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April 3, 2024 39 mins

Kelly speaks with Master Astrologer, Marvin Wilkerson, about the upcoming solar eclipse, Mercury Retrograde and other transits happening this month. According to Marv, the April transits can create some weird feelings, so he also gives each sign a mini-breakdown of what's to come personally and how to work with it to get the most out of it! 



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Speaker 1 (00:01):
Conversations on life, style, beauty, and relationships. It's The Velvet's
Edge Podcast with Kelly Henderson.

Speaker 2 (00:08):
Hey, Marv, how you doing, Oh.

Speaker 3 (00:11):
Miss Kelly, Kelly Mill doing to keep rotten.

Speaker 2 (00:15):
I don't know what that means, but okay.

Speaker 3 (00:17):
Well my mama said it was too late. I was already.

Speaker 2 (00:20):
Rotten, already rotten. You said, I'm mill doing to keep
from rotten? Yeah, got a saying. Okay, I've never heard that.

Speaker 3 (00:28):
Boy, I've been a saying for thirty years for me.

Speaker 2 (00:32):
Wow, Well, I feel like I haven't talked to you
in a while because we pre recorded our last podcast
so early that it's been it feels like it's been
like six weeks or something. So we have a lot
of astrology. Yeah, we have a lot of astrology to
catch up on. And April is kind of an intense
astrology month, Like there's a lot.

Speaker 4 (00:53):
I know, a lot, Kelly the people months.

Speaker 2 (00:59):
It's a huge, huge month. It's huge. There's so much
going on, and so I feel like we.

Speaker 3 (01:04):
Just let me say it like the famous person. It's huge.

Speaker 2 (01:08):
Yes, it's huge.

Speaker 3 (01:10):
It's huge. It's just the biggest month ever.

Speaker 2 (01:14):
It really is. Though of twenty twenty four, for sure,
so I feel like we need to jump right into it.
And we were just saying, you said something about you
combined the Aries and the Libra energies of the eclipses
that are happening. We had a lunar eclipse happened in
Libra last week, and now we have an upcoming solar eclipse.
And in the outline that you sent me, just of

all the things going on, you kind of combined them,
which is really interesting because Libra and Aries is such
contradictory energy to me, like they're so opposite. They're actually
polar opposite on the astrology chart, right, that's correct, all right,
So tell us why you did that?

Speaker 3 (01:56):
Well, because look, when you've got supreme end, then you've
got to have a counterbalance, which would be the need
for relationship. Independence in and of itself is no good
independent from what So when we're anytime that we're looking
at any kind of astrological signatures, we're looking for the polarities,

and the polarities meet are the balancing Well, it's the
it's the balancing mechanism between two signs.

Speaker 2 (02:31):
That first energy is the aris energy that individual that
self I don't want to say self centered because that
sounds really selfish, but As.

Speaker 3 (02:39):
Is very well are self centered.

Speaker 2 (02:41):
Yeah, and then lead is all of the balance, right.

Speaker 3 (02:46):
They are supposed to be self centered. They're supposed to
be aggressive, assertive, they're supposed to be uh, instinctive, dominating.
They that they're people say they they're courageous for sure,
but they talk about them being leadership. It's not so

much that Ares wants to be in leadership as much
as it wants to be in control of its life.
And so you know, a lot of Ares get that
label of being self centered and self absorbed, nowhere near
as much as Leo, but any rate, because they tend

to act on what they instinctively are being drawn to. See.
Ares is extremely instinctive, so they have to learn how
to use their intuition and their instincts, and that's what
they follow. So Ares, there's no better sign in the
zodiac to make decisions while you're standing on your feet.

In other words, that old saying, you know, they can
make this. They make decisions one moment to the next
moment to the next.

Speaker 2 (04:00):
Moment right in that moment.

Speaker 3 (04:01):
Yeah, I'm I'm always trying to teach As people how
to be follow their gut follow their feelings. But it's
a site mechanism and that's what stimulates them inner and
outer sight. The inner site is dreams, your your visions, imagies,

and your outer SIGHTE is what you see that is
connected to those inner and those inner uh sites and
dreams and and intuitions. So when you have them, you
need you need to go and air. Reason is known
for drawing a sword in the shield and don't get

in their way because they will run you over.

Speaker 2 (04:47):
Oh I've been run over by a few in fact. Okay, well,
when we always talk about this, I struggle a lot
with the areas energy, and I'm trying to change the
narrative instead of just being like, ooh, you're an aries,
get away from me. I'm trying to learn how to
work with it better and actually learn from it, like
learn from that energy in my life.

Speaker 3 (05:07):
If that's well, And that's yeah, it's a perfect sense
because you see it's ares and cancer is square. That
means there's a dynamic tension between an emotional cancer and
a all in the head ares. Right, what does ares
have to learn to have a relationship. They've got to

be in consideration of relationships and others or they'll just
be standing around creating a bunch of enemies. So relationship
is a very important signal for ares and of course
this eclipse is about developing intimate relationships with oneself. And

so why is that important because libra is actually we
think of libra as relationships and relationship oriented, but the
truth is is libra is the shadow issues that we
all have, and it's especially the shadow issue of areas. Okay,

how does get rounded out? It's got to have a partner.
So they've got to learn to understand themselves. Why am
I so aggressive? Why am I so assertive? How do
I get along? How do I make this a love
relationship to where I get my enjoyment and pleasures out

of the relationship without always having to fight my way
to get it.

Speaker 2 (06:41):
So that's what that libra balance is teaching it.

Speaker 3 (06:44):
That's the libra okay.

Speaker 2 (06:46):
Because we do learn in relationship, right, Like we can
have ideas about who we are and what we want
and what our mission in life is, and then you
get in a relationship and things can be awakened within
you that you didn't even know were there. And it's
like all of our shadows, like you said, come out

or all of the like, we get triggered in relationships, right,
Like it's much easier just to live on your own,
do your own thing, and live life according to the
way that you want to. But when you get in
a relationship, you've got to learn compromise and things like that.

Speaker 3 (07:21):
If you like being a w rec house, right, I mean,
what what fun would it be on an island with
nobody else to share it?

Speaker 2 (07:29):
Well, I don't want that, But I'm just saying a
lot of people.

Speaker 3 (07:34):
They don't want it either. They just want to dominate
the environment, right, So that's the difference. But this this
eclipse is going to have them exam self examining to
get from relationships the depth and the experience that they
want out of relationship. So they're they're going to be

you know, they need to learn how to fight their
instinct and intuition and their sexual self. So there's a
strong sexual drive with areas. So they're they're they're really
kind of going after their desires over the next six months.
What's important to them following their desires and so the

thing about it is in this next six months, this
this eclipse is connected to the larger eclipse series that's
been going on for many, many years. But that series
is when we read the chart of that series, it's
about intensified for simple pleasures. We've got to learn how

to enjoy some simple things instead of everything happened to
be so hard and so much work. And you know this,
that part of the eclipse is all going to have
a problems with with ways that we show appreciation to others.
So everys operate the very quickly they operate in their head.

They don't operate in emotions or feelings, and that turns
a lot of people off. And so and so and
I mean so, and it's going to be likewise. So
when they give, they think they're giving, but yet the
other person doesn't think they're giving. So you've got to

get that struggle within yourself and within the relationship we organized.

Speaker 2 (09:30):
I got to know more about that because that sounds
so like the problems that I've had with areas in
my life, because they're frustrated thinking I'm being so sacrificial
and I'm like, wait what our adults or I mean,
we butt up against other things, you know, like and
the hard headed, the driver energy, the to me, it

always feels like a lack of consideration for others, and
it's just like a very self serving thing that's happening.
That's not I don't want to say that across the
board because I don't it's not. I don't think any
signs are all bad or all good or any of that.
But those are the issues that I have with aries
a lot of times.

Speaker 3 (10:11):
So why do they come from You're coming from emotions?

Speaker 2 (10:16):
Oh right, I mean I understand from emment. I know
everything that I am. It's completely contradictory to them.

Speaker 3 (10:24):
Yes, well, I mean, you know, it's not that they're
not giving. If they give up anything.

Speaker 2 (10:32):
They feel they're giving massive sacrifice. Okay, that makes so
much sense.

Speaker 3 (10:37):
Have you ever sacrificed twenty percent of anything and felt complete?
I mean, uh no, I not.

Speaker 2 (10:48):
I could think about a lot of situations where I
can see the benefit of sacrificing twenty percent of things.

Speaker 3 (10:54):
Yes, yeah, you might see the benefit, but you still
have twenty percent don't good. So it's never about you
know there There used to be the old saying, well,
relationships are fifty to fifty. No they're not. Yeah, you
ever given up fifty percent anything and been happy? No?
In an areas. To for an areas to give up

twenty percent is like you've given up fifty percent?

Speaker 2 (11:21):
Got it?

Speaker 3 (11:22):
Uh? Arees is saying, well, what do you want from me?
What are you you know, what are you asking for?

Speaker 2 (11:28):

Speaker 3 (11:28):
And so you see they're they're very quick, they think
on their feet and uh, they're very impulsive. So a
lot of this Holy Eclipse pattern between the lunar eclipse
and the solar eclipse is going to be about developing
new relationship patterns and new relationship dynamics within ourselves. So

when we get when we incorporate our own shadow issues
and take responsibilities for the complaints of relationships, we got
to look inside of ourselves and say, Okay, what part
of what part do I play in that issue that's
being brought up? How would I prefer to express myself

so that so I feel like I've given to them
and they can feel like, well, he gave to me.
So in other words, it's a win win situation. You've
heard me talk about that before. So relationships need to
be when when I need to get what I want,
you need to get what you want. But we got

to stop evaluating where each one of us is coming from.
You're coming from emotions. Airres is coming from instinct and reasoning.
So on the surface that doesn't line up, but look can't.
There's no more curious sign in the zodiac in cancer.

So Airres will keep you going and keep you out
there and courageous vill and because they're always looking for
new horizons and you're going to enjoy the hell out
of it.

Speaker 2 (13:08):
Well, I think that works for it because like a
lot of times I've been I've had issues with aries
sun signs, but then like I've had issues in relationships,
like close personal relationships with Aris moons as well, which
I'm a Pisce's moon, which again is all feelings and
like sensitivities, and so the sensitive, the sensitive part of
the Pisces does make it a little tough sometimes for

me to digest aries. But what I was saying at
the beginning of the podcast is it keeps appearing in
my life. And so one of the things that I'm
thinking right now is, wait a second, this isn't so
that I keep having battles with Aris. It's like, what
can I learn from an aries? Because maybe I'm not
stepping into my own assertiveness as much as I need

to or independence, or even just rational thoughts versus the
feeling thoughts. You know, like I can learn a lot
from an aries, really you think about it.

Speaker 3 (14:00):
Yes, you can, because it's your karma. We won't talk
about your.

Speaker 2 (14:06):
Chart, no, but I mean, oh, you're saying from the past. Yeah,
you've told me what a bitch I used to be. Yeah.

Speaker 3 (14:16):
I mean you look at you look at in aries
right now, and you see in yourself. That's what's the
problem is.

Speaker 2 (14:21):
That's why they made me so mad, right, yes, spot it,
you got it, Marv, you know what it is.

Speaker 3 (14:26):
Okay. So the big thing that I found about these
energy patterns is it was so funny to me that
it's like all of the energy is grouped around ares,
a couple energies, and Pisces, a couple energies, and and Taurus.
But it's like the whole one side of the chart

is all in airrees and it's the feminine energy that's
being triggered. And that's what was shocking to me is
even for aries, they've got to learn to have balance
and express their feminine energy. I mean, for air reas,

the instinct visualization and imagery is very important. And of
course we've got to find the inner of beauty within ourselves.
We've got to have a sense of self worth. Somebody
has to care what we're out there doing, or you know,
you just can't run around an island and be happy. Eventually,

you know, you need to have your dreams and visions
impress somebody else. So we're going to have to look
for into beauty. We're going to have to learn how
to work independently but also within the context of intimate relationships.

We're going to have to have focus in about one's commitment,
and we're needing to align our creative processes with correct
will and execution. And we'll have a conflict certainly between

one's own own ideas and things they want to do
and taken care of others. I mean, probably the worst
caretaker on the planets and airs. Just ask me. I'm
I'm an air reas moon. Yeah, I do it, and
I do it methodically so I get the job done.

But it's not an emotional thing with me. It's an
it's a responsibility thing for me. See how I see
what I've done as a Capricorn airres I turn everything
into discipline and responsibility. So we're going to have to
find over the next six months our personal needs versus

the family needs, and and and deal with the conflicts
that that brings in. I felt like it's lunary clips
that happened brought in a lot of anxiety for me.
I have a lot of lead in the first house,
so it was just seemed like I was overwhelmed and

I didn't know why, and so what did I have
to do. When you get anxious and you can't see why,
you bring it all into the moment. You deal with
one thing at a time. And so in doing that,
that allows you to think on your feet, operate, take actions,

take one step at a time instead of getting it
all caught up in what maybe might be, could be
and a million things going on in your head. So
we've got to stay true to our own ideals. And
the one thing that I was searching with that Luterar

eclipse is straying to pursue some shiny new love interest.
So I was thinking, you know, there probably could be
an uptick in divorces, really, but the next six months, yes.

Speaker 2 (18:16):
Why do you think, like, what what about this energy
is telling you that?

Speaker 3 (18:22):
Well, because you know a reason is wanting to pursue
so we're all going to be wanting to pursue our
aryan uh drama by you know, what turns us on,
what what excites us, areas is the beginning of everybody's chart, right,
that's to call the ares point. So everything starts on airs,

no matter where it's at, And so we're all dealing
with an aryan kind of impulses. And if our impulses,
you know, I mean, how many times can you, you know,
get fanciful about somebody that's that's uh showing an interest

in you, and yet you don't get caught up and
what that interest could mean and all of that. I mean,
sometimes that can be a little challenging.

Speaker 2 (19:17):
And that's you're saying, you just to like, like how
people like the feelings but they're not really thinking of
the foresight of what the consequence.

Speaker 3 (19:25):
Has not be or well, yeah, areas isn't foresightful, Yes
for sure.

Speaker 2 (19:31):
Yeah it's right now, Yeah.

Speaker 3 (19:35):
It's right now. And so I think that there's where
we've got to look at our limiting beliefs. We've got
to look at our personal insecurities, and we've got to
look at our fears of commitment uh becoming obstacles to
our meaningful relationship. So it's it could be a deep

of relationships or it could be a separation of relationships. Yeah,
but you got to ask yourself and examine your own
self about your You're part of the participation in a relationship.
And of course, you know, getting upset and angry and mad,
which is an Aryan thing, and then going out here

to a bar and finding some cute thing or some
sweet guy and thinking, oh well it would be different
with them, uh, and then pursuing that was just a
little bit uh, you know, stupid, because you unless you
change you, you're it's never going to change in the relationship.

Speaker 2 (20:43):
Ooh, I love that one. You can't escape you.

Speaker 3 (20:48):
You cannot escape you. I don't care where you can
get just as sloppy drunk as you want. But you
ain't getting rid of you.

Speaker 2 (20:57):
No, you take you wherever you go.

Speaker 3 (21:03):
And so we've got to watch out for our commitments.
And we also have got this great Jupiter Uranus conjunction.
It's really going to augment this area in time which
is really about Uranus wants to break things up. You
want us to break all of Saturn up. That's Uranian energy.

Saturn is the construction. It's the foundation, it's the platform
that we build our life. Well, if we just kept
everything status quo, we wouldn't evolve. So Uranus is the
energy that's break up, breakout, breakaway, break free from stagnation,

from old structures that we've built up in our consciousness.
And so we've it's breaking things away. And then Jupiter
is a ruler of sad. I mean, this is ultimate
freedom and this is attracting all the new things that
we want. So when you put these two energies together,

it's uh, it's individuality and spiritual development. It's intuition, it's
the it's the super conscious mind. It's learning how to
tap in to talk to spirit, talk to your angels
and guides. You know that. I'm big on getting people
to talk out loud. Yeah, they hear you, You hear you,

and they answer and that's it. And so instead of
just staying all mental, look for the flashes of genius
in your life, looking for the sudden developments of insight
into new possibilities. It's possibility, thinking are excellence. And so

I think there we're going to be making great progress
in in our spiritual selves with this conjunction coming up.
It's a fourteen year cycle, so it's it is very meaningful.

Speaker 2 (23:10):
It's your ain't it? Your honest Jupiter thing is for
fourteen years yep? Oh okay, and that starts April twentieth, yep.

Speaker 3 (23:21):
And wherever it happens in somebody's chart is where you're
going to start getting a lot of instinct input from
your other worldly companions.

Speaker 2 (23:29):
How do we know where it's going to happen in
our chart?

Speaker 3 (23:33):
What you'd probably have to talk to an.

Speaker 4 (23:35):
Astrology, okay, Kelly, Well, I didn't know if it was
so then people could go look at themselves, if it
was like in a certain house for everyone.

Speaker 3 (23:47):

Speaker 2 (23:50):
So then with that coming in, is that going to
lighten the load at all? From these eclipses? Is that
like a positive energy shift?

Speaker 3 (23:59):
Well, I don't know if it lightens the load, but
it enlightens the load, okay. So in other words, it
shines of light on the necessity of us growing as
a humanity and the collective spiritually, individually, spiritually be caring
more as much about humanity and society as relationships as

we look down to mercury which is now retrograde tomorrow, right,
I mean, I wrote one of the a very beautiful
thing on that it's about. It's about learning to love society,
and it increases the love of individuals. Love in any capacity,

in any way enhances you. So whether you love one
person or you love society and or other people or associations,
love is the magic answer. And so when you use love,
if it's a dog loving a dog, I've had some

of my clients that are you know, been lonely and
all of that, I get a dog, for God's sakes. Yeah,
get something to hang around you that you can put
some love in so that you can get love back.
You can't push love out, and the universal law is
it's got to come back. And so love everything, love nature,

love people, love a person, love yourself most of all.
And so this mercury retrograde is really about the influence
of our beliefs and other people figuring out their agenda,
learning how to communicate. So what we're really learning is

how to be alive in the moment without trying to
put so much of yesterday's and tomorrow's into our the
matrix of what we're going on right now, and so
looking for it says, snatching opportunities for fun I just
love that word. Snatching sounds so very aries and it's refreshing.

The beauty of nature. I mean, I think everybody ought
to take it. You know, several ventures in nature over
the next six months, get some nature on you, and
of course there's going to be glimmers of new possibilities,
and don't don't waste those glimmers by over emotionalism. And

that's what happens. So often we get over emotional or
get so analytical, leering head. We we always have major
insights coming into us from the other side. But if
we're so emotional or we're so in our head that
we just blow all that stuff off. I mean, it

only comes in once you don't keep getting it.

Speaker 2 (27:21):

Speaker 3 (27:23):
So you know, working towards that harmoniousness with others, that's
a big deal. That's what we've got to learn. And
so we're going to have some touchy feelings during this
retrograde period over the next three weeks. We're going to
have some problems about breaking up with breaking up with

destructive relationships.

Speaker 2 (27:47):
Like a hard time doing.

Speaker 3 (27:48):
That, yes, go yeah, struggling with it, yeah. And then
we're going to have struggles with relationships that are trying
to come together. But you've got to get rid of
a belief that you're holding onto or security that you're

holding onto in spite of demands of a relationship. And
so I think this is what this Airres mercury retrograde
is about. So I think that's really really important. And
so when we're talking about, uh, the eclipses for each sign,

so for air reas well, this is for Ares and Libra.
So you know, when you're looking at an eclipse, the
moon says, this is what needs to change so that
you can get the full power of a solar eclipse.
So you're still dealing with polarity. And so when the

and the Ares Libra polarity, there's a new identity being birthed,
a new personal expression. You're looking for more harmony in
relationships and fulfilling relationships. And of course, you know you
have to learn about your own self awareness and confidence
and who You're going to learn that from the objectification

of you, which is relationships. So we've got to get
we've got to learn how to overcome some of our
own failings and negative attitudes. And that will be the
Libra area's point for the next six months. For Pisces Virgo,
material needs is going to be emphasized, especially financial development.

But it's financial developed by by discovering new interests, having
new values, listening, listening to that intuition, and bringing in
some more spiritual communications within yourself. It's going to be

looking you know, what are you? You know? One of
the things that I do with people is to get
in touch with your north star. It's really interesting when
I have them dream their biggest dream and ideals, and
then I have them feel it, and then I have
them put light around it. Then I have them make

it small, but then make the light come back out
to be as big as themselves. And what that does
is that gives you that feeling and the emotion of
the success of you reaching for your highest star. And
that's kind of what Pisces Virgo are going to be

going through. Be ready for a lot of death and
life after death circumstances, learning about it, trying to understand it.
The recognition and aggression around sexual needs is going to
be very important for both those signs.

Speaker 2 (31:00):
Leo, hold on, Marv, you can't drop something like get
ready for I like to understand life and death and
the life after death and not give us more info.
What does that mean? Like, why is a Pisco or
a Virgo going to be so focused on that?

Speaker 3 (31:18):
Well, because you're you're Pisces is very spiritual. Yeah, I
mean this is sacrificing service. They they are here to
serve people.

Speaker 2 (31:30):

Speaker 3 (31:31):
Virgo is very all in their head.

Speaker 2 (31:35):

Speaker 3 (31:36):
Everything's a calculus to them, everything's an analyst to them.
A lot of fears with Virgo around death. Okay, So
I mean that's that's that projection of of what am
I going to turn into? Nothing?

Speaker 2 (31:53):

Speaker 3 (31:54):
So in other words, to get the balance of the polarity,
it's going to have to be you're going to have
to tap into the spiritual side and realize the answer
in ourselves and then come to come to understanding within ourselves.
Virgo is always looking outside of themselves for answers, and

so the real true balance is Pisces is always connected
to the other side. So they, I mean, they're very
unlike Virgo. So to find the balance in the two
you have to use reason and logic along with instinct
and intuition so that you can have that equal balance.

And that's that death and what's after death. And because look,
death can mean we're going to we've gone through death
all of our lives in many different experiences. It's Pluto,
it's death, letting go, rebirth, so there's always things of death,

letting go and rebirth actually death, transformation and rebirth. So
that'll be going on for Pisces Virgo. For Quarius Leo
is learning, communications and expanding the intellects is going to
be very important, so they're going to be looking for
travel to travel to other areas to gain education. There'll

be a strong personal philosophy that may be being examined,
and of course there's kind of an ethical religious beliefs
that are going to become prominent for them to examine
and get a probably get a different look at it,
get a different perspective about it. In Capricorn Cancer, of course,

there's going to be security needs because it's ruling the
career in the home, so it's going to be how
do we how do you need to nurture and be
nurtured is combined and so how do you get status
and power seeking but you take care of your family

and your worldly needs equally, and so that's going to
be a big challenge for Cancer Capricorn emphasizing the home
and career, but yet satisfying whatever our ego needs that
we have or do we have ego needs that are
you know, overweghing to one side or another, throwing us

out of balance and Sagittarius and Gemini. It's it's going
to be about how do we give and receive love?
You know, love extends from personal fears to social connections,
and that's what I was talking about earlier. They're probably
going to be a little more caring about this human

conditions and social circumstances that we're going through in the country.
So they're going to be a little more caring about
it and honest about it. You know, universal love gives
way to a higher expression of romantic love. That was
a great sentence to me. Yeah, universal loves gives way
to a higher expression of romantic love. So the more

you love, the more you get love. You know. One
of my spiritual teachers talked about a person that died
of a heart attack, and she was talking about, well,
you know, that's a lack of love, and they came
back to her. The students came back and said, well,

they loved everybody. He was a you know, he loved
life and he loved people, And she said, well, think
of it like this. What good is it to do
if you're at a banquet and you got braces holding
your teeth together, If you can't open up and receive love,
what difference does it make how much you give? Right?

And of course I've recognized that in a lot of
clients that I get. I mean, they get bitter when
they give and give and give and give and give,
and they don't feel like they're getting back. Right, that's
a big that is a very big issue with a
lot of people. So that's going to be an issue
with Scorpio Taurus. It's going to be more work or

to make our mutual friend happy, and of course increased
activities around sleep, nur nutrition, responsibilities, and job demands. So
they're going in there. But the nice thing is it's
also going to be counterbalanced by spiritual matters. But they
got an opportunity to understand some hidden motives, some secret anxieties,

some karmic obligations. And you know, that's that's three hard
things to have to come to turn about yourself. What
is my hidden motivation here? What is my real true intention?
And of course what is my uh what is my

karmic obligation to serve others, So that'll be the Scorpio Taurus.
So there you go.

Speaker 2 (37:19):
Let me ask you this before we wrap up, because
what I just did while you were going through those
was I took like my big threes of my sun signed,
my moon sign, and my rising, and I listened to
each of those and kind of combined how I think
that those different energies can work in my life. Is
that what you would suggest to people with how you
when you just read that, Like if they heard like,

for instance, I'm a tourist rising, so that Scorpio Taurus energy, like,
I'll definitely have some of that happening, and then I'll
have some of the Pisces energy and some of the
cancer Capricorn stuff that you were talking about. So is
that what you would say? Okay?

Speaker 3 (37:54):
Absolutely, okay.

Speaker 2 (37:56):
So for you guys listening at home, that's always like
an interesting thing, and it's interesting when you combine all
the different ones because it's going to manifest in everyone's
life so differently based on what's season, they're in, what
they're personally going through, But it is it was very
applicable to mine to listen to all three of those
and kind of combine them. It's interesting, all right, Marve. Well,

if someone wants to actually have you help them break
that down instead of trying to decipher it themselves, where
would they find you.

Speaker 3 (38:25):
He can find me at astrobarvs dot com or Marvin
at astromarv dot com. Is my email, Just simply call
and set up an appointment.

Speaker 2 (38:36):
Yeah, and if you guys are feeling weird this month,
which would be completely understandable to any of us who
have talked at all about this astrology, just call Marv.
He'll help you dcate it. It's way easier to have
someone else read your chart and then tell you, oh,
this is where this is hitting in your chart. No
wonder you feel that way, and this is how you
can help yourself feel better. So it's always really helpful.

I'll put all of that in the description of the
podcast for you guys, and Marve will be back with
us next month for the May reading. Thanks Mary, You're welcome,
Thank you guys for listening.

Speaker 1 (39:10):
Thanks for listening to The Velvet's Edge podcast with Kelly Henderson,
where we believe everyone has a little velvet in a
little edge. Subscribe for more conversations on life, style, beauty
and relationships. Search Velvet's Edge wherever you get your podcasts
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