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May 17, 2024 43 mins
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Skinny scarny nothing I know you likeone day right now? Like what damn
it sticks right? I guess she'sabout to see right now? Wake wake
up, Wake up, Wake upon Chicago. It turned out to tell
your GC. I want to showhold on seven Pocac you know, shot

sure popping art bet Good morning Chicago, and Zach bug my brother to my
right. What's brother? Is sheboughy? That that's the legendleone rogers want
to give a big shout out towhatever doctor invented painkilling drugs, okay,
because they are the best. Tellwell, I ain't take nothing to hit
me with a little shot in myhand, and mad I couldn't feel nothing.

I think I slapped the brick wallfull time, but the wharf this
morning. So I'm gonna go grabme some IV you profess man. We
got a good Thank God is Fridayman? Great day to day man.
The weather's gonna beautiful. White boyriding on the boards piloting the s for
us. We are ready to getit in tickets on deck, how to
win a thousand dollars on deck andjust your regular debauchery that we do every

day. But it's Friday, y'allget lit the weekend. It's here,
g up, no more fip hopand r bet hey man coming up in
the headlines, Man, a poppingevent that we all used to go to
has officially been castling. I'll letyou know which one it is that's coming
up. Chake the news. It'stime for the headlines. Your news coverach

from Chicago, so worldwide. Butto w and gc IL Morning Show.
Oh man, it's gonna break myheart to report this, but the annual
High Park Summer Fest has been canceledthis year due to an increase in cost
to host the south Side events.Now I can remember, you know,
ten years ago, about ten elevenyears ago, it started out as the

Brufest on fifty third Street, andover the years it just grew into like
hip hop DJ's Clark Kent, Yeah, Daylight Soul, you you know,
Tim Buck to Rest in Peace.I mean there was some of everybody there,
the jazzy Jeff Yeah, you know, I mean, everybody has been
through it, and they drew thousandsof people from all over. It built

up and built up, and theysaid they realized that they would have to
cut significantly or raise significantly to matchthe number in the budget line and it's
not worth all that. And theywere forced to raise ticket prices to pay
for increased security. And of courseyou know that's necessary out here because of
the mass shootings and stuff. Butthis is one thing I could say that

event never any problem, Civil Roomblock Party, which is also not coming
back, never any problems. Idon't know, Zach, because it was
mine. Man. I look forwardto them every summer. I love to
see it. Let's just cut thecosts. Let's not end it. Let's
cut costs. You know what insteadof two chains Kim like the head last
year, we got PD Pablo andCasey and Jails. Yo, listen,

give him five thousand dollar piece.It's gonna be up real talk like everybody
that y'all listen to, we listenedto in college and growing up, like
Cravis Port. I'm pretty sure atall nothing eight Ball and mjg ain't doing
nothing right now. It ain't hardto find you know, Mystical need money
for a court case? Come on, man, bring Mystical. You know

what I'm saying. We ain't gotto make it huge. I'm wondering that
what if they took it back tothe grassroots, like took it back to
where it was in High Park againand and and put it back to the
simplest things, like just having theDJs and the live music. Must still
be a good time, man,because it was like a big family reunion
in the summer. Everybody just hangingout, brothers kicking it, ladies looking

good and their little son dresses.The fool places popping and was and no
problems. So you know, I'msad to see that that festival is going
away and Silver Woom Block Party.And another reason I'm sad to see is
going away because it was for us, by us. Yes, you know
what I'm saying. That was blackcentric. So only think we got left
now is you know the House Picnic. You know, please support that.

You know, I hear a lotof people complaining about the House Picnic,
but you know, go out,man, Come on, man, let's
keep some of our festivals going too. Man. Yeah all right, you
know, hey listen, but ifeverybody the people over High Park, that's
just called me. If you wantto get some low budget good I got
you. Man. The Shaka isnot doing anything Black Street. You know
that right now? Call him boomlike away, call him seven O two.

Now my girls as come on fromthe front to back. Come on,
we got a lot of ass.We get it. It'll be fire.
You know what I'm saying. Tellme the budget three piece we got
three man, shut it down.There's too many artists we can have.
Man, I hate this gone bro. Call young Buck, you know he
needs Come on, man, surethey want to ride with it. Matter

of fact, call Lloyd to havea gen you and the Reunit minus fifty.
Don't call fifty tony ya yo.We can get all that. Lloyd
banks seventy five dollars in a hotlink. He ain't working right now.
Grab game Gen and the Reunion minusfifth. All right, man, man,

go to w gc I dot com. I'm really my feelers really hurt.
Like it was the girls that wasin Destiny's Child that got left them
three them. Come on, y'all, y'all, come on. Anybody that
got a slide, every fly,every slide guy come through. It's gonna
do slides out of the juke,slide cup and shuffle. You know what

I'm saying. Now, I kickand we paid. We paid tribute to
my man Captin du Chat yaw yeah, cast Come on, man, Yep,
it's up Wibble get the wibble guy, all of them and head lighting.
If you want to leave me goahead. Won't got the door.
There's one thing now I know fortrue one mugget don't stop. No,

I don't know his name. Butif you want man, go to w
GZ I dot God for these storiesand more coming up. Leon's just here
so I won't get found its insideLeon's locker room. Well, the young
pups ain't going nowhere, they say. Game seven at Edwards. Edwards at
a post plus conscience says, seeU m FIS Game seven, Yes,

sir, tender Wolves beat the Nuggetsone fifteen seventy. They're going back to
the den. Yeah, they whoopedhim. They're going back to Denver.
Anthony ever Edwards credit credit is histeammate Jaden McDaniels for a huge wolf Wolves
win, for the role he played, and he put up the number seven
at the end of the game andat the press conference he says, see

U m FIS Game seven, lookat winn and lose man. Anthony Edwards
has been entertaining this whole player notready forward to en me neither tonight on
the schedule, the Knicks and thePacers. All right, the New York
leads the series three to two.Pacers are fighting for their life. Shaquille
O'Neal on his podcast, The BigPodcast, he had Funny Marco on,

and Funny Marco asked him a questionabout what was the worst thing you ever
endorsed, because you know, Shackhas endorsements everywhere from Papa John's to Icy
Yicht to General Insurance. He said. He said he had to partnership with
a cologne company that was going totransform his perspiration into cologne sweat perfume.

He said he had to do likea thousand hours of working out. They
collected the sweat and they brought backthe perfume and it was going to be
called Eloquiss. That's his name spelledbackwards, Shaquille spelled backwards, the essence
of eloquist and he discussed he said, it smelled like dog crap. I
can see that. That's disgusting.Man who want to smell like a Yeah,

that's thank you know he's thinking.He big big people. Okay,
no offense to big people, butusually big people smell good. You know
why because big people know they can'tmake no mistakes. They have very small
room forever? Are you some thingsthough, like when you come to me,

we're not even We're not even gonnahave that discussion. We want to
make a cologne at your sweat,We're not gonna do that, man,
because I just smelled myself when Isweat, and there's no way you can
freshen this up. So you justlead. Let's what if they hit you
with like we got seven million dollars. Yeah, we're gonna okay, We're
gonna try gonna sweat. I'm justsaying I know it's gonna be terrible.

Like you know what I'm saying.I'm not gonna go out here and tell
everybody. I would be like,hey, no athlete cologne is good.
Michael Jordan cologne was too terrible.It was terrible. It was terrible.
It was also Kevin Gardner went offon the fact that jj Reddick is touted
as he might be the next Lakershead coach, and Kevin garn That held

no words back. He said,this mf can get a job fresh off
the bench. If he can,why can't my man Sam Cassell, who
always thought should have been a headcoach in the league, get a job.
So it kind of brings up thewhole privileged thing. And you know,
two, let's just keep it real, Let's keep it funking. JJ
Reddick got a podcast with Lebron JackDead. I mean he's got Sam Pucelle

ain't got the Lebron James endorsement.If he had a Lebron James endorsement,
Sam Cassel would probably be a coachtoo. Yeah that's sad though, man,
somebody that's been coaching for years inthe league. It's gonna get upstarted
by dude that's been in the radiobooth. But hey, it is what
it is. Go to w gcI dot com for these stories and more.
Exact boy, what we got comingup at the E spot. Man,

We're gonna talk everything from beig Glowto Drake to Ditty. It's all
on the way. Don't move,ye'll want to show Shot, Snub one,
Pop and r B. All Right. Chicago is going down June first,
Saturday at the United Center. ManShy City Fest with Polo g g

Herbo Rod for nine, Skill aBaby, Honcho forty two, Doug Big
Boogie, Mellow Books, and jT Man, hosted by Danny d lahuz
Tonka, Pone zach Book and ShineMac will be in the building as well.
Man grab them tickets at ticketmaster dotcom. It's shyy City Fest.
Huge shout out to BMN Entertainment.It's going down, coming up. Z

Spot is on the way. We'retalking everything from Diddy's drug deal. Why
yeah, yeah, yeah, somebodymight be snitching in there pick cocaine.
It's on the way. One ofshot number one for hip hop and R
and B zach Book was coming upin the Z spot. Hey Man.
Fashionova then released this new clothing line. I think it's a bit corny,

but it's on the way. Hello. What of them one five w GC
out of shots number one FI Popand I RNBS Boy, zach Bug and

it is time for you Spot EntertainmentReport. Let's talk about it. Man
Didd. He's alleged drug mule.You remember him, Brandan Paul. You
remember he got caught with uh cocainepossession at the airport and uh he was
actually charged with felony cocaine possession lastmonth, all right, and this was

all around the time that they weregiving did he a sex trafficking allegations or
whatever? Well, he has avoidedjail time. He has now entered a
drug diversion program, and they're sayingthat he accepted the prosecutors offered to permit
his entry into this diversion program andafter completion of the program, the cases
out of there, and they saidthis is a standard for a non violent

defend it with no priors. Yousee what they're doing, Zach, what
they're doing. They're eliminating everybody fromaround Diddy. Hm. They gone ahead,
bro, we're gonna let you go. Give me something. You get
caught with the dope on you.He had it, he had a few.

I need to go to drug rehab. Okay, we'll get you drug
rehab, but tell us something something. Well, they're trying to isolate Diddy.
Man. The thing gets They stillain't gave Diddy no charges. No,
they want to get all their duntsin the order first man, They
trying to isolate my man. Man, Well check this out. Go to
Thailand, Diddy, breakout right now, dude, like Russell Simmons did,

go over there and start practicing yoga. They can't get you out from over
the sell everything and got that whatRussell did, Russell, I'm out,
broke out and went and was doingInstagram Yoga session, Russell wild Boy,
Fashion Nova this is I really didn'tlike this. Fashion Over released a new

T shirt line, Team Aubrey orTeam Kendrick. So you can buy your
T shirt from Fashion nov and saywhich team you're on, Woy, Team
Aubrey you support that you are goofy. That's why that seems they just made
money off the off the beaf man. It's about the music man. Don't
get caught up in that America.The T shirt line this week, that's

hi, I'm Team Aubrey. Andwhy didn't they say Team Drake then first
name, that's weird man Team Kendrick. That's corny. Fashion over y'all corny
for that man. T shirts twelvedollars if you want one black or white.
Oh, they got the Drake's Tshirts white now you can get them

in that's really bogus. Drake whiteNo on T shirt is black with white
lettering and shirt is white, yeswith black. That's actually hilarious. I
wonder if they did that on purpose. Yeah, they did it over,
y'all coughty for that last card.I don't like capitalizing off the beef trying

to I hope nobody buys it.Sh I hope that that phases out.
I hope, I hope we see, you know how in the Super Bowl
when the other team don't wearing theshirts go to Africa, so it'll be
some little kids running around and theDallas Cowboy shirt. But they didn't win
the sup out they do that Africankids run around with Drake's shirts. Team
getting hilarious these stories over the wdot com. You can follow me on

Instagram. Zach bugs a C Hb O O outside White turn the thout.
I just catched out on the sunat the Bartlett Yes, Sir.
The twenty twenty four Chicago Puerto RicanPeople's Day Festival and Parade goes down Thursday,

July sixth through Sunday June ninth theHumble Park. Bring the whole family.
The festival will have carnival rides,ferris will, Puerto Rican food and
drinks, pop up shops, andso much more. Saturday, June eighth
is the parade there on Division Street. Look out for the w GCI float.
Thanks to Jewel Osco for tickets andexpress entry, visit www dot Puerto
Ricanfess dot com. All benefiting thetwo cost of Project Ali am I yes,

one o seven five w GC shotsnumber one for hip hop and R
and B zach Bug. Some ofthem believe him is coming up? Is
he working or cheating? Is heworking? Is he worth it? From
my thing down the river and sitand you for different? Now fine for
free? That's on the way.I don't know what anyway? Hey,

what up your boy talking? Paul? Here with my girl Amy? For
what eight hundred truck wreck? Amy? You are one of seven five w
GC. The show is number onefor hip hop and R and B.
Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages. It's time

for loving and leave them with thebest damn morning show in Chicago. And
you know it's gonna be ratchet Leon. What happened? It's zacky ch got
on the rattle or Wren who isa job zacky cher? When he got
on the rattler, Nu chocked chopchop chop chop. Hit him with the

hogs each I'm jop chop chop chop, chop chop chop chop. If you're
on your way to school, yougotta chop up. Just chop it up.
On your way to work, justchop it up. You gotta chop
it up. If you're going toyour job, just chop it up.
Just chop it up. If you'reat the corner store, jop, just

chop it up. Just chop itup. Chop chop, chop, chop,
chop, chop, chop, chopchop. Why they gotta chop because
they're not like us. They notlike us. They're not like us.
They're not like us. They're notlike us, not like us. Can't

chop like us, can't like us? Where is miss? We passed it?
Allay? Okay, okay, allright, here we go, dear
leon and that. I'm gonna startthis email off saying I love my husband,
but I can't keep seeing this theman that I love killing him himself

for a company that doesn't value him. My husband got promoted to sales director
last year, and we were happyabout it at first, but then his
life and mind became hell. Thecompany is struggling and it's dealing with a
lot of lawsuits from clients. Myhusband knew nothing of this when he took
the position. He works every day. He starts at like eight am and
then comes home late, even pastmidnight. He even works on Saturdays.

I'm scared of my husband gonna killhimself. He recently went to the hospital
and they said if he doesn't getsome rest, he could have a heart
attack. And at that point Iwas done. I gave my husband an
ultimatum to either quit his job orI'm leaving. Can you believe this man?
It's still trying to work. Hesaid he's worried about the money,

but I told him I would takecare of the bills until he can find
something else. I told my girlfriendabout it, and she said he ain't
working that hard and he's probably cheating. Now. She got me all in
my head because he does becoming homereal late. Why wouldn't he take my
offer even after the health scared?What? What do y'all think? Is
my husband cheating on me? Oh? Stay six eight a five one seven

five? I hit us up thatyou see? Yeah? This way doler
bruh. What's up? Lo,y'all? Good morning? Is that?
Good morning, y'all? What's up? Brother? Good morning? Oooh one
man, put us up. I'ma leaving. Never tell those free male

friends on business because they always gonnahave a different opinion. They're never gonna
they're never gonna give you the opinionthat you want to hear. Why would
you leave your man if you don'tbe working hard. Don't let nobody poison
your relationship. Man. If youthink your man cheating, sit down and
talk to him and ask him theyare you working later? Are you cheating?
It's just that simple. Don't letnobody poise your relationship man exactly,

especially don't let him poison him likeyour throat. Yeah, some rico to
get some correctly that my nine,y'all appreciate you A six six eight five
seventy five till you hit a sabageGC one O seven five GC shots number

one for here popping R and B. That's Drake twenty one savage spend about
you right now with smack Dad inthe middle. I love them or leave
him? Young lady has a problemwith a man working these hard hours.
Yeah. So basically her man wasworking long shifts and it got to the
point where she was like, hey, you're getting ready to kill yourself.
He starts at like eight am andthen doesn't come home till after midnight,

even works on Saturdays. They sendit. The company he worked for a
struggling and dealing with a lot oflawsuits from clients. So he's overworking himself
so bad to the point where wherehe's having heart problems. And the doctor
said, if you don't get norest, you could have a heart attack.
Well, the wife is concerned,and she said this is when she
was done, and she gave herhusband an ultimatum to either quit his job
or she's leaving. And she said, can you believe my man is still

trying to work? He said he'sworried about the money, but she said
she would take care of the billsuntil he can find something else. Well,
she told a girlfriend about what wasgoing on, and her girlfriend said,
he ain't working that hard. Heprobably cheating. That's why he don't
want to quit. And and that'sjust got her in her head. And
now she's asking us, do wethink he's cheating or not? A six,

six eight, A five, oneoh seven five. Let's go to
the phone line. Who this iswhere you call him from? Ban this
shit? Boys? Man tapping infrom Eywood. Man, All right,
man, what you think about thesituation? Now? Look, it's a
whole lot of goofy going on.Man, that she didn't let this pickle
head friend the hood get in themixed sense mess up some Now, I
understand the brother overworking herself and jobsdo be doing that? Now he should

probably demotehimself on a situation, onthe position. But telling the man that
like this arm himself from being ableto take care and provide from his family,
A real man not gonna do that. So I can salute him for
not doing it. But he shouldslow down and you know, probably lower
his position and you know, thinkabout his help and his family. But
the cheating and all of that,come on, man, old girl at

home board dry, ain't got nothingbetter to do. She's just adding all
this. She makes us her manain't got no good job. That's what
it is. He gotta slow down, he gotta slow down. He got
to scale back. And his womangot to stop listening to her raggedy ass
friend. Because I don't think thebrother cheating, not just think he's one
of them people that's a workaholic.He'll work itself into the grad. Yeah,

but I think she's worried about himworking himself into the ground. And
I say, he got to scaleback. He's got to pull back,
he's got to chill, he's gotto pull back. But she but she's
got to be ready to pick upthe slack door if that means a decreasing
money or whatever. You know whatI'm saying. You can't that she will
take on the bills until he canfind something else. But her friends.
She needs to stop listening her friends, and you shouldn't. I don't think
that you could really be telling yourfriend stuff is going on in your in

your marriage like that, especially thingslike that, because you know she don't
give good advice. You know shealways upset anyway. These we but if
we didn't, we never do.Yo. What up your boy? Talking?
Poon here with my girl Amy forone hundred truck cracking? Now,
Amy, let me ask you aquestion. Are you ready for another piece
stick? You don't just sweat,you know, not doing nothing right?

If you do, you need togo get your obesity levels check and your
heart rate because you're probably about itsomething wrong with you. Right. You
usually have to do something of functionto get some sweat going. And listen
to what I said, function,From that function, you gonna get funky
which that's gonna produce sweat, lotof sweat. I ain't never smelled no

good sweat. I ain't never seennobody sweating and was like you was doing
something that you know the gonna leaveyou with a pleasant older. So how
you think your sweat is gonna getturned into a nice smelling parfume. No,
that's not how it works. Shot, That's not how it works.
Now, they probably dropped you somebig bread. I'm not gonna sit up

here and line and say if theysay, hey, Leon six million,
we want to go ahead and wringout your drawers and make some cologne.
Well, God bless y'all with that. I won't be wearing it, but
I'm showing enough. Go ahead,get some of his boss right on your
neck. Something just shouldn't be done. I like ice cream and I like

lamb chops, but I don't wantLamb chop flavor ice cream. I get
it. You hear what I'm saying, saying, Brother, you preaching a
shot. I love you, bigdog. Stick to Papa Joze people pizza
icy hot in general insurance, butdon't try to sell us icy hot pizza.
We not gonna eat it. Hideand gold A just don't resonate with

me. Shot for trying to sellyour sweat as cologne. Shit, your
goof as damn it's scoof Yes peoplewore seven five from GCR hey Man,
call my man, Attorney Howard Anchorat three one two six million, three
one two six million. You canget the biggest you nail back in the

store that you're going And I gavehim the juel. They said it if
I got the morning I bought priceevery other night. I know the movie
Get made one one five w GCI shots number one for hip Hop and
R and B zach book What wegot coming up in the Z spot Man,
The BT Award nominations have been dropped. Bet that it's on the way.

The shots number one popping RB andyou know Big Glow and make the
Stallion. We'll be performing tonight.They are in the city, man,
and they're performing on Sundays. That'sgonna be lit. That's gonna be lit.
But let's jump into this Z SpotEntertainment report. The BT Awards nominations
have dropped. Okay, let megive you all a few Album of the
Year. Who you Got? ChrisBrown with eleven eleven Gunner, A Gift

and a Curse, Usher, ComingHome, Drake for All the Dogs,
Killer, Mike, Michael Nicki,Minaj, Pink Friday too, who you
Got? And I think Gunner winsthat one. Gunner should win. But
you know what, I think they'regonna do what They're gonna give it the
Usher We're coming Home. That albumwas, That's what I'm saying. I

think there's gonna be some old let'spay almage to one of our legends and
throw them a bone. But Gunnershould have the album him or killing Mike,
I ain't know. I give itto Gunner on that one. On
that one, Okay, let's moveright along best Okay, let's do best
collaboration. Ok you got, Okay, Dirk J. Cole, All My
Life, Beyonce, Kendrick, Americahas a problem to remix Yay and Ty

dollar Sign and Playboy, Cardi,Rich the Kid, Carnival, Nicki Minaj's
Little Uzzi Vert, Everybody, Usher, Summer Walker twenty SAT twenty one,
Savage Good Good. I could seeUsher winning on this one. Drake Sexy
Red Scissor of Rich Baby Daddy,how they don't have future in Metro?
Then well would that beat this year? That's just dropped, you know,

because I'm like that that would win, just drop. But what was the
first one you said? Dirk J. Cole all my life. No,
I'm gonna go Nicky and and Uh, I'm gonna go Nicki and Uzzi.
The best male hip hop artist?Who you got twenty one? Savage Burner
Boy Drake, Future Gunner, JacoKendrick, o'li Wayne. I didn't gonna
get that one, Drake. Okay. They don't throw Drake a boone.

Why is the throwing of a ballDrake? He's I'm sick of that.
He's Drake, Okay, all right, I don't think he's the best hip
hop artist. But yeah, letme see who's the best selling. But
I don't think he's the best hiphop ark Uh. Sportsman of the Year
Anthony Edwards, Javonte Davis, JalenHurts, Jalen Brunson, Kyrie, Irvin

Lebron, Pat Mahomes, and StephCurry. You know, I think they
might give that one to my manfrom Philly, the quarterback for Philly,
Jayleen. Yeah, neither Jalen orAnthony was gonna get that. I'm giving
it to Pat Mahomes. He theonly champion on here, that one recent
But it's Sportsman of the Year,Okay, But I would give it.

I would get mind. I wouldgive it to Pat Mahome. Yeah.
I like Pat Mahomes too, butthat Pat might not be uh, you
know black. It's just the BE T, not the M E T.
We don't want to hear nothing aboutThey don't want to hear nothing about
Taylor Swift or but I will tellyou this. You can check out the

full list with all the nominees onon w g c I dot com.
And uh, the leaders of allnominations is Drake and Nicki Minaj. They
have the most nominations for the entireawards. All Right, these stories and
more head of w gc I dotcom. You follow me on Instagram.
Zach Books A C H B OO G. I'm on that good cuts
in that. I'm on the show. Let's go. This is no more

hip hop and r B. Allright, man, coming up. It's
Friday, man, so let's havesome fun. One gotta go, yep,
one gotta go. We'll give youthe categories when we come back.
G R and B. All rightthis Funday Friday. Uh, we're gonna
do one. Gotta go. Zachand we sat up crack experts. We

narrowed it down the flour one ofthese gotta go. Okay, Candy all
right, so we got four candies. One gotta go Reeses, Reesis,
Peanut butter cups, Snickers, Snickers, Twigs, TwixT Candy, Candy coad
of Karmel left, TwixT right,twigt come on or Eminem peanuts and boy,

one of those four chocolate candies gottago, let's run them back again.
Peanut butter cup, Yes, Snickers, Snickers a traditional favorite, Twigs,
oh Man left, TwixT right,Twigs and Eminem Peanuts. Eminem peanuts.
Oh for me? If I gottaget rid of one? Which one
you're getting rid of? Vic Dog? I can't believe him for the do

this because they's so good? Wouldyou put them in the refrigerator? The
twigs gotta go, Mad, Twigsgotta go. Twi's gotta go for me.
Twigs, got it. I'm notgetting rid of I'm not getting rid
of Reese's, Okay, loove.Recee's is safe, so safe, Receus
could go run and stand and thefinish line. Okay, and thed Eminem
peanuts. That's just the convenient bestof both worlds and Snickers. Mad I'm

talking about when I'm hungry, Iget a snicker, but twitch Twicks that
have to go for me. Sohere's the thing. Yeah, here's the
thing. If we are eating allof these these candies as room temperature,
I'm gonna have to go. I'mgoing twigs. If I'm eating them all

that room just frush, stretch offthe shelf, I'm in the checkout line
and they're on the side. Twigsgotta go. Okay if they are all
eating cold okay, Younger me beforetwenty five is getting rid of Reeses because
I didn't have that appreciation for peanutbutter like I do now with my grown
man pallet. Now, with mygrown man palate, Twigs gotta go again.

So I gotta get this. Iguess it's twigs. And I say
this, but as a kid,that's all I ate was twixts and think
about it. I'm sorry, TwixTyou the eye candy bar out, But
everybody else got something in common.What's that got peanuts, eminem peanuts,
Snicks got peanuts. Reese's is peanutbutter. So the key is the puts.

My brother, I see what you'resaying. But the twigs. Let's
not sleep on the twigs. No, let's not trust me, Let's not
do that twist five cookie wrapped upcoded and caramel with caramel on top,
coated and chocolate. Come on up, Come on, fam, Come on
man, you ain't gonna get noargument from me. That my brother.
And it's something about the twigs.The fun size tastes better than the record.

Have you ever noticed the little onelike we have out in the hallway?
Man, Come on, man,I'm with you, brother, Come
on now. So y'all hit usup A six six eight A five one
o seven five. That was tough. I feel like that there's something wrong.
Man, somebody one candy has togo, Reese's, Snickers, twigs
or eminem p nuts hit us upGC I what up y'all? Oh wow,

we have an expert checking there inright now, Teddy Bighams. I'm
pretty sure he's gonna give us thebreakdown. Yes, and the scientific he's
name as why he eliminated this one, But he doesn't eliminate a lot.
No, I don't because that's ahard one. But I gotta go with
man, wow, twitch twitch gettingbecause I'm a gain all day. I

love refiet and and sniggers and andand peanut you know eminem, but yeah,
but you built like an eminem.I'm surprised, im. I'm I'm
just kidding. Real Teddy, Ididn't think he was gonna stop. He
was like and I like sniggas andand you know, I like h I

got with like what what God said? Like I used to mess them up
a lot when I was young.Because switches twitch is good. But yeah,
receives his thing I never get.But because everything the girl name reason
All right, man, thanks foryou call Teddy. A six six eight

A five one o seven five.Hit this up ship number five w GC
out the shots, number one forhip hop and R and B Man and
Marty Mad. Martin Lawrence is comingto Chicago Man March fifteen, twenty twenty

five, at the Credit Union oneArena. Mister y'all know what it is
to a feature in Jess Hilarious,Benji Brown and our own Mojo Brooks from
right here in the city. Thetickets have all went on sale today at
ticketmaster dot com. It's brought toyou by a E G. But tenth
caller A six six eight A fiveone O seven five is gonna get a

pair right now. Martin Lawrence Manmight check once so one. So it's
that time of the day that everybodyloves one person gonna be absolutely Pissed's Leon's
quency ass person on the day.And Zach, you know, we work

up here with sometimes we get alot of endorsements and stuff. You come
down. I'm just the person thatI ain't gonna endorse nothing that I wouldn't
need. Okay, okay, that'sjust me. I ain't gonna tell you
to using that one right. Well, Shaq when signed a deal with a
company that was gonna turn his sweatin the column. I don't know if
Shaq was sitting at the table thinkingabout, you know what, my sweat

probably ain't gonna smell that back.Sweat is a by product from work.
You don't just sweat, you know, not doing nothing right. If you
do, you need to go getyour obesity levels check and your heart rate
because you're probably about it something wrongwith you. Right. You usually have
to do something of function to getsome sweat going. And listen to what

I said, function and from thatfunction you gonna get funky which that's gonna
produce sweat. A lot of sweat. I ain't never smell no good sweat.
I ain't never seen nobody sweating andwas like you was doing something that
you know that's gonna leave you witha pleasing older. So how you think
your sweat is gonna get turned intoa nice smelling parfume. No, that's

not how it works. Shot,that's not how it works. Now,
they probably dropped you some big bread. I'm not gonna sit up here and
line and say if they say,hey, Leon six million, we want
to go ahead and wring out yourdrawers and make some cologne, well,
God bless y'all with that. Iwon't be wearing it, but I'm showing
up. Go ahead and get someof his boss right on your neck.

Something just shouldn't be done. Ilike ice cream and I like Lamb chops,
but I don't want Lamb chop flavorice cream. I get it.
You hear what I'm saying. Saying? Brother, you preaching, so,
Shaq, I love you, bigdog. Stick to Papa Johns people pizza
icy hot in general insurance, butdon't try to sell us icy hot pizza.

We not gonna eat it hot andcold. That just don't resonate with
me, Shaq. We're trying tosell your sweat as cologne. Now sit
your goof as Damn it's scoopy aspeople who words I don't want to simmer
father GCR. Hey, I'm akid one on seven five w GC.
I has your chance to win onethousand dollars. Just enter this nationwide keyword

on our website. Cash. That'scash. Enter it now at WGCI dot
com. Wait, it's a wGC. I want to show I don't
want to simmer father. The gC s number one FI popin RB.
Hey, zach Man, I'm ahuge fan of Amy Winehouse. Man,
Amy Winehouse, who left this earthway too soon. Uh. There's a

movie coming out. It's called Backto Black, and it's a movie about
Amy Winehouse and her early rise tofame, from her early days through the
making of a groundbreaking album, Backto Black, that really put her in
the spotlight. And it's told throughher eyes. I mean, if you
don't know about Amy Winehouse, shewants six Grammy's five off Back to Black

alone, and so twenty three millionalbums, I had six billion streams,
all right. It's directed by SamTaylor Johnson. It's gonna be off the
chain, man, I'm telling you, I can't wait to see this.
They try usman back to Reha BudI said no, no, no,
I heard that Amy has some itsman, Amy has mits Man, so

I can't wait to see it.It's Back to Black today only in theaters.
Get your tickets now at back toblackfilm dot Com. We got coming
up on the prayer side. Heyman, getting you ready right for your
weekend. It's on the way andMan one O seven five WGC out of
Shines number one for here popping mB. It's the best day of morning

show in Chicago. Myself the destinleged Leon Rogers, Zach Bug in the
building and today we always love itwhen people are doing some good in the
hood for the city of Chicago.On the line, we have missus LaToya
Huggins. She's the executive director forSummer fifty Fests. How are you doing,
Miss Huggins? I am well,how are you great? Now?
Tell us a little bit about Tummerfifty Fests. So, Summer fifty Fest

is this Saturday at the United Center, And what it is is really it's
a pre summer resource fest. Weknow that families work hard. Parents are
still working, but kids are outof school and so we need safe,
fund productive things for our youth todo, whether it's summer programs through the
Park District, the public Library,maybe pier all the city sister agencies.

And then for our teens and youngadults, we're having summer jobs, internships,
and then career pathways to construction,you know, aviation, just different
industries to engage our youth and ourteams. Wow, now in your professional
experience and doing stuff like this,how important is it for us to have
these fairs and resources like this becausewe always hear that young people get into

trouble because they don't have anything todo. It's important because Chicago has a
lot of free, really good resources. But what we find is that too
many of our neighborhoods it's hard forparents to access them. They don't know
where to go, they don't knowhow to talk to talk to and in
the summer is when we lose toomany kids. You know, a lot
of kids have talent, man,they have ambitions, they have hobbies.

We need to put them in programsso they can nurture that at a younger
age. But then when you're ateenager, sophomore, junior, senior year,
you're trying to figure out what youwant to do, what your interest
level is, is your skill setsare. We need to talk about college,
but we need to involve a lotof our young adults and these opportunities
that Chicago have that go beyond college. Yeah. I think that's what I

like so much about this that youhave Summer fifty Fast is because it's kind
of giving I want the listeners torealize that this is giving your child a
plan for the summer start, youknow what I'm saying. Like, so
you're not just sitting there wondering whatyou're gonna do or trying to find something
to do at the last minute.This is super dope. Yeah, we're
not just handing them out pamphlets andleaflets. We have actual people there that

will be sign signing you up forapplications. You don't need to bring a
resume. They'll be doing on thespot interviews. So we're really making this
fun and resourceful. I love it. Wow man, And once again Summer
fifty Fest. The entry is free. Where can they find out more about
Summer fifty Fest. Yes, ifyou go to Ward three sixty five dot
com, free parking, free,concession, free events come down but you

can sign up at Ward three sixtyfive dot com ten am to two pm
this Saturday. Thank you for checkingin once again. That's LaToya Huggins,
executive director for Summer fifty Fest.The entry is free. Get up on
in Chicago, don't play no games. Thank you for calling in. Thank
you y'all. Another five wing,another drink? All my life? Man

sick if I tend I a NUNJwith him and let him eat my like
a cop chake man food he justate on. Got one on seven five
w GC out of shots number onefor here popping R and b oh Man.
It's Friday, Zach Ryan made outin these streets man. That's gonna

do it for us today. Theweekend is up all life. Got a
busy day today, man, I'mgonna go buy and visit my good friends
over at the nursing home in PrincetonPark. Man's nice time with the O
G s. It's nice and kickit with them for a little bit,
you know what I'm saying. ThenI'll be down in Malcolm X College.
Man. The women's in power withsomething that they're doing down there. They're

doing little stuff down there, Somove around a little bit today, man,
Yeah, yeah, yeah, righton. Man to the ogs,
I said, yeah, man,I gave me some Apple Sox, one
of them pretty little thing. HeyLeanne, you bringing them pretty lit things
with you. They love Kiki,Hey love to them love kick. Yeah,
that little bit of the one thatsays she's fluffy. I like her,

you know, you know, backin my day, I would have
had on my arm. Hey man, aff it's up next man. We'll
see y'all tomorrow, Saturday in theafternoon, lock in with a sister. Safty
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