we've had sex
a couple of more times after that, and each time my girl's stagged about
it and wants to spend more timewith this woman as a unit. But

now I'm scared to tell us thegirl I cheated on her with. And
the woman is saying that she wantsto go public with us as a thrumple,
and if I don't tell us,she will. That's that's wild.
That dude is the devil. Yeah, he was the devil. And then
even a caller came into she sheshe probably popped. No, I mean

she obviously not tupa Yeah, shekeep him a man. But that's just
the ignorance that happened this morning.And I couldn't believe when he was like,
bro, you should see this letterwe got today. I said,
what, but just keep hitting thisup? Love leaving? You know you
can hit us up o g vel, you can hit I'm gonna sage myself

when I leave here because I justfelt evil. Dude raw, He took
advantage of her blindness. It's crazy, but she liked it. So now
it's like a catch twenty two.Well she is that changing if she find
out who it is, yes,because she yeah, she she should know.
I mean like, if I've beenfeeding you liver all this time,
you say you hate living, butI done gave it to you a certain

way and you're like this is delicious. I'm like that's living, yeah,
boy, And then they throw upthat dude was the devil man you see.
Hay, what up you boy?Tka Paul here afternoons two to six
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