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March 28, 2024 48 mins
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Skinny, scary nothing. I knowyou like one day right now? Like
what the hell is sticks? Right? I guess you're about to see right
now? Wake wake up, Wakeup, Wake up on Chicago tune in
its GC. I want to showse ccr you know stufa pupping art he

is heard. Is Friday Eve.It's the best damn morning show in Chicago.
Myself, Dustin Legend, Leon Rogers, my brother, Zach Bug to
the right of Meat. Yes,why boy Ryan on the board man Thursday,
were getting it cracking. I know. We got tickets to give away.
We're also gonna be giving you someupdates in the headlines or some different
stuff that's going on in Chicago andacross the country. Also, love him

or leave him or be cracking theday. Zach is gonna have the Z
spot giving you the best in theentertainment news, you know, and see
what let's play where's Puffy right whereit's been? And uh also of course
Leon's locker room and Prayer other day, goof the other day. Everything that
you come to love and expect fromthis show. We're giving it to your
times too. It's Friday Eve.Let's get right to it. Man,

It's over Drake GC. What's forthe ones, It's the w G C
I on the show, Let's go. I want some w G no more
for hip hop and R and Bcoming up in the headlines. Man,
Hey, man, if you didn'tplay the power ball, you might want
to play it because nobody wants nobodyhit. That jackpot is going to go
up. And also a lawsuit beingfiled against a gun manufacturing corporation. I'll

tell you what the lawsuit is aboutand how Chicago is at the forefront of
it. That's coming up in thenext headlines one on top five w GC
of shots number one for hip hopand R and B. Chicago lawmakers are
sending a lawsuit to a certain guncompany's way. I'll let you know what
for U's coming up in the headlines. Check the news. It's time for

the headlines. It was coverached fromChicago, so worldwide, but the wg
Morning Show, All right, man, Chicago city officials are taking block gun
manufacturer to court and they're trying todo what law enforcement hasn't been able to

do. That they're trying to stopthe easy and cheap conversion of block pistols
and the machine guns with the installationof a small part that you know the
homies called a switch, and whenthey make it out of match it,
it makes it automatic. It's almostlike a bump stop. So the lawsuit
in Cook County Court aims to forceGlock in the retooling its guns to make
such illegal conversion more difficult. SoABC seven of reports that the problem with

the gun switches, also known asauto sears, is among the items sighting
in the lawsuits filed by city attorneys. The lawsuit against the Glock Corporation that's
headquartered in Georgia alleges that Block executivesknowingly make a product that can be easily
converted into an illegal full automatic weapon. It's the first shoot of its kind
under a new Illinois law to holdgun makers accountable. So they're going after

the source of the problem, saying, hey, listen, black y'all need
to make these guns where they can'tdo those. That's the source of the
problem. So we're gonna blame thegun manufacturers for the crowd. Is that
what we're doing. Essentially, Well, if you got a defect on a

car, what happens the company hasto recall the car right and fix the
defect. Right. So I kindof look at it like this, If
they're making a product that these guyscan easily convert, put more effort into
making the product that they way theycan't convert it. You know what I'm
saying, Like a child safety cap. You know your kids can't get into
an asprom bottle because it's a childsafety cap. If they just made asprom

bottles where any child could open it, you'd be having more kids, you
know, popping ashpen and hurting themselves. So I guess what they're trying to
say, Look, if we can'tget the guns off the street, right
one, So we take the administrativelaw and go after the gun companies.
Well let's get the guns off thestreet. Yeah, well that's kind of
tough, bro. Well that's whatI'm saying. So, but that's better

is we go to the manufacturers andbe like, oh, well, just
change how you make them Like theyfigure that out too. Well. I
mean, I'm just saying, like, I think I think that's actually smart
because when you try to take allthe guns off the street, what about
the people who can legally own gunsunderstand that it's I think it's a bigger
issue, Like we're trying to dealwith crime right basically essentially, you know

what I'm saying. So if that'sthe issue, you know, deal with
the things that lead to crime,you exactly take those heads on, you
know what I'm saying. No,I'm not saying they can't do administrative laws
and make tougher laws for people whoget caught with guns illegally. I understand
that. But if you attack itfrom that side to make the guns where
they can't be converted, then youcut down on it because I mean,

you're talking about somebody squeezing the triggerand letting off seventeen rounds and under ten
gets that. That's crazy. Ijust want the city to put their efforts
in, you know, getting gunsoff the streets, going and giving these
shorties, you know what I'm saying, the resources and opportunities to do something
different with they like, so they'renot walking around with a switch. Well

that's a that's a whole another Imean, I like that, that's a
whole another thing. I feel likethat's focus on the ten out of ten.
Like I'm not, I ain't gonnaI'm gonna leave that alone because you
know, the resources thing and stuffthat I mean, I think that's that's

that can go several different ways becauseI've seen people that try to give resources
and nobody wants UH to do them. But that's a whole other thing I'm
saying. If you attack the guncompanies, if you change the laws where
you get more time if you caughtwith an illegal weapon or something. I
mean, I think the laws arealready stiff on switches. Okay, still
happening, right, So now soif the laws of stiff on switches,

Okay, listen, it's like twentyyears automatically something right. Okay, look,
we already got it twenty years.But how about you guys do a
little bit better at making these gunswhere they can't convert them. You see
what I'm saying, Like, ifyou stop them from converting them, the
switch becomes useless, like it becomesnot I just feel like they'll figure it
out, you know what I'm saying. Like it's well, I mean,
figuring it out on your own andgetting a little pressure applied to you does

make a difference, you know whatI'm saying. But let's see, let's
see what happens. You know,to go screw themselves, Like, yes,
changes nothing can be like all right, we won't. And then what's
the next move, Supreme Court,Well, let's let's let's talk to the
bullet company and tell them to makeit. I mean, like, Supreme
Well, the bullets. Bullets can'tkill you unless they come out the gun.

So that's it. It's always gonnacome down to the gun. And
the people were squeezing it. ButI don't know. Hey, listen,
powerball jackpot. It flipped nine onehundred and thirty five million, no big
games, but three one million dollarwinners. Tickets were sold in Arizona,
Pennsylvania, and Texas for the onemillion dollar. So nine hundred and thirty

five mill go out and there,lord till you decide you want to bless
me, go ahead and do it. If you want to do the nine
thirty I take that. If youwant to give me twenty or a million,
however you want to bless you comeout with and get the little I
could be one of the one winner. Cool. I ain't gonna complaine,
however, tax that give me mylittle four hundred and twenty greatly appreciate man,
Hey man, you want to giveme a little scratch off of two

hundred, I take this right nowthe pantry up, hey man, coming
up. Leon's a locker room.Ice Cube puts a big offer on the
table. I saw a female collegebasketball star. I'll tell you that's coming
up in the locker rooms. GC. I oh, you need to

know in sports here, so won'tget found. It's inside leon SLocker room
on one si Cci, hey man, we were just talking about it.
The NCAA Women's Tournament is lit thisyear because it has a plethora of young
stars, some that are leaving collegethis year and some that will be around
for a while. You got AngelReese, you got Juju over at USC,
Paige Becker's at Yukon, or ayoung lady from Stanford, I forget

her name. It leaves me rightnow. And the young point guard from
South Carolina. But you know,all the hype is around Caitlin Clark.
This is her last year. She'sthe all time leading scorer in college basketball
period over anybody, and so she'son her way to the w NBA and
it probably looks like she's gonna begoing to Indiana and to play with her
Leah Boston. That's gonna be crazy. Well somebody else through they hat and

the ring the Big Three League,of course, you know, run by
ice Cube. He's the president CEO. It was founded in twenty seventeen.
Well, he has offered, hesays, listen, five million dollars to
play in the Big League. AndZach, I heard you say in the
big I mean Big Three. Iheard you also say that not only can

you playing the Big Three, hestill don't care if she go play,
yes and the WNBA. And hesaid, not trying to take WNBA,
not trying to make you choose betweenBig Three and w NBA. He was
just saying, I want to giveyou this historic offer of five million dollars
for essentially eight regular season games intwo playoff games. That's ten games,

five mil Kaitlyn, you gotta checktake that. I gotta check the bag.
I'm shock. You have got tocheck the back and she'll only be
making seventy six k a year inthe w NBA. I'm taking that.
You gotta take the bag. Andnot to mention, she'd probably been checking
the bag anyway in college with thenil deals. But for ice Cube to
off of that, that's gonna bringattention to the Big Three. Now.

My only reservations about it is whatdoes it do for women's basketball in the
sense that she's gonna be playing againstmen, grown men. I know they
retired, but he's still at NBAathletes with chips on their shots like size
and side and just you know,a Dame Finna just letting nobody come in

and do them dirty. You knowwhat I'm saying. The competitive gonna be
crazy. I tell you what,though she's gonna she would be essentially making
five hundred thousand dollars. That's crazya game. Okay, that's the first
thing. And the second thing iswhen you go to w NBA, A
lot of w NBA players go overseas, Russia, they come, you know,
in that off season anyway, tengames, five million, I'm playing,

Yeah, Cube, I'm going outthere. Ice Cube said, we
intended to offer to remain private whileKaitlin Clark plays for the championship, but
I won't deny what's now already outthere. Big Three made a historic offer
the Kaitlin Clark. Why wouldn't weKaitlyn is a generational athlete who can achieve
tremendous success in the Big Three.And you know, I was just thinking
about this too. To your pointabout the size difference, and you know

what I'm saying, these guys againstthe girl. I'm thinking maybe Cube is
trying to Big three league for retiredw n b A players too, or
so Leslie come, this might bethe start of something where it's sure swoop.
Yeah, it could be like acoed league. You know what I'm
saying, where it could it couldhappen. Yeah, like I say,

you had one girl on each team, two guys me. I'm listening.
I'm okay with men playing with themen and women playing with the women.
It's just I'm tired of putting theputting the men and women against each other.
Like, let everybody have their leagueand do their thing. But Kaitlyn
Clark taking that'll be groundbreaking. That'llbe your basketball period. Go to w

gc I dot com for these storiesand more. What's coming up in the
z spot Man Amen Diddy updates,But gc I want to show I want
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Walmart dot com, and Amazon dotcom. Zach Boog, what we got

coming up in the Z Spot?I got another Diddy update for you.
I repeat, another Diddy update.Man, y'all leave did you alone?
It's on the way, Yah oneO seven five shots number one for hip
Hop and R and B. ZachBoog. What's happening in the Z spot

coming up? Man? It's Diddy? Oh love is Didy public enemy number
one? Man, it's crazy.I got you, I got you a
love dat you love us and Fredthat urser, John and Luda had to
do it this one O seven fiveGC out of shots number one for hip
Hop and R and Bach Boy Zachbook And it's time for your Z Spot

Entertainment Report. I'm going to tellyou this man, the Diddy pot thickens.
Young Miami was named in some courtdocuments and was listed as an alleged
sex worker for Diddy. Yes Yes, Young Miami was on there, as
well as fifty cent Baby Mommy BabyMom Daphne George Yes said that they were

alleged sex workers for Diddy in thesecourt documents, and uh, Young Miami
Andmmy allegedly transported pink cocaine on theprivate jet at his request, pink cocaine.
Let me tell you something. Ifyou know what pink cocaine is,
you are too far in the inthe drug. I want to know different.

Don't hit me up pink cocaine.What's the difference you hit that pink
cocaine? Said? Because Young Miamislept with Diddy, she's a sex worker,
but she was dating na. Imean, that's what they're saying just
in these alleged doc it's all alleged. None of this is oh for sure,

you know what I'm saying them downbecause that's his girl. Basically what
somebody else is. Somebody is sayingsaying that she was paid monthly to be
Diddy's girl? Did he sex worker? And fifty cent baby mama? Man?
You know fifty cent had fun withit? What did he say?
He goes on Instagram, he posteda picture of himself smoking a cigar and
he says, I didn't know youwas a sex worker, you little sex

worker? Laugh? Out loud.He said, Yo, this stuff is
a movie, yeah, he said. And also he posted from Fox News
this clip where they were saying thatDid he had hidden cameras in every room
of his home and he has recordingsof several celebrities, artists, music label

executive and athletes engaging in the illegalactivit. They call these these uh so
called freak out parties that people peoplethat that Did he had at his homes
and they're saying that these so calledfreak off parties was actually funded allegedly funded
by music record executives. I heardabout that. Yeah, there's like and

there's one Mogo in particular that theysaying like a lot of money down funding
the alcohol, funding drugs, alltypes of No, this is like Epstein
Island, the black version, thisis this is wild. This is wild.
So so now let me ask youa question. Do you think with
that being said, like that lastthing you said, do you think didd

he's just being the fall guy?You think it's bigger than Diddy And they're
like, Okay, well we're gonnamake it, stop it Diddy and make
him the fall guy before we getto the rest of us. I don't
know if I can say he's afall guy. I just know it's it's
not just Diddy. I mean,this is this is so you're saying did
have an involvement, but the onlyone he ain't go. He's not the
only one. But this is allfrom Rodney Jones Sybilu complaint documents. And

I want to say Cuba Gooding Jr. Felt throw on them and all that.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, I'msorry. Man. Look I said
this last night on stage. You'regrown man. I get it. Man.
You know what I'm saying. Man, you in this environment, I'm
beating Cuba good nass. If youtouched me, we just gotta fight,
win and lose. You know whatI'm saying. If you get something and

be unconscious because I'm stealing on you. You touched me like that, like
we gotta fight, yo, wet, I can't see how grow man.
You stand there. Let Cuba justcome play with your nipples. Hey man,
I'm slapping Cuba on sight. Wegotta go. I get that.
I get that. I be there. We gotta move furniture. Jack,
I'm gonna pick my stuff up andleave after I fight you. I'm sorry,

Cube, I gotta fight you becausehere she signed up for this.
But he'll see you're getting be like, hey, I'm sorry I did that
the last me again? What aboutthis? No I then touch your lips.
No, I'm going It's just it'sreally simple for me because I'm gonna
be like, you know, likeWilliam said, when did he would a
party? You gotta tell him theycome down to the thing. No,

I'm good, brother, I'm fine. Or one of the celebrities I saw
he was like, I leave allhis parties leave well me, I'm diddy.
I'm gonna come make this beat man. But I'm telling you right now,
anybody touched me mad, I'm stabbingat your party, So telling no
play. I'm in my music zoneand working on music. I'm still curious

that I need to check. I'mstill curious on what pink cocaine is.
You see, that's crazy, Likewhat's the difference? What does it do?
Like? Does it does it getyou? Does it mellow you out?
More? But you know, here'sthe thing. All this has come
out, you know what I'm sayingand going through all this and maybe the
charges are coming, but he's yetto be arrested, arrested anything, But

what is he is? He stillin I don't know an what did they
bring him back from Antigu. Idon't know what. Nobody know what it
is. That's what I'm saying.This is, this is really it's unsolved
mysteries. I can't wait for thetwo B movie. This is all that's
definitely somebody. Don't make one.They making it right now, you know
to movie. Don't take nothing,but don't do that had freak party.

It's on t B all right,man. These stories of morehead over the
w GC I dot com. Youknow you can follow me on Instagram.
Zach Bugs a c h b ohoh nor s mister w g C.
I want to show I don't wanta summer far to the g C shots.
No more for popping on B.Yes, sir. One on seven
five w GC shots number one forhip hop and r B, Zach Bug,

we gotta love him, believe himon that Yes, sir, my
stepdaughter hates me. That's on theway. One on semper five w GC
shots number one for hip hop andR and B. Ladies and gentlemen,

boys and girls, children of allages. It's time for love them.
Leaving with the US damn Morning Showin Chicago. And you know it's gonna
be ratchet Leon, what happened?It's Zack chan zac cheirn shot job shot,

shot shot chop shoto hit him?What the house? It chup?
Jump chop chop Jo, yoo yourself, body gonna get the prench. Yeah,
that hurt. That hurts? Allright, Let's get straight to this

one man. Dear Leon and Zach. I've been married to my husband for
four years and has been obvious sincewe got married. His daughter hates me.
She was eleven when we got married, and now she is fifteen,
and it's only gotten worse. Ihave a daughter the same age as my
stepdaughter, and they are best friendsbecause they go to the same school.

But my stepdaughter doesn't come to thehouse when I'm home. She constantly,
she constantly reminds me that I amnot a mom. I have tried to
build a relationship with her, butshe always shuts me down and it's cold
and me. She yelled at memore times than I can count, slam
doors in my face, and it'sjust disrespectful. So my daughter and my
stepdaughter watch. Love is blind allthe time, and she wants my daughter,

and my daughter asks take to takea vacation this summer. I told
her, okay, I got somePTO coming at work and told her we
could go to Jamaica. My daughteris excited and she acts put my stepdaughter
to go. I said, no. She always tells me I'm not a
mom and disrespects me, And Isaid, she can invite a different friend,
but I'm not taking my stepdaughter now. My husband is mad and told

me this is a good opportunity forme and my stepduild to build our relationship.
And he said, I'm being petty. My daughter is mad because she
wants he be friends best friend togo. Am I wrong or should I
let her go? A sixty sixeight eight five one o seven five?
Hit us up? What should hismom do? GCI do any cool?

GC? Who is what you callhim? From? Hey? This midnights
on the south Side? Midnight fromthe south Side? What should this young
lady do in this situation? Ithink she should be the bigger person than
be your step mom and just keepon working with her and let her go
and maybe she can't build a betterrelationship with her, okay, and then
say be the adult. Be theadult. Yeah, be bigger than that.

When she cuts you out on thatalley, then what you do one
on seven five w G is numberone for hippop and R and B.
We are smack dab in the middleof love them or Leave him step mommy's
step daughter issues. Yeah, sobasically lady wrote in said her and a
husband to get been together four years. They have two daughters that the fifteen
one was from a previous marriage,and you know she had a It was

just basically both from blended from blendedfamily aspect, and her daughter wants to
go to Jamaica for a vacation andwants to bring the step daughter. Problem
is the stepdaughter it's disrespectful to thestep mom all the time, slams doors
in the face, it's cold,shuts her down and yelled at her multiple
times. But the daughters and friendsand they go to the same school.

So now the husband is upset,like, now, this is a good
opportunity for you and my daughter tobuild your relationship. And he's saying,
you being petty. You know whatI'm saying, be the adult. And
she wants to know is she wrongfor not letting the stepdaughter go on this
trip? A six six eight fiveone oh seven five let's go to the
phone line. Who this is whereyou're calling from? The Sheila? I'm

actually calling on my way to work, Sheila on her way to work.
Thank you for checking in with us. What should this young lady do?
Actually, it's not oh mama todo anything. How come daddy hasn't stepped
in to check that? Okay,that's an interesting perspective. So you say
the father need to put the stepdaughter in check. Say you don't talk
to an adult like that. Imean, she probably has some resentment because

that's not the parents aren't together anymore. But unfortunately, daddy's gonna have to
step in to make it right.It can't be the stepmom to make it
right because she doesn't respect her already. Okay, but should she let her
go on the trip though, No, she can't go on the trip with
me. Actin crazy like your daddy. Don't choose this time. I'm sorry

you gonna ain't your mama. He'sflamming darts, but I'm gonna take you
to Jamaica now, boo, yougot to stay home this trip. Maybe
next year. Thanks? Thanks forall right. Who is where you caught
him from? Uh? Tomika fromthe Westside to me the western young lady
do. I don't think she shouldtake her. I think she should stick
to what you're saying. And thehusband. For the husband to get mad

at her, the husband is madalso because I'm pretty sure she'd go to
him and she talked to him aboutthe way her step daughter make her feel
or whatever. And for her toget me here to get me mad,
and her for her saying no toup her, he wrong and she should
not take because she get out there, she gonna do it, study spend
me to her argument and n whatnow she out there looking stupid and looking

in bed in front of everybody else. Uh, you gotta have your daughter.
Beat that little girl up. Ohyou're gonna let her talk to your
mama like that? Here I am, I'm telling you what you make it.
I need you to whoop her.Get in line. I can't.
I can't do nothing to whoop.So I'm gonna cut off your stuff.
You got a whooper. That's whyif I had a daughter and and somebody

she talked, that's your friend.You said she talked to your mama.
Man, you better squab, youbetter catch you. I'll better have a
little warm No, please, don'ttalk to my mama like that. Gee,
now we cool, but don't talkto my mama like that at one
time. No, it's more thanthe husband, the correct the bag.
Yeah, that's fine, but thekids. Okay, so I'm gonna let

kids. Look, you ain't dothat, but nah, don't have I
know, empathy for the bad asskids going to Jamaican and traveling the world
stamping they passport and you out heredisrespectful, especially I'm gonna be the chaperone
and I'm right, and I'm payingfor these things. I'm pretty sure the
father was probably gonna pay for it. But at the time, it doesn't
matter who's paying for it. I'mwatching it. I'm watching you, and

you know what I'm saying. Yougotta respect me, especially going overseas and
just for safety reasons period. Likeif I'm like, hey, y'all need
to be in by this time andyou're like nah, if that, I'm
gone, I'm doing whatever, andthen something happened, I'm liable, So
I'm not taking you overseas at all. My daughter got a standard here,
man, you better whoop up usstyle. Hey, we hope we helped

you, but if we didn't,we never do hey whatever free never sounded
so good? You are? Youknow how Google d and looking for It's
one on seven see y'all go besidesup more for hip hop with R Baby
and I Heart Radio Station. Yeah, everybody, just it's time for your

weather reports from the w gc IWeather Center. Today. We're looking at
a high fifty two degrees tonight ofLord thirty four right now, fairst guys
at thirty three degrees GC I wakeud waking up. This Chicago's only local
hip hop on the show. It'sthe w GC. I want the show.
I want a seven fall to theGCI. Hey man, stay on
deck. Leon's goofy ass person ofthe day coming up next, don't let

it be you. One on sevenfive w GC shots number one for hip
hopping on being coming up Leon's goofyass person other day. I got a
message for you, Uber in doordash trivers be pissing me out, GC

Mike said one so one, Solisten, it's gooofy as people more.
All right, it's that time ofthe day that everybody loves. One person
gonna be absolutely pissed. It's Leon'sgoofyards person on dead. Let me tell
you something man, this is onejust going to a group of people,
and not all of them. It'sfor the few that mess it up,
for the many door dashing uber driversfor your food. Right, he's my

love, y'all. Man, theymy people too, And that's why I
try to tip great because I knowthey don't make no money, you know
what I'm saying. On the onthe regular side, the company, the
food company, and the Uber eatsand door dash get all the money.
But listen, man, when thecheck the box off, that says hand
it to me. That means giveit to a human. Somebody's gonna answer

the door, and a human willcollect the food. Don't stop sending my
food on the porch. And thenyou try to lie like this one cat.
I ain't gonna put them on theblasts, I don't, you know,
because they only get their first day. And I tipped this brother seven
dollars he gonna put I'm looking athim on the ring doorbell. He just

set it on the porch and left, and I hollered through the ring door
bus. You ain't gonna ring thedoorbell, bro oh my bed and kept
walking and got in the car.Hand it to me. How hard is
that? What they say on thathand it to me. Some human is

gonna come to the door, givethem the bag. Don't set my bag
next to the evergreen bushes. Wegot chipmunks and stuff out where where I
live. Man, I want nothingbiting a hole in my bag and enjoin
my hot fries or it's raining outside. You hand it to me. They
should have a tip back button.Because I gave you this tip. You

just gonna throw my stuff in.No, I should be able to deduct
my tip back from your delivery thingbecause you didn't deliver it right. I
wouldn't take up for the uber drivers. Sometimes y'all answer the door fast enough,
like we they work off what speedenough? Man, I hit the
doorbell. You just waiting. No, I got to go to the next
house. We look at the appand we timing you. I'm not just
gonna open my door outside. I'mtiming you. You say five oh three.

I see you stop. I seeyou drive past the house. First
of all, we'll not leaven getinto that. You got a GPS thing
and you drive past houses right here. But at the end of the day,
when I check off, hand itto me. Don't put my food
on the ground. Man. Forthe ones of y'all that do that,
this is what I'm talking about itbecause overall I'm satisfied with the door Dash

and Uber drivers that come through becauseLord knows, we spend a lot on
it. Yeah, but for theones that don't hand it to me,
Okay, sit your goof fast down. It's scoof yes people more gcr hey
man, call my man, AttorneyHoward Anchor at three one two six million.

That's three one two six million,one seventy five w GC out of
shots, number one for hip hopand R and B, and it's time
for your Z spot Entertainment Report.Beyonce. She dropped her track list for
her new album that is dropping tomorrow, Cowboy Carter. Okay, looks like

it's got about twenty some songs onthere. They were saying that all of
the songs. I saw a INSIDERRtweet where they said, all of the
songs on this new album our countryexcept two of them, Okay, except
to one of the name of thesong. You know, Texas hold them
of course, Levi Jeans, Yeah, yeah, Blackbird, my Roles okay,

Dolly Pete by the Guard American America. So it's gonna be good.
Man. I'm excited for this also, man, Beyonce, We'll be receiving
the Innovator Award our twenty twenty fouriHeartRadio Radio Music Awards this year, So
here a shout out to Beyonce andour twenty twenty four iHeartRadio Music Awards.

So this is dope. Man.Are you Are you excited for this Beyonce
album? I am. I'm actuallylooking forward to it because for me,
she's now becoming you know, Imean we She already has done the like
Michael Jordan things far as music go. She's like Michael Jordan's pop music.
But now it's like on some Lebronstuff. She could do it all,

you know, past rebound assistem Likeyou know, I know I could do
pop. I know I could doR and B. Now I'm finna hit
you out with this country and ifit's crazy now, I might come back
with some rock or some jazz.And now it's just like this is the
If she does this to me,you gotta move over, Mike. This
is the greatest entertain of all time. And I know that might sound blast
for mister people. But if shemake a country album and then come back

and do another genre and it's successfuland it go crazy, not just because
the fans, but not just becausethe behive get it. It's really music
is dope. Yeah, hey,what you're gonna say, Bro, I
be doing this for a long time. Come on, She's been working on
this album five years of itself.So I'm excited, you know what I'm
saying. I'm just happy for theawareness it's gonna bring to bringing our people

to to country music. You knowwhat I'm saying, Black people, because
Charlie Pride, my uncles used tobe real heavy on the country music.
Charlie Pride, a lot of differentpeople. And you know, a shout
out to my girl Liz Tusson,who from right here in Chicago used to
do this thing called country soul.A lot of people wasn't up on the
man. It was dope country soul, you know. So you know,

shout out to Beyonce. But likeI said, bro, she pull it
off and it's dope. You gotthe start saying this is the greatest entertainer
that ever lived, Cowboy Carter andthe Rodeo Chitlin Circuit And it is dropping
March twenty ninth tomorrow, it's theRodeo chitling circuit. It's part of the
name of hen that's part of that'spart of he rollout. Yeah, that's
cold, all right, man,these stories of Gore. Head over to

the w GC I that gop gonnado. Follow your Instagram Zach buogsz A
C. Hb Og. That wasChris Brown sensational right here on one O
seven five w gc I. Heylisten, man, we're talking uh space.
Safe space is therapy Thursdays, andwe want to know Chicago. Hit

us up A six six eight Afive one oh seven five. What are
some signs that you know you needa mental health day something a day just
to detach from everything. Now forme, when when any and everything somebody
says to me gets on my nerves, I don't care who it is.
It could be my three year oldnephew, be my mama. When I

just bet, I don't care howyou doing? Sign and man, go
on with that. I don't nobodycare about Gone. I'm just just I
feel like you're gonna ask me todo something Gone Like That's when I know
I need to, like, Ineed to be away from everybody for a
minute, sit to myself and justcalm down because it's something bothering me other

than going on. So I gottathink about what's bothering me in address that,
or don't address it, let's setit up on the shelf, because
I think a lot of times wehave anxiety about things, and we increase
the anxiety by trying to address it, and we're not in a mental space
to address it. So sometimes Ilett some sit on the shelf. Yeah,
I'm gonna get back to you,but right now, I don't need
to be some stuff. You don't. You don't even have an answer for

exactly the thing that's bothering you.So sometimes you just gotta let it be.
So like I go to a movieby myself and just sit in the
theater and shit zone out right.I need it, I'm gonna say.
For me, I know I needa break when I get a full night's
rest and still tied. Oh I'mtalking about I know I went to sleep
at night, I know about twelveI got twelve hours and I'm still dragging.

Now is that a physical thing orI think I need a mental break,
like a complete mental break because ofmy body. Yeah, I got
enough sleep. I'm rested, butmentally I'm drained or mentally I'm just done.
The sun helps me, man.I know we say that thing about
black folks in the sun. I'mtelling you. When I be feeling,
I'm like, I gotta get me. We sit in here all the time,

man, I gotta get somewhere,get some stick my feet and some
sand, and get some sunbeams onme. Man, because I feel well,
that's a real that's a real diagnosedthing. It's seasonal depression. Really,
people are seasonally depressed, especially livinghere, because we have gloom.
We have great skys. Sometimes wehave sunlight. But you know, we
I believe a couple of years agowe went like forty fifty days without seeing

the slightness. Right then you wonderwhy you feel bad, and which is
crazy to me because fall is myfavorite time. But yeah, so like
you know, I really don't.The next thing, you know, snow
and slush on the ground. Like, man, I got to I got
to come on, man, Igot to find some sand somewhere, some
heat rays. How you doing?Hell? Would you? His father Justin

Jackson, want you to talk tome, sir, need a vaca?
Yep? Hey, man, hitus up. Six six eight A five
one seven five. Man, howdo you know you need a mental day?
What are some of your tricks?I am I GC I who this
where you calling from from the westside? What are uh? What is

something where you know you need amental health day when you start acting like
how when I started dragging her workor I'll going to a day like the
other day. I was at astoplight and I was on the left I
can get return left and I watchedthe light go from bring to yellow to
red, and I said to myself, there's something I supposed to have been
doing. Yeah, well I dothat too, but I could be a

Yeah, I was gonna say,that's called a long live that's that Zi.
I don't I don't do drugs.I don't have any habits. That
was definitely a life. Excuse me, man, marijuana is not a drug.
It's a plant. Vegan So yeah, not for me. That's called
no protea. Thanks John where youcall him from? Okay? Don said

it like you should know right right? So what are what are some of
your triggers where you know you needa mental health day? When I thought
I could consider jail time? WHOA, yeah, this is this worth a
jail time. Yeah, yeah,I see that. You definitely need a
few days. Yeah, a week. Lord, have mercy child, okay

Gray, yeah, you get thattogether. Are you seeing anybody? I
am, Yes, you are.Does he know about this condition? Everybody
knows. The children know. It'slike, oh my god, their children
involved. Okay, God, blessyou, sister, bless you, Thank
you so much. Be grazy.Let's stick them back up. But was

confused. My mamma kissing the girlinfuston and curls coming up from the cool
world. Dadd ain't around. Probablyy'all committed feeling my favorite rapp you used
to send. Check check out mymelody I want to live Us get ourselves
one O seven five WGCI the shotsnumber one for hip hop and R and

B. Hey man therapy Thursday.Man. We can continue the conversation on
all social media outlets. You knowwhat I'm saying. At WGCI, you
know what I'm saying, Facebook,Instagram, TikTok, and of course at
WGCI dot com. Hey want tolet y'all know. The Black Effect Podcast
Network is proud to present the returnof the Black Effect Podcast Festival. It

goes down Saturday, April twenty seventhin Atlanta. Last year was off the
chain, but they about to levelup and make this one even bigger and
better. And they got a lotof your favorite podcasts like Deeply Well with
Debbie Brown, Black Tech, GreenMoney, Horrible Decisions, just to name
a few. And it's hosted byb dot and Pretty V. Get your
tickets today go to Black Effect dotcom Slash Podcast Festival. The Black Effect

Podcast Network is the gold standard forblack creators to raise our voices and be
heard in the park. Broad withUs, with Us, waits to w
GC I want to show GC numberone, FIP hop and r B.
Hey, listen to w g CI via the iHeartRadio app for one hour

for your chance to win tickets tothe Soul Go out Meghan the Stallion concert
and you could take w GC Iwith you everywhere. Listen to one O
seven five w g C I iHeartRadioor your smart device. Hey, coming
up, man, brother bug,we will be praying today. Yes,
sinceince the Throwback Thursday, We're gonnatake it back and read from the book
of Brother Fettie Wop. Amen,Hey man, you do one our one

O seven five w GC the showis number one for hip hop and R
and B. Brother Bug, weare praying today, yes, out the
Book of Fetti Wap. Amen.That's on the way Lincoln one on seven
five w GC out of shots,number one for hip hop and R and
B. It's your boys Act bookand it is time. It is time
for the prayer of the day.Today we will be reading out the Book

of Fetti Wap. A man andplease, oh man, please please please
turn your bibles up right now.Where is the undow button on the computer?
Okay, all right, we're gonnabe reading from the Book of Fedi
Wap. I just deleted the prayer, but that's all right. I still

remember. I remember where we're goingreading out the Book of Fetti Wap.
And it is it is. It'scalled from the Trap Queen. Come on,
let's play it. I'm like supersince your soon as you came in,
I just wanted chill about a second. The money introduced it to my

stole. Amen. Amen, theyfirst us. Thank the Lord for the
undoe button. Amen, because Igot the prayer back all right now.
As you see, Fedi Wop camein and introed. He said, hey,
what's up? Hello, amen.And that is what you should do

in your life. That's what wecall the greeting. Okay, he said,
seeing your pretty as soon as youwalk through the door. See what
he was doing was admiring the beautythat the Lord had created. I just
want to chill. Got a sackfor us to roll. What I want
to do is chill in the ambienceof your beauty. Amen. Amen.
Then he said, married to themoney, introduced it to the stove.

All right. What he was sayingwas he was married to prosperity. Okay,
the stove represents the prosperity. Showedher how to whip it. Now
she remixed it for low. Okay. So not only did he have the
knowledge on how to gain the prosperity, he still decided to share it with
his trap queen. She might trapqueen let her hit the band as he

meant. As you see, thisman admired his queen and gave her the
information that led to the prosperity.And guess what now we're counting up.
Watch how far them bands go?Brother fetti wop is this is a story
of prosperity and transfer of knowledge andwhat you have to realize in your life,

find something prosperous, find you aqueen to build with and transfer that
knowledge. Amn, we do notneed to be selfish, be like brother
brother fetti wop. Can we playit one more time? Brother brother Ryan?
Please there we go. I'm soonas you came in. I just
don't tell how to suck for amoney? What you do to stop?

Yes? Yes, yes, yes, yes, brother Leon. Why are
you looking at me like that?Because this is a story of prosperity,
transfer of knowledge, and we willcome together. Marriage is sacred, married
to the money. Now introduced herto this. You said that's on your
computer. I need you, Ineed you to delete that because when they

come and they seize your laptop,why would they seize my laptop? They
come to gospel. They coming becauseyou've been You've been on one couple of
these last rays and they come.They just got diddy. What they gonna
come. Well, you're talking abouttrapping in the bandoor and trying to break
it down about God. They're finnacome get us, my brother off your

computer. He was married to theprosperity, and he introduced his ways of
prosperity to his queen. Listen,I'm with you. But when they come,
they coming, they gonna get thatlaptop. You know, I tell
them what's on mine. It's afew little weird websites. I go visit.
You look at my history. Butthat right there, that's incriminating.

You're going to jail, right weat trap Queen my ad in your name,
Yes, sir, Amen Amen aman one of seven five w GC
shows, number one for hip hopand R and B. And it's that
time of the day where we recollectwhat we have learned on the show today.

And what I've learned today is Igot some traveling to do, Zach.
I have to move around a littlebit of that. I have to
go to several areas to buy amega million's ticket. You're still you're still
on this? Well, I'm moststay on it man, now you know
you know when it hit though,Leon, Yeah, yeah, what's the
chances to this? I don't know. I think we should talk about I

don't know. But guess what it'stime for interventional No No I five dollar
quick pitch everywhere I go, man, that's fifteen bucks. I saw you
at the show last it was daysnow earlier this week it was Monday,
actually was downstairs checking in the conveniencestore checking. I've seen him coming out
with a handful of pink tickets,go right here. Yeah, he still

got off. Okay, And Ijust want to know how much you spending
on these tickets yesterday I did,I did too quick pick. Yeah,
I ain't checked these. Now hestill could be a winner and not be
here tomorrow. Okay. But todaythough, we're gonna go get because it's
up to eight hundred something million.We're gonna yeah, we're gonna plow ball.

We're gonna go get how many ticketsyou get in today or today I'm
gonna stop at five different places,five dollars quickly. Pick you gotta kill
in my I will in my searchin Indiana months. So I'm coming to
you. I'm gonna go gas upbecause about down the way, I go
get the gas. So I getdownstairs, I get one. Drive on

the way. Stop at one hundredand eleven, Get one at that gas
station. Boom, hit out,host it right by my house. Get
one, shoot on out the monsterfoul. We got to talk about this,
bring it to the house. We'regonna talk about it. When I'm
winning. It's gonna happen to you. Get ready to stop at five gas
stations. Try gas station on theway home. On the way home,

unless I scan the day and theyhit me with a little something that I
ain't going because I don't have tohit win the whole thing. You know,
they got it and win like amillion, seven hundred thousand. I'm
cool with that. Yeah, Ican't with that, man, But you
know you got it. Yoh,okay, you know. And then you
know because they only take cash.Yeah, yeah, you got a water

cash a lot of ridiculous. Hey. Man, Hey, they said Einstein
was crazy crazy, You're getting twentydollars worth everywhere staff man. Come on,
man, that's how you do it. Quick pick. Ain't nobody picking
them numbers. You got to beman. See that's what I'm saying.
If the aliens coming abduct me,man, they got to give me a

special type of power. Don't justbring me back record, put me back
down, the ability to see.I just want to see three days into
the future. You crazy. It'sGC one shots number one for Herepop and

R and B. That's gonna doit for us today. Angela Yee is
up next. Enjoy your Thursday,Chicago, you know what I'm saying,
I enjoy your Thursday. I'm gonnado a little music therapy for myself today.
You know what I'm saying, Geton the ones and twos, let
off some aggression. Shout out toeverybody that fell through Bartendors last night.
My man Cohart celebrated his birthday.Was in the building. Uh do a

die? Was in the building,my man Corey Holk and pulled up,
Oh man, and start got somejokes. Man. I was looking for
you, man, you know,I start studying. Man. I said,
well, where's zach at Man?You missed out? Man, I
should have been there. Yeah,you should have been called. Well,
man, I thought you you didn'tcome. I'm sorry, that's right.
I apologize. You know, butyou're probably doing some Bible studies somewhere you

already know, Yeah, going tochurch tonight, bri. I ain't see
you that neither though, But that'scool. You know what's it on the
west side. That's the only way. Yeah, we were okay, it
was okay. You know, sheyou know, she got on that.
You know, you know she gonnago so far affiliation. Don't just be
stepping ankle, start vibrating. Shecan't be stepping everywhere with an affiliation like

where's she at now? I can'tget COLLCT. You know, I'm gonna
stay in my area and man,we'll see y'all tomorrow, same bat time,
same bat channel. ANGELA years up, Next g
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