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April 11, 2024 40 mins
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I know you like one day rightnow, like what damn it sticks right,
I guess you're about to see rightnow? Wake wake up, wake
up, Wake up on Chicago.So then it GC. I want to
show hold on Semer far GC.Y'all know we shot boy fair poppin art
beat. Yeah, it's pre Fridayright here on the best damn morning show

in Chicago. Happy Thursday to youall. She boy that that's a legend.
Leon Rodgers till my right, Zachbug good back on the board,
pilot in the ship, my manRyan in the building. And hey man,
it's a good one for y'all todaybecause we got the weeding ones.
Yes, comedy to a ticket.You know, y'all want to go there
added the second show on the fourteenth. It's going down this weekend. So
you know, if you're in thedoghouse, what you need to try to

do is win these tickets. Ain'tnothing like getting out of the doghouse by
letting your woman go laugh and someother man she happy. Well, I
gotta be some because that's what's onthe show. Now you go, you
gonna make this you live in hisbest life like it's all we got all

that and a whole lot more.Man, Let's get to it. It's
the best damn morning show in Chicago. Man, Happy Thursday. Take the
news. It's time for the headlines. Your news coverage from Chicago so worldwide.

But to w GC Morning Show.All right, man? Uh,
there's a lawsuit and a complaint beingfiled by a former UH employee of the
Village of Dalton. A civil lawsuitthat has been filed against the mayor of
Dalton and a well known community activistover ledge rolls and a sexual assault in
Las Vegas. Now. Lawsuit saysthat Dalton Village trustee Andrew Holmes. We

all know who Andrew Holmes is.Every time something happens in the community,
somebody getting shot or we lost,like the young lady that locked herself in
the freezer. You know he helpedher mom. Andrew Holmes, He's always
out on the front line. Wellallegedly that he's sexually assaulted the village employee

doing a trip to Las Vegas.And the lawsuit also claims that Mayor Tiffany
Henyard aka Tahoe Tiffany retaliated against theemployee and the police officer when she learned
of the allegations and ended up firingof the lady who put forth the allegations.
So yeah, they're they're holding withholdingthe identity because of the nature of

the allegations, which are now,according to for Dalton trustees, part of
what former Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot willtake on in her new job as special
investigator into Henyard's reign in Dalton.So that's why they brought her own.
So it was during the last eveningof a trip that the complaint alleged officer
Byron Miles received a phone call fromHolmes, who begins describing a host of

his exploits from the trip, manyof a sexual nature, and there was
some suggestion that somebody might not havehad the ability to consent or did not
provide consent. Yeah, this isall bad, all bad. This is
a mess. This is just abig dumpster. Now, what's gonna be

crazy is they said that the officer, officer Miles, began to record the
call, which he eventually switched overthe FaceTime So if he got him on
you know, record saying that stuff, that's gonna even be more problem.
That's just crazy that Andrew Holmes isin the midst of all of this is.
It's just this is bad. Butlike Tiffany, Tiffany said, she's

standing ten toes down. She says, this is just a disgruntled employee trying
to get back at her because shegot fired for not doing her job correct.
So we'll see, man, likeI said, if Shorty ain't right
on all this stuff, like sheclaiming tin toes down, and I'm the
mayn. I'm doing a good job. I got receipts. Listen, listen,
I know, I know Justin's gonnabe served because guess who want the

job? Lord? Lord? Likeyou know, she showed a six buttons.
She's getting ready to get to thebottom of it. They hide up
for a reason. She got awhite ones, a black one, all
blacks down. She going to dogs. She got all black mid tops with
the veil crow strap, ready ina suit, a large one telling fresh
fade, smelling like that green alcohol. Ready to make it happen. You

go ahead and get it cracking.Listen, man. Go to w GCI
dot com for these stories and morecoming up Leon's locker room. They finally
fixed the errors on the Kobe Bryantstatue. Finally, thank Fine and man
I'll tell you about it. Justcoming up something for my god, say
live a little bit? Correct?You got ahead? One of seven five

w GC shots number one for hiphop and r n B. Hey A,
police have issued a warrant for anNFL wide receiver. I'll let you
know who that's coming up in thenext lay ours locker room. It's GCI.
All you need to know is sports. I'm just here so I won't
get found. It's inside leon lockerroom. On one of seven five GC

all right. The Dallas Police Departmenton Wednesday issued on an unrest warrant for
Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver Rashi Ricein regards to a serious bodily injury crash
that took place March thirtieth on theDallas Highway. Now he's twenty three years
old. He's facing eight counts aggravatedassault, collision volume being serious bodily injury,
has six counts of collision involving injury. Uh because he was racing a

Lamborghini that Rice was driving in aCorvette in four other vehicles. So the
crash left for people with minor injuries. Lucky nobody was killed. Theodore Nazu
was twenty one who was determined tohave been driving the Corvette, has also
been issued and arrest one and isfacing the same eight counts. So h
Rice Rashi. Rice was leasing theLamborghini and he owned the Corvette. So

both of cars were his, Okay, both of them was here, so
they were racing. Yeah, hehad his homely driving the car. Dumb
stuff. So I just wonder whatthose I mean, I know the counts,
but I wonder what that turns outinto if convicted in how many years?
I think he's I think he's gonnaget a heavy fine. Uh,
he's gonna get a heavy fine inthe NFL. He'll probably have to sit

down for a couple of weeks inthe NFL. I don't think they'll put
him to jail, probably do somethingwith his license, to spend his license
for years, two years. Ijust don't get it, though, man,
you know, like you got everythinggoing for you, man, like
you got the Lambo. I knowyou want to They probably race all the
time. Yeah, they probably racedthe time, and this time it went

bad. He ain't gonna do itagain, you know, he know now
and after you just saw what HenryRudds went through with the Raiders where he
killed that young lady and her andher dog, and he just got jail
time, like only only idiot wouldsee, wouldn't see how lucky you are
that nobody was hurt in that You'reprobably gonna get a slap on the wrist.
Take that slap and sit down andsit down. So the Los Angeles

Lakers fixed multiple errors on the KobeBryant statue, and now we had reported
among the errors and typo that wason the statue, former Lakers guard Von
Wafer's name was being misspelled on thebox score. Former Raptors Toronto Raptors guard
hose A Caltereroone name was misspelled andthe word decision was spelled wrong. She

shot, yeah it was. Andthen a formatting era related to Bryant's Olympic
gold medals were also fixed on thefront of the base and uh, it
was. It was. It was. His signature was recreated to read Kobe
rather than Kobe twenty four, seeingas how the jersey that he has on
in the statue is number eight.And all this was discovered, which is

crazy, by a German reporter.So man don't even speak English, he
said, he told him and sothis is my second language and I know
this spell bro. And also thelady who created the sculpture, her name
was added to the base. Soshout out to Julie rot Black. I'm
Randy. She's from here. Actually, Okay, that's dope. That's dope.
I mean, but a man whorepresents excellence and faction and hard work.

You know, he ain't going forhaving errors on his statue. Are
you crazy? Yang? Are youcrazy? Me? You wouldn't like it?
He knew. I mean, I'msaying he can see this from heaven.
He looking down like y'all better fixthat, all right? Yeah,
because I'm like, I'm hunting everybodywho got something to do with basketball dribbling
That night, hey mat steven A. Smith took to the airwaves to shoot

down rumors that him and his cohost Molly caarm Our dating now Miley Kam
of course, used to be marriedto Jalen Rose. Yes, Jayleen Rose
no longer with the ESPN off theshow, but Stephen, they went to
really break this up because they werewearing white on the same day on the
show. Checked this out that youlook nice your that's always you know,
But I just have to step onout of no, there's nothing going on.

America been live about that for acouple of years. Year years,
they've been lying on it. Youactually believe it. Well, here's the
difference. But here, but here'sthe upside to all of that. They
know my taste, so therefore theyknow they that's a compliment to her,
and obviously she has great taste aswell. So I guess that's America's way
of saying, we both really reallylook good. That's why you do that

because you know, you know,they lie all the time. I don't
know what the hell they talking about, but it does mean their first take
not only is the number one showbecause of our content. We looked the
part all right, Steve put alot of on that. We know that
you would talk to Molly. Idon't know Molly coming to you. That's
that's the same gz I dot comfor these stories and more. Zach's coming

up with the Z spot. Heyman, We're gonna talk about it a
lot coming up. Don't Move afifty degrees to ga wait in Chicago's only
local hip hop on the show thisthe w GC. I want the show.
I want to sell a father theGCI. Hey Man, Zach Book,
wh we got coming up in theZ spot, dog Man, A
lot of records have been broken,A lot of records being broken. That's

coming up. Don't move yeah man, Yes, sir, Zach Book was
popping in the Z Spot home Man. Records being broken, Nicki Minaj and
of course the Carter family. I'lltell you more about it this on the
way. Hey, Jill, youknow the old sugar Daddy you triggering?

They tell them girls see one Oseven five w GC out of shots number
one, FIP hop and rn B. Let's jump into itz Spot Entertainment Report.
Hugh shout out to the Carter family, Beyonce, Jay Z Carter.
The whole entire family continues to breakrecords. Now it's Roomy's turn, right.

Roomy Carter is now the youngest femaleartist to ever appear on Billboard Hot
one hundred with being on the songProtector off the Cowboy Carter album. And
I know you probably wonder how oldis Roomy. She's six years old.
She was born into that seven kidssix Yeah, Roomy six, Roomy twins.

Roomy Sir, Yes, six yearsold, bruh. Youngest female artist
to ever appear on the Hot onehundred and if you're probably like, oh,
well, what does she do onthe song? Listen to this monkey
the Woildbie Priest. She did nothingbut talk on it. You recorded,

I say, put her on thesong and the song is called Protector.
It's on the Cowboy Car. Itscold though. Yeah, I mean you
you immortalizing your children and song andmusic. You know, we've seen DJ
Khalid do it, give his sonproducer credit, got North on the song
with him now, so I thinkit's dope. Man, involve your children
and what you do. And jayZ did it back in the day,
just having Blue cry on the record. Remember she just crying on the record.

And you know you can actually paythem, That's what I'm saying,
Like they got a check for lifejust to be a kid. Everybody cry
no Ith was crying yesterday. Okay, but all right, you ain't got
no got no record. Uh.Nicki Minaj wants to thank her and crying.

Yes. Nicki Minaje wants to thankher fans for reportedly making Pink Friday
to the highest grossing tour and femalerap history. Huge shout out to the
Barbs and Nicki Minaj. Yes,the highest grossing female rap tool. Yeah,
you may make sure you put awhole bunch of things on that high

male grossing female tour. Yeah,because this couple of and I think that'll
probably stand for a minute unless Cardijump out there, go back out.
Yeah, she could do it,I mean she could think Cardi could do
it. But Nicky's doing Arenas rightnow. Or maybe if Missy came back
out, I think, ain't Missyand Sierra supposed to take off and do

a tour that might be strong.See. But the thing is, I
always look at when I hear highestgrossing. You gotta see who got the
most dates. See such a lotof tours. They'll be big, but
they don't do as many dates assomebody like Nicki. Nicky probably got over
eighty dates. But think about it, that's how Kevin Hart got close to
Eddie Eddie Murphy doing it. Ifhe had it was one tour, but

you did seventeen thousand dates. ButI also think though it depends on the
artist, because you can have anartist like like a like a Taylor Swift,
for be I say that don't haveto do as many days and we'll
make that same amount money, andthey will and they will and we'll see.
But like I said, I heardthis rumor that Missilli it might be
jumping back out there. That'll begreat, that'd be great. She is

hard too. I know. I'mgonna go buy a ticket, go see
Missy. That's gonna be nice.That's gonna be nice. That's gonna what
Missy? What going to go seethat? The production on that show is
gonna be crazy. Man, whatI'm excited. I'm excited. Y'all put
me on. May you lose control? Lose my mind? Yeah? And

that, Like I said that,she might not do as many days,
but I think she'll gross. I'mexcited. I'm excited for that. That's
big man. All Right. Thesestories and more head over the w g
c I dot com. You canfollow me on Instagram. Zach Books The
A C H B MA one Oseven five w g Shoes Number one for

hip hop and R and B.That was under the influence Chris Brown.
Hey, what's coming up? Man? Love him? Believe them. I
caught my step daddy. Okay,okay, he was lack. Oh he
was lacking bad man. That's onthe way one O seven five w g
C The Shines, Number one forhip hop and R and B. Is

so good to hear these drums,ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls,
children of a I didn't know whatthey love and believe the morning show in
Chicago, and you know it's gonnabe ratchet. Can I have the drums
again? It's so good in thedrums cause yes, we was beating on

the table there. I didn't knowwhat the drums. I didn't know what
the drums. And you know it'sgonna be rat We had what have the
second chair? When he got thedrums again? Job second Chell, we
got the drums again? Not up, get him with the hogs? He

jump jump? Oh, come theyto me for from because Ryan has found
the drum. Drum, drum,drum. The drums are back. Zag

Bug didn't not know where the drumscome from. Now Ryan is back and
the drum go for rump, pumppump, Hold on where hey for real?

Shove me? Where the drums at? Where you see what that says?
D r you and what did thatsay? Right there are week in
the middle of the wall. That'show you heard I did not have a
drum? Did you look? Justas long as I found the beat,

but the drums I found the drumis right under the beat. Once I
found doom, I was like,it's right under that. I don't know
how to ask what he played themdrums. I'm like, it's the drugs.
Thank god, the drums are back. The walls of Jericho are falling.
They blowing the horns all right now. I know where the drums at.
I know where the drums at.Now the silence for the drums.

Y'all in trouble now by could notfind the drum drum right there. We
just went with it. We justget it all right. Here's the letter
right, here's what we came for. Love him, believe him, dear
Lean and Zach. I listen toy'all every morning. I'm nineteen years old

and to and to be honest,I have never liked my stepdad. I
promise you I've never liked him.He's just not a good man. I
don't know what my mama sees inhim. He's loud and obnoxious, ain't
got no money and hold on,hold on some plans. Okay, here

we go. My bad. He'sloud and obnoxious, ain't got no money,
and I just know he's a cheater. But I didn't know it was
this bad. My stepdad has ababy on the way, yes, by
one of my friends friends whoa Sheis only twenty one. He has been
giving her hush money to be quiet, and he said he's going to take

care of her and she doesn't haveto work. How you do it now?
I want to tell my mama,But last time I told my mama
something about him, she went offon me and told me to stay in
the child's place. But I feellike this is serious. What should I
do? Should I tell my momor keep it to myself? Eight six
six eight A five one o sevenfive? Hit us up? Man?

What should this young lady do?Gey? We found the drums man?
Fall men for me? Just onme gesse y'all, who does what you

calling from? This big bo infrom the south side be a win?
You know it's going on. Man. She needs to go ahead and tell
Mama, I don't care. You'regonna be mad. You're gonna be mad.
Yeah, that's true, true,that true. She needs to know
that real. If anybody should breakit to you, if I know it,
I'm gonna tell you now. IfI didn't tell you and you found

out I knew then that's gonna makethe situation needn work. True Dad A
six six eight, A five oneO seven five, tell you to hit
us up? What should this younglady do? What's up? One on
seven five WGC shows number one forhim popping rm be. It's the best
to have morning show on Chicago.Smack Dad in the middle of love him

or leaving? We got some stepdaddyissue. Yeah, got a letter today,
say listen to y'all every morning.I'm nineteen years old and I hate
my stepdad. And to be honest, I never liked him. He's just
not a good man. I don'tsee what my mama sees in him.
He's loud and I'm notxious. Heain't got no money, and I just
know he is a cheater. ButI didn't know it was this bad.
My stepdad has a baby on theway by one of my friend's friends.

She is only twenty one. Hehas been giving her hush money to be
quiet. He said he's gonna takecare of her and she doesn't have to
work. Now. I want totell my mama, But last time I
told my mama something about him,she went off on me and told me
to stay in a child's place.But I feel like this is serious.
What should I do? Should Itell my mom or keep it to myself?

A six six eight A five oneo seven five? Man, let's
go to the phone lines real quick. This shred from over ease, shave
from over east? What shape?What's up? What shod this young lady?
Do I think she should sell hermama? No? I don't think
so. Child play. You toldme to stay out of grown folks business.

That's exactly what I'm gonna do,thank you. Yep. I mean,
well, she's pretty much almost wrong. So mm hmm. Man.
Last time I tried to tell youabout you, man, you said that
thing was good not my man,But go ahead. I mean, that's
that's understandable. But at the sametime, no, I can't let my
mama go out like that. SoI tried to help you the first time.
You probably be in this situation.But you told me to stay in

the child's place. That's what I'mgonna do. Have for gone here,
leave your life. You made abad decision with my daddy, then you
turned around and made another bad daddy. Y'all crazy, I'm right, thank
you. G C y'all who thiswhere you're calling from bying y out from

Matt, trying your checking in fromMatson. What should this young lady do.
I'm telling my mom, I don'tcare how mad she get. I'll
break my neck, Mama, mystepdaddy, h Joe, Mama, excuse
me, he got a baby onthe way. That's how we're gonna keep
that conversation off, and Mama gonnawant to listen. I'm telling my mama,
nobody likes a snitch, y'all.Just that's my mom, all right,

it don't matter you and your nodaddy ain't coming back. Oh wow,
that's right. And I'm not claiminghim as my new daddy. That
part crazy anytimes? Somebody do thatthe nuts? Yeah, yeah, I'm
minding my business. I'm keeping myspace in the house. I'm minding my

business. Then if it ever comeout. That's the first thing I'm gonna
say to my mom. I said, last time I told you something about
him, you told me to stayin the child's place, so I did,
and I hopefully you respect me followingyour wishes. Mother, Well,
look here's what you can do.I'm gonna beat up the girl, though,
I'm gonna beat up my friend whybecause you know, my friend was
messing with my stepdaddy and you youcome over here acting like everything cool.

I'm gonna whoop my friend. Can'twhoop the other girl? Cut? Yeah,
No, you can't whoop the othergirl cause you're pregnant. I'm talking
about the friend. You said hegot the friend's friend pregnant. Exactly,
I'm gonna whoop the friend now,I can't whoop the other friends. She's
pregnant. I'm gonna whoop us soshe's pregnant. That's the two for one.
I'm gonna whoop you see, I'mgonna have way more finess. Listen
to listen to the bug right here. Man, what you need to do
is you need to go ahead andget something you Since you already don't like

your stepdaddy, it's time to havehim on. What's it? Extort him?
Yes, that's what you do.You extort this man? Hey,
I tell it all. All thiscan be blown up or you can pay
my phone bill. You can paythis too, you know what I'm saying.
Get some money out of it.That's how you do. What if
you be like though, I'm alreadygetting extorted by the one girl, I'm
not gonna pay you to. Okay, well, don't worry about it.

My mama would love to know thisinformation. And that's when you go tell
your mama's talking about baby. Okay, I love Okay, you're gonna know,
you gonna know. I got pictures, I got evidence, gone ahead,
she got the girl pregnant. Butthe girls being quiet, she's playing
a position. Alright, I'll blowit all up. I'll blow it all
up. Get your money, girl, bigger out something. We hope we

helped you, but if we didn't, we probably didn't. We never do.
The Black Effect Podcast Network is thegold standard for black creators with us.
Wait the GC. I want toshow. I want to snub one
fippy it all beat boy boy boyman, you might roll lord lord Lord,

oh god, they got the bowlergoing around here. Father covering me
in the blood of Jesus, comingup, man all covering up, coming
up. We might have be agoofer. Day might have to get one
of y'all up out of her.Lord O, boy father will be covering
me in the blood. They spreaddisease and filth were the modern day side

the Manny Moore turn pillot burn ally'all Jesus, let me help him goofy
on the way, watch out goget this the music got hey listen man,
coming up Leon's goofy ass person Today. I got a message for all

you people that try to push throughmight check one so one so people,

it's that time of the day thateverybody loves one person gonna be absolutely pissed.
Leon's goofy has personal today. Letme tell you something, man,
I don't mind people going out oftown visiting friends and and seeing folks and
being in crowds of folks festivals orwhatever. But you do understand we are
just a year and a half,two years from removing from COVID at his

height with three years tops. Yeah, you know what I'm saying. Y'all
act like COVID ain't a thing nomore. It's still out there, no
Marian version, all other versions.So when you be going out kicking it
around people, you around a bunchof people you don't know, wear masks
still, man, you move around, don't come back to work like some
people. I ain't gonna name andget other people sick. Everything was cool

in this studio. I'm talking aboutyou. Zach Bug. Brother Bug came
in here a couple of weeks ago, talking about, uh yeah, is
it cold in here or is itjust me? He having chills and that
thing talking about its allergies. Nowhe sitting down, you know. Then
he get my homegirl bresick brewing herweekend, you know, after he just

come back from gallivanting around and Tennesseehanging out with his people. Now Ryan
in here from the dall and hejust been off for three days. Say,
look, you have Chicago flym Yougotta get to the bathroom and put
that split that out. Don't keepthat Ryan on so that. But it's

all Zach Bug me whiles I canhear tee and and laughing like I might
have did you did do it?I don't know. But like Leon,
why you ain't get sick? Yeah, because the old man on the show
don't mind taking airborne all types ofvitamins, vitamins, vitamins and I've been
eating my fruit. I've been tryingto do right. I built my immune
system for little dirt bags like ZachBug that just won't take a day off

because he's feeling bad and stay homewith his illness. The what you have
to say to yourself, Zach becauseyou got Ryan sick and you got Bree
st I don't know. I don'tyou do know, Zach. I did
have a little cold, but Ryangot different symptoms than I had, maybe
like that and it affects him different. I didn't have that call. Bree
slowed us to Brud say she hasmore Melani took a day off, but

she came back with the head done. I don't know if that's considered she
has or her level of melanin helpedfight off your germs. Ryan lacks the
melanin, and you got the manaround here fin to die because you took
your little unsafe ast out of townand came back brought the virus with you.

I pray for your child, man. I hope you ain't got the
baby be sick. You oh havemerged. So this is all I'm saying
to y'all. When y'all work witha bunch of people in the union,
man, and you're not feeling good, stay your ass at home, man.
Don't nobody want to be sick,especially the weather. Fin The break
is fin to be nice outside.Don't nobody want you a little dirty ass
germs? Zach, Huh, nexttime you get sick man, sit your

goof fast down. It's we arescoofy people. More want the father from
GC. Yuh. If you wantto sue Zach forgetting you sick, call
my man Howe action three two sixmillion, that's three one two six million
music. It's two dirty in themorning. Funny time. You know we're

going here, I have to I'mdoing but one on seven five w GC
out of shots number one for hiphop and R and B. Man,
it's time for it. Z SpotEntertainment Report. You need a Z shot.
That's that's on the way. Thatis on the way, all right,
and I'm feeling good. I justwant everybody to know. I just

want everybody to know that after Leondecided to give me goofy talking about for
allegedly getting Ryan sick key word allegedlyallegedly getting Ryan sick, I want everybody
to know that I feel good.All right, Let's go one shots number

one an R and B. Howcome here? Time we cracked the mic?
You start colling? No man,go man, go get out of
here. Lord y'all. Ryan sidright, get to meet some airborne and
I I don't know we need aCan we get some spray lights all in
here, all right, that's whatwe need, okay, because we got

spray to work the room. Allright, let's get into the Z spot.
You know a koy Lee Simmons,Brusus Simmons daughter. You know,
she was just out with the billionaire, sixty five year old billionaire, it's
been reported TMZ. According to TMZ, they have already split that that that
that was too much. Yeah,she didn't like that heat. Yeah,

that's what I think. I don'tthink he liked it neither. No,
because he got painted as a youknow, with all this stuff that's going
on today, with the pedophilia andthe sex trafficking, he gotta looked that
crazy. Well he should have.He's sixty five, she's twenty one.
That's kind of weird, but hey, that's weird. Fifty that chandelier on
him after he take that. Youknow, I got the little strip that

got the stripped. Now you putthe strip on your tongue and thirty minutes
later, I'm ready harder than homework. Oh god, no, man,
yeah, yeah, gloat, No, go ahead and put the little song
on your like man, six,what are they talking about? Six?

Talking about? Ain't talking about nothing. That's my point. That is they're
talking about nothing. Go ahead,put put that yeah, what's the little
girl you like? Glow ahead andput yeah gloat, what's that little girl
you like? If we we'll saythat Patty Lavelle for the for the recovery,
put the yeah glow on? Putthe future on? Put whatever you
like? What what song be playingwhen he in there? When we asked

said when now, we're he tryingto get in the move, trying to
get this is what I do toget you in the moon. But when
she when he knows she ready toput the yeah glue, that's it.
Whatever he head over them on hisbirthday. W g c I, start

working, We'll be right sorry tofind quality quality, not they got them
need. On the crack heavy day, we don't get you Yeah one O
seventy five w g C I.The shot is number one for hip hop

and R and B and health.We're writ smack dab in the middle of
therapy Thursdays. This is yeah,okay, okay, play the sad one.
It's therapy this therapy Thursday and uh. We asked the question, how

did you heal from past relationship traumasand how did you move forward right here
in this safe space? So howdid you how did you hear from past
traumas? Uh? You know,you know honestly, though, bro,
I didn't hear well from this onerelationship I was in when I was in
the military, young lady named Comisha. She had my nose wide open and

she did me dirty. And howI healed it wasn't right, but it
worked for me. I was aterror. I did not like light skinned
women. Anyone that wanted to talkto me, I put them through the
ringer. And I had to goand apologize to this young lady named Treshawna
because I did her bogus like Iwas bogus man, because I was mad

at somebody else and that wasn't right. That was my way of dealing with
it. And then I got overit. But then as I got older,
I had to understand that what Idid was and I apologize that.
Yeah, what about you? Yousaid, Well, I was, well,
you know, I think the healingprocess can look different for different people,

you know, And I would justsay, why you know your heirphones
come back here? Why does hedo this to me all the time?
All right, I've been trying tobe serious on therapy Thursday, and then
LEI doesn't take me serious. Hedoesn't take me serious, and then just
walks out. But no, whatI'm trying to say is the healing process

can look different. Now. Ididn't become a terrorised in like trying like
hurting people feelings. But I dothink that sometimes the company, if somebody
else, can make you forget what'sgoing on with what happened in the past.
You know what I'm saying, Agood time, take your card to
one garage parking and another. That'sall you gotta do. That's that's yeah,

that's that is a way of healing. That's that's no the way.
You know what I'm saying. Youknow you know how you get over one
woman two women? You know howyou get over two women's new women's Yes,
that is yes, A six sixeight A five one o seven five.

Let's in order to phone line.We got not hit us up it

g C. I who this is? Where you calling them from? This?
Miss Manisha? I think zach bloggot me sick to I get you
sick. Don't tell that lie.You sent it through the radio waves.
No I didn't. That is well, I just want to want to time
in about how I healed from trauma. Yes, yes, I had two

baby probs that were killed while wewere together. I healed by cho therapy
and sip, no getting out andtalking of family and uh, they taught
me how to cope, you know, with the trauma the pain. Let
me let me ask you a question. And this may sound crazy, but
at any point in time and thosetwo deaths, did you did you kind

of like feel like some culpability orkind of like feel like it was you
know, like you was bad.Like I said, yes, I still
feel that I'm actually with someone nowand I have a child with him,
and yeah, I've always felt likeI had bad luck in love. One
was killed in a car accident andthe other one was shot. So it's
just it's just trauma, act andtrauma. And it was like twenty two

thousand and seven was the first time, and then twenty thirteen and yes,
I had kids with both of them. Wow, so they I had to
take them to counseling and everything,and yeah, that's how I healed them.
I'm glad you were glad. I'mI'm glad you worked through that.
And we don't know how you're gonnawork through Zach, getting you see out?
When you when you how you healingfrom that from the line on me.

Well, I'm telling you I'm takingsome tea. I'm taking night quill,
day quill. All that all right? You got A six six eight
A five one o seven five continueto hit us up man therapy Thursday.
How do you deal with trauma apast traumatic relationship? And how do you
move forward? Is GCI? Itmakes it not done? G C?

I who this where you call it? From? Ni south side? Niini
from the south side. So tellus man, how did you deal with
relationship? Truy man? How didyou move on? Thanks of all,
you gotta get your spiral right.You can't move off from two and get
you some new ones, you know, because I could barely chew them and
walk at the same time. Sothe goal is to heal firs. It's

the spirit, right, you know, and then move forward. You know
you don't want to keep that andI don't know, hold on now this
is and no judgments on and itfeels like you're judging the way I hear.
I'm not judge, and I'm justsaying that, you know, for
a woman, that's kind of tuxic, you know, to being something new

and still have to deal with thenews. Well, that's you know.
Let me tell you something. Haveyou have you ever? Have you ever
had to after some new You knowyou have it. I know you have
it because if you did, youwould know the healing power that comes with
too new. That is my funto you no time at the same path.

Yeah, yeah, I'm gonna haveto roll with my oh lord,
his knees. Now, come on, man, oh, get me home
that y'all know. No, no, it's a lot of fun. I
don't know how. I can't.I can't judge how you heal. You
know what I'm saying. And thatis great advice for you. I think
there's no fun that if you payfor it, because you pay for him
to go away. How would youpray for them to go away when you

ain't even to deal with them becauseyou want to deal with them to get
over the last one, but youdon't want them to stay around, so
you pay them to go away.But it was something about that last one.
That's why you're still thinking about it. That's why you need to to
get over that last one. Becauseshe was Yeah, yes, ma'am.
When you go on their website andthey had a tooth one, did you

know what you hope I might thinkabout that? There? It is all
right, think about that child.Hey man, Let's continue the conversation at
w GCI dot com or all oursocial media platforms where you follow us.
At w g c I, Hey, what up your boy? Talking Paul
here afternoons two to six of wg C I, and I'm talking to

my friend Amy for one eight hundredtruck wreck. Now, Amy, this
is interesting. Even truck drivers callone eight hundred truck re
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