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March 14, 2024 7 mins
Bella went on a great first date. She said it was magical and she can't figure out why she's being ghosted. We call her date and find out why he's refusing a second date. 
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Manchester is the location and we're goingto second date update. We've got Bella
on the line. She must havegone on a wonderful first date and she's
getting ghosted, so she's here totell us all about it. Good morning,
Bella, Hi guys, good morning. Hey are you Oh my god,
you guys. I'm good, I'mgood. Okay, Well, obviously,

Bella, you know about second dateupdate. You're getting ghosted and you
want answers, but you got totell us. Tell me. I'm hearing
the guys. Our producer says,you went on a great day with a
guy named Nate. Tell me aboutthis date. Okay. So, oh
my gosh, I really like thisguy, you guys. So I met
this guy on on bumble. Hisname was Nate. It was perfect.
We have like the best, likewitty conversation, and he took me out

for the most amazing steak dinner.It was I mean, like he let
me drink mescato and he like didn'teven like make fun of me, like
I don't know, like he wasperfect. He was perfect, and the
conversation was just out of control,and I just, I don't know,
like I just felt like I wasgoing to marry that. I don't that's
crazy, but like I felt likeI was going to marry this guy,

and I really really thought that asecond date was in the cards for me.
Okay, but and you know,I was like texting him, and
I texted him a couple different timesand he didn't respond, and I just
like don't understand. So like,I don't know, I felt like I
met like my guy, like myperson, and okay, a lot.
That's a lot for a first date. Meeting your person on the first date,
that's a lot. Girl, Itotally get that feeling. But you

didn't tell him that, right,Like you didn't tell him that you wanted
to marry him on date one?Right? No, no, no,
no, no no no no no, I no, I did it.
I did it. I promised you. I didn't. But I mean I
let him know that, Like Iwas really vibing with it, I guess.
Ull. So basically, you thoughtyou had a lot in common,
you felt a connection, and youfelt like he was like he had a

connection with you. You did youfeel like he was into you as well?
Absolutely? No, Like he waslike order whatever you want, Like
he opened my car door, LikeI don't know the conversation was great.
I don't know. Okay, allright, well listen, then we're gonna
call him because it sounds great.I know you said you reached out to
him twice. Are you sure youdidn't reach out to him like fifty five
times? You sure it was onlytwice? No, it may have been

like fifty four. No. Stopstop, I know she's teasing. All
right, listen, Bella, I'mgonna put you on hold. We're gonna
call your date, Nate, andwe're gonna ask him to be honest.
If you're ready to get answers,we're gonna give him a call. You
ready, I'm ready. Hold on, Bella, we're gonna call Nate.
Jump in at anytime. Hello,Hi, is Nate there? Yeah,

this is Date. Hey Nate.It's Courtney. Hey Nate, it's Walmart
chef. Hey Nate, it's Savannah. We're calling from Kiss ninety five to
seven. Yay, you're on theradio this morning. Probably we're probably waking
you up. I get it,Nate, Yeah, probably, but you
know I listened to y'all, youknow, so it's all good. All
right, well, Nate, letme tell you you're well. You're on

second date. Update it's the futurewe do where somebody goes on a first
date and they have a great time, but they're getting ghosted and they want
answers. You, my friend areon second date? Update? Yeah okay,
all right, well listen, here'sthe deal. You might go on
tons of dates, so I willrefresh your memory. Bella called us and
she said, you guys met him, bumble, you're a great guy.

You took her to a steak restaurant, and you have so much in common.
She had such a great time.She felt like she met her person
what she said. But she's reachedout to you, she promised me.
It was only like twice so thatshe reached out. But you're ghosting her,
and so we want to know why. What's going on. Look,
it was a nice date, Itwas a nice place, and Bella is

a super nice girl. Okay,the thing is that I have to do.
We don't have anything to come.Oh my god, okay, because
she didn't she Savannah. She waslike, we have a lot in common.
You're telling me that you have nothingin common. Uh, yeah,
it's we we don't like. Maybeit's that I can you know, be

around what she's like really into ortolerator, but like it's not like a
pursued interest. All right, wellyou need it, you're you're talking about
you can't be around her for whatshe's into. Then what is she into
that you're not into? Bond Like, what is it? Okay, all
right, so bondage. She showsup to dinner. You know, it's
a nice place and it's cool,but she's wearing a Mickey Mouse sweatshirt,

which I mean, it's cute,but it's strange. And then she and
so I ask about it nicely andthen okay, she goes in. What
it says that her family goes toDisity every year and that she's just I
mean, you know, she's sheand her brother siblings to go with.
They're they're in there twenties and theyjust talk. They go to Disney every

year. It's like the favorite placesin the world, and every running run
Can I just wait? Can I? And oh my god, I just
don't me? Can I bring Bellain? Isn't that a Disney character's name?
Isn't there a Bella Bella? Areyou there? Oh? Yeah?
That makes so much sunset me?Oh yeah, hi, Hi, Nate.

I didn't know that this was likesuch a big deal. I like,
don't even like like you don't likeDisney. I mean, I just
don't care for it. It's notit's oh my god, he's so funny.
Do you guys hear how funny heis? This is why I like
him? Wait? Where was todie? Missed the joke or something?
Wait, Bella, he's low keylike hating on you and you're like,

yo, this is why I lovehim. No, he's just like I
don't know, she's just like soendearing. Nate, You're are you like
joking? You like you can't tellme that there's like, no, you
just didn't watch Disney as a kid, But I watched a little bit as
a kid. Kid. But Idon't like, I don't Nate. I
like, I didn't wear this shirton purpose. I was coming from work,

Like I'm I'm like, I'm I'msorry if that freakd you out.
I promise, Like I'm not likea best or anything. Like my dad
used to work for Disney and sowe just like it's just like nostalgia.
We just go every year. Okay, Yeah, I get that. I
don't think it was anything obsessive.It was just so wait, Belly,
you said, you just came fromwork. Do you happen to work at

the Disney store? I wish.I'm just kidding. I was like,
oh my god, wait, okay, no, no, but like,
I don't know. It's a greatcompany and they like provide joy to so
many kids. I don't know,Like I just like what they stand for,
and like, I don't know,Nate, I like, I promise
you I'm not obsessed. Seems likeit, but I'm just kidding, you

know, I'm just kidding. Imean, we had a nice time.
You're a nice person. I mean, I'd be willing to run it back
if we could just go without theDisney pause of the Disney stuff. Oh
my god, duh are you kiddingme? Okay, Okay, this is
what we do. I'm going topick up the tab. You guys go

wherever you want, and we'll pickup the tab. We'll pay for the
second date. I'm so excited.Thank you, guys, thank you,
I really really We're welcome to this, but I want you guys to keep
us updated. Okay, yeah,you know
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