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March 21, 2024 6 mins
Matt from Middletown went on a great first date. He hasn't heard from his date since the first date and wants to know why he's being ghosted. 
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Oh all right, can we makea match? I feel like we need
to make a love match. Goingto Middletown for second date. Update this
morning, Matt is on the line. Went on a great first date.
He's getting ghosted. He's here totell us about it. Good morning,
Matt, Hey, good morning.How's it going good? Did good?
I hope we can help you out. The producer says, you went on
a date with a girl named Brianna. Tell us about this date. Yeah,

I mean, okay, So Itook this go Brianna out to a
brewery, you know, good goodbeers, good bruis, good times,
and it was great. Conversation wentreally well. I thought we were like
really kicking it. Things were reallygood. I thought, you know,
so I and at the end ofthe date, I paid. You know,
it's not like I wasn't a gentleman, but I am currently, you

know, getting ghosted. You know, I texted her nothing like radio silence.
Yeah, I'm pretty bummed about it. I'm not even gonna lie.
I thought I did really well,you know, I was, I was
putting myself out there. I hada bit on this, you know,
dating in a while, and soI thought I did a pretty good job.
So sorry, Now, did youtry to text her more than once?
Because I know, like if I'mon my phone and I see a

text but I'm in the middle ofsomething, I always forget that they're there
and I just don't respond. Idid. I texted her twice. I
feel like two times is like,you know, the most I'm going to
do. Honestly, you know,I'm not going to go for a third.
You know, I feel like that'salmost a little bit it's the meaning,
but it is. I did.I you know, I, you
know, texted her the first timeafter the date. She never answered,

and so then the next time Itexted her, it was like, you
know, I would love to plana second date sometime soon, and you
know, nothing, all right.You know, hey, Matt, this
is a tricky time of year forguys. Let me ask you a question.
You weren't too focused on the TVsand sports and stuff like that and
not focus enough on your date.That's a fair question. But I definitely

think that the conversation was we werewe were in a good flow. You
know, this is what we're gonnado, Matt. We're gonna call Brianna.
You're going to be listen. I'mgonna ask her just to be honest,
and if you're ready to find outwhy you're getting ghosted, we're ready
to call her. Yeah sounds good. I definitely am. You know,
I could take it. So okay, he seems like a good guy.

I'm like wicked. Yes, Iknow. Hello. Hi is Brianna there?
Yeah speaking Hey it's Courtney. Hey, it's Walmart, Jeff, Abrianna,
It's Savannah calling from Kiss ninety fiveto seven. You're on the radio.
Oh hey, hey, I knowit's shocking you're on the radio because

we do something called second date Update. Somebody goes on a first date,
they have a great time, theywant to see that person again, but
they're getting ghosted. We try toget answers for him. We actually try
to make love connections and we havebeen successful. Might I add in making
love connections? This morning, you'reon second date update? WHOA All right?
Oh gosh, who did that areout with? I'm trying to think,

oh, okay, exactly. Well, I'm going to refresh all memory
because you know you're out there.If you're out there a date and it
could you know, who knows?Matt called us. Matt said you guys
went to a brewery. He said, conversation was great, the beer was
great. He's reached out to you. He doesn't he doesn't know why he's
getting ghosted. He even went onto say he put himself out there,

thought he did a good job onthe date, and he even paid like
it wasn't like he didn't pay forthe date. Okay, so Matt seemed
like a really nice guy, buthe kept this is maybe super petty of
me. He was chewing with hismouth open the whole time. He was
chugging beer like this was a nicebrewery, And he chugged the beer and

he was like burping afterwards, andhe wiped his mouth with his hand at
one point. I really hope I'mnot being petty, but I was kind
of grossed out. I actually allbroke up with the guy once because every
time he ate, his teeth wouldhit the fork and it grossed me out.
So yeah, and he always wassalivating. It was like adult he

was always like drooling whenever. Anyway, Brianna, No, I just I
you know, what can I bringMatt on? He's listening in Matt,
did you have bad manners? Iguess I guess I did. I honestly
don't even know what to say.I'm pretty embarrassed. I'm sorry, Brianna
that I could definitely understand why youwould be grossed out by that. I
do apologize, though it's been Tobe fair, it has been a long

time that I've been single, soand I grew up in a house of
guys. I don't have any sisters, so I definitely can see how I
would not have great table manners.And now that I'm thinking back on it,
I probably should have been like waymore cognizant of those things. But
I guess I was just having sucha good time that I really wasn't thinking

about those those things. That Iwas just trying to enjoy the conversation.
But that doesn't, you know,make up with the fact that it probably
was really gross. So I doapologize. Matt, you sound like such
a nice guy. You literally justtook like full accountability. He did.
He did, Yeah, Brianna,Brianna, what do you think I mean?
He literally took accountability. He's beensingle for years and he grew up

in a house full of guys.It's like Walmart, Jeff, let's just
now you grew up in a housefull of like five brothers. You're the
same way when it comes to yourbeer. You chug it, you burp,
Yeah, it doesn't shower. Yeah, and I didn't change who I
was for my wife, and Idon't think Matt should have to change for
sounds manner, no, Brianna,Yeah, I mean, look, I

do love that he took accountability.We're all for men taking accountability for things
because but yeah, I don't know, like I agree. It was a
nice conversation, and I guess I'mglad to hear that he thought we were
having a good time, like Idefinitely was until those things happened. But
yeah, look I get it,like I've been single for a while too,
but it was just kind of gropedout. So that's why I haven't

been sorry and needs to be mean. Oh and then now she was he
he takes accountability, she apologizes,he's ready to maybe work on his table
manners. I feel like you guysshould go on a second date. I
really really do. I feel likeyou should go on a second date.
If you agree to go on asecond date, good manners for Matt Brionna,
I'm gonna pick up the tab youguys can go anywhere you want.

We're going to pay for it.I mean, I would love that if
you are down, Yeah, I'mdown. That sounds nice cool? Oh
my god, did we just geta second date? Is this an official?
You guys are going to go ona second date? I guess so?
Is that? Is that the case? Sound like it? Right?
All right? Awesome? Well,I'm gonna put you guys on hold because

I want to give you all theinfo on like paying for your second date,
and either one of you, Briannaor Matt after the second date,
we'd love an update if you couldcall us. Yeah, for sure
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