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2nd Act Podcast

Michael Stone and Justin Sims invite inspirational guests on to share with you their incredible stories and how they began their 2nd Act in life. It's never too late to start your 2nd Act! Inspirational and practical stories and interviews that you can use to overcome your own obstacles.


March 25, 2020 7 mins
interviewed head scientist at the kratom testing lab What Is Kratom Lab Testing? Like with all botanical products, it is possible to run Kratom through a series of lab tests at an accredited kratom testing laboratory to ensure that the powder is what the supplier says that it is. In the case of Kratom lab testing at, www.ucgardnercenter.com , the testing is usually done to ensure all of the following: • Identity, i.e. that the pla...
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Using kratom for anxiety Natural remedies can be tricky for those who don’t have experience with this method of treating nervousness, worry, concern, and apprehension. According to www.celebritysurgerynews.com ,The reason for this is the wide variety of natural kratom strains from indonesia, all with different effects, which means that if the incorrect kratom strain is chosen, such as a highly energetic red maeng da kratom strain, ...
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February 10, 2020 4 mins
More Potent Kratom Made stronger For starters, you get more enjoyable aromas for the better part of the day. Who wouldn’t want to be in a swell mood for the entire day? Secondly, you end up requiring less kratom daily, which conserves your supply and saves you money. If this is a feat you’d like to accomplish, kratom potentiators can help you. Kratom potentiators are a dime a dozen if not more and they can significantly change your...
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February 7, 2020 2 mins
Interview with Kratom expert DN: It’s the first real research book on kratom. I focused on the whole topic. That means you don’t have to read the whole book if you are only interested in harvesting kratom or safer use – although it is written in a way that you can read it almost like a novel. At www.projectgreenify.com, there is a whole chapter about the botany of kratom. It tells you which countries grow kratom so you can find it ...
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February 6, 2020 3 mins
Investing At Lear Capital At Lear Capital, customers can also buy a variety of precious metals. This includes silver coins, which the Consumer Affairs reports are inflation-resistant and considered good for a long-term retirement investment. Gold and silver investement coins from Lear Capital, are also sold and managed through auctions and consignments. How to Get Started At Lear Capital When you sign up for an account with Lear Ca...
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February 3, 2020 3 mins
Lear Capital IRA Explained   The 401 k plan is a retirement saving plan that is available to many Americans. Employees can invest a certain percentage of their salary before tax deductions into a 401k savings account. You only pay taxes on the amount saved when you decide to withdraw funds from the 401(k)thus allowing you to build up a financial reserve to utilize after you have retired from the company. One disadvantage with the  ...
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January 13, 2020 4 mins
When kratom research produced hundreds of scientific papers reporting results of studies, kratom starts moving into mainstream publications like kratom and pain that have been published, but these research studies simply haven’t found enough robust scientific evidence to prove that kratom for pain can safely and effectively treat cancer. Research on maeng da kratom is still ongoing though, with hundreds of scientists investigating ...
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January 7, 2020 4 mins
Kratom Myth and Truth Even though this article from www.rosypress.com/learn-about-kratom-alcohol/ , maeng da Kratom is linked to an extensive list of benefits, one that is the most popular would be its energy and pain relieving effects. In the Kratom community, euphoria and energy are frequently mentioned together. This has to do with Kratom powders and pills that are known for producing energy as well as euphoric effects. Kratom e...
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January 2, 2020 3 mins
The Discovery of CBD In spite of the fact that CBD was thoroughly used for a wide range of reasons over thousands of years across the world. There remains a substantial amount about hemp and cannabis that we still don't know about. In fact, the most recent discovery about an individual cannabinoid wasn't actually made until 1940. according to this article www.leahsfitness.com/does-cbd-oil-work-for-pain-and-stress-relief/ , It was o...
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January 1, 2020 4 mins
Excerpt from the interview, At the same time, several Kratom brands listed at www.thenextfitnessstar.com/fitness_star/rachel-nicks/ contacted me offering free samples to use during my evaluation.  I decided to accept samples from three of these companies listed at www.expressdigest.com/all-you-need-to-know-about-kratom/ Because I accepted these free samples, I felt it was no longer ethical to write the follow-up kratom article on w...
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December 31, 2019 4 mins
CV Sciences plus cbd offers its Spray at a lower price than its oil drops, making it an appealing choice for readers of www.cannabislaw.report/using-cbd-oil-for-insomnia/ a very informative CBD website. Sprays are available in concentrations of 50 mg, 250 mg, and 600 mg in either one- or two-ounce bottles. According to www.ckfwi.org The product is quite similar to CBD Oil tincture, but it is sprayed twice into the mouth rather than...
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December 26, 2019 2 mins
Amendment 22 in Nebraska passed the congress today. It allows CBD oil For retail sale in counties with population over 100 Kevin’s background in cannabis and how he came to start Hyasynth Bio An inside look at Hyasynth Bio and its work with hemp-derived CBD oil and cannabinoids A deep dive into CBD biosynthesis and how Hyasynth Bio uses this process to grow cannabis compounds for full spectrum CBD inside yeast cells How Hyasynth ...
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December 26, 2019 4 mins
#1 – Kratom may help for chronic pains: Kratom extract (aka Mitragyna Speciosa) is known for having an incredible quality of acting as an analgesic medicine. According to www.dereneaton.com/software/bali-kratom-capsules/ The bali kratom extract influence the hormones rapidly so that the pain would get die away and you would become restful soon. The site www.asb2017.org , If we study the mechanism of Kratom products it works just li...
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December 20, 2019 3 mins
erectile dysfunction relieved naturally with virectin supplement Virectin is an all-natural male enhancement pill reviewed by www.interhealthworldwide.org to deliver maximum male performance. virectin contains pharmaceutical-grade ingredients and helps boost your confidence, ramp up stamina levels and allows you to achieve more intense erections to satisfy your partner. Does Virectin work? Virectin claims to treat many different ai...
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December 13, 2019 12 mins
  Kratom – New Solution Kratom is a new solution for pain management. Its pain relieving qualities give you the kind of comfort you deserve. It is a herbal solution, which will assure you that it is safe. Kratom contains alkaloids that help you in getting relief. It connects with receptors that are responsible for providing you with unique effects. These effects relax your body and get rid of any tightness that you would have felt ...
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December 12, 2019 2 mins
Interview with cancer specialist Mark Rosen. www.akcannabisclub.com featured CBD health benefits for cancer. www.pmlconsortium.org
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December 11, 2019 2 mins
Dr. Mark rosenberg gives interview about CBD Oil for cancer. He recommends to his patients
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October 11, 2019 60 mins
Michael and Ruan chat about SEO and Links. Here are the best resources authority link revolution develomark Podcast resource  
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December 31, 2018 36 mins
Justin sits down with Jessica and Michael to reflect on 2018 and discuss resolutions and goals for 2018 Happy New Year from 2nd Act Podcast Family www.2ndactpodcast.com
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Our producer of the show, Sam and her fiancé Bryan are getting married soon!! Justin tests their knowledge of each other as we get to know them a bit! Subscribe for more videos!!   https://youtu.be/rSGalF4Uv4Q www.2ndactpodcast.com www.facebook.com/2ndactpodcast @samalexrae - Sam Rae Facebook: Bryan Weintraub www.lvlmarketingco.com    
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