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S2EP12 West Fargo's Student-Led Literary Magazine

March 5, 201924 min
Beatrice Hill is in her fifth year at West Fargo high school teaching English language arts. During her first year, she was approached by students who wanted to begin a literary magazine. Hill allows the students to take the lead on every aspect of the magazine, from providing content and page design to seeking out fundraising sources and including advertising. Hill says she serves as an advisor and says when the students run into problems they develop the skills to problem solve.

Hill says she comes from a long line of teachers and that education has been really valued within my family. She says she not only comes from a line of exceptional teachers, but she’s also had the privilege of being taught by exceptional teachers. She believes that every teacher she’s had along the way has inspired her in some capacity and has influenced her to help her get where she is today.



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