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November 20, 2023 132 mins
My guest today is Layne Norton. Layne has his PhD in nutritional sciences and is an IPF world champion. As someone who has coached over 2,000 people in person and has an intense scientific approach, Layne shares why he thinks it is imperative not to separate our psychology from our physiology. We dive deep into the reasons that keep people from making changes in their lives, whether it's fitness, nutrition, or buying into building new habits. Layne's ability to focus on dealing with what is the most important issue at hand first before trying to navigate fine-tuning one's health can be the most impactful way to approach creating change. Believe it or not, this is a guy who's not afraid of 7-Eleven or a little ice cream. Whether you are a natural bodybuilder or someone simply trying to "fit it in," Layne Norton is an incredible resource for navigating our nutrition and exercise lives. He even created Carbon, an app that can support whatever your goals are, whether it is losing weight, adding muscle, maintaining, or changing your exercise and workout life altogether. Enjoy. Sidenote: If you want to get super sciency and geeky, I would encourage you to listen to Layne's podcast with Andrew Huberman and another with Dr. Peter Attia. Each show is over three hours long, and these gentlemen get very granular. TimeStamps [00:04:24] Layne’s Journey [00:16:35 Loosing Body Fat [00:17:40] Controlling Your Environment [00:28:43] Alligator [00:31:13] Body Builders [00:33:11] COVID [00:37:42] Calories [00:40:23] Steps [00:44:41] Ozempic [00:47:23] Calorie Restriction [00:54:44] Building Confidence [00:57:26] Protein [01:01:18] Snacks [01:20:04] Metabolism [01:25:58] Navy Seal [01:29:46] Mistakes [01:33:10] Low Quality Food [01:40:26] Microbiome [01:42:15] Lean Protein [01:49:09] Stressors [01:59:57] Changing Your Habits [02:03:53] Time Zones Show Sponsors: and use code GABBYREECE for up to 35% off site wide and use code GABBY at checkout for 15% off your entire order  Maui Nui- Go to to get 20% off your first order.  OneSkin - Get 15% off OneSkin with the code code GABBY at Websites:  Books: Fat Loss Forever  The Complete Reverse Dieting Guide (e-book) Connect with Gabby @gabbyreece | Linktree For the full show notes visit The Gabby Reece Show talks to top experts with the goal of extracting the best information you will need to navigate the universe of health, fitness, relationships, parenting, and business. Gabby keeps it simple but gets to the heart of the conversation with the hopes of providing you with realistic takeaways. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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