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November 24, 2021 57 mins
Troy Rarick is the quintessential adventurer at the edge of the “known map” facing the unknown, exploring the road less traveled. The guy you call when you want to turn a sleepy and sometimes bankrupt little town into a mountain biking destination. He is a master at trail design, and more. He is filled with a rugged wisdom that, if you listen closely, might set you on a path of adventurous personal development, environmental awareness and -- who knows? -- maybe even spiritual growth.

Troy advocates for the possibility of designing city infrastructures that provide complete human experiences, where mountain biking goes beyond being a sport and becomes a philosophy where we can develop better communities, appreciation of the outdoors and positively shape individual lives.

Troy is best known as the founder of Over The Edge Sports, Colorado's destination mountain bike shop and trail experience, and the Fruita Fat Tire Festival, and he has taken his experience and philosophy of transforming communities around the world.

“There's another beautiful option in all of our lives that we can see but we've never quite dared to go there.” ~ Troy Rarick

In this episode you’ll hear about:

•The Philosophy: See, Say, Send
•Look Over the Edge: Allow yourself to move beyond the all the reasons of “why not?”
•A Beautiful Thing: Be the Person You Wish You Could be.

“Allow yourself to have the experience of success.” ~ Troy Rarick


•A Journey Inside Yourself: Find your “Yes!” energy - Dare to see for yourself!
•Your Light: What you get excited about
•Bravado is a fear-based idea: Start within reach

“I've seen myself bring my light forth and have it be an effective light in the lives of others, and it's inspired me.” ~ Troy Rarick


•Make every step a tangible forward movement in the moment
•Keep Yourself in “The Energy of truth,” don’t waste time judging (yourself or others)
•Know with your own eyes, right now!

“There are things we're all terrified of and often tends to reside really close to the thing we think would be beautiful to do.” ~ Troy Rarick
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