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June 20, 2024 9 mins
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It's the after show decompression session,doing what they do best, flapping their
gums. Well, we're here.We're a little late getting back to you.
We're here, We were everywhere.Yeah, I had to take care
of our seven to fifty winner andget them all written up, right,
Yeah, because somehow you got cutoff. What is his name, Danny
H. Can you imagine calling in, managing to get through to a live

morning show, answering the question correctly, being told you not only won tickets,
but backstage phenomenal. That's what hesaid. Yeah, he's a phenomenal.
You get put on hold and thenthe damn cellular drops her cold.
There is some ghost in the machineand these phone member yesterday it didn't work
at all. That's right. Theywere being forwarded to an unknown number somewhere

down there where Bo's legs are.You all, get your mind out of
the gutter. Somewhere down there whereBo's legs are, something else underneath there
is getting ready to screw up reallysoon, I promise you guys. Yeah.
So, when I was escorting theSclar brothers out, I said hello
to Brian Martin, who's our chiefengineer here, And I was like,

hey, Brian. I go,he's a really nice guy, and he's
our chief engineer, so you haveto be nice to the chief engineer.
Yeah, he fixes it when webreak ship. And so Brian heard me
and he goes, I know whyyou're nice to me now, And I
love you, Brian, because you'rein charge of the on and off switch.
I think Brian has a little LindaLash crush going on, very much

like does he does mention Linda Lash. I'm sure he does, since he
heard his hand in his podcast,since he heard Linda Lash on the Bone
of Them show. He has beena regular listener ever since. I know
that much about Brian. What youdo to me? Let's see who's on
the phone here, Hello, boningthem show? Hey what you're doing.

Let's go how many bags we canwin a game picking? What is the
two weeks? Now? Two weeksor no? They don't have to wait?
Seven days is all you have towait to win again. It used
to be thirty days you got towait to win again. Now it's only
seven. Because we had so manyprize hors that were winning all the time.
The prize horse can go a littlebit more nuts now because they figured

out a way to kind of makeit work. Why did you win recently?
I want to be American takes.I would go to see Bowl and
Bass for both of those little kickphoto Drab Prairie. Oh it's not in
Grand Prairie. It's at do Teke'sPavilion in Dallas fair Park Music Hall Area
fair Park. They said, wasSteve Hark and Steve Hollister doing now the

concert? I said, yea hm, that's why we're gonna hang out in
our shorts and bikini. Damn right. I'll be in shorts, but will
be in a bikini. Jesus,I'm big flopping a titt is. Just
don't show up with something covering myeyes up so that they don't burn from
that on the case, I guessthey went a mile's buck. They want

t Jack boss last time, maybewent again onesday. Who knows. Man,
Just keep diving in there. That'sokay, good luck, Steve.
Yeah, I hope that can.When I'd done the lottery to keep closer,
hope can won the lottery. Ifyou win the lottery, you got
to take us all to lunch.We're tired too. Home. They okay,

because he takes care of his momyou're You're the kind of person that
I am happy for if they winthe lottery, because you take good care
of your mom. Anybody, anybody'splaying a counsel this month? Is you
know? Oh, there's tons Tomorrownight is the Beast. Then we got
the Doobie Brothers on June twenty ninth. Is it twenty ninth? Are you

sure? Yes? Yeah, Iheard the plants plant win. I think
what we're talking about is a Dallasarea date proper for the Doobies, and
then they do another one out thereWindstar. Yeah, kind of like Stevie
next did. Yeah. Yeah,yeah, one this month and next month.

Yeah, hey Steve, if everything'sworking right, There's a concert calendar
that gets updated pretty regularly at lonestar nine two five dot com. There's
a bunch of stuff on it.That's your concert cale. What do you
have renumber to get a hold Let'sgo a long on that's I don't know
how to do it on my Ohit'll work on your phone, but it's
a little weirder. I probably googleit. Come up. Yeah, you

can. You can type what concertsare coming to Dallas into Google and it
will actually understand you, which isdamn scary if you ask me and I
I type what's going on in DallasFort Worth for uh, hey Anna,
what's happening? Which will be ontomorrow. Yeah, and there's a bunch
of things going on. You're notjust the bow and them back a.
We we got a little carried awayat the at the blood drive. We

didn't get a chance for you todo. Hey Anna, will check.
Oh but man, last Friday wasamazing. Jimmy there you know the Lewis
aren't as j oh. By theway, we ate that Tuda that he
gave me, Yes, good grilled. You didn't have it because he recommended
you have it as such sheet sinceit was so fresh. I don't know,

I'm a blood you wanted to giveit away. I mean people dominated
get a tally on that blood getYeah, we got close to close to
six hundred. Yeah, it wasjust above five twenty somewhere and that's the
number of donors. So I thinkthat's five hundred and twenty pints, I
would guess. And what they toldus is that you could because a lot

of people were taking vacation. Sopeople that had like the week before the
week after and said, hey,this is for the Lone Star Blood Drive
that goes into our account. Yes, yeah, so it's not too late.
Yeah, but dog pardtle bad wedid last year. That's pretty good.
Yeah. Yeah, we got upinto the hundreds. Man, we'd

like to see a four or fivefigure number happen. You know what he
is even better, Steve, aslong as we're raising awareness and people make
a note to donate during the summerbecause it's desperately needed. So even if
you weren't able to come during theblood drive, as long as you're donating
to the s in the summer toCarter Blood Care, we're happy. Yeah.
And it's a big help. Yeah, big help. Well now,

you know along with the block partywiked. Yes, we were so close.
We should have timed it. Italk block party weekend. We don't,
but we'd love to hear that too. Up to the program directly,

but we'll put it in another word. Maybe I'm getting ready writer to get
it's going to be a Blockhead weekend. We love you, Steve, take
care of brother. We're gonna getout of here. You take care.
Bye. I'm get to where Ican understand about every other word I'm learning,

stevenees you know if the guys fromSouth Park were listening and heard Steve,
they would go he would be anexcellent character on the show. Yeah
him and Kenny. Yes, welltell the concerts and block party weekend,

Steve, we're working on this one. We love it, Steve. Actually
we got our own ship. Wegotta worry about them here. Well,
it's been a wonderful bash, Eve. I can't believe we're finally done talking
about the bash and having it befive million days away tomorrow and we're gonna
have It's gonna be warm, butit's great weather, no rain in the

forecast, partly cloudy, high inthe mid nineties. It's gonna be so
much fun. Looking forward to seeingeverybody out there. And Jimmy is joining
us. Oh yeah, Jimmy.I love it. Do we get Jimmy
tickets already? Well, he's onthe list, and so I haven't gotten
my tick it's yet. You haven'tgotten your tickets yet? I'll run down
since we get done, I actuallymake sure we get Jimmy and Jimmy probably

want another one. I already talkedto Golden and to Kevin Moss about the
tickets. We're getting them today,So good deal. It's been taken care
of, right, all right,all right, let's get rid of the
party. Time to throw down.We have to rest because tomorrow is going
to be a very long day.We got a battery power up. There's
three chances for you to win yourway into the bash. Left. There's

one this afternoon with g FK atfour forty five. There's one at seven
fifty tomorrow, which includes foreigner meetand greet. But we're gonna make you
work for it. Is it's notjust a Caller nine kind of thing and
a Friday Foster club. Okay,bringing on. You want me to tarry
all heads up with one of each. You gotta have one sticks, one

foreigner and one John Waite, preferablythe babies. Okay, is this a
This is a confirmed assignment. Icanna start on it now for lou.
If you don't too, all right, tear it up right now. I'm
done. I'm not doing another thingafter until after my mouth. Hey,
Dutch brothers brought some coffee, solet's go. Yeah, let's get all
tweeked. Yeah, let's let's getall amped up so we won't be able

to take it. Yeah, andmore nonsense tomorrow. Thanks, for listening. Thank you
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