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April 2, 2024 38 mins
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Skinny Scarny nothing. I know you'relike one day right now, like what
the hell is sticks? Right?I guess you's about to see right now?
Wake wake up, Wake up,Wake up on Chicago the GC.
I want to show on CC.Y'all know the Stoy, Yes, sir,

she bought the dust a Leegend,Leon Rogers to my right, Zach
Bug, white Boy Ryan on theboard. And I don't know about y'all.
Man, I'm a little my eyesare a little tired from entertainment overload.
I mean, you had the women'slead eight games on yesterday that they
both lived up to the hype.Then you had the iHeart, you had

the iHeart Radio Awards doing ay thing, and I'm like, oh my god,
it was just a whole bunch goingon last night. Ev Wise,
it was crazy. So I'm like, my goodness, I stayed up watching
everything, man, watching a recapof everything. So today it's gonna be
a great show. We got ticketsto give away, of course, we

got all our things that we normallydo, but we want to involve you,
the listener. You know what I'msaying. We want to know what
I was up watching last night.You know what I'm saying so if you
want to hit us up from timeto time at eight six six eight eight
five one oh seven five boosh youup last night watching because I know,
I know, like I said me, I was watching the basketball first.
Then I gotta get my little doseof wrestling. But the basketball games and

then the turnover and going back andforth from the iHeart Radio musical war that's
crazy. Yep, it was litman, it was up happy. What
day is it? It's Tuesday,just the second day of the week.
You're gonna make it. I hopeyou had a crazy weekend. It's just
time to catch up with you all. Catch it all right, man,
we gonna get to it. Let'sget to it. The best damn morning
show in Chicago. What's up?Pull up on your quick you got on

man, got the doing me?Come on DJ, your little be so
whistle. Listen to w g cI via the iHeartRadio app for one hour
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in the headlines, Man, theweather forecast. I we're gonna miss some
severe storms, yes, but somethingelse might be coming to I'll let you
know that's coming up in the headlines. To g c I snumber one flip
popping RB coming up in the headlines, Man, rainy days outside and earthquakes
and chaos inside. I'll give youthe details on both of gc I one

on seven five w G she outof shots number one for hip hop and
R and B chaos breaks out ana Dalton village board meeting. I'll tell
you what happened. That's coming up, she shot. It's time for the
headlines your news coverag from Chicago toworldwide. But to W and GCL Morning
Show, right, the Storm PredictionCenter has cleared all of Chicago land from

the marginal risk era for severe storms. But today's gonna be uh. I
hate to say this, wet,nasty, Okay, all right? I
like my weather. Gusty, gustychili winds and occasional rain which could cause
some flooding issues and poor areas.And it might get cold enough where we

might get some snowfall. Yeah,April, it's a second with early early
in the afternoon mixing with rain,we might get a little snow. Crystals,
slushy accumulations are likely, particularly inour northern counties, and roads would
be mainly wet during this and it'llbe quite britt busy tomorrow and they could
be lingering showers early Thursday before theweather settles down heading into the weekend and

the temperature started to rise. Sobe careful. Don't put your win a
colt up yet. Yeah, notjust your ah, your goloshes. Since
my grandmama used to say you're rubbers. Go get your rubbers for your shoes.
You need them cold, all right. So Dalton residents and many will
say the bi monthly municupal meetings runby Mayor Tiffany Hayyard, has become a

regularly scheduled spectacle now. They arrivedearly for the first of the month meeting
yesterday and they said it was itwas just chaos. They said it was
a blockaded street. It was guardedby village paid officers. The doors of
the Dalton Village Hall never did swingopen to the public because they're allowed to
come in and voice their opinions.I said, the meeting was scheduled.

We're scheduled to start at six thirty, but instead village residents banged against the
doors asking people to let them in. Minutes after the schedules start time.
The village had began to let peoplein one by one, but many were
kept out, and it was justa bunch of argument and stuff going on,
and the trustees and the people areDalton saying, why don't Tahoe Tiffany

stepped down? That's what they callit, you man. So it was
just looking at it, I mean, what was the actual issue they want
her to step down? They sayshe's not being transparent. Well, how
the money is being spent in thecommunity. They allegedly think she's still in
None of this has been proven,but I mean, you know, the
federal agents did come in. There'ssome things that happened in Las Vegas where

a former worker for her was assaultedin Vegas and then that worker was let
go after she brought it up.So there's just a whole bunch of stuff
going around, a whole bunch ofallegations, and they said she hasn't addressed
any of them, and at thesame time abused her power as mayor of
Doctors. So allegedly all of thisis allegedly. Yeah, she at last

deserves an opportunity to defend this up. Well, they've been saying that,
but they they've been saying, we'llshow us. They've been acting to show
us. She hasn't showed them anything. So the people are acting for transparency
and she's saying. She keeps saying, y'all keep saying I did this and
did that, but you ain't gotno proof, and I'm gonna show y'all
that I didn't do it. SoI have no very tough situation in Dulton,
the community that's already underserved. SoI don't think they need too much

more crazy stuff going on out there. So hopefully they get it together.
All right. Go to WGCI dotcom for the stories and more coming up.
Epic Night in women's college basketball anda college first that's coming up in
Leon's locker Roo. I excu ifit was a good day coming up Leon's
locker room. Man history made incollege basketball last night. I'll tell you

why. She said, all youneed to know is sports. I'm just
here so I won't get found.It's inside Leon's locker room on one of
the super gc oh Man last night. NCAA tournament. On the women's side
lived up to is Billy and theyhad two great games on last night.
Number one Iowa taken on number threeLSU. Iowa gets to win ninety four

to eighty seven, and the ladiesdidn't disappoint. Kaitlyn Clark went for forty
had a twelve assists. Angel Reesdid her thing twenty rebounds. You know,
it looked like she might be goingto the WNBA. She's projected to
go seventh pick to the Minnesota Lynx. Kayln Clark projected to go number one.
She'll be with Indiana with the Leeof Boston. Great game. After

the game, angel Rees got alittle emotional when talking about her roller coaster
ride in college sports. Take alisten, and I just try to stand
strong. Like I've been through somuch. I've seen so much. I've
been attacked so many times, deaththreats, I've been sexualized, I've been
threatening, I've been so many things, and I've stood strong every single time.

And I just try to stand strongfor my teammates because I don't want
them to see me down and likenot be there for them. So I
just want to know always, justknow like I'm still a human, like
all this has happened since I wonthe national championship, and I said the
other day I haven't happy since then. M So that was a nice little

flager. Johnson also spoke up toher too. She said that Andelice is
a great person, great individual.And let me tell you something. That
ship right, there's a she's adog. She was giving cash buckets down
the stretch, you know. Butonce again it wasn't enough. L s
U loses to Iowa. I mean, great game on both sides. I

will say this, man, Angelrees has been through a lot since winning
that national championship. She was gettinga lot of you know, slack for
just for the competitiveness with Caitlyn.The AI photos they come out, It's
just, you know what I'm saying, that was weird as hell. Whoever
did that that? I even thinkour coach put her in a weird position

like, oh, you should haveyou should have did that to Angel Reeks.
You know what I'm saying. It'sjust yeah, I mean, what's
the name? Has her issues?The Kim Moulki. I mean, that's
one of the reasons why Baylor cutties with her. And then I don't
like the fact that they made LSUwomen's team look like villains where they were
just they was just hoopers that theyhad stuff out going on outside of basketball.

But great run for her there.In the second game, Juju Watkins
was visibly upset that she lost toPage Bucker's and the Yukon Husky's eighty to
seventy three. Interesting story about Yukon. Half of their team is out injured.
They're starting five played the whole game. Oh wow, that's starting five
player if Yukon starting five because theydon't have really any subs because over half

of their team is injured. Sothat just goes to show you how great
they are. And them and theirmen's team are in the final four,
and so is in C State.In c State's men's and women's team is
in the final four. And thisis the first time in college basketball history
that we've had two teams where theirmen and women's teams and speak for those

schools. Let's big for those schools. Other ones on Juju though, Juju,
you good. I know you's upset, but you lead. You got
at least two more full years towreck have it on the NC double A
yeah, she had twenty nine points, ten rebounds, but uh Bukers had
twenty eight points, ten rebounds,and six assists, so they was going
at the games little. I'm justhappy that we had great basketball games.
All the stars came and showed up. Nobody had a bad game. It

was great basketball. And then I'mexpecting great basketball call between South Carolina and
North Carolina State because nobody's even reallytalking about that side of the bracket because
all the stars win one bracket.And now you get the matchup Paige Bukers
in Yukon. Yeah, of theteam with the most NCAA championships and women's
history with like eleven going up againstKaitlin Clarker Iowa. So that'll be nice.

Man. Once again, I'm gonnabe locked in. Sure. Go
to WGGI dot com for these storiesand more. Follow me on all social
media outlets at Leon Rodgers. NoD in my last name because I don't
do the D. What's going onin this spot? I got the iHeart
Radio Music Award recap on the way, Yes, Don't Move nor listen to
more the show one on si FU, the g C, the More Fifth

Uther and r B Zach. Whatwe got coming up in is a spot
the iHeart Radio Music Awards went downyesterday. I'm gonna tell you everything you
may have mixed some way one ofw G shows number one for hip hop

and R and B. We gotthe Z spot coming up next, zact.
What's happening hey? Beyonce received thetwenty twenty four iHeart Radio Music Award
Innovator Award. Now you'll hear exactlyyou'll hear from her coming up. Listen
to this tracks right what I'm sayingthis show James one on seven five w

GC out of shots number one forhip hop and R and B and the
iHeartRadio Music Awards went down yesterday.Man, if you missed it, man,
it popped off with Justin Timberlake openingthe show doing his thing. Man,
let's play a little bit of JTup. Don't get better than opening

the show with Justin timberlod Man.Now, you know, you know you
can only go up from there onceyou start with a legend like j T.
You got to keep the legendary movesmoving all right. As we all
know, Beyonce was gonna get theInnovator Award. But guess what we had
no idea Stevie Wonder was actually gonnabe the presenter. You know what I'm
saying, presenting Beyonce the Innovator Award. Here's a little bit of Beyonce speech.

Check this out. I love youand I honor your I want to
thank you for making a way forall of us honored to receive this recognition
from you, Stevie Wonder. Wheneveranyone asked me if it's anyone I can
listen to for the rest of mylife, it's always you, Oh bless
you. I just want thank youfor motivating the world to become a better
place. Thank you. Thank youfor playing the harmonica on Joe Lean right.

And we had no idea, JoeLen that was a nugget. I
didn't even but see, this iswhat I miss about CDs and the CD
liner in the book, because youwould you could go look at that and
be like if you would have sawStevie Wonder. Now when everything's digital,
you know you gotta go try tofind it. You don't know who's sea

when you open the thing. Youused to pull a little book out and
be like, yeah, they hadsome pictures in the fay in the studio,
you see, Stevee. I'm justglad they had Stevie turned to a
way like it's a lot. Theybelieving Stevie out there bad at award show.
Just be outside. They'd be like, Stevie, come back, come
back. Well, I'm scared tomove. It's from the stage. Here's

the rest of beyonce speech. Checkthis out. Thank you to iHeartRadio tonight.
You call me an innovator, andfor that I'm very grateful. Innovation
starts with a dream, but thenyou have to execute that dream, and
that role can be very bumpy.Being an innovator is saying what everyone believes
is impossible. Being an innovator oftenmeans being criticized, which often will test

your mental strength. Being an innovatoris leaning on faith and trusting that God
will catch you and guide you.And I want to dedicate this award to
all the innovators who have dedicated theirlives and their art to creating shifts.
Shout out to Beyonce man with thoseinspiring words. Listen. If you want
to check out the whole entire speech, you can go over to WGCI dot

com, or if you miss theiHeartRadio Music Awards, it is on demand
right now on Hulu through the twentysecond of April, so make sure you
check that out. Man. Thesestories and more hit over tot WGCI dot
com. You can follow me onInstagram Zach buogs z A c H one
O seven five w GC I Manand check out. The Black Effect Podcast
Network is proud to present the returnof the Black Effect Podcast Festival goes down

Saturday, April twenty seventh in Atlanta. Last year was off the chain.
They're gonna level up, make iteven bigger and better. They got some
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it's hosted by b dot and Prettyv. You can get your tickets today
go to the Black Effect dot ComSlash Podcast Festival. One on w GC

shots number one for hippopping, Rand bid. What we got coming up
in the Love Them a Living?My wife is mad at my son.
I'll tell you all about it.It's coming up, It's coming up up.
What's it up? Follow seven fivew g C shows number one for

hip hop and R and B,Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls,
children of all ages. It's timefor love and believe. I'm with the
best damn on the show in Chicago, and you know it's gonna be rach
Leon. What happened? Zack ChadZack child got on lerd shop? Get

him with the hosey jump? Whoown your wade school? Let me see
your jump? If you on yourwave work, let me see you come?
Just chump chop him? What thehousey jump? All right, here

we go, Dear Leanna zach So, me and my wife son. Me
and my wife. Son is incollege and he has a long term girlfriend
and he cheated on her with hisex girlfriend. My wife wanted him to
come clean and tell his girlfriend myson was being selfish, and he didn't.
So when the girlfriend comes around,my wife throws little jabs out there,

and I can tell it's starting tomake his girlfriend uncomfortable. I told
her to chill out. She isnow talking to my son about doing the
right thing, and she didn't raisehim to be a cheater, and if
he is gonna be a cheater,at least be honest. But I don't
know why my wife is doing allthat talking, because she was having some
inappropriate conversations with the coworker that Isaw on her text. She doesn't know

that I saw it, and itended before she physically cheated, But I
think she's being a hypocrite. AndI did tell my son, and my
son said, if his mama keeppressing him, he's gonna expose she did.
This has all become a big mess. Who is to blame? So
it's something to do to me?No, Brian, I'm going down there.
Everybody going, Wow, that's messy. That's really messy. All right,

man, let's see man A sixtysix A five. Who is to
blame? Is to blame? Who'smore wrong? Or who should just mind
their business? One seven five hitus up G shat one O seven five
G shot is double one for hippopping RM and B with smack dab in

the middle. Or love him orleave him? We got a father who
has to break up the mother andthe son from going at each other's throat.
Yeah, so basically the guy rodein. The father rode in and
basically said his son is in collegeand has a long term girlfriend that he
cheated on with his ex girlfriend,and his wife wants him to come clean
and tell his girlfriend. The sonhas been selfish and he hasn't told her,

but the wife has been pressuring himlike, hey, you need to
tell this girl. And even whenthe girlfriend comes around to wipe those little
jabs out there, and the husbandis saying that he can tell they're starting
to make the girlfriend uncomfortable. Buthe dropped this bomb. He said,
I don't know why my wife doingall that, because she was having some
inappropriate conversations with a coworker that Isaw on her text. She didn't know,

she said. He said, shedoesn't know that I saw it,
and it ended up. It endedbefore she physically cheated. But he thinks
she's being a hypocrite. And thenthe father told the son that, and
the son say, if my mamakeep pressing me, I'm going to expose
everything, all right, So it'sbecome one big mess, and we want
to ask who is to blame?A six, six eight, A five,

one seven five. Let's go tothe phone lines. Who this where
you call him from? Hey?Yeah, what's going on? Man?
I want to comment on the billlove more? What's your name where you
call him from? Man? Myname Mike calling from bowling brother? All
right? Man speaking so one,I definitely think it's a father fault because
just me being a married man,that's kind of messed up that you would
share private stuff that's going on inyour marriage, well between you and your

wife and your son. On theother hand, I also think that the
wife is being messy as well,because even though that this is your child,
it's also this relationship that he's goingthrough. So you should be trying
to guide him into making the rightchoice, but not trying to pressure or
get in between the decision that hemaking. I feel like those little jazz
that she's throwing out there is kindof a kind of message there is appreciate

that. Yeah, A sixty sixeight A five one O seven five continued,
There this sap, It don't evenmatter what tim is, GCI who
this where you calling from? Ninetychecking in? So who's the blame in
this situation? Man? Who's themost messy? The mom? She needs

not her business, And it seemslike she's projecting because over here where you
need to be worried about what yougot going on. If the husband I
would have business dropped that on thetable. First of all, shut up,
Yeah, listen, I think thefather's wrong. You never share what's
going on in your life with yourwife with your kids. One, I

will never do that, and twothe mama needs the mind of business.
I'm growing pains. You you loveand you learn. Man, you know
your parents should not get into yourromantic life. That's your business. As
long as somebody ain't putting hands onyou. Y'all arguing breakup, so all
that that's gonna happen. That's partof life. So you know, let
son, he gonna get this heartbroke one day, so you might get

with some girl and she might runhim crazy. So you got to learn.
You live and you learn. Yeah, I think dad is dropping the
ball on this because you first ofall, you told what happened. Yeah
you can't do that, but youtold. But why you tell the You
told the son, but you ain'teven talk to your wife about it.
He's probably scared as well. That'sweird to me. It's like you're gonna
tell you the year go tell youwhy? And then again then again are

you telling her to chill out?As far as pressing right, you know
what I'm saying. I feel likeyou, I think, get scared of
her up. Yeah, you mightbe scared of her. Maybe maybe she
might. She might be making themost money in the crib. His name
ain't on nothing, sound like it. He ain't say nothing about the coworker,
but didn't go tell the Sun nothinglights the rental agreement and whatever they

got going on his name ain't onnothing. So he so look, I
go something for you. I gottaget this off my chest. He had
to get it off. Just tellher go to the arap, right,
he man, We hope we helpedyou, dog, but if we didn't,
we never do like check one soone, so people more right,

It's that time of the day thateverybody loves one person gonna be absolutely pisseds.
Leon's goofy hous person in to day. And this I'm sending out to
a group of people. I'm sendingit out to the sensitive people, the
sensitive people that always try to makeeverything a righteous even when the person involved
with it is on BS allegedly right. So, Andrew Schultz is a comedian

man. He does the Brilliant Idiotspodcast with Charlamagne to God and her family
here our media, and he wason stage and he had jokes about Diddy.
He had jokes about the situation thathe was going through. I thought
it was funny. It was peoplewas mad, You're gonna let this white
dude talk about a black man onhis demids. First of all, I'm

a comedian. Nobody's safe when youdo something wrong. I'm pretty sure I
got a bunch of people that messwith me. But let me mess around
and do something bad, like getcaught with a transgender man, or or
get a dui, or get caughtwith some cocaine. It'll be a whole
bunch of jokes. Yes about LeonRodgers, and I got to understand and

accept that. Now did he Yourhouses got ready? People say you're on
freak stuff. You paid Cassie thirtymillion dollars. It's all line it up,
So comments, don't crack jokes,don't pick and choose because, oh,
did you it's a black man.They tearing a black man down.
Man. People that had Epstein jokes. People y'all didn't think it was bad
when they were joking about justse smootha. When Dave Schappelle did this juicy

smooth a jokes, y'all, everybody, Oh, this is amazing, Stop
it, man, Funny is funny? You do something dumb? Somebody,
I already know what I say isthat I say, man, let me
let me mess around, get introuble. So what's happening. You know
already we already know the jokes.Especially yeah, we already know, we
already know. So at the endof the day, man, for all

those people that get their panties ina bunch because somebody says something about somebody,
you like, if he wrong,he wrong, if he did it,
he did it. It was R. Kelly jokes, it was juice
justice, Malay jokes, it wasCosby jokes, Epstein jokes, Weinstein jokes.
Stop playing man and stop being sodamn sensitive and sit y'all, goofy
ass downst scoof us pore g c. I, Hey, man, don't

be sensitive. Call my man EternityHoward anchor at three one two six million.
That's three one two six million,Yah yah yah one e GC out

of shots, number one for hiphop and r BR twenty twenty four iHeart
Radio Music Awards went down yesterday.It was hosted by Luda Maud and you
know, Leon, when we weretalking about it, I was like,
hey man, you think Lud chrisomYeah, And I was like, I
don't know, I don't think he'sgonna perform. Well, you were right,
brother, he did perform, actuallyperform with t Paine. Check this
out on that all I do,win win. No matter what he is,

he more of a actor you nowthan an artist or you still get
artists when you hear Luler name LutherChris is more of an actor now,
right, I think so. Idon't think he's on the last time he's
put out some music music, youknow what I'm saying. But he's probably
got bars though. Yeah, andhe's one of the most successful rappers the

crossover into acting. So shout outto Lude Man. He's a host now
too, because he hosted our twentytwenty four iHeart Radio Music Awards. Also
Man, Chicago's own Jennifer Hudson performedso Share won the Icon Award and to
honor. As they were honoring Share, Jennifer Hudson actually performed the tribute to
Share. Check this out. Youdon't come on stop playing. I'm gonna

keep it real dog. If you'regonna you're gonna do a tribute to me.
Sometimes I don't want certain people doingmy songs because that sounds because she
said it sounds better than Man theylike JAYD. I appreciate it, but
I can't have you. You knowwhat I'm saying that sounds better than the
original bird. Shout out to JayHood Man, one of the power most

powerful voices. Man, she makeseverything b It's just like like, give
me a can I get up?Give me the girl from seven oh two
to third one? Can I getRay J to do my that's a matter
of fact. You don't have totake out here doing but you know what
I'm saying. I feel all right, man. Hey, if you missed,

the iHeart Radio Music Awards is ondemand on Hulu right now and it's
running all the way through April totwenty second, So make sure y'all locked
in man these stories and more headover the WGCI dot com and you know
you follow me on Instagram, zactBooks a hbh Ogi Our twenty twenty four
Iard Radio not GCIDS number one FIpopin RB Yes, sir, coming out

man. We want you all tosound off with us at eight sixty six
Ada five one oh seven five.There's a new thing that's happening right now.
It's called virtual first dating. Like, so you meet somebody, you
do a virtual first date. Wouldthat be a ya for you or a
nay for you? Is that somethingthat you would do with somebody a virtual
first date. We'll give you moredetails. Let's talk about shot one on

seven five w GCI shots number onefor hip popping R and B. And
it's time for Chicago to sound off. Man, let's join this conversation with
us. I saw this thing isabout virtual dating, having a virtual date
for your first date. So youknow, you meet somebody, whether it
be on online or app for thefirst date. You you do it virtual

virtually, And I was like,kind of makes sense. You be comfortable,
you in your environment. So somepeople even go as far as to
like order the same food like theywas at it, order something from the
same place on door dash, havesome wine, and you sit and talk
for hour, two hours or whatever, and you're comfortable. You're in your
own space. And then that way, if the person you're talking to it

ain't really panning out for you,you ain't wasted a lot of resources.
Okay, so some internet I'll saythis, I have done that before.
I've done like a FaceTime date whereI hate you know, young Lady eight,
but we do on FaceTime too.Right, she don't live in right,
you know what I'm saying, Soit's out of town. Showed you
think by living in the city that'syou should link up. I'm just saying,

like, we women having issues withyou going to Chili's or or a
chain restaurant for the first date,let alone. Okay, So with that
being said, we're not doing that. You're gonna you're gonna eat what you
want to at your crib and I'mgonna eat with it, and we're gonna
get to know each other because Ifeel like curious, I'm just curious to
see what women think if they thinkthat would be considered a real first date.

You know what I'm saying, Like, I wonder if they would still
what they deemed because of the firstdate, because you know social media and
that's you on FaceTime. Well,was it not a real first day?
Because I'm not spending money, SoI would want to know the reason if
you don't think this is a realfirst date. Why we're sitting down,
we're talking. We're in environments that'sconducive to each other talking to each other.

We can hear each other. Fine. I get to see you in
your habitat, in your which isvery important because people put their best foot
for when they come outside. Youget home, you can be a little
comfortable. You know what I'm saying. I might, but I'm just saying
sometimes women have issues with they haverules today first day, you know what
I'm saying. They want something playing, They want something where they can sit
down, like all the stuff.When you stand money, all that comes

back to how much money I spend. They want you to take care of
it. So I just want toknow. I wonder. I'm very curious
to see if how women feel aboutjust then they don't like it, then
they don't like you, and gotake the doggy back home to the dude
who's finn to take them to paldtime because they you took them out the
minestrouke. Well, you shouldn't havelet her get that tomahawk. I'm just
you know, she wasn't goin toeat fifty ounces of steak. You should

have known as soon as she orderedthe two hundred dollars tomahawk and ordered the
meeting. I'm like, what notfor real? I want to know that
because it seemed like a cool ideato me, and we were like,
if you're not feeling somebody, youknow, yeah, I've done it.
I'm like, I've liked the idea, you know, what you said they
were they didn't live here, theydidn't live here, and she thought it

was creative idea. She's like,this is cool. I never thought about
doing this. You order your food, will meet it sevenlock like talk,
that's still planning, Like that's stillplanning out something. It's just in the
virtual space. And it ain't likeI told you to put on your what's
some thing goggles and jump to thecartoon form. I'm still seeing you,

you're seeing me. Were talking.There's no physical interaction for per se as
me putting, you know, touchingon you or nothing. But what's next
up? What's next after the Sohow long do you virtual? Could you
do that? I said? Firstday? I say one day? You
know that's the fill out process.Then like okay, this person is cool
enough where I can say, hey, let me come get you and take

you here, or even for womenlike a safety aspect. You know how
some women feel like they go onthe first day they ain't clicking with a
dude. How do I get outof this? You came and pick me
up? Leave uber you in thesafety if you ain't feeling them as click
and say your phone died. That'show you gotta do it A six,
aight, A five, one ohseven five hit us up virtual first day?

Would you do it? Ladies,guys, it's up seat geez yeah,
who is what you call it?Brom It's the other hunt of south
Fast. I just want to say, that's a no. We too grown
for that virtual stuff. I don'tI want to start how I want to

finish, and I don't want tothinking you could be creative and cheap with
me throughout. It's going to bea hard No. It sounds cute on
paper, but no, sun,she said, I don't want you just
figure out the new ways to cheaton trying to be creative, creative and
cheap. Note oh, she's alsoalso being creative is being cheap. No,

but that is I told you Iwant to see if you want to
open my door put out you know, I want to see. I want
to see what's really going on.Okay, you said you're too comfortable in
your own house, so you know, let me see the real Okay,
let me ask you this. Thenwhat if that was just the first date
to initially get to know each other, and then the second day, you
know, you wouldn't go to thesecond day and let him do those other
things you're looking for. No,because that's a simple phone conversations. Were

already talking enough to even think aboutday. Then we already it's about then
in my face, she's just difficult. It's about how much money you gonna
spend. Bro, it's not evenI think it's about the money. She
just but note that's that's a littletoo cheese. Now you got a man

I do? Okay? Is hein therapy? Person? Brother? Not
yet? Get out about gee?Thanks for your call? All right,

Jesse? Who it is? Whatare you calling from this Eric? I'm
calling from two ninety Well, Isay that is so lame to do a
virtual date. It only works outlike that suggested if your long distance how
the property day is you guys talkin the same time a few days,

and then you playing an actual inperson meeting. I need to see your
manner hythms. I need to seehow you treat white staff, if you
have manners, and then I alsoneed to see if we have chemistry.
I can't. We can all takeit virtually over the fall face time,
but that real connection you can onlyfeel that in personal Oh, so you

you can't fake it. So peopledon't fake relationships sitting in front of each
other. That never happens. Butif you have, if you have good
discerning, you'll be able to gavecertain things. I'll be able to ger
body language. I'll be able topick up on certain things that you're giving
out. I can see if you'reroute, you don't hold the door open
for me, if you don't getthe car door, I can see certain

things. If in person, thenI can't Over the phone, you can
call the face time, you canmove to the sad all type of things
that you could do. I toldyou, let me tell you something.
They not going on that on thesecond date me. But like I said,
the proper way is we need tovideo and FaceTime each other and then
plan a day afterwards. So thenby a couple of phone calls, yeah,

I can feel comfortable and like okay, then it won't be so much
pressure. Like I just met himon the street. We exchanged numbers.
Now we got the next day tomorrowversus you know a couple of faith Sam
calls, okay, you're getting thelittle acquainted, and then got you.
Then he and then he takes outa couple of dollars there did he take
you the Apple Bee's Did he takeyou to Apple Beas y'all have a nice

next day. I don't care.I'm gonna order me some long and a
couple of sides. It don't evenmatter. No, that's right, all
right now, wraps you real quick. I'm gonna enjoy the luxury of like
and I knowing each other for real. Gold out number one for here popping
R and B my man Sean Mackon the ones with two's holding us down.

Hey, right now, we gota chance for you to win a
pair of four day tickets to Lallapalooza. That's right, it's returning to Grand
Park August first through the fourth Sizzle, Future, Metro Booming, Victoria Monette,
Big Sex, Civence, Staples,Sir Teaso, touch Down and more.
Will all be at the festival,holding it down. Pre sales already

went on sale, and uh takeit to already on selling a lot of
polluser dot com brought you by ThunderdogEntertainment. But it's a lucky caller,
A lucky excited caller is going toa lot of polloser for they pass a
sixty six eight A five one Oseven five. Let's get back to it
the heavy head of shine matts GC. Then get back on mon looking at
the high forty six degrees tonight ofLord thirty four right now misdisguise at forty

three degrees is GC. I sosuck, what's up your socks? GC?
I want to show. I wantto seven far to the GCSEs no
more fir bother dor b Yes,sir, yes, sir, coming up
man Zach bug Yeah, yeah,one O seven five w GC out of

shots number one for hip hop andR and B and man listen here.
That's gonna do it for us today. That's it. It's been a very
eventful day recapping the iHeartRadio Music Awards. Shout out to Beyonce, Innovator of
the Year, you know what I'msaying, doing her thing TLC. The
legends were out there, timber Lake, Shall Luda performed T Paine. Then

in the sports world you had theladies going at it in the final making
it to the final four. Soshout out to South Carolina, North Carolina
State, yep U, Khan andIowa. When the guys uh tonight they
go tonight for they start they becauseyou know it's over next week. Guys,
tournament looks like football. I know, Carolina lit though right now.

You know what I'm saying, NorthCarolina, South Carolina right out here.
You got two state schools in now. But hey man, Angela Yee is
up next. We will see y'alltomorrow morning, same bat time, same
bat channels G
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