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May 8, 2024 46 secs
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I know you like one day rightnow, like, what the hell it
sticks? Right, let's stick.I guess she's about to see right now?
Quick, wake up, wake upand wake up soon. Then it
turns GC. I want to showon seven five GC. Y'all you know
we just shut stupare pumping army?Yeah? Serious? Hump Day Wednesday righting

on the best damn morning show inChicago, myself, the Dustin Legend,
Leon Rodgers, Zach Bug and theBuilding White Boys on the boards. We
got stuff to give away today.I'm gonna tell you to let you know
your chance how to get one thousanddollars? Come on, you know what
I'm saying. Maybe one thousand dollarsfor your mom for Mother's Day. That
would be nice. PROM. Youneed to get her on PROM. Might
have a little info about that.How you can get a thousand dollars Hook

yourself up on PROM.
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