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December 7, 2023 7 mins
Adam from New Britain went on a great first date. He said they made a connection and he's confused about why he hasn't heard from her since the first date. He wants to know why he's being ghosted.
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All right, well guys, we'regoing to New Britain. What do they

call it? Hard hitting New Britain. Yeah, Adam's on the line.
Adam wants to make a love connection. Went on a first day with a
girl named Sabrina. He's getting ghostedand we're going to find out why.
Good morning, Adam, Hi,good morning. Hey. I hope we
can get some info for you andfind out why you're getting ghosted. Tell
me about this great first day.What'd you do, where'd you go?

How was it? Okay? So, I mean, honestly, I feel
like this is going to be apretty boring story. I know that people
always say nothing crazy happened, butI promise you nothing crazy happened. I
just went out on a date.Honestly. We just went out for a
nice dinner and I felt like theconversation was great, and so afterwards I
was like, hey, do youwant to go for a walk and we'll

just, you know, maybe continuethis and she said yes. So we
went just for like a nice longwalk. Yeah, So definite connection there.
Reached out to her, I waslike, hey, okay, you
know, let's do this again,and totally ghosted And so it's just super
confusing to me because like I feltlike it went well, and she obviously
wanted to see more of me,like to go on this walk. So

I don't know. Yeah, see, sadly, that's your problem. You
went for a walk. A lotof these ladies, a lot of these
ladies on first dates, they wearlike heels or uncomfortable shoes, and the
last thing they want to do isgo for a walk. Actually, what
you're gonna agree with them? I'mgoing to say no. I think that's
if I think if she's a grownwoman and she doesn't want to go for
a walk, she would say,I don't know how far I can walk.

My shoes kind of hurt. Ilike the idea of having a nice
meal, a martini, great conversationthan going for a walk. I love
it. Adam. All right,well then you want to go out on
a date. Yes, possibility.Anyway, Adam, this is what we're
gonna do. I'm going to putyou on hold. We're gonna call Sabrina

and we're going to find out whyshe hasn't responded and you've reached out to
her, right, yeah, definitely, all right, hold on, you're
gonna be listening in Adam at anytime. If you want to talk to
Sabrina, you can. We'll pullyou into the conversation. Okay, okay,
see, I can't believe you don'tlike that, Savana. I feel
like taking a walk after dinner andlooking at the Christmas lights and I think
it's nice. No, I lovethat. But if I don't have a

heads up and my outfit's not warmand my shoes aren't comfy, true night
mare. Let me put my slipperson in my onesie. Well you wear
dress and sneakers. Hello. Hello, is Sabrina there? Uh yes,
this is Sabrina. Hey, Sabrina, it's Courtney. Hey, it's Walmart
Jeff. Hey, it's Savannah andwe're calling from Kiss ninety five to seven.

I gotta let you know you're onthe radio this morning. Oh okay,
all right, Well I'll tell youwhy. I know. It's kind
of shocking you wake up early andyou're like, ooh, I'm on the
radio. I'm on the radio.You're on something we do call second Date
Update. If somebody goes on agreat first date, they really want to
see that person again, but they'regetting ghosted. They want to know why
they call us and I will letyou know. Adam called us, sounds

like a great guy, says,you guys went to dinner, had a
connection, great conversation. It wassuch a good date that you guys agreed
to go for a walk after dinner, and you're ghosting him, So we
need to know the scoop, Sabrina. To be honest, it was kind
of an exhausting date. At dinner, all he did was talk about himself,

like he barely came up for abarely. Okay, all right,
so at dinner he talks about himselfthe entire time, doesn't really engage or
ask you about you. But howwas he on the walk you went for
a walk? Well, honestly,I was kind of hoping that after the

dinner, you know, when hesuggested the walk, I was like,
okay, great, maybe this isthe chance that he'll start asking me questions
about myself my family. No,he literally kept talking about his family,
his exes, his work, hislike literally he would not stop talking.
And I'm just not interested in beingin someone that's that self absorbed. Yeah,

so that's why I ghosted him.Okay, I feel your pain.
I that is my number one petpeeve. When a guy doesn't come up
for air, and he just talksabout himself incessantly. I do have to
let you know he's on the lineand he's listening in. So Adam,
do you hear why you're getting ghosted? Like you're here? I'm just I'm

you're you? You know, Ithought we were sharing about each other.
You know, I'm sorry. I'msorry that I wanted to tell you about
my life. I wanted to tellyou that I came up from nothing,
you know. I mean, Istarted as an eagle scout, and I
like when my my parents and Iwere growing up in New Haven, it
was super difficult and so okay,I was a boy. I did very

well for myself. I was notpopular in high school, all right,
I have a busy life. Iwas telling you about investments I made.
Okay, I've done well for myself. I was telling you about all those
great things, but you didn't comeup like you were interested. But I
guess, I guess that's not thecase. I guess you don't want to
be with someone who has all thesegreat, interesting stories and who can talk
for a long time and just enjoystelling you about himself and enjoys telling you

about how one time I saw LanceBass talking about oh my, he just
threw Lance pass in there out ofit all of a sudden, All of
a sudden, Adam was hanging outwith Lance Bass. I just got confused,
dude, Like when do you breatheevery second of every day? I

don't know what to tell you.You were asking me questions, and so
I was answering them, like Iwas telling you about these great stories.
I was telling you about when Iwould see Obviously i'd told you with Lance
baths. I think that's a prettycool story. Okay, he said hi
to me, he didn't say hito you. So I'm just wondering.
If that's the case, then whydo you even want to go on a
date with someone If you're not tryingto get to know them. You're not

trying to get to know like,oh, what's the central and like the
played sports? They were like excelling. I'm telling you, Adam, I
see where she's coming from that youdidn't even ask her one question about herself?
Does he know you're doing? LikeI said, how's it going?

What do you want? You wantto go for a walk? My fault.
Your answers were short and my answerswere long and informative, and I
was telling you about myself, andI was telling you, Okay, here
where, here's my backstory, here'smy background. Here's how you can get
to know me, all the greatthings that I've done. I want to

put him on hold, Sabrina.Are you still there, Yes, I'm
here. Okay, Adams still talking. We politely put him on hold,
but he didn't hear me when Isaid we're putting them holes. He's still
talking about himself. So I'm goingto offer it to you and then I'll
pick it up and talk to him. And I bet he's still talking to
himself. But anyway, Sabrina.At the end of a second date update,
we always offer a second date.If you want to try it,

I'll pay for it. I willpick up the tab. Is there anything
you're interested in? Absolutely not.That is a clear answer. Well,
Sabrina, Thank you so much forbeing so open and honest on second date
update. Thank you, thank youvery much,
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