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April 22, 2024 42 mins
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Skinny scarny nothing. I know youlike one day right now, like,
what the hell is this? Right? I guess you's about to see right
now? Wake wake up, wakeup, wake up. It's tother gcl
boy the show on separ to theCCR. You know, shout stuy Arby,

Yes, sir, good Monday morning. It's the best damn morning show.
Back at you myself, the destinedlegend, Leion Rogers, zach Bug
and a colorful Turkoise green today tomy right, Good morning, white boy
Ryan in the building. After disinfectingthis whole studio like it's the week we
got you got co workers with thescabbies. Yeah, that's alright, though

I can't get sick. No morethis year, No more this year,
no more this year. That's along that's a long time considering how you
live your life. No more ayear. I thought you was gonna say,
like in the next one to twomonths, so baby, before summer
it but to say the whole yearyou a while? No you hey man,
it's going down. Go give youyour chance to win on thousand dollars.

Yes, you know what I said. All you got to do is
listen up. We might have sometickets in the ticket vault too, man,
and of course love them, leavethem Leon's locker room, goof the
other day. Everything that you cometo us for. Let's start your week
alright, Sean mackuld be in thebuilding too. Man, Let's get to
a Chicago good morning. Gee Itwenty four degrees it GC I wake wake

up. This Chicago's holy local hiphop on the show. Just to tell
me, GC, I want theshow. Want to sell a fault to
the GCI. Coming up in theheadlines, man, I'll give you an
update on the brother who set itselfon fire outside of the Manhattan courthouse where
Donald Trump is on trial. That'scoming up with Shia. Coming up in

the headlines, Man, a youngman sets himself on fire outside the Manhattan
courthouse where Donald Trump is on trial. I'll give you the story. It's
said, chake the news. It'stime for the headlines, your news coverage

from Chicago to worldwide. But tow and GC I mourn this show.
A young man by the man ofMax Azirelio, who's thirty seven, set
itself on fire outside the Manhattan courthousewhere Donald Trump is on trial. Now
he succumbed to his burns and injuries. He died after doing that. Excuse

me, well, he had recentlystarted posting anti establishment conspiracy theories online,
including a lengthy artisticle on Substack whichblasted politicians and billionaires and even made reference
to The Simpsons. A manifesto styledocument warned of an impending apocalypic fascist world
coop. So he entered the parkoutside the New York Courthouse, put accelerant

on his body, lit itself onfire. It lasted several minutes before the
flames were extinguished by police offers.He was declared dead at the hospital after
he was admitted with severe burn injuries. No time of death was given.
His friends described him as a generaland very personable man. Has some struggle
to see how his final act wascommitted by the person that they once knew
so well, while others noted thathis mother's death seemed to have pushed him

over the edge, driving him tosupport conspiracy theories and go a little haywise.
Well here, okay, I'm confused. I don't know. Did he
set hisself on fire in support ofTrump? No protests? He set hisself
on fire and protests to Trump andeverything that the government stands for and how
a person like that can get togo to trial, like even though you

know he wrong, like this is, you know, just big money.
He was against. He was ananti establishment, which most conspiracy theorists are.
So he set his stuff on fire. Yeah okay, and then he
just lost his mom. So hisfriends are saying that kind of you barbecue
yourself and then now that helps theestablishment? How I don't know, rot

it's a cause. I mean,some people will say, like, you're
willing to do whatever for your cause. Well other people ain't. That's nuts.
Okay, ain't no way. I'mturning myself into no baby back ribs
for no calls you hit me.But I hope his point was made.
I'm happy nobody else got hurt ofWhat coming up Leon's locker rule. We're

gonna talk Drake Drake. Seems likeDrake has been throwing shots at Kendrick a
long time. Why are we talkingabout that in the locker for somebody from
ESPN. Oh, it's gonna giveus some details, okay about it?
That's that's coming up, Okay.I mean, on the way the pot

one on SEPN five w GC showsnumber one for hip hop and Ron be
coming up Leon's locker room recap ofNBA playoffs over the weekend, and uh
Drake threatened not the host of Espie'sbecause if this interview got out, here's
a problem with it. He'll letyou know what happened is coming up in
the locker rooms. Won't get foundinside Leon's locker room on one of Super

Fi TC. All right, NBAaction was fantastic over the weekend. Of
course, you know our Bulls theylet us down, losing to Miami with
no Jimmy Butler still couldn't make itinto Yeah, the playoffs, well it
didn't matter because I mean, youknow that whoever was going to go see
Boston anyway. But games from Saturday, Cleveland Beach, Orlando ninety seven eighty

three, Minnesota over Phoenix that wasa shock, one twenty to ninety five,
New York over Philadelphia one eleven toone oh four, Denver over the
Lakers one fourteen to one O three. Then Sunday Miami, who beat the
Bulls to play Boston. They loseto Boston one fourteen to ninety four.
The Clippers over Dallas went on nineninety seven, Milwaukee over Indiana one on
nine ninety four and OKC over NewOrleans ninety four, ninety two. Yeah,

it was a good game. Itwas a good game. That was
one of the better games. Andthen over the weekend also Devin Haney took
on my man, Ryan Garcia,King Ryan Garcia, who a lot of
people thought was losing his mind becausehe was on social media talking crazy and
whatever. Well he channeled all thatenergy and he whooped Daven Hainey ass for
a whole fight, knocked him downthree times in a fight, just outclassed

them. And I can't believe youknow how at the end when they be
about to call the winner, youknow you're gonna lost. Man, don't
put your damn hands up like that. Irritates the hell out of me.
Devin Hanny gonna put his hand upnumber one for what you think the fight
was that close? Then they gonnagive it to you NOWMB man, that
man puts you on the campus threetimes, that's two points each time.

Knocked your hands out and uh,Ryan go, I see to say he
was smoking on that Devin handy pack. Oh my god. After the thing,
he had a big blunt in hismouth, sitting chilling. He say
he moving up. He said hewant Terrence Crawford. Terrence Crawford. First
of all, right, Ryan,congratulations. Second, be cool, Yes,
Terrence Crawford would beat the hell outof you. Be cool. I
thought David Devin Haney was going this. I did, everybody did. This

is one of them times where Iwish I would have put five hundred dollars
on God. I see it boy, you one, because he was minus
six hundred, minus seven hundred.And the bedding pool. You want a
heap of money, man, Peoplewere like tripling whatever they put down,
you know. So so now thisrap beef going on with Kendrick, Lamar,
Drake and everybody involved had some sportsties to us. So back in

twenty eleven, on a show withMarcellus Wiley and my Man What's my Man?
The White Dude they used to beon Steven A. Smith, Max
Keller, Max Kellerman, they hada show and they had Drake on and
uh, here's what Marcella's Wiley hadto say about Drake was talking crazy about
Kendrick. Back then, take alisten. So Drake came on the show

Sports Nation, What what what yearwas this? Don't quote me? Twenty
eleven twelve, All I know isthis Drake is doing our show, Max
and myself, Max Kellerman, myselfSports Nation because we're hip hop fans slash.
He's hosting the Espies that year,and it turned into him going at
Kendrick Lamar and really going at KendrickLamars and man, come on, man,

I'm me and he's him and allhe's just sonning them and he just
kept talking trash about Kendrick. Ohso now after this show, they was
like, okay, well when isthis run. This is gonna run tomorrow
and Drake was like, now,y'all got to take that part out or
I won't host the Asby's. Hetold ESPN if y'all run that, I
won't host Asby because he didn't wantthat to get out. He thought that

was just them talking amongst each other. I'm like, nah, man,
this is part of the Showlet sothere is so like this it's been It's
been brewing forever. This has beenbrewing forever. Man. Go to w
gc I dot com for these stories. The more you can follow them all
social media outlets at Leon Rodgers.No D in my last name because I
don't do the D. What's comingup in the Z Spot min Man,
the rap game went crazy speaking ofwhat you was just talking about. The

brew is brewing. Hey, we'regonna get into it all right, all
right, an r n B.It's time for it man, the Z

Spot Entertainment Report. Man, itwent down this weekend. It seemed like
as soon as we got off work. I know exactly what happened. I
took a nap Friday and woke upto violence is just complete out of as
and violence. With that, okay, Drake dropped another Dish track basically calling
Kendrick out, called Taylor May Now. The song opens up with AI vocals

from Tupac and Snoop Dogg, beingthe Kendrick Lamar as a West Coast artist.
I think he chose Tupac and SnoopDogg, basically baiting Kendrick to drop
a response to the disc that healready put out called push Up. So
on. The song is an AiTupac, an AI, Snoop Dogg,
and then it's Drake, let's takea little clip. They feel like you
kind of removed. He's trying tolet it die down. Not this time

you follow it through. I guessyou need another week to figure out how
to improve. What the taking solong? We waiting on you? The
rest of y'all a definitely involved.Y'all getting it too. As soon as
you getting the courage to drop,I'm out on the loose. As soon
as you get the courage to drop, I'm out on the loose. Calling
that man out Leon. I likethat. He said, what's up?
Well are you? You? Wasdoing all that boom? Nah? I'm

this to Drake. I want toto Drake. I want to hear man,
I ask you, this is Drakehip hop? Now? Can you?
I never was? No, No, this is what I said.
Dog see that once again? Man, Can we put my words in the
contract? I said when I listenedto when I when I said, I
said when I said, when Ilistened to Drake, I don't get hip
hop. I get soft R andB music. I never said Drake wasn't

hip hop. I said the musicthat he plays, which irritates me because
I know he can rap, hedoes all the singing stuff. That's what
I said that. Now you wantto paint this narrative that I said the
man wasn't hip hop. I didn'tsay that. Okay, if you're gonna
accuse me of something accused me.Well, I'm gonna go to jail.
I'm not accusing you. I'm askingyou. Is Drake hip hop? I
never said he wasn't I didn't.I'm asking you. The question now is

do you think Drake is hip hop? Yes? Okay, he's not singing
exactly. What's a that he's notthinking hip hop? Okay, okay,
okay. I'm trying to figure outwhat we proved. Just then, he
just can't say yes or no.No, I can't because it's not a
yes or no question. Dog,there's a gray area. Do you do
your do you r? Do younot? Admit? When Drake sings some

of his songs, it does notsound like hip hop music. It sounds
like I'm singing. It sounds likean R and B song? Yes or
no? Is it that simple?No? It's not okay exactly. All
right, let's go back to littleSince he's speaking of R and B,
let's yes, let's go. Let'sgo to the R and B guy who
dissed Crave Quavo. All right,so Chris Brown dropped the disc track.
Didn't see this this one coming.It's called the weakest link. All right?

He went crazy. Listen to this. Okay, let's get down to
the facts. Him drifting rig don'tlet this pawn be keep dripping, stridge
Quaito talking like kid does. Youcan't wait to see today that you back
up all to day. See youso Bush talk. You ain't no ni
to the weakest slink. Got ityour place. Let's keep it an.

That's cool. I don't give nobecause when you were still with uploading,
they saw. Now Chris Brown ison a whole another level. This may
get dangerous, I'm but I'm butwhen I'm saying, is listen to that
right there. If I never heardChris Brown and all my life, you
could not tell me he was anR and B singer. He went on

the way, he went off,rode, rode the beat, no Diddy
and just went crazy with the withthe bars or whatever. I mean,
it's still it was light work faras bars go. But it was on
point. It was direct. Itwas direct. It was direct. It
was direct. But I'm just saying, if I never heard Chris Brown before,
I'd have been like, dang,who was this rapper? You'd be
like, no, actually, that'san R and B sing But you know
what that wasn't even the worst line. No, what worst line was?

He said, r P take off? He the only real one I got
true respect. Crazy how when hedied everybody really wished it was you instead?
Well, what's finna happened? Fightingwords? They finish, Reunite the
Migos, Man Migos, Finn getback together against new music from the me
this, This is gonna reunite thefamily, Quevo and all set and then

they're gonna get an AI takeoff andthey're gonna go at Chris Brown. Hey,
I take off. We just heardAI tupacing snoop though, which I
don't like that. I don't likeit at all. I get what Drake
was trying to do. I justdon't like, like, come on,
man, great you rap do yourthing, and you do, You've been

doing your thing. That really didget a lot of mixed reviews. Some
people like it, some people likeit's corny and didn't like it. All
right, so all right, Sothat Chris Brown track was a response to
Quavo's verse on the song called Tender, and he mentioned he said, if
I'm tender, then show me.This is the one that y'all need to
really be watching. This cruel that'sgoing up in a fight. Cevo,
they gonna fight. They had himat to be till Wards this year next

to each other. Man in thesong it was other stuff. He said
us and he said, I wantto break your face. When we were
in friends, man said, butI don't want to mess up the bad
So I just sat there. Thisis smart, though, this is nuts.
This is nuts though. I likeit if it stays music. If
it stays music, and y'all talkingcrazy, it's like being on the beach.

It's on state music. No,that's not. But why are we
more worried about the R and Bsinging the rapper than we are the rapper?
Because the R and D that it'scrazy. You just heard the yeah
but yeah, he warded from him. You know how I worried about that
was Regularly or Bobby Brown, Likethese dudes is he. I'm worried about
that one. I'm worried about thatone getting viold, And I'm not worried
about Drake and Kendrick getting viot.He went in, they're too rich.

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Trump, I'm about to pull upon your right quick. You got man,

they got to do I meeting,Come on DJ your little bio with
w GC size number one for hiphop and R and B. What we
got coming up? Love them andleaving mane man. This lady wrote in
she and a Tricky interracial relationship.Okay, that's on the way man number
one hip hop and RB zach bug. What we got coming up? Love

them? Leave the man A verytricky interracial relationship. She said, one
O seven five w g C showsnumber one for hip hop and rn B
ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages. It's time
for love and believe them with thebest damn morning show in Chicago. And
you know it's gonna be rat Leon. What it's sacking chair in the Raffler?

Run? Who is it? Y'all? Is zacke Chan in the Ratler?
Around now? Chop Chop chop,hit him with the hot beach jump
jump? Is you up right now? Wanna champ right now? He gonna
chomp right now. You know Igot the letter. I don't care right

now. We gonna chomp right now, gonna chump right now. And you
know he got a lot of wegonna chop it up. You know he
got a load of we gonna chopit up. The remix with the remix,

okay, too far? I gotall right. We did not practice
that, No, we're doing thatwas off the cuff. Dear Leon and
Zach more talented than Blue Facing.So so, about a year and a
half ago, I did something Iwould never do. I went out on
a limb and started dating a manoutside my race. My man is Hispanic,

and to be honest, it wasthe best decision I have ever made
in my life when it comes torelationships. He is carrying, attentive and
honest, and need I say fine. I always thought I would be with
the black man, but I guessthat wasn't in my cards. So last
month he asked me to be hiswife, and of course I said yes,

And now we are meeting each other'sparents. He met my mom and
they hit it off immediately. Iknew that would happen because my mom loves
everybody, but when I met hismom, I didn't get that same energy.
His mom was dismissive, very rude, and was making racist comments about
my skin color and hair. WhenI talked to my fiance, he told
me the truth and flat out saidhis mom doesn't like black people and it's

racist. He doesn't even think shewould accept black grandchildren. I was mad
at him because he had me inthis lady house knowing she hate me,
but he said he's going to continueto work on her and not to worry
about her, and the rest ofthe family loves me. Now I'm having
second thoughts about getting married. Idon't want that type of drama in my
life. Should I call off thewedding and lead a love of my life?

Or should I just hope his momstop being racist? Should I love
or leave this situation? I'm gonnasee that. No, like the Negro
way six six A six six eighteight five one o seven five is GC
I hit us up, catched outon the keta battle. Got learned that

in GC out who this is whereyou called him? From this and from
two ninety yeah, from two ninetycheck it in good Monday morning to you,
what should this young lady? Shouldshe give up on dude or stick
it out? I've been in asimilar situation. I think she can.
She should stick it out because myexcess his dad was Hispanic and he didn't
care for single black moms, buthe came around at the end, especially

with my daughter, So she shouldstick it out. I'm not saying the
mom's gonna change her mind, butyou're not with the mom. And if
he loved you and he composed onhis mom is the way she is.
And it got a stand for somethinglike it looked like he already picking a
side. Are y'all still together?Nah? Dump? But hey, but
we're talking about mama's die. Nowyou know how sons feel about their mother
when their mamas get on them.Yeah, well at least she'll get a

ring out of it. Keep itall right, right, thanks for your
call with your scheme and ass Asix six eight A five one o seven
five continue to hit us up.It's gc I your son. Listen.
I want to show I don't wantto simmer farther up the GC more fit

up all beat yo, coming up? Man, Hey man, the goofy
of to day. I got agood one for you. I got a
good one for you. Yeah,Mike, check one so one. So
it's goofy people more all right,it's that time and the day that everybody
loves one person gonna be absolutely pissedas Leon's goofy your ass person or the

dead war And listen, let metell you something, Stephen A. Smith,
this man is I'm gonna keep itreal for what everybody said about him.
The brother is a beacon in blackjournalism. I know for me.
I mean, you can sit uphere, you confront all you want to,
but the brother's a cold journalist whenit comes to sports. I love
his takes on a lot of stuffout right, just as they may be

a love his takes in the sportsworld. And you know, I mean,
let's face it, he nice ofwhat he do. You ain't the
top dog at ESPN for nothing,but sometimes you get a little bit beside
yourself. And I don't know ifit's to sell himself or to sell his
new show or his new book thathe got out, which is a great
read. I started reading it.I'm halfway through. But Stephen A went

on on his podcast and he saidthat Donald Trump is relatable to black black
people like me because of the indictments. Now, first of all, first
of all, sir, I hatesomeone has to be relatable to black people
because he's getting indicted. But sincewe're talking about relatable, look, I

got a cousin right now that's facingthe gun charge right fing the pistol on
him and he was a convicted felon. They looking to get this man ten
to twelve years easy, easy forone gun charge. Donald Trump has eighty
eight charges against him, file forbankruptcy six times. Let a cool against

the presidential election when he didn't agreewith it, and can fall asleep in
court and still be able to runfor president. Now, how the hell,
you tell me that's relatable to uswhen men ran out here. If
me and Zach been down to tweshoestring in a wrong sench in in Chicago,
we could go to jail for sixyears? Are you crazy? Stephen

A? Like? What's wrong?Would you? When you say stuff like
that? It's irritating to me?Matt, you can't paint with a broad
brush like that. That dude washe don't know what it is to come
from the dirt. When my fatherloaned me two million dollars to start my
business, but my daddy loaned metwenty he wanted it back the next day,
and he was a working man.How is he relatable to us?

Now? I'll give it to you. He funny, one of the funniest
dudes. We never had run forpresident. As a comedian, I laugh
at a lot of stuff he say. But relatable relatable? Zach, I
don't know. I'm jack not gettingin your business. But have you been
able to file for bankruptcy six times? No? No, no me neither.
Have you ever been able to haveeighty eight counts of eighty eight counts

against you and you work here?Nope? I did community service for one
little job wasn't It wasn't nothing,and you still kept your job right barely.
Nope, yeah, damn sure.Better not fall for sleeping court am
going to jail, So Stephen thatlisten, man, I get it.
I see what you're trying to do. I see what you're trying to say.
But nah, that ain't it,bro, And that's what I need

you to do, man, Ineed you to take the g O track
of windshield of a four head.You got shit your goofast downstoofy yes,
pore gcr Hey man, don't bea fool. Call my man, attorney
Howard Anchor at three one two sixmillion. That's three one two six million.

You are crazy. We're fied tob GC out of shots number one
for hip hop and R and Band let's jump into it. Man,
it's time for the Z spot.Yay had to add his two cents to
this Drake Beef all right, Sohe jumped on a remix to like that.

I don't know if this is officialremix or not. Future Kendrick or
Metro have not signed off on hiscollab. I don't know if YA just
flipped his beat on his own orwhatever, but check this out. Ya
Yay is on the like that remix, Stop won't stop. I just shin
John Tank, stop treat a bad, say she average, I treat a

bad. It's like a fab tillit. Never let me get it honey
again. Oh my cats when theyget it honey again. Yeah, you
see they tried to count the yaplike that. We just hit that number
one, we write back. Yeah, yeah, he had to get in.
Man. I actually like the wayto beat his flip. That sounds
good, the way the flip theverses, Okay, you know what I'm

saying. I think, yeah,it's doing a lot of freestyling right now
with his verses. I don't thinkYay is a battle rapper. Yay is
a entertainment rapper. Yay is acreative genius when it comes to making beats.
But far as battle rhymes, Ijust don't see him. I just
don't see him jousting in that arena. But I do like the I do

like the I don't care, I'mnuts with it. I'll try my hand
in anything once. But yeah,I just I don't see him as about
it right entertainment. He had aline on there he said, y'all also
out of South y'all, out ofsight, out of mind, can't even
think of a drake line. Yeah, play j Cole get the dry Yeah,
played back one hundred and thirty timesdoesn't move me right, It's just

you. I can tell. He'sjust in there freestyling, rapping. And
the thing is he did this onCarnival too. On his album Carnival.
It's just like a lot of freestylessound like the beats and everything was dope
and then it was just like theverse exactly. I'll put you on that.
That's what I I look for,hard beats, crazy beats. But
if you want to get in thatbeach stuff, man, you gotta get
your dogs signed high the prints andpush your tea and stick them on people.

You got to be a boss andsend them out to get people because
you not really. I don't thinkyou're a battle rapper like that. Hey,
So, also, look, KidCuddy injured himself at Coachella. He
decided to jump off the stage.We're gonna put the video on WGCO.
People gonna catch y'all. I swearhe literally just shared this. He said,

Hey, guys, so I brokemy foot today at the show,
just leaving the hospital, never brokenthe bone before, so this is a
bit crazy. I want to thankyou for all your concerns and well wishes.
I love y'all. Man, Soimagine you're coming out, you jump
off the stage and in your showbecause you broke your whole like little Uzie
vert Man, just get your persondaintily walk off the stage. He didn't
even try to crowd surf for nothing, just just jump down, broke his

whole. Damn over all, right, story to go ahead over the w
GC, I dot come follow meon Instagram, Zach Books A C.
Hb og Hey, I'm a kid. One on seven five w GC,
I has your Chance one on sevenfive w GC of shots, numble one
for hip hop and R and BChicago. We sounding off today. What

makes Dayton so hard nowadays? Whatmakes Jaydon so hard? Man? Uh?
Jack, the floor is on you? Because I don't know. I
don't I would not know what.I got A few things. I would
say social media for one. Ithink with social media you got a lot
of options and choices. You knowwhat I'm saying. You can see a

lot of different people all at once. I think you know, before social
media the way it's used now thatwasn't the thing. And I think that
social media kind of sets unrealistic expectations. So you know, people, have
you ever seen these memes and allthese things? People believe that you start
reading stuff and thinking stuff long enoughyou start to believe that this is Oh,

this is the way to a relationshipis with Devil's advocate, though,
what would be the difference from socialmedia and date aps? What you mean,
Well, you say you have accessto a lot of people. I
feel like day naps is the sameway. What's the difference I think?
I think with Okay, So forInstagram, you can always slide and see
I'm gonna use it like me,And as an example, you can slide

and see another beautiful woman. Youknow what I'm saying. You can see
you didn't see that before, youknow what I'm saying, Like, you
can go and see what everybody's doing. You can see you said. So
it gives you a current timeline towhat's happening with that person, whereas the
dating app gives you the profile andthen you literally have to go meet that
person see what that person. Youmight you might have a picture, but

you know what I'm saying, youcould be literally crushing on somebody and kind
of get a better feel of whatyou think they are in your mind.
You know Instagram, you get tobe more of a stalker. Yeah really
that's crazy, Like, yeah,it really is. It's like that though,
because you because you on that Ohshe was at she was at a
Sunday service at that underground Sunday andthen today she was here. So why

she ain't asked on my DM?Okay, I see what you're saying.
Also, I'm tell you this.I think that people now carry a lot
of emotional baggage. You know whatI'm saying when they come to relationships.
They got all these preset things thathave happened in they past and they bring
that to the relationship. Ain't nobodyhere, so it's just unhealed people dating.
I think that's been around though.That's probably people just have to talk.
You have to get a therapist andtalk that out or learn how to

let stuff go. What do youthink about this though? And this is
something I've noticed, what about peoplenot knowing how to hold conversations. I
think that might be a newer thing. Listen that that ain't just the dating
world, that's in real life.People get so triggered because, like,
you know me, I like thedebate, but it's never personal with me,
you know what I'm saying. Youget some people that get out of
their body and get personal because youcan't have a conversation because I'm not telling

you what you want to hear,and I'm not agreeing with what you're saying.
And I can see if I'm notagreeing with what you're saying, I'm
just spitting out any words. Butif I'm backing it with facts, don't
get mad throw your hands like I'vehad that with comics before. We're talking
about something and I'm giving you factsand they throw their hands, are like,
oh whatever I said. That's exactlyhow people get shot and killed out

here because something is simple as steppingon the shoe gets turned into something totally
us when all it takes is forone person be like, my bad,
I'm sorry. Now you're not lessof a person for doing that. Yeah,
you know what I'm saying. Sothe communication thing, yeah, I
think the art of communication is severelylost. I think that's maybe. And
then I just think that people havelike fast lifestyles. Now you know what

I'm saying, demanding fast lifestyles whereyou know people aren't necessarily prioritizing the relationship
before they lifestyle and they fun andso do you think what's going on?
Do you think also dating has turnedinto a job interview like far As,
Like, you know, you're notreally trying the day to go out with

nobody. You know, everybody basedstuff on financials and all this before we
get together instead of sitting down andlike the person you know, you don't
even know what type of person thatperson is. You're looking at the commas
behind it. And I think everybody, I think people have an idea of
I can do better. I thinka lot of that that mentality. Everybody's
thinking like, oh I can dobetter than that. Then when you really

can't, that's the best you gonnaget. Earl, Yeah, Earl with
the tooth Miss they work the wayfeather. That's it. You got a
good job, though, HU stophating on Earl. Keisha who work drive
through that text she loves, sheloves you, she gonna do everything she's
gonna do right by you. That'swhat you need to work. I think
for me on the outside looking in, when I talk to a lot of

my friends male and female. Ithink people stop building with a person man
like that. That person's got tobe your friend and you gotta build well
and not get it. You don'talready already made. You don't want no
bomb or nothing. You know.Yeah, I'm not telling you to go
out and just this dude. Ain'tthis trying to do nothing or whatever?
But you gotta like the person,man, because that money, money go

away, looks go away. Allthat fades with time. But like,
do I like this person? Can? I? Can I hang out with
him? But we want to knowwhat y'all think? Y'all A six,
six eight, A five one ohseventy five? Why it is dating hard
these days? Hit us up?I mean, I am mon man falling.

I ain't mo an foy, Iam mine a falling? Yeah,
g C, I who this whatyou're calling from? Around you? From
the West side Chicago? What's yourname? Man? All right? No?
What? So what? Why isdating so hard? Now? It's
so hard? Now? This becauseeverybody sometimes I would hit legitd the Some

people just not out for love butout the handgap and see what happens.
People just out just forget what theywant as it selfish. Some people want
love, some people don't. Okay, all right, thanks what you called?
Brother? A six six eight Afive one oh seven five? Continue
to hit us up strolling through thecampus. I had to stop for you.
I was scrolling through the gram girl. I had the fire though.

You say, what's up with you? You got my soul? GC?
I who this where you call themfrom? Hey, good morning? This
is why from the south side ofChicago, y Z. What up?
Brother? What's that the man?I wanted to just stop in with y'all
this conversation, you know what Imean? I know it's as many as

many different reasons for it, butI do think a component is just women
gaining the independence as far as monetaryyou know what I mean, like women
getting checking back eggs, so allthe stuff that used to have and to
meg and get away with. It'sa no note, you know what I
mean. They feel like they gota lot of lot to bring to the
table, if you will. Allright, I can see that all yeah,

GC? Who is where you callit from? Okay? I'm Jamie
from Indianapolis and I'm actually in thedating pool. I think what makes that
hard is that you can go onlineon all these different sites, be it
social media or dating apps. AndI think you can pick out what looks
good to you and not even readthe bio. And they're in it,
like the other guy said, forwhat they want. You know, they

don't. They're not interested in along term relationship because of the fact that
they can go online anytime they wantand kind of have their selection of whoever
they can hook up with or getwith. Thanks for your call, uh
huh, thank you, Bubby,one of the five w GC out of

shows number one for the hip bShot Mack, I hear you dark Hey.
Right now, we're gonna give youa chance to win a pair of
tickets to w GCI and bm ManEntertainment Shot City Fest that's coming to the
Uninety Center June first, Holo Gforty two, Doug, who else is
there? J T G Herbo,Puncho Rob for nine, Skill of Babies,
Big Boogie and Mellow Bucks. Allright, Chritsill already happened. Our

tickets are already on sale ticketmaster dotcom. But the tenth caller A six
six eight, A five one ohseven five gets a pair right now.
It's Gcattle one O seven five wGC Shots number one for hip hop and
on b brother Buog where we willreceive our sustenance from today in the spiritual

world. Today, I'll be prayingfor brother Chris Brown. That's on the
way nine for the time. Ohreally, really trying to keep it PG.

Okay, Okay, let's all goto the Okay, here we go.
Lord, Hey man, I'm right, it's time for the prayer of
the day. Everybody, please buyyour heads the Lord. I come to
you humbly praying for our light skinnedbrother Chris Brown. That's right. He
dropped this track against our other brotherKwavo from the Migos. And Lord,

I know that Chris Brown went tothe pits of hell and had the devil
help him write this as his ghostwriter. Hey Man, Chris went low,
Lord, and I'm there, Yeshe did. And I am praying
for brother Brown because he shouldn't bewalking around with that type of anger on
his heart. Lord, I understandthat he's an R and B dude,

But Lord, we need to calldoctor Umar Jesse Jackson, the Honorable Minutes
of Barka, and the Pope Priestof Pastor Hannah, Father Flagger, somebody
to sit down with these two tostop the beef because this could get violent
and danger. Amen, Lord,bring back run it Chris Brown, you

know is your man on the floor. If he ain't, let me know,
bring him back, bring yo backyo, excuse me miss, because
this rapping Chris Brown is possessed.Lord. He went to the pitchure that
brought up take off told him andwhish Quavo was there. Lord, we
have to pray for brother Christopher Brown. This we ask and your Holy mighty

name. Amen. Amen, Heyman, you need to do it.
Showed you Why did you pay acelebrity over now? One on seven five
w GC shot is number one forhippop and R and B. Anow said

the time of the day that Ilove the most on the show what we
learned today? I learned that StephenA. Smith I think black folks relate
to Donald Trump just because he's beenindicted. Yeah, man, come on,
bro, we don't walk free thesame way. Hell no, So
that's why I can't relate. Man. If I had two counts against me,
I wouldn't be sitting here right now. That'd being somebody jail. This

man got eighty eight counts, filebankruptcy six times, started an insurrection had
had fouls just sitting in his bathroomat the crib top secret file and then
in court falling asleep and fought.And they said, they say, his
lawyers can't even sit around and saybecause he falling asleep and passing guys in
the area. They said, thisis the truth. This was a true

news story. His flat. Histeam like, hey, man, come
on, you can come on,step outside, man, just disrespectful the
court out. That's hilarious. Man. What I learned. I learned that
Chris Brown as a demon when hedropped that diss record on Kuevo Weekes's linked
that's crazy, and I realized,say, yay, just wants to be
included. True, that's all.Yep. If y'all not talking about me,

I'm upset. So I'm let mecome out here and say so crazy.
Wait till tomorrow, y'all, Ihad sex with your lady and this
Jean John tank top. Y'all mightnot have seen it yet, but y'all
has been talking crazy. Wait tilltomorrow morning. Oh yeah, Wait till
tomorrow morning. The interview is gonnabe out. You'll see it. Wait
till tomorrow morning. I promise youyou don't want to miss Whoever got that
interview is just laughing like, thankyou God, you don't want to miss

it. Thank you guys. Soyou're not talking not about Jewish people this
time. He's back on his Listen, wait just wait till tomorrow morning.
I'm gonna have anything for gee.Hey, what up your boy talking?
Capole here with my girl Amy forone eight hundred truck wreck. Amy.
You always tell people one O sevenfive number one for hippop and R and

B. That's gonna do it forus today, Chicago. Hope you enjoyed
us, because we enjoyed rocking withy'all. Angela yee years up next,
get outside and get some stuff doneto there. It's gonna get up to
sixty six. Don't worry. Springis coming. That's decent. It's taking
its time. It's taking its time, but it's it's it's on the way,
man, it's on the way.I know you know you look very
you look very colorful. You lookvery springish today. What this color?

You know what I'm saying, I'mtrying to bring in the spring. You're
in the spring with color and goodenergy. I'm manifesting the spring right now
that you so you're going to workout in that. No, I actually
got different clothes to work out inthe car. Okay, Yeah, you
just drop a nice sent to cologneon no homo, But I didn't know
you put on cologne to go tothe gym. I've just put on colone
in the morning as a man.That's as a man. Yeah, you

get up five in the morning andput on cologne for come impress me and
Ryan in the studio. No,I don't. We don't care about that
for thirty long, Janet Funky,we don't. Okay, Well, whatever
you're going to impress, man,listen to the delicious center of whatever.
What year is up next? We'llsee all the month. Yeah, finish

taking a splash not you know what. Thank you,
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