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April 18, 2024 6 mins
Kayla from Manchester went on a great first date. They went to Foxwoods and raced the go-karts. She's being ghosted and wants to find out why. 
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Heading to Manchester. Kayla went ona great first date, but now she
is being ghosted. What's going on, Kayla? Hi, Yeah, I'm
being ghosted, all right, Sotell Savannah and I about this great first
date you had. Yeah, soI went Derek and I went on a
date with a Foxwoods. It wasso fun. We went go karting.
We had like an amazing time.Like we had so much fun. We

like got food after and like wewere talking and it was awesome and like
sparks were flying. And then heghosted me. And I have no idea
why. Wait? What like youguys, you guys had an activity date.
I feel like those are the dateswhere you bought the most. Sounds
like a lot of fun. Iknow, I felt like we were,
so it makes zero sense to me. I have no idea what happened now.
Did you only try to reach outto him once or did you like

try to text them multiple times?Like I know when I'm texting people sometimes
I'll read a message when I'm inthe middle of something and then I just
totally forget to answer. So Idon't know. No, No, I
texted him a couple of times,like you know, I texted a couple
of times, like I, Idon't know what's going on. I don't
know how to put this. Godhere we go, well, like,

uh no, I'm just saying areyou Are you a good driver? I
mean maybe maybe if you're best,I'm the best driver. I like a
perfect driving record. Okay, Iwas gonna say, because maybe if you're
a bad driver driving a go carts, maybe I just want to get involved
with that. I know Savannah.Sometimes I'll follow Savannah out of work and
I can't even keep up with agirl. She just got a lead foot.

Excuse me. I am an excellentdriver, but this is not about
me. This is about Kayla.Kayla. If you're ready, we'll go
ahead and call your date. Ithink the producer said his name was Derek.
We'll give Derek a call and findout while you're geting ghosted. Sure.
I don't know how all this works, because Courtney usually does all the
work. You got to dial theI tried to do it last week and

it was it was really hard.I don't want to know why the phone
is so complicated. I hope thatwas the right number. That'd be awkward,
could you imagine? So? Who? Yeah? Why not? Hi?
Is this Derek? Uh yeah,did Derek speaking? Hey Derek,
this is Savannah. Hey it it'sWalmart Jeff from Kiss ninety five to seven.

How are you? Oh? Ohcool? Oh cool. I'm doing
good. I'm doing good. Howyou guys doing I'm doing pretty good.
Thanks for asking. I'll tell youwhat. My lower back hurts. I
think I need a new bed botherand that I'm pretty good. Thank you.
All right. Well, now thatwe've got that established, Derek,
we're calling to let you know thatyou are on a feature that we do
here called Second Date Update. Apparentlyyou went on a great day with Kayla

to Fox with you guys, wentgo karting, sparks were flying, and
it wasn't just from the go karts. So what's going on? Like,
why are you not calling her back? Okay, look, okay, well
all right, look yeah, okay, So yeah I went out with Kayla.
I went out with Kayla. It'skind of wild, but yeah,
okay, so I went out withKayla. It was just just kind of
it was cool, like we hada good time, like you said,

like we went out to Foxwoods,did our thing with go cart. Honestly,
I was having a pretty good time. But I don't know, the
thing is that she's a she's great, she's a cool girl and all that,
but like she's I don't know,she's so super competitive, you know
what I mean, Like, ohoh man, Like we were doing this
go carton and she was just andshe was just getting into it. And
I don't know. For me,my thing is like she's winning and doing

her thing. She's just she wasjust acting very very competitive and like in
my face about it. She wasn'tvery ladylike, if that makes sense.
Yeah, And like I just I'mnot super into that. She was just
kind of in my face. Itfelt like I was with one of the
boys, you know what I mean. Yeah, Now, Jared, let
me ask you a question. Didyou let her win or did she beat
you? No? Can I tellyou something serious? I was legitimately,

I was working. I was tryingso hard. She was smoking me and
there was nothing I could do aboutit. And she was just beating me,
and and she would and she wouldget super like in my face about
it, doing the kind of likeyou know the thing when you kind of
flinch at someone, Yeah, youpinch your body at them, kind of
like what you know what I meanshe was doing kind of like what I
think she was being flirty, butlike it was off put to me or
mine, to me and my homieDaniel. I'm kind of thinking she's just

not very lady like deep down.You know, she's kind of got an
energy tour that's a little more Idon't know, more more more more masculine
than than like I want to bethe top dogs, you know what I
mean? Yeah, yeah, okay, wait, wait, I think I
see what's going on here. SoI feel like your issue is more with
the fact that she beat you thanthe fact that she was like ultra competitive.
I mean because no, because Imean like I'll take the w I'll

come back with it. I justlook, I don't know. She was
just competitive and she was winning.It was just super. It was just
super not ladylike. And I justI wasn't too interested in it. I
don't know, And that's why Ithink, Yep, I'm here, that's
k I feel like you just soundlike a sore loser. I'm sorry,
you sound like a sore loser.I mean a sore Look. Look,

I paid for it. You couldn'tlet me win. I don't know,
I just feel like, what areyou talking about? I mean, if
I'm paying for no card, youcan't like throw me one, you know,
I don't know. It was itwas afoot. You were like winning
and you were like telling me thatyou were gonna take me out, and
so it was weird. It was. It was kind of a lot.

Wait wait, wait, wait wait, Derek, you're literally ghosting Kayla because
she didn't let you win a roundof go karting. I mean, I
look, she couldn't just let mewin. I just don't get that she
couldn't. She saw that it wasbugging me out, feel like, and
she's still she kind of leaned intoit, and I think she just got
made her go harder, you know, like and then she was just she's

just smoking me out there, andI don't know, it just made me
feel I don't know. It justwasn't the most attractive thing. This girl
like just smoking you at go cardshe lapped me. I gotcha, I
gotcha? Okay, all right wellnow I mean yeah, I mean,
let me ask you a question,Kayla, would you want to go on
a second date with Derek? Ifeel like you would have to take him
to an amusement park and win hima Teddy Bear or something like that.

Oh my god, her, howabout dinner where there's no competition unless we're
doing an eating contest. I meanI had a Oh I feel like,
what am I supposed to do?Like shrink for the rest of my life?
If I like date this guy,I don't think. So I don't
know. I don't know. Ithink I need somebody who's like gonna go

toe to toe. Okay, Okay, Okay, So I think we've established
there's gonna be no second date.This is screaming toxic masculinity. Thank you
guys so much for being on seconddate. Update Kayla, looks like you
got your answer. Great. Okay,
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