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February 1, 2024 6 mins
Nicolas from West Hartford went on a great first date. He thought he made a total connection but hasn't heard from his date since. He wants to find out why he's being ghosted.
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All right, you guys, we'regoing to West Hartford. Nicholas went on

a great date and he says heis getting ghosted by his date Dan for
Daniel, and we're gonna find outwhy. Good morning, Nicholas, Well,
good morning. So you went ona great first date with Daniel,
and obviously you know what second dateupdate is all about it. At some
point we're going to call Daniel andget the scoop and find out why you're
getting ghosted. But you got totell me about the date. How was

this first date? So the firstdate was actually really incredible. We went
to a paint and sip night,which is something I've been meaning to do,
so finally got to do it.And I love art and I love
drinking, So what a perfect combo. You know, we had a blast.
I think we really hit it off. We talked about fashion and art

and everything like in between, andit was just like cool, perfect.
It was easy, you know.Okay, so the conversation, conversation was
easy and you were attracted to him? Yeah? Win? When right?
So I don't know, I reachedout from for a second date and then
he's been ghosting me and I wantto know why. Okay, well,
quick question. You said you liketo drink. Did you perhaps have like
a little bit too much wine atthe point and said like, no,

shame, we all do it.No, that's a good question. I
kept it cool. Okay, leOoh that's a good one. Actually.
See he's got a drinking rule evenI'm loving this. So did you read
so Nicholas, you reached out toDaniel and you've got no response. Yeah,
And I'm just kind of like,okay, let me find out more
about that, because you know,I'm ready to improve myself if I need

to, but I would like toknow. Oh that is so sweet.
Okay. I hope we can makea love match. I think you need
a second date, especially if itwent so well. This is what we're
gonna do, Nicholas. We're gonnacall up Daniel and we're going to ask
him to be honest and tell usabout the date. And if you're ready
to find out how he felt thedate went, we're going to call him.
That's amazing, thank you. Hesounds so nice. You know,

he wants to improve himself. Ithink he's perfect the way some people should
go buy his one drinking Now,if you know what I mean, hello,
is this Daniel. It is HeyDaniel, It's Courtney. Hey Daniel,
it's Walmart Jeff. Hey, what'sup. It's Savannah. We're calling
from Kiss ninety five seven. Igot to let you know you're on the

radio. You're on the air thismorning. Daniel, Oh my god,
I know what a way to wakeup? Right. Well, here's this
scoop. I'm gonna fill you in. We do something called second Date Update,
where if you go on a firstdate and it's fantastic, you had
a great time, and you reachedout to your date, but you're getting
ghosted, you call us and wetry to figure out why a second date
hasn't happened. So Nicholas reached outto us. Daniel, Oh wow,

okay, this is what he toldus. Nicholas told us, you guys
went to a paint and sip nightand it was awesome. It's something actually
Nicholas has always wanted to do.He got to do it. He loves
art. He said, you guyshad a lot in common. I think
you talked about art, maybe evenfashion, like you just have a lot
of common interest. He said thedate was fantastic, and he's reached out
to you. He texted you orsomething and thank you for the date,

but you have not responded. Yeah, no, I definitely, yeah,
No, he's great, but that'strue. I have not responded. Okay,
So and why haven't you responded?Like we were just trying to figure
out why is there a reason?Are you just been busy? Like why
haven't you responded or have gone ona second date? I guess it just

felt like we were, I don'tknow, like pretty different people, you
know. I mean, like,for instance, like I'm really into like
stopping, like really into like highend stuff, you know, fashion and
things like that, and he's likeanybody wants to hear like thrift stores and

flea markets and stuff, And Idon't know, it's just like not my
okay, and it just didn't seemto click, you know what I mean.
You guys sound like Savannah and Courtney. Savannah's high end, Courtney's the
flea market, thrift shop girl,I know, and we get along great
and we love it. I totallyrespect that she needs high end Kardashian fashion

and I just can go down tolike Savers. I'm fine with that.
And I don't see for it.I just I don't know, Daniel,
I think, can I bring Nicholason? Nicholas thought you guys had a
lot in common. Nicholas, areyou listening? He says that he likes
high end stuff and you like lowend or whatever. Yeah, Hi,
hey, good to hear from you. I'm listening, and I think that's

okay. Actually that's bonkers, Like, come on, Like, there's no
difference high end or thrifting. It'sjust the amount of effort that goes into
it. Right, Like I gointo a thrift store, I have to
spend hours and then I find thisperfect piece, is sustainable, great piece,
Whereas you go into a high endstore and you say, here's one

thousand dollars for this sustainable great piece. Like the only difference is the time
spent achieving the wonderful, well madepiece of clothing. And I enjoy the
experience. I enjoy the hunt.Like they're both quality things. There's no
difference other than I'm probably, youknow, being nicer to the earth.
Oh I can't. We are solWe are meant to be, Nicholas,

You and I we're like soul friends, soul whatever. Like I love everything
you're saying, Daniel, do youunderstand what he's saying. Oh, I
understand what he's saying. It's justlike the whole like hunting part, it's
just not really for me, youknow. So it was just kind of
a little bit of a flag,you know that it just didn't like seem

like it was gonna really work,you know, Daniel, Are you sure
this isn't enough of a connection fora second date. Oh, I'm pretty
sure. Okay, Yeah, Wow, I think it's probably about the money.
That's you know what. That's probablywhat it is. You just think
I'm poor, but honestly, Ispend probably just as much as not more

than you. So wow, Idon't want you guys to fight. There's
no need to fight. I appreciateyou for being honest. Daniel. You're
just kind of like a different,I guess, high end situation thing.
But Nicholas, anytime you want tohit up a fleam, you want to
go to Savers, you want togo to Uptown consignment, you just let
me know. I will go withyou. That sounds amazing. I would

love that. All right. Well, then I'm gonna put you on hold,
Nicholas, so that I can getyour phone number. You and I
can hang out, Daniel, wellgood luck. Keep us posted on your
hunt for a man with money,well Dale, and if you ever want
to take a little trip to FifthAvenue in New York, all I gotta
do is hit me up. Yougot it, all right, You guys

have fun, Nicholas, hold onthe line, okay, all right,
thank you,
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