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March 28, 2024 6 mins
Danielle from Windsor Locks met a guy on Tinder. They went on a great first date but she hasn't heard from him since. She wants to know why she's being ghosted. 
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All right, guys, it's timeto go to Windsor Locks, right down
the road from where I live inWindsor. It is a second date update
time, and we've got Danielle onthe phone. Good morning, Danielle.
Hi, how's it going. Well, it's going well good. Yes,
welcome to the show. It issecond date update. Obviously, you went
on a great first date, butyou get and ghosted and you came to

us to get answers. So,yeah, tell me about this first date
you went on. Well, wemet on Tinder and it was, you
know, a great banter and thenwe went to sushi and sushi's great,
so we had a great time.I had some sucking and you know,
great conversation and like he's a ten, Like he's my ten. I'm like

really surprised as to why he ghostedme. So I'm just trying to figure
this out. Well, first ofall, you know, you need to
know that you're beautiful and you're worthanybody. Nobody's like better than you.
Look, he's a ten. Youobviously absolutely deserve to go on this date
with this guy who's a total ten. Because I'm guaranteeing you're attend to think,

did you guys go down the funkytown afterwards, if you know what
I mean again, No we didn't, Okay, all right, yeah,
don't be gross. No I wasn't. I mean it's like Tinder. You
meet someone on Tinder, you cango to funky town, and maybe funky
town wasn't as good of an experiencefor him as it was for her,
and then that's why you probably wouldn'tbe calling her back. But since you
didn't go, I have no ideawhy he's not calling you back. Yeah,

how does your brain function? Idon't know. Yeah, just can
we just turn his mike off?All right? So you felt a real
good connection with Robbie and you've reachedout to him, like thanked him for
the date and stuff, but you'regetting ghosted. Yeah, well listen,
if you thought the date was thatgreat and you're getting ghosted, we're gonna
call him up. You're gonna belistening in, Danielle. Anytime you want
to chat with Robbie or confront him, whatever it is, you can jump

right in. Okay, Okay,I wonder if there was two or socky
involved. Stuff's dangerous. I thinkyou're right. It does sneak up on
you. When I had mentioned funkyTown earlier, I meant sex. Did
you guys pick up that? No? I had no idea, Yeah,
me neither. Hello. Hi isRobbie there. Yeah, Hey Robbie,

it's Courtney. It's Walmart chef.Hey, it's Savana. You're on the
radio. You're on Kiss ninety fiveseven this morning. Oh, surprise,
surprise. I know it's it's alittle shocking. So I'll tell you why
you're on the radio, Robbie.We do something called second date update.
That's when somebody goes on to likea great first date, but they get
ghosted and they want answers. Theycall us whom we get answers. And
apparently you went on a great daterecently, Robbie. Uh yeah, I'll

feel you okay about that? Youand out. I want to make sure
we Robbie, I want to makesure it's the right. I don't know
how many dates you've been on.This is the date with Danielle. She
called us. She said, youguys went for sushi and had a great
time in a fabulous connection. Butnow you're ghosting. This is the damn
talking. Okay, okay, SoI guess you want to hear my effective,

let's get to it. I gotstuff going on. Okay, well
listen, Uh this girl she wasnice, and uh, she she was
pretty, but she looked absolutely nothinglike her photos, like nothing. She
either completely edited them or or justfrankly, use somebody else's pictures. She

looked absolutely nothing like them. AndI found that really start strange and off
putting, and I just couldn't getpast it. And I just thought that
was so bizarre. And listen,if you it's it's not that she wasn't
pretty, it's just that she literallylooked like a different person. And I

think that's weird, either the ideathat she's using someone else's pictures or that
she's edited them so much that shelooks completely like That's not what I'm down
for, Danielle. I'm on theline. Go ahead, Danielle. Oh,
I just I can't believe you wouldgo to me over that, like,
at least text me back. Thisis insane. You literally doctored your

pictures. You look like a twocompletely different person than them. Like the
girl the girl that I the girlthat I listen, the girl that I
talked to on the app, isnot the same girl that I that I
met and you're you're a very niceperson. I enjoyed our time, but
that was really really took me back. All right, Danielle, can I

just he's he's adamant that it's adifferent person. Are you did you take
somebody else's photo or are you justreally good at it? No? I
just edit my photos and like everybody, all my friends edit their photos,
and we used the same app.Like, I'm definitely not the only person
that does this. You're saying,Robbie, that this you believe Danielle used
fake photos on Tinder, got thedate with you, and when you went

to see her, it was atotally different person. It's nothing edited,
just a different person. I don'tknow for sure, but I'm I mean,
I'm pretty sure this was she justshe looked like a different person.
Enough, all right, Danielle,did you are you a different person or
just edited? No? I justedited my own photos. Is there any

any would you guys even consider Robbiegoing on a second date and I'll pick
up the tab or is this likea no free solid No, Robbie,
No, I'm sorry, I justcan't do I just don't feel comfortable.
I feel like it's I feel like, even if it's you, even if
it's not a different person, itjust feels like false advertising with how you
how you made yourself look. Andagain, it's nothing personal about you,

Danielle. You're you're like a nicegirl, but this is it feels like
a red flag to me that youwould edit your pictures that much. And
I just don't feel comfortable with that. Okay, Okay, well I get
it. Are you all right,Danielle? Are you okay with that?
Danielle? No, I mean thatthis is sad. I would like to

go on another date with you,but and I would like a million dollars,
but that's not going to happen either. It sounds like another date tonight.
Let's wrap this up. Stop Robbie'suncomfortable. It's not going to be
a second date. But at leastyou've got your answers, Danielle, Okay,
okay, all right, And andthank you for calling Robbie. Thank
you for just being honest with us, no real problem, guys, Thank
you for having
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