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March 6, 2024 54 mins

Kelly talks to Master Astrologer, Marvin Wilkerson, about what to expect in March. Marv explains the Pisces new moon, upcoming energy patterns and eclipses and how that will impact individuals and the collective.



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Speaker 1 (00:01):
Conversations on life, style, beauty, and relationships. It's The Velvet's
Edge Podcast with Kelly Henderson.

Speaker 2 (00:08):
All Right, I am here with master astrologer Marvin Wilkerson.

Speaker 3 (00:12):
Hey, Marv, Oh, Kelly, Kelly.

Speaker 2 (00:16):
Well, we are here to do our new Moon podcast
for Pisces, which is going to be moving into March.
Is what we are going to be facing the Pisce's
new moon and then a Libra full moon, and so
you were going to help us understand kind of all
the different energies that are going to be happening this month.
I feel like it's been a bit intense, Like the

end of February coming into March, there was just a
lot going on. Can you speak to that a little bit?

Speaker 3 (00:44):
Well, you know, Pisces is that time of the year
that's letting go. Yeah, oh we've been We've all been
all up against it. You know, it's for I don't
know how long now, it's been a while, but I mean,
you know, starting the new year in January's intense, and

then of course we go into the Aquarium energy and
that was certainly intense. But we've got to focus on
with Pisces, is this is the month and time of
the year that you're letting go of everything, and it's
letting go on the multi dimensions. It's letting go in

the conscious mind, your subconscious mind, your soul self. You know,
Pisces such a beautiful sign. I mean, you know, I
think about their moniker is serve or suffer, And they
can be the most generous of all signs, to give

without without receiving in return. And so there's something special
about Pisces and and what it is is we you know,
when we come into this lifetime, we've come in for
a purpose and a resolve to move out of our

our our physical being, our ego being, to go into
our spiritual being. So just thinking about that process and
and so Pisces kind of plays into all of that spirituality.

But the big thing that I love so much about
Pisces is this the imagination they have. You know, a
lot of all pisces are intuitive. They're all connected. There
there's no division, there's only an imagined division if they
do have one. But we pisces are the kind of

psychic ability that they tap into things that they don't
even know why they're tapping in. So in other words,
one time my mother was back forty years ago she
worked at Knights as a nurse, and when she went
out about two three o'clock in the morning, the car

wouldn't start, and all of a sudden, she's trying to
figure out what to do, and you know, she's going
frantic and all that, and all of a sudden, my
uncle drives up and he says, are you having a
problem of some sort? She says, yeah, my car won't start.
He had psychically been told that my mother was in

trouble and he drove to her work. That's Pisces. That
is the kind of connection that Pisces has. And the
truth of about is is that is the kind of
connection that we all have. We are you know, we

always forget that we are spiritual beings living in a
human body, and this is you know, I remember reading
Emanuel's back in the in the eighties and he talked about,
you know, transition is like getting out of a shoe

two sizes too small you've been wearing all day. And
that's kind of what this physical body is entrapping us all.
And but if we would just remember that we are
always connected, always, all spirituality is there, and what we've

got to do is we've got to let go of
the critical, analytical, evaluating mind so that the subconscious and
the soul mind can speak to us much more clearly
in guiding us to through our life and our life path.

Speaker 2 (05:08):
The thing that's pinging for me on that is that
what we say often on here where there really isn't
like we attach the words good and bad to situations.
They're not necessarily good or bad, and we don't necessarily know,
especially right when they're happening. But sometimes, I mean, that's
like a human condition to attach those things. And then

sometimes the way things play out, you're like, oh, wow,
that was the best thing that ever happened to me
when you thought it was the worst thing that ever
happened to you in the moment. And so it seems
like a lot of that kind of reminder.

Speaker 3 (05:40):
Oh yeah, I mean I lost a two hundred and
seventy thousand dollars a year job and thought that was
the worst thing that could have ever happened to me.
Right three years later, I found out found the best
thing that's ever happened to me.

Speaker 2 (05:53):
Right, Well, that's.

Speaker 3 (05:55):
That whole plutonium thing of letting go and transforming and
renewal and rebirth, and so you know, Pisces, it's just,
you know, Pisces rules the unconscious mind when we look

at it astrologically, it rules the house of secrets, It
rules hidden enemies. And when you when you stop and
think about it, who are the hidden enemies? Where are they?
Where are our secrets in the subconscious mind?

Speaker 2 (06:35):
I knew that one. I knew the answer.

Speaker 3 (06:38):
Damn it, Kelly, you're getting So next time you just
write the outline and I'll do the podcast. But so,
I mean, you know, it's just that's what Pisces is.
And so you know, when we think about your Pisce's mood,

we're thinking about you know, you've been you developed, probably
through several lifetimes, just whole pissan concept of sensitivity and
awareness and spirituality. And of course when you come in
as a cancer, you're trying to corral the emotions of
those memories, those hidden enemies, those house of secrets that

you know. It's like I know I've said on this
podcast before. I mean Carl Jung said, when the conscious
mind knows what's in the subconscious mind will be enlightened. Well,
that's what this life is about, discovering our subconscious programming

and conditioning so that we can make new perceptions perspectives
about them and let them go so they no longer
become hidden. And as we do this, it's like you know,
peeling the layers of onions off the to get to
the core.

Speaker 2 (08:02):
Yeah, I find the reason. Like I always say about
this podcast, that I'm just fascinated with why we do
what we do, which is the subconscious. Right Like when
I'm saying that, I'm not realized. I wasn't realizing that
that's what I was drawn to. But it's so fascinating
because so much of what we do, the decisions we make,

the people we date, the things that we're drawn to,
they're in our subconscious and we're completely unaware of them.
So it's just so interesting to me. And I think
all the modalities that I'm drawn to now, or the
facilitators that I want to speak to on this podcast,
are really helping to uncover parts of the subconscious for
each of us. And that's what is fascinating to me

because it's such a big part of our life and
we just don't talk about it.

Speaker 3 (08:51):
Well. And I mean, and you just said something that
triggered me. You know, it's like you use the word
we're completely unaware, And the truth of the matter is
is no, we're not completely unaware at all. We are aware,
but we block it through our concerns to make money,

concerns to go do this, concerns.

Speaker 4 (09:15):
To the concerns of living in this physical realm. But yeah, well,
and it's not even that, it's just just it's what
it is.

Speaker 3 (09:26):
I mean, it's how you live in a third dimension.
We're supposed to enjoy it. We're supposed to have fun.
I love the Devil card and it to row because
the devil is all about experiencing and enjoying the world.
It's what we're the ones that make it positive and
negative and get all get all hyper about, you know,

all the what we should and shouldn't and judgments and
all of that. But I just I just got done
with a client that I've been working with for a
little while and she came in. I said, well, how
you doing, And she says, I'm just frustrated. I said, well,

what are you so frustrated about? She says, well, I
just can't, like I do the hypnosis and I can't.
I can't see anything. I don't get the symbols, I'm
not doing this. I don't get the conversations that come
in intuitively and all of that, and so I had
to you know, I had to work with her on

how to understand that it's always there, it never leaves,
and it's that she blocks it through the ego participation.
And so I actually ultimately wound up because she had
some well, she had a sore back. She I mean,

her back is always achy and all of that. Two
weeks ago, I fixed her foot because she had pain
in her foot when she walked while I took her
back into a time that that pain in her foot represented,
and she stepped on a nail when she was six
years old. So I helped her heal that, and she

wrote me two days later and sent me an email
and said, this is unbelievable, but my foot does not hurt.
So I told her I'd work on her back and
ultimately what we had to do because she was so
so down on being able to understand the two mind concept,

the intuitive voice and listen to it. So I actually
did a I started with her back and had her
start visualizing because she said, you couldn't visualize nothing, and
so I had her start visualizing the back and the
energy of the back, and of course said just segued
into taking her into an age regression, and we got

all the way down to six years old, and she
still felt lonely and all that energy. So I tunneled
her over into another lifetime that disconnected to and she started,
I mean, it just started flowing, man. I mean, you know,
she saw herself as a Native American woman in the woods.

Her tribe had all been slaughtered and killed, and she's
wandered around and any rate. I finally got her up
into a higher realm to understand that she was needing
to learn how to have trust and faith in herself.
And so this is why she was lonely in this lifetime.

And she just she just I mean, I mean, she
was stunned. She just couldn't get over it all. And
she's getting ready to leave. She says, I'm going to
start bawling as soon as I get down to the
end of the driveway. Well, you should be bawling now.
And so this is very indicative of being in this

pisc and energy next month. This month is allowing the
imagination to work. You know, I know I've said it before,
the imagination. Visualization is the most powerful things humans possess.
If you can see it, you can conceive it, you

can create it. What the mind can conceive, the mind
can achieve. But yet we don't walk around thinking and
imagination language. We walk around thinking and reasoning and logic
and to the next step in doing this. And so
Piscess really is that withdrawal from this world. It's letting

go its, it's really letting go the whole last year.
I mean, is there any reason you need to hold
on to last year? No? No, Well, if you let
go of all that was and start just focusing on
all that's available to us, you start tapping in, you

start listening to that guided voice, and you start moving
in the direction preparing for the spring equinox, when we're
going to be shot out of the cannon to start
the actions of this cycle in the year, the news cycle.

Speaker 2 (14:33):
Well, that's what a lot so astrologers actually refer to
this moment now as the new year, like we all
do it in January, right, and doesn't Like astrologically, I've
just heard a lot of astrologers say, well, Pisces is
the end of the year, like it's the last sign
of the zodiac. This is actually the new.

Speaker 3 (14:56):
Year when see when the the sun moves into aries, Yeah,
that's the solar year.

Speaker 2 (15:05):
So that but that'll happen at the end of March,
right right, Okay.

Speaker 3 (15:10):
And and and for this March, it's going to be
a solary. Well he'll be a solar eclipse in April,
but it's going to be a lunar eclipse in Libra
at the end of this month, so uh, you know,
And so that on a trigger what I've already been

talking about that Venus, Mars and Libra and reconnecting into
relationships and all of that. So we really I mean,
you know, when you when you read this podcast outlined,
didn't you kind of get the idea that we're really
trying to connect with our partners and our relationships and

with people. And that's kind of what happens when you
move into that sphereitual realm, into that subconscious realm and
into Balsamic and Pisces, is you're letting go and you're
preparing for a new vision and a rebirth. So what
we actually call this time is we call it dream time.

This is where you're getting your dreams from spirit and
your dreams are now activating your desires and motivations to
go out and manifest them. And that's what areas is about.
You know, when when I used to teach us work,
we used to talk about, you know, this is dream

time and letting go. Time in arees just shoots out
of a cannon. Yeah, doesn't even know where in the
hell they're going. They just go. They go. Yeah, they
go assertively and aggressively, and they go instinctively.

Speaker 2 (16:58):

Speaker 3 (16:59):
So when you when you get marching orders, you're just
trying to put it all together as you start moving.
And that's the process of the dream time of Balsamic
and Pisces moving into that air res spring equinox of
when you're going to start moving out because you've been programmed,

and that's what dream time is. So as you let
go of all your yesterday's, then you're reprogrammed with your
pathways for tomorrow.

Speaker 2 (17:36):
Which is why I see now the new year piece
of this energy, because it's like letting go of everything
you learned the last year and then you're going to, yeah,
make your dreaming up the new thing, and then you're
going to start fresh. Okay, I get it.

Speaker 3 (17:50):
Yeah, And think about what I said with this, with
this particular new moon at twenty one degrees Pisces, it's
about exploring your imagination. Your personal artistry is kind of
what they call it. I mean, you know we all
have I don't care what you do. This is your
creative expression. And so we're trying to align ourselves with

the spiritual truths that we live by. This helps us
shed some of those hidden enemies, shed some of those
secrets that are unknown and unseen. And so I think
this is a this is going to be a real
special month. It's got the ruler of Pisces, which is Neptune.

This is the nebulous energy that connects us all to
the universe. It's universal energy. Neptune dissolves all things material,
and that's Neptune does. And when you dissolve boundaries, when
you dissolve like I did with this client today, when

you dissolve frustrations and emotions and anxieties, what you're doing
is you're dissolving the ego conscious mind, and you're allowing
the soul mind, the subconscious mind to now filter in
and you can listen to that alternative voice that's not logical,

that's not rational. That's not reasonable, it's guidance. And so
dreams are going to be huge this month. Okay, so
dream as much as you can dream, dream your coming path, dream,
dream who you want to be, Dream what you want

your life to look like? Two years, two months, next week,
six years, ten years. You know, I once told a ceo,
I asked him, you know, what his plans were, and
he was in his mid fifties, and he said, well,
he really hadn't given it much thought. And I said,
come on, man, you're a ceo. I mean, companies make

a plan for three years, five years, ten years, and
you're not even doing that in your own personal life.
Come on, what is that? And so this is the
month to dream and dream big because it's got a Neptune,
mercury moon's sun all all four of those planets are

conjunctness month. So this is a I mean, I mean,
the creativity can go through the roof for you know,
people that are applying their creativity. And of course, so
what I did is I, as I kind of outlined this,
as you can see, I put the positive versus you know,

what isn't so flattering like the first one we read
is building your reality from your dreams versus deluding yourself
about your abilities and your self importance and playing roles
of victimhood. And victim is a pice's word because they
get taken advantage of so often, so much like that,

because they're trusting, they care, they're they're they're I mean,
think about that's what sacrificing service is, and they and
that's their edict to serve or suffer. So they have
to serve, they have to give. I mean, notice how
you want to give on many occasions with the piece

he's moved, and then you realize later I should have
been a little more discriminating.

Speaker 2 (22:01):
There, correct, I mean what you just said, the getting
taken advantage of. I'm just starting to understand that in
my life to where I think I've said this on
the podcast a couple of times, but I'm like, yeah,
I used to give my energy very freely and just
didn't understand that people wouldn't always match that or meet

it or whatever you want to say, value it even
And now I'm like, oh wait a second, I got
to be more discerning and more cautious of what I'm
putting my energy into where I'm giving it freely because
people do take advantage or not, everyone is deserving of that.

Speaker 3 (22:43):
Well, and that connects into the second thing that I
wrote here, connecting with others emotionally empathic feelings, needing to
nurture and care for others. When you're like that, you're vulnerable.

Speaker 2 (22:58):
Yeah, which is really fucking though, isn't it.

Speaker 3 (23:02):
Well that you can't? But you know, I don't know,
it's it's not necessarily a sad thing as much as
it is. It's a learning to open your heart and
have compassion for people that aren't where you are or
capable of being where you are.

Speaker 5 (23:20):

Speaker 3 (23:22):
Kind of trying to understand it. And so it is
that need to uh, I mean when we feel people,
and I mean, you know, what's the best way to
know somebody is to feel them. Yeah, I ain't gonna
not necessarily accept what they tell me.

Speaker 2 (23:38):

Speaker 3 (23:39):
If I did that, I couldn't even do my job. Right.
I read sometimes I read out of my uh uh,
my astrological psychology of psychology, and people say, well, that
ain't me. And then in about forty five minutes later and

they say, oh, well I get it now.

Speaker 2 (24:02):
Yeah that jills right.

Speaker 3 (24:07):
But I mean, you know, think about what connecting emotionally
and empathically for nurturing and care for others, versus having
difficulty separating one's dreams from real world events, losing faith
in others when seeing their shortcomings. And so you see,

we've got to keep up the positive energy. You can't
go negative. I mean, and this is kind of what
I was sharing with the client. She said, I mean
the first words out of her mouth, I'm frustrated. Yeah,
I said, well, guess what that takes fifteen miliwaks. Your
psychic energy.

Speaker 2 (24:50):
Is two, so you're putting if you're focusing on the negative,
you're giving it too much energy.

Speaker 3 (24:56):
Well, yeah, I mean, you know, we know kinesthetically, you're
losing fifty percent of your muscle power when you'd focus
on negative.

Speaker 2 (25:04):
Let's do that, but help you dude, Yeah, I know.
So you say something it's so matter of fact sometimes
and I'm like, nah, we didn't know, okay, but we
do now.

Speaker 3 (25:15):
Yes, But I mean, you know we can't. It's not
a matter of losing faith in others. It's a matter
of understanding that their guidance is guiding them to the
same destination. We're all headed, but they're on a different track.

They're on a different experience and we can't go negative
on them. We can discriminate and say, you know, I
can't deal with that energy, but that doesn't mean you
come down on a judgment and or perspective perception that
makes them good or bad. Just like you said earlier.
And so we need to hold. We need to hold.

It's not a matter I think I've got it in
here someplace, but I've read it someplace. We need to
love people just for the fact that we're using the
positive energy of love. It's not a matter whether they
can accept it, they can't reject it. It's because it's
a greater benefit for us to hold love in our hearts.

And when you hold love and healing and using the
tools of helping people heal, who else do you think
you're healing yourself?

Speaker 2 (26:37):

Speaker 3 (26:38):
Right, And so this is why you're wanting to connect
with people mystical insights while using logical thinkling for problem
solving difficult to visualize issues. So in other words, how
many times have I said ask talk? I told this

client today, I said, they're right next to you. Talk
to them like they're right next to you. Ask questions,
settle yourself, be open to receive the answers versus a
restless mind which creates delusions about how the world works,

confused thinking in communications. See this is the victimhood. And
the victim side of Neptune and Pisces is going negative
instead of keeping the heart open, keeping the love energy flowing,
keeping the intuitive energy and imagination flowing and open. So

I talked about in relationships and this is the feminine quality.
The subconscious attraction is strong this month, having high ideas
about people, ideals in relationships that fulfill your dreams of
a perfect life with another. Think about that versus enthralled

in one's own self importance, not adequately meeting partners' needs,
and discarding people, not realizing how to use them.

Speaker 2 (28:22):
I don't understand the last one, discarding what well.

Speaker 3 (28:26):
In other words, everybody's got their own way, their own path,
their own things right, And that doesn't mean that they're
not teachers. That doesn't mean that they're no good in
our life experience is think about what you said earlier.
You're attracting in everything. I mean, you know, one of

the hardest things that I that I try to teach
is that you're responsible for every single nanosecond of your
life because you've created it. So when we discard people
with with you know, frustration or fear or anger or whatever,

you know, did were we looking at the god part
of them? Or were we looking at the part of
them that we just can't get along with?

Speaker 2 (29:15):
Yeah, this is so interesting. It's kind of hitting me,
and I feel like this is a very Piscey's story.
But like last week, for instance, and I have a
Pisce's moon, which we've mentioned a couple times, but to anyway,
I see this energy that we're discussing playing out in
my life fairly often. But I was very frustrated last
week with multi. I had like multiple situations come up

in my life where the person on the other side
This was in work, this was in friendship, this was
in a couple different areas, and the person on the
other side to me was not showing up with the
same kind of communication that I was, or capacity for communication.
And you always remind me that that's like one of

my skill sets and I don't think about that often,
but like I get, I was getting really frustrated, Like
I kept just ugh and I went to dinner with
a friend. By Friday, and I was just bitching about people,
you know. I was just like, I just don't care.
I don't get why they can't just say X, Y
and Z, And it's like one sentence away from us

being able to communicate in my opinion, And I'm like,
why is that so fucking difficult?

Speaker 3 (30:27):
You know?

Speaker 2 (30:28):
And I had just had it up to hear. But
what I'm hearing in this is like probably what was
happening was I was over showing up in those situations,
and I was then not able to look at them
with empathy or whatever because I was exhausted. And so
it did become like I was almost becoming the victim

of the circumstance because of how I was showing up
in my own exhaustion levels from showing up in that way,
and then I did have to be mad at that
person and not be able to look at them in
an empathetic capacity because I was waiting for them to
show up. How I needed them to show up? Does
that I don't know?

Speaker 3 (31:09):

Speaker 4 (31:11):
Yeah, so you just said the magic words how I
needed them to show.

Speaker 2 (31:19):
Up well, to be fair, some of these situations, the
job also needed them to show up that way, so well.
Readership or whatever. I mean, some of it was very
face level in my opinion. But all of that to
say is those situations did need me to either take
a step back or reevaluate what boundaries I needed for myself,

you know, x whatever.

Speaker 3 (31:46):
In other words, their values weren't matching up with your
values and what was needed at the time. So the
discrimination would cut in and say, you know, we're just
not connecting right now. Yeah, so you need to take
that step back. Yeah, so hard to make make it

work out.

Speaker 2 (32:09):
Yeah yeah.

Speaker 3 (32:11):
I mean.

Speaker 2 (32:13):
Instead of taking a step back, I was like, fuck
these assholes. Yeah, yeah, exactly right.

Speaker 3 (32:20):
And so I mean that doesn't mean they can't be assholed,
but I mean, you know, yeah, yeah, accept them for
what they are, yeah, and say I can do you
business with them. I can't do business with the right.
But you you don't walk away frustrated with anger and
all of the emotional components to that. You just walk

away and says, well it wasn't the right time. You know.
It's like like the Gall, the guy the gall taught
me in day tradings. You said, if if the trade
isn't easy as walking over there and picking up money
in the corner, don't make the trade.

Speaker 2 (33:00):
That is such a lesson that keeps showing up in
my life is like we complicate so much because we're
trying to force, and I mean I have been so
guilty of this in my life, the pushing, the forcing,
the coercing to make it all fit. And it's like, actually,
life is pretty easy if you allow it to be.

But we think that are we attached to certain outcomes
so much that it becomes really difficult and complex because
we're forcing and you're really not supposed to force. It's
supposed to be easy.

Speaker 3 (33:34):
Yeah, that's what That's what the devil card says, and
the the row what why are you making it so difficult?
You're the one that's been doubling it.

Speaker 2 (33:43):
Yeah, I believe that.

Speaker 3 (33:44):
Yeah, okay, And so we know the subconscious is strong,
and we're having high ideals about people and ideals in
relationships that fulfill our dreams of that perfect relationship versus
being enthralled in ourselves and being like, you know, they

need to match our energy, they need to come.

Speaker 2 (34:08):
Our way, yeah, you know.

Speaker 3 (34:11):
And then the next one here is the highest love
of one's partner having tender feelings for others while showing
protection and caring versus struggling to verify another's feelings. Shares
your same values.

Speaker 2 (34:28):
Right, it's kind of like what I was just saying.

Speaker 3 (34:30):
Kind of like, well, you were just saying compensating for
neglect while partner has other views about sharing. So in
other words, you know, when we get into this tit
for tat and push and pull and all of that,
and it's not working, we need to stop and recognize
it and say the energy's not there. That was one

of the greatest things that one of my teachers always
taught was to see everything is energy, and if it's working,
it's easy. You can walk over the corner and pick
up money. And if it isn't working, it's a it's
a struggle, it's frustrating. And so to your to your

idea is that we need to make it easy. Yeah,
because when we can do things and it's easy and
unfolding and just flowing, we're happy. We are in love,
we are in our higher heart building inner ideals about
your partner. Good feelings of mystical oneness with your partner,

I mean feeling that connection, feeling that attraction principle with
with partners and partners you know, isn't it funny when
we look at relationships, we look at the seventh house
of Libra, and and that's a committed contract relationship. That

isn't intimacy yet, that isn't that isn't fully into the
commitment of a relationship.

Speaker 2 (36:08):
What is it?

Speaker 3 (36:09):
It's a contract. When you get married, you're just signing
a contract. Then when you run off to your hotel
and you have intimacy, now there's an exchange of energy,
got it. Now that's a completely different partnership. Yeah, you see.

So when we talk about partners this could be business
partners this could be you know, I mean, look think
about this. Do you not have a partnership in some way,
shape or form with your open enemies?

Speaker 2 (36:46):
Well, if they're still giving anybody energy, then yeah.

Speaker 3 (36:50):
Right, epen enemies are some of your greatest teachers. Yeah,
because they're going to be the ones that tell you
exactly why they don't like you or what you've done wrong.
And so that's a service to you. And so that's
the mystical oneness, that's the mystical connection versus the delusions

about how another person should be rather than who they are.

Speaker 2 (37:18):
It's like that people show you who they are. You
just got to believe them, you know.

Speaker 3 (37:24):
Yeah, confusion about one's feelings for another and deceiving your
partner about oneself. I just told another client the other day,
he says, you're you're You have to understand. This is
base relief, and that's a that's a carving halfway out

of a stone. So the the carving is being released
from the granite block, and that's called a base relief. Well,
when we suppress who we all authentically are, well, we're
suppressing because we don't want to be seen, because we

don't feel like if I show you everything of who
I am, you might not like me. And that's the
problem that we all have to deal with. When we're
suppressing aspects of our character, aspects of who we are,
then we can't even possibly hope to be loved for

who we are. We can only be loved for the
illusion that we've painted for the other person. And of course,
I mean, you know, then if we get into some
of the you know, into some of the business aspects
of this month, it's the leadership that presents visions of

a great future versus leadership going to access and exhaust
itself and impractical schemes. Boy, that hits home. Yeah, leader's
ability to community kate visions of progress and growth versus
the inability to bring reality into planning and productivity that

are weak and artificial plans and trying to mesmerize people
with delusions of progress and growth. And of course my
favorite one was that leaders needing the opinions and emotional
of the of the the people they serve versus delusion
about popular support, struggling to utilize the moods of people

to set a course of action. And of course, and
then we go down to the energy that's working this
month in the in the in the new Moon chart,
it's it's a Urana square Mars. This has been on
top of us now for several months. And that's the
energy that you talked about when we first got on.

That's the frustration. Anytime you get uranas, which is the
energy of break up, breakout, break away, break free from
status quo, that's not that's a rebellion. And when you're
when it's bumping up against Mars.

Speaker 2 (40:14):
What isn't Mars aggressive too?

Speaker 3 (40:16):
Mars is very aggressive, very selfish, very self oriented. And
so when you get people interfering with others' lives causing disructions, troublemakers.
Now get this line here, people with rebellious impulses who
don't want society to impose rules of personal conduct. Well,

let me see, can I think of anybody that does that?

Speaker 2 (40:46):
Well, I know who you're thinking of.

Speaker 5 (40:51):
Uh huh so, uh it's it's violence, it's malice, it's rebellion,
and uh it's I mean, you know, it can certainly
be in its war.

Speaker 3 (41:06):
It can also be accidents. It can be any kind
of number of things when uranus and mars are coming
together because it's sudden, unexpected events and you and you
can't tell I can't even tell you where a you
where a uronicus aspect is how it's going to affect
you because it always always works through other people.

Speaker 2 (41:30):
That would make sense because other people are the things
that trigger us.

Speaker 3 (41:33):
Other people is the ones that causes problem.

Speaker 2 (41:36):
Yeah, where there's people, there's problems. My mom always says that.

Speaker 3 (41:42):
But one of the other things that I liked about
this chart is, you know, I do a lot of
asteroids because they are I found asteroids being so so
very close to what's going on with people. Okay, and
so this is a vesta is our focus and commitment.

It's our autonomous self identity, and this is where we
face the issues of personal integration, work devotion, commitment, sacrifice,
alienation from personal relationships. And so when it squares the sun,
which is our purpose and creative in life, it's our vitality.

Conflict between one's work focus and life purpose resulting in
the inability to find a fulfilling career.

Speaker 2 (42:37):
That's interesting.

Speaker 3 (42:40):
So you may have people that's going to have struggles
trying to find their lot in life. What are they
supposed to be doing? You may have people frustrated with
what they're doing, and the resolution is going to be
developed a purposeful focus and then integrating into lightning one's

personal energies to harmonize with the vision they have. So
that's the visualization of what you want to create and
focus on creating it through actions every day that goes
into that what the mind can conceive the mind can achieve.

It's almost like psychocybernetics.

Speaker 2 (43:23):
Yeah, and it's like applying discipline to your dreams, right, Yeah.

Speaker 3 (43:28):
And you're working towards it now. You can be guided
on a path that leads you to the programmed vision
and imagination and dream that's all programmed, that's not just
coming out of nowhere or out of your conscious ego mind.

So it's developing that purposeful focus. That's the keywords in
that one. And it's also square the Moon. And this
is alienation from one's emotional needs, which produces a fear
of intimacy and commitment to family ties and that alienation.

I mean, you know, when you come up with some
strong emotions, how many times have you just wanted to run?
You just wanted to get away from them?

Speaker 2 (44:24):
Oh, see how.

Speaker 3 (44:26):
They're painful or you can fight them?

Speaker 2 (44:28):
Yeah, most people run. I'm like, no, let's dig in now.
This is the time that I like.

Speaker 3 (44:35):
Well, that's the crab within pictures. And once you lacked on,
I'd have to tear your arm off to let go.

Speaker 2 (44:43):
Well sums up my life, Marv.

Speaker 3 (44:49):
But I mean, you know, understanding and deconditioning socially imposed
moralities concerning your relationship standards, unblocked energies, both sexual emotional,
so that free and open expression may occur. So this
is what we're looking for with the Moon. We're looking

for just to be free and open and honest. And
of course with Neptune right there. It's the diffusion and
diffusion of focus, confusion about one's commitment, misperceptions of reality

that leads to inappropriate self denials and self sacrifice. So
you see, when you're talking about Pisces Neptune, it's very
easy to slip over to the other side and just
and everything's over there, like bad negative, Yeah, I mean,

it's all there, yeah, you know. And so when you
slip into the universal consciousness, it's not neatly compacted into
a third dimensional reality. Everything is there. And so this
is why it can get very confusing when you're dealing
with Neptunian energy because it's dreaminess. Yeah, and it's and

it's universal. It's not of this world, right, Its job
is to dissolve this world. And go ahead, Well, when
you dissolve this world, what you're ultimately doing is dissolving
the ego personality so that you can ascend into the
spiritual self.

Speaker 2 (46:42):
So essentially though, yeah, but like when we're going into
this month of this Pisc's new moon and all the
energies you just explained what would be the goal for
like people listening who are wanting something tangible here, It's
like you say, go dream, But also you don't want
to get lost in these like and you want to
stay in reality. And then there's these other energies coming

in saying and be disciplined with those dreams. So which
one is it?

Speaker 3 (47:09):
So this is how you use neptune energy and dreams
and visualizations because you can go all over the map
with them. You can dream, you can dream your life away.
We call it wool gathering. You can think of all
kinds of stuff. So this is how you nail it
down to being real. If you can put it into

practicality and make it occur, then that's the one that's good.
But if you start daydreaming and it and it can't
be made physical live, well then that you just might
as well throw that a way, because that's just a
day dream. And and so you think about what this

is the power of focus and concentration to effectively deal
with physical reality and dimensions. So when you're in neptune,
you're bringing in other dimensions, but your job is to
bring them into physical reality. So if you don't see

a path where you can bring it into physical reality,
well then you're just in a day dream. You're just
in a pipe dream. It's not real. It's ego driven.
So the ego can send you a vision of something
that just makes you bigger, better, and greater just because

you're listening to it and it's got power over you.
But if you can't make it real, well, then you've
you've got to let that go and focus on what
you can make real. And that's how you deal with
that dune energy.

Speaker 2 (48:51):
I like that. Okay, okay, we only have about five
more minutes, so we got to go through this full
moon fast. One of the big bites that we can
give people.

Speaker 3 (49:02):
Well, So with this Libri eclipse, we're trying to commit
to the ideals of love and beauty beyond any single relationship.
So we make practical compromises, We let go of things
naturally and be true to our own ideals. That's how

you make relationships solid and worthy. And so when we're
thinking of this, the big thing here exchange of thoughts
between intuition, subconscious and ego while being conscious minded. That

organizes thought and life. So again with Neptune, you've got
the dream, you've got the vision, yeah, but if you
can't consciously organize it to where you can now make
it play out, well, then it's just a pipe drink.
So you can have interruption of ideas and impulses that

come out of your subconscious mind. But that doesn't that
isn't that doesn't just naturally make them real. They're just
impulses of your subconscious which has everything in it, and
it's coming in from your conditioning of all your past.

Speaker 2 (50:31):
So we're really right now it seems like wanting to
dive into this dreamy subconscious world that's happening beneath the surface.
But we also with Libra, I mean especially this is
all about balance, right, So it would be I like
that idea of going through those ideas, then maybe you
even a tangible would be like writing down all your

ideas and then you look at the paper and it's like, okay,
well which one can I actually take an action step towards.
It's like what you're saying put into practice, and so
that there's the balance. That's the big like balance energy
coming in after all of this dreaming before we move
into the areas of like let's go get the thing.

Speaker 3 (51:13):
Yes, okay, learning to align energy, drive and will with
clearly conceived focus, direction and purpose. And when you can
do that and you have a neptune concepts. Well, then
that's that's good, that's a that's a path to follow. Yeah,

and then of course, you know, developing a balanced approach
to fulfilling one's responsibilities in the world so that personal
enjoyment and fulfillment can be experienced. That's the ultimate point,
instead of getting wrapped up into you know, confusion, right,

conflict between your needs and the obligations.

Speaker 2 (52:05):
That makes sense.

Speaker 3 (52:08):
So we're all we're all still learning the relationship with
the new Venus Mars. It just occurred. I'm so it
just feels like when I was working on this outline,
it just feels like we're really needing to raise the
level of relatedness to each other.

Speaker 2 (52:28):
Well, you've been talking about that for a while.

Speaker 3 (52:31):
Doesn't that just dovetail right into the aquarian age?

Speaker 2 (52:35):
Well, that's what I was just about to say. You've
been saying. This is about the people. It's about us
all uniting together. It's not about one, it's about all.
So here we go. I guess we're launching right in.

Speaker 3 (52:48):
There you go.

Speaker 2 (52:49):
Go, There you go.

Speaker 3 (52:51):
That's pricings.

Speaker 2 (52:53):
Well, if you would like to do if you're listening
and you're like, okay, I need to know more. I
don't even know how this is registering for me. You know, you, guys,
I always recommend doing an individual chart reading with Marv,
So Marv, tell the people where they would find you
to do that.

Speaker 3 (53:10):
They can find my website at astro Mars dot com,
where they can email me at Marvin at astro Mars
dot com and I.

Speaker 2 (53:20):
Will always, as always put that in the description of
this podcast. Marv, thanks for this Pisces energy. We'll be
back next month with only God knows what eclipse inergy sounds.

Speaker 3 (53:31):
Like eclips and it'll be.

Speaker 2 (53:37):
Yeah, So enjoy the dreaming while you can, people, because
it doesn't seem like it's gonna last very long.

Speaker 3 (53:44):
You're going to be dusting off the shield and the
sword and go forth and multiply.

Speaker 2 (53:51):
Well, that sounds like me last week, so maybe I'm
just getting this energy here, all right, all right, Kelly,
Kelly for being here, and thank you guys for listening.

Speaker 1 (54:04):
Pleasure, thanks for listening to the Velvet's Edge podcast with
Kelly Henderson, where we believe everyone has a little velvet
and a little edge. Subscribe for more conversations on life, style, beauty,
and relationships. Search Velvet's edge, wherever you get your podcasts,
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