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March 28, 2024 30 mins
You may have heard about Wendy’s experimenting with “surge” pricing. This was a miscommunication about dynamic demand pricing. Clark explains. Also today, Clark discusses when you should NOT trust AI and what to know about Google search results.  Dynamic Demand Pricing: Segment 1 Ask Clark: Segment 2 AI’s Troubled Infancy: Segment 3 Ask Clark: Segment 4 Mentioned on the show: Surge Pricing Is Coming to More Menus Near You - The Wall Street Journal. Wendy's 'dynamic pricing' drew backlash, but experts say the concept is here to stay Wendy’s Makes It Clear After Backlash: No Surge Pricing - The Wall Street Journal. Safer Ways To Send Money How Many Bank Accounts Should You Have? - Clark Howard How To Avoid ATM Fees Best Credit Cards With No Foreign Transaction Fees in 2024 5 Money Tips To Know Before You Travel Abroad [The Washington Post] TurboTax and H&R Block now use AI for tax advice. It’s awful. AI is not ready for primetime   A Fake Bill Ackman Is Scamming Investors Out of Millions on Facebook - The WSJ Five Biggest Frauds To Watch Out for in 2024 The Free Tool You Should Be Using Before You Fill a Prescription at CVS or Walgreens GoodRx Review: 10 Things To Know Before You Use GoodRx Will Mark Cuban's Prescription Company Really Save You Money? 10 Ways To Save on Prescription Drugs Clark Deals - Today's Best Deals of the Day resources Episode transcripts daily money newsletter Consumer Action Center Free Helpline: 636-492-5275 Learn more about your ad choices: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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