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April 26, 2024 28 mins

Description: Kelly is back with founder of Natural Jackson, Jackson Hightower, to answer listener questions about creating your most fulfilling sex life yet. Jackson answers questions about communicating with your partner about kinks, preferences and changes you may desire, erectile dysfunction, sex on the first date and how to increase your penis size. 

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Speaker 1 (00:00):
Happy Friday. You guys, welcome to the Edge. This Edge
is a little different because we're missing our buddy Chip.
Don't worry that he'll be back next Friday for regular
programming and all things Edge. All things Chip, I should say,
but I wanted to make sure that I put up
the listener question section of my conversation with Jackson High Tower.

You guys had some really great questions, so I picked
the top ones and we did discuss those, but I
wanted it to be just a whole nother conversation because
there was such good information in there. If you have
not listened to our first conversation. Jackson is the founder
of a company called Natural Jackson, where their mission is physical, mental,
and sexual self mastery. So we covered all sorts of

topics and if you are looking for more fulfillment in
your sex life, I highly recommend going to listen to
that first episode on the Velvet Side of Things that
ran earlier this week. But these are all of your
questions that I thought I had to get to for
you guys, and Jackson gives really great answers, so I
hope you enjoy. Okay, if I don't get to these
listener questions, I'll get in trouble. So let's get to these.

How do you tell a man you don't want to
film a porno without hurting his feelings. So basically, this
listener said that they were having almost like aggressive sex.
She was like he was throwing her around in all
these different positions in the room and she was like whoa.
And it was also the first time they had had sex,
so she wants to do it again to see if
it gets better. But she's also like a little nervous. Yeah,

so do you have suggestions on how she can approach
this conversation?

Speaker 2 (01:34):
So first off, I would imagine this guy probably watches
a lot of porn. Yeah, you know, I would just say,
look like you got to talk to the guy and
just tell him through the experience, like like let's go
a little bit slower, right, like calm down, you know, relax,
let me Maybe she can even initiate and engage in

some activity where maybe she's massaging him and she sort
of takes a little bit of that role. She sets
the tone on the pace. Yeah, to be not this
like animalistic, primal like throwing around type of thing. I
think the best thing is like always hey, I would
love it if you just did a little bit slower,
or like, go a little bit slower. I like it

when you do that, or that feels so good when
you go a little bit slower, so that the guy's like,
oh good is equated to slower. Right, you're sort of
pre programming because he may not realize that, like she
may not enjoy what is happening. And you know, hurting
a guy's feelings is sort of secondary to like having
the experience that you want. So I think I get
a lot of questions from female friends like, well, I

didn't say it because I didn't want her feelings, and
I said, but then he never learns. Then he never
actually knows what it is that you want. And so
I always encourage in a non sexual atmosphere, having a
conversation with him about like what do is he like?
What are his like kinks? What is his fetishes? And
then she can reply with what she likes. If he's listening,
then she'll he'll have an opportunity to be like cool,

I'm gonna put that into use. Yeah he's not listening,
and he just does it again, probably not the guy
for you.

Speaker 1 (03:05):
Do you want to know something funny, I reposted a
video that you were talking about the jack rabbit or
the like, trying to make it illegal for men to
be able to I call it jack hammering. Yeah, Yet
both every girl that I've talked to about this is like,
oh God, thank god somebody's saying this. Every boy or
man was like, well, duh, of course. And I'm like, Okay,

if y'all are acting like this is such common knowledge,
why is it happening so much? So that's the case
and point of like how it's really difficult as a
woman to talk to men about these certain things because,
like you said, I think it's the ego thing. They
don't want to say, oh I didn't know that. Yeah,
you just go based on what feels good to y'all.

Speaker 2 (03:48):
Yeah exactly, or what they've been watching and what they've
been attuned to. Right. It's like you're gonna do whatever
you learn, right, and that's all through this like fast
hard you know, sexual experience. But yeah, I mean as
a woman being able to speak up and say like, hey,
this doesn't actually feel good for me, right, and like
if that guy can't handle that, then he needs to

work on some stuff, right, Because the reality is you know, look,
as a woman, you are being entered. It is really
it's the most basic thing in the world that happens.
It's a very very sacred experience. And what porn does
is it makes it not super sacred and what you know,
this sort of like hard fast whatever, it makes it

not super sacred. There's a time and a place for
hard sex. The question about that, But the vast majority
of my experience with with with men who are talking
about stuff and with women who are asking me questions
is that it happens way too quickly in the experience,
and it's very one dimensional. It's like the only note,
that's the only thing that they know how to do.
And so it's like, let's expand as a as a

as a you know, as men, in what we are
capable of, and let's learn different ways in different paths too,
experiencing more pleasure for ourselves.

Speaker 1 (05:03):
Sex on the first date, yes or no?

Speaker 2 (05:05):
If you see this person as a partner potential, I'd
say no. Okay, If you don't and you just want
to have a really good time.

Speaker 1 (05:11):
Yeah, sure, okay. Do men's This one is really interesting
to me. Do men's penises shrink as they get older
somewhat really.

Speaker 2 (05:21):
Yeah, So like just like your body sort of shrinks
as you get older, like you lose muscle mass, you
have less circulatory response, et cetera. Like if you're not
actively working on that area, it can get smaller a
little bit because there's less circulation usually, so the veins
get smaller, the outeries get smaller, everything sort of get smaller. Okay,
potentially it's not not like a guarante. Yeah, but yes,

And that's why a lot of the herbs and the
oils and things like that that I have as part
of my product line, they're really meant to like continuously
have blood flow and nitric oxide production, relaxing the skin tissue,
but also like working the area, like you got to.
You gotta do the exercise right, Like if you go
to the gym for you know, twenty years and your

biceps and it's not and you're working out regularly and
then you stop working out, well, it's like you're gonna
lose all them ulcle masks. It's gonna become fat, you're
gonna get skin that's gonna stretch, right, And that's just
what happens if you don't cultivate an area regularly, so
it does happen, but you can avoid it.

Speaker 1 (06:18):
My husband wants sex or fucking twenty four to seven.
I want love and intimacy. He doesn't get it.

Speaker 2 (06:23):
Help. Well, it's good. I don't know how this person is,
but it's good that their husband has a high libido.
I think that there needs to be a conversation or
come to Jesus with like, here's what I'm capable of,
and here's what I'm not capable of. Right, Like, there's
so many variables. Do they have children, do they live together,
how long they've been together, et cetera. If the guy
has high drive in how libido as a woman, that's

good because it means that he is, like, you know,
he's healthy and he's strong, et cetera. There needs to
be a bit more communication about the needs and goals
and desires, right, And what does that mean for her
intimacy and connection, et cetera. And if he's just like
fucking twenty four to seven and not like making love
or having a more intimate experience, right, it seems like
the way that she's experiencing sex right now is not intimate.

It seems like it's probably that hard and fast thing
when she says that word, right, Yeah, booking is not
making love. So you know, you got to just have
that conversation with them and say like, hey, I would
love to just like, let's try this. Let's go really
slow for one experience and see what that feels like.
You know, let's try this move and where I just
want to like I'll be on I'm going to be
on top, and I'm going to direct the process and

you can't do anything right and like play, you have
to play games.

Speaker 1 (07:33):
That's kind of a fun way to make it a
game exactly.

Speaker 2 (07:36):
The sex should be a fun game and experience right
where it's like, let's try this. You just get down
with your you know direction, and I'm going to do
my thing and you're horny all the time. Awesome, I
want to pleasure myself and you can't move ye, like
you know, trying things that are sexual and intimate where
there's penetration but or she's able to maybe control some

of the experience more and then give positive feed back
about that experience so that he understands, oh, she likes this,
this is good, and I like it too, and it
feels nice. But again, the most important part about sexual
like success in the sexual realm is the ability for
us to communicate. Yeah, and like this is obviously all

of life, business, personal, sexual and whatnot. If you don't
know how to communicate, you're not going to be really
good at anything, you know what I mean. You have
to have the ability to communicate. And what I found
is that this particular area, sexual communication is the one
that we the least practice in that we have one,
we have the least amount of teachings in, but we're

starting from you know, the words, so we can only
go up from here, you know what I mean. I
think that's that's the most important thing. And there's so
much content, more and more content that's being created around
that by from women and for men, so we can
learn how to be sexually literate as they call it.

Speaker 1 (08:52):
You know, you've mentioned Tantra and I've done some stuff
with Tantra too, And when she's saying I want love
and to see that was the first thing that popped
in my brain, is the difference between how they're wanting
the sex to be. So do you have suggestions on
maybe approaching your partner about something like that, like an
activity like that together or like seeing a healer or session,

Like what does that look like?

Speaker 2 (09:17):
I mean, it depends on the availability of each partner, right,
and so I mean even just doing something as simple
as eye gazing, right, Yeah, how many partners have taken
three minutes to look in their partner's left eye without
any other distraction.

Speaker 1 (09:33):
No, ever, you're looking in mine right now, and that's
so hard to.

Speaker 2 (09:39):
So but like that's the power of it, right, It's
a very powerful experience and it doesn't take any it's
it's it's quick, it's easy, and it's super intimate.

Speaker 1 (09:49):
That's what's so intimate. People don't like try it. To
try for one minute. It's so much harder than you
would think.

Speaker 2 (09:55):
Yeah, because you you, you become much more vulnerable. But
you see the other persons you and you're like, oh
wow when you drop into this other state of being
breathing together, learning how to align your chakras. If people
don't believe in chakras, that's fine. But like connecting your
bodies and breathing in unison, right, that's the super simple
thing to do so that you can so that you
can sort of function like this yin yang dynamic. Right,

Like the problem with the mask and the feminine spooning
is a really great one. So skin to skin spooning
in bed, if you know, and taking turns where it's
like I'm going to spoon you for ten minutes and
we don't have to talk, We're just going to breathe.
And sometimes the man is the outside spoon and the
woman is the inside spoon. And sometimes the man maybe

he has a tough day at work and he's the
inside spoon and she's the outside spoon. It doesn't mean
you're any lesson.

Speaker 1 (10:44):
I love that. I never thought about that.

Speaker 2 (10:46):
I love being inside spoon, you know, because we're out
of the world, we're doing these things, we're buildings, you know.
I mean it's like, well, sometimes we need to feel
that love and connection from our partner. So they're very
very simple things that you can do in tantra that
that cultivate that connectivity, that cultivate more of that intimacy. Right,
It's really intimate to look in someone's eyes. Yeah, it's

intimate to like breathe with someone and just not you
don't have to say anything, you have to talk, just
be with each other in that moment and do nothing else,
you know. So that's that's what a lot of what
the Times contraesn't really about penetration tells is about everything
outside of that. Yeah, right, and it's and most of
the touch it isn't really sexual, but most people know
about it.

Speaker 1 (11:27):
If a sexual that yeah, okay. This listener named her
question priming the pump. What can she do or what
can I do in public with my clothes on enticing
him to experience excitement in the moment but not burst
on the first thrust later? I think that was something

you said, yeah, to take his time, but how can
she like prime and kind of I don't know, maybe
tease a little bit. Do you have suggestions for women?
Like what are what are big turn ons for men
in that area?

Speaker 2 (12:02):
Well, so I want to answer the other question, which
is like how does he not bust in the first thrust?
So like a woman just needs to like walk out
of the house, and a guy can be turned on
if he's into it, right, we have to remember, like
that's how easy it is for men to be turned on. Right, So,
if you're priming the pump and you're doing all these
things that are sexy and whatnot, and he hasn't actually

done any of the work on himself, no matter what
it is that you do. Yeah, especially if you are
priming the pump, it's even it's going to even faster.
So I actually don't think it's anything that she can
do in that regard like dress sexy, you know, be flirtatious,
you know, allow him to be a man, and allow
him to feel wanted and needed. Like if a man
doesn't feel wanted or desired, he's not going to be
interested in you. But I would say it's more about

sharing information with him in a subtle way or however
she's she can do it where it's like, let's go
let's try to go slow here, let's actually experience this
together because I like it slow and I like when
you do this. So if a guy gets positive feedback
through a behavioral action, right, that's going slow. It's like, oh,
I love when you do this. I love when you

do that. He's going to get the clue. Right, It's like,
let's go slower learning teaching him how to breathe, or
him taking courses or whatever. It is like I've got
a ton of stuf where it's like learning how to breathe,
learning how to do kegls, learning how to do stuff
that's going to elongate the experience. But yeah, it's less
about her, I think at this point, you know, she

probably just needs to like look sexy and be feminine
and you know, do her thing. It's more about teaching
him and guiding him in a direction of like, I
want to elongate this experience with you, and she needs
to not say like hard or faster, et cetera. Like
she needs to be like slower. Let's go as slow
as we can. Let's just try something new, right where
she suggests an idea or she gives moral sex and

she does it super slow, you know, where it's like
let's build the anticipate anticipation or the game is let's
actually like have an experience where we have to do
everything five times slower than we normally would, right, Or
we're going to do this for X number of minutes,
right and the timer goes off or something like that.

Speaker 1 (14:11):

Speaker 2 (14:11):
You have to to communicate and be creative with your
experiences together. If you want them to go slower, you
have to teach and behave in a way that is slower. Right.

Speaker 1 (14:21):
I was going to say, I think sometimes it's hard
for women too, and a lot of the younger men
that I've even heard talking about sex are like, well,
she said she likes it hard, and you know all
the women, And I'm like, who are these women and
why are you ruining it for the rest of us?

Speaker 2 (14:36):
A lot of women who.

Speaker 1 (14:37):
Do, I know, But I also think it's because they
don't know really like the other way or that's what
I that's the story I make up, And so I'm
just yeah, I think it's kind of a both. It's
like both people or both sides of it are really
not helping the issue. And again it goes back to
like we're so uncomfortable talking about sex, so we just
do the thing we see and porn, And like I

think for women, what men understand is they just want
you to be into them. So like a lot of
times they're just acting that out in the sex life exactly.

Speaker 2 (15:06):
Yeah, they're like, oh, well he likes this, so I'm.

Speaker 1 (15:08):
Going to be better like this the key thing. Yeah.

Speaker 2 (15:10):
And also a lot of women watch porn, and so
if you are a woman watching porn and it's hard, fast,
et cetera, you're going to get habitually trained as well,
and your brain chemistry is going to change as well.
And so you're going to want that in your sexual experiences,
and so you know, it's a two way street. It's
not like men are the only ones that are getting
screwed up from watching porn. And then a lot of
younger women also are watching it because they have so

much more access to it than you know, people who
are older in their forties and fifties. Yeah, so you know,
if she does want that, that's just probably because she's
also a one note person. That's all she sort of knows.
And as a man, you actually have to you have
to change the script and sort of like break or
poort with that situation, which is like, actually, no, I'm

going to go super slow, and what I want you
to do is just feel right, feel as much as
you can. But if she's used to that thing, right,
and think about like women whose vibrators right, men can
never like no, and men can never compete with that.
It is a machine that is creating a physical response
that a man can never do. Right. It's also not

a human thing, so there's no skin, etcetera. So you know,
when we get into these habits of hard fast women
are habituated as well, and so they need to also
unlearn that. Yeah, you know it's yeah, it's not just
the man's role. Especially if she's like harder and faster,
Well then that's what you're gonna get. Yeah, you're only

going to know this one lane.

Speaker 1 (16:39):
Yeah. I like that you keep saying the one note,
like there's just so much more and because that actually
makes you want to try it all. Like if you
think about it that way, it could be so much
more interesting. Okay, can a seventy seven year old active
man who doesn't drink overcome d without viagra?

Speaker 2 (16:57):
Yeah? How well, you know, look like there are so
I mean that you can take herbs and supplements and
things like that. You can use, you know, physical devices
that can be helpful. You have to cultivate the energy
in that region more regularly with yourself. I don't know

if he's watching porn or not. If he is stopping immediately, yeah,
that may take a long time. If he's not, you know,
continue on the path. But like you got to do
the exercises, You got to work on your PC muscle,
You gotta do kegls. You can take herbs and things
like that which will be supportive and helpful to increasing circulation.
I always say like as natural as possible for as
long as possible. Okay, Biagra is a great invention and

it's super supportive to a lot of guys. It is
heavily oversubscribed, especially to men under forty in this country,
and it's a whole epidemic that you know, that's a
whole conversation. But you know that he can. It may
take him a little bit longer, right because he's old,
but working in your cardiovascular system is super important, so

you totally can do it. You just have to be
committed and diligent. If he's overweight, oh, he said it's healthy,
so going on, but that's another bigger ways. If you're fat, really,
that's going to be challenging. It makes a lot harder.

Speaker 1 (18:19):
Well what if? Because the next question is how should
a woman approach their partner who has not yet accepted
that they potentially have d MM.

Speaker 2 (18:29):
I think that only happens a lot. Yeah, So the
set and setting and the intention is super important, right,
and it's probably one of the most challenging conversations a
woman has to have with a guy. If a woman
doesn't want to just you know, sit back and not
have sexual experiences because of that, right, because that guy
who has D is not going to be engaging in
sexual experience, right he doesn't know he has I mean,

first of all, he knows he has D.

Speaker 1 (18:51):
He knows, yeah, Right.

Speaker 2 (18:52):
So some of it's just like you know, you got
to break ropport sometimes, but doing it in a super
compassionate way, which is like, let's let's do this together,
or let's work on this and let's stry to find solutions.
If that guy doesn't have the wherewithal to do something
on his own and search for options or explore, then
he needs support and he needs help. You know. All

I could say is like it's contextual about what this
person is into what they like, but finding an environment
where they're at there, you know, peak high, and then
you know bringing in this topic of conversation is going
to be helpful. Where you do that sandwich and maybe
it's two slices of sandwich, like two slices of bread,
and then the middle of the sandwich, you know, like
you have to maybe have to stack on more and more, right,

And you know, because because if you don't say anything,
you may never actually get what you're desiring. And if
you do say something, you may run the risk of
hurting his feelings momentarily, but he already knows what's going on.
So just approaching it being like, hey, like, let's let's
let's get this going, you know, for you, and just
being like on his team and on his side, not

like I'm feeling less then or I'm feeling not supported
in our sexual life, where it's just like, let's support you.
I want this for you, I want to do this
for you, and you know I love you and it,
you know, all this sort of.

Speaker 1 (20:10):
Stuff that you have to make sure that affirming.

Speaker 2 (20:12):
Yeah, affirming and positive response.

Speaker 1 (20:15):
Okay, how do I initiate more sex if my sex
drive is higher than my husband's.

Speaker 2 (20:23):
Oh well, usually that happens as men get older, right,
And so it's actually interesting you find a lot of
women that are in their late thirties, early forties, mid
forties who their sex drive is usually at their highest
then exactly because they have more to stay strone production
at that time in their life. And then they if

they're not into partnership or if they're divorced or something
like that, they usually go for guys that are younger
because sexually they're getting their sexual primes mats. Societally, it
makes no sense, and children wise, it makes no sense.
But a guy in his mid to late twenties is
much more sexually primed and appropriate for women mid forties
or early early late thirties. You can you can you

can sort of like try to create more experiences where
you're sexual together. You can do things that are going
to be more of a turn on for him. You
can memla physical touch, so it's like I've never you know,
if a man doesn't want to get massaged or touched
or whatever it may be, try to have, you know,
do a shower with him, give him a massage, turn
him over, whatever you got to do right where it's like,

let's get you into more of that sexual realm is
going to be helpful. Men respond usually through physical touch
and through words that's like their love languages. So creating
an environment where you're maybe initiating a bit more than
you would want to, but like you kind of have
to do it just because that's what happens. And also
making sure he's not watching porn, because again, any energy

that is going outside of the relationship, especially to the computer,
is going to take away from any of his drive
that he has for you. Like it's just it's just
a fact, you know. And he's going to get less
and less and less and less interested in you if
that porn continues to stay, if he's not watching porn
and he's not into you, I don't know. I mean,

you know, you got to try to spice things up
a little bit in some capacity. It's tough one, you
know what I mean. Yeah, And maybe you need to
do more things for him just to get him into
that sexual zone. Yeah, you know, maybe you need to
you know, I don't know going on, I don't know,
whatever it may be, but it's like getting him in
the moment where he's like he's being more served to

get him into the sexual zone and then you can
get into it.

Speaker 1 (22:31):
Also, what's coming to me is how you said to
ask for preferences or things that turn you on, like
kinks or anything like that. Like maybe start with that
kind of conversation.

Speaker 2 (22:40):
Yeah, exactly. And also, like you know, who knows the
dynamic of the relationship, how long they've been together, old
they are, there's so many variables. True, there's so many
variables as part of that. And you know, I just
think that it's all about communication. And as a woman,
you don't need to be afraid you're going to hurt
his feelings. But being able to communicate your desires in
an environment where you feel safe, where he feels non threatened,

is like that's the key creating however, you e is
it you need to create that with your partners.

Speaker 1 (23:07):
Yeah. I want to say something else to women too,
because we've said you don't need to worry about like
hurting their feelings. But it's so ingrained in us to
not do that and to not rock the boat. But
what I've taught myself and a couple of my friends
and I talk about this like it's actually more cruel
to not be honest. Correct, you're not doing anybody any favors.

It's enabling the bad behavior or the same behavior or
anything like that, and it is not intimate, it's not truth. Yeah,
so it's actually like more mean exactly, that's what you're
worried about. It's actually more mean not to be honest.

Speaker 2 (23:40):
So it's a short term you know, you're you're looking
for more of like a I tell, you know, my
girlfriend's like, oh, I don't want to say something because
I feel bad. Yeah, you know, I don't want to
hurt his feelings. Men are linear like creatures. Right, we
don't like being in purgatory. We don't necessarily love feedback,
but if we get a response, at least we know

where we stand. Right, So this happens a lot with
a ghosting or like I didn't want to communicate with
him because I felt bad, or I didn't want to
tell him that he was bad and bad because I
felt bad, or that I wasn't enjoying the experience and
I didn't want to continue the experience because he was bad. Right,
if you're in a partnership with someone, you're with him
more regularly, it's a different scenario. But men can rationalize

things pretty easily. You know. Yeah, it's about an area
that's very sensitive for us, but we can rationalize mostly
anything as long as there is communication that's compassionate. So
if you're being engaged with and you're not feeling like
you're attacked, I would say I would encourage all women, like,
speak up, speak your mind. And if he can't handle it,
that's something he needs to work on, right, that's something

and he needs to really focus on, right, because at
the end of the day, you know, if you're not
comfortable getting feedback even in this area, right, Like, you
got to just continue to work on yourself and aulement
so that you can because we're not all perfect. We're
like really good at everything, right, you know, and every
man in his life has situations sexually which have been suboptimal.
It just happens. Yeah, you know, it's like it's complex,

you know.

Speaker 1 (25:07):
Yeah, Okay, last one advice for women who struggle to
you because they have never had an orgasm with their partner.
Oh well, you said earlier, some guys don't care, so
I guess make sure he cares.

Speaker 2 (25:20):
Well, yeah, well, should make sure he cares. But also yeah,
I guess the questions I would ask are have you
had an orgasm with yourself? Have you had an orgism
with other partners? Have you never had an orgasm ever? Right?
Those are sort of like qualifying questions. And you know,
if you know what you like, right, and you know

what gets you, what turns you on? Are you communicating
now with your partner in some way? Right? Is there
the communication clear? Right? Like I like this or I
like that, or like this position or this position you
know usually turns me on. Some women don't actually explore themselves.
They don't know right, and then it's kind of like
the blind leading the blind. The guys try to figure
it out. The woman doesn't actually explore it herself, and

it's like, well, if it happens, it's like it's a miracle,
or it's like, you know, once out of every hundred times.
So knowing what you like, communicating that to the man,
the man being able to like take that feedback and
be like cool, like let's try this together, you know.
And it could be a function of, you know, maybe
there's a lack of skill on the man's side where

he doesn't actually know what to do, you know, and
he needs to sort of like learn different things. But
it's but it's it's complicated because there's there's so many
things I would probably want to ask this person. But
I think it really stems from like, if you know
what you like and you can get yourself off, then
you need to share with him what that's like and
sort of do it together and guide him. You know.

It's like you're going to take dance lessons as a guy,
and you need to learn how to lead ultimately, but
before you learn how to lead, you need to learn
the moves. And so usually there's like a woman who's
teaching the guy the moves, right, how do you do
these dances together? And you know, sort of very similar
sexually in this scenario where it's like, if she knows
what she wants, she shouldn't just leave it up to

him to figure it out. He needs to be really
communicative of like, hey, I love this, let's try this,
or like, do it here. And maybe she's more in
her masculine in those first little bits until he gets
a hang of it, but hopefully he'll learn and then
he can just do it on his own and then
she can fully rocks in her feminine and then he
can do his thing. Okay if that makes sense.

Speaker 1 (27:27):
Yeah, and then if she doesn't know what she likes,
maybe that's where to start exactly going to figure that
out on your own of course?

Speaker 2 (27:33):

Speaker 1 (27:33):
Okay. Well, Jackson has a ton more info on his
social media pages, lots of videos on all the things
we've talked about, and actually more We kept it fairly
PG for some of this content. So can you tell
the listeners where they can find you if they want
to keep up with you?

Speaker 2 (27:50):
Yes? So social media is all get natural Jackson, Instagram, TikTok,
and Facebook, and my website is natural Jackson dot com
for supplements and programs and things like that.

Speaker 1 (28:02):
What kind of programs are you offering on the website.

Speaker 2 (28:04):
So I do. I have individual courses about edging and
keggles and breathing and things like that, mostly for men,
but a couple for women. And then we're actually putting
together a community where there's going to be conversations, chats,
a private community where people can get access to the courses,
the programs, the PDFs, the brochures, all the stuff that

I create, all the guides and things like that, and
that's going to be released in May, which is exciting
cool and so you'll be able to get access to
everything there. But yeah, those are the two.

Speaker 1 (28:36):
Places to go awesome. Well, as always, I will put
that in the description of this podcast for you, guys, Jackson,
thank you for being here. This is so fun. We
won't have to have you back and answer some more
of thosuming questions. I love that, all right, thank you
guys for listening.
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