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May 3, 2022 70 mins

If we're disillusioned and disenchanted in life, what the heck do we do? Shannon Schottler specializes in getting people out of the "mucky middles" (as she calls it) and into a life that's suited for their purpose.

Shannon is a career transition coach, but she walks people through the deep inner work that has to be done BEFORE a major transition out of a career that isn't in your calling. Shannon shines the light into the places of ourselves we don’t otherwise know how to explore and she does it by reconnecting people with their bodies. She calls it embodied sensation - which is essentially a somatic experience.

Shannon also talks at length about her foster care journey, which took four years to get a child placed in her home. Her, now adopted, daughter is 7 years old and has been the muse in much of Shannon's work to (re)learn rest and play. She brings those lessons to her clients, too, as she teaches self-compassion and devotion.

This episode is for you if: 
-You've felt stuck for a while and know you need a change
-You don't have the slightest clue how to start transitioning out of something that isn't right for you
-You're really into somatic experience and conscious sensation
-You're on a foster journey and need encouragement

What's in this episode?
Why is resting so hard for Americans?
What do we do if we need to transition but have no idea where to start?
Shannon is full of wisdom on the topics of transition and helps explain what role rest plays in finding the right answers for yourself. You'll hear her prescription for lifting the fog of indecision in your life.

We also talk at length about reconnecting people to their bodies and how we disconnected from those somatic messages in the first place. 

Shannon also is very forthcoming about grief and loss and the ridiculous corporate path that got her into this work to begin with. 

📝 Show Notes & Mentions 📝
Hudson Coaching Institute in Santa Barbara, CA 

Shannon's cocooners workbook 

Find the full transcript by going here:

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