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Those Conspiracy Guys

Those Conspiracy Guys is a history, comedy and true crime podcast from Ireland produced and presented by Gordon Rochford and the topics discussed are varied and wide-ranging; from the speculations on the out-there conspiracy theories like aliens, time travel, and ancient civilisations to researched discussions on the more grounded, historical and provable conspiracies like political and financial corruption, scientific chicanery and secret government agency shenanigans. In long-form group discussions; interviews with authors and experts; live stage shows and streams with an eager audience; and collaborations with other conspiracy creators; Gordo examines all the wildest notions and most unbelievable theories in the ever broadening genre of 'conspiracy'. From the high-concept topics like inter-dimensional lizard men, complicated assassination plots and potential future technologies like alternative simulated universes; to the much more tangible topics like discussing serial killers and mysterious true crime cases; exploring the history of religions and cult leaders; and historically profiling the lives and times of some of the most influential people to have lived, and died. Those Conspiracy Guys brings you on a light hearted and hilarious exploration of these fantastic stories through thoroughly researched and painstakingly contmeplated production; making it easy and fun for these sometimes heavy and complicated topics to be digested, with lashings of good old irreverend Irish craic from host Gordon Rochford and a cavalcade of hilarious comedians, committed creators and fabulously interesting guests.


January 31, 2024 362 mins
On this episode we talk about one of the most notorious men in modern history; a dude whose simple and crazy face is synonymous with manipulation, mind control and murder; whose idea of family will have you thinking twice about complaining about going home for thanksgiving this year; this time we are chatting about the one and only Charlie Manson. This is a revisited episode on this topic with about 10 years in between; I wanted to...
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DEEP DIVE - On this episode we discuss one of histories most enduring mysteries where accusations flew and farcical trials condemned many young women to death in the name of religious purity which was disguising political subterfuge and using fear of the unknown as a tool of control; this one is all about The Salem Witch Trials. In 17th Century Massachusetts newly settled puritans began a campaign of accusations against potential w...
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August 1, 2023 226 mins
On this episode we talk about one of the most prolific and brutal killers in US history and a guy who got his moniker The Scorecard Killer from a macabre list of nicknames he had for his many victims; this episode is all about Randy Kraft. Joining me on this episode is comedian Ger Staunton; international comedy powerhouse and fellow Mayo man :) Ger and I discuss these heinous crimes and what drives someone to commit such horrific ...
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SWAPCAST - On this episode I join Sam Tripoli, XG and Johnny on the infamous Tin Foil Hat to chat about the state of 'conspiracy theories'; what mad stuff is going on in the world right now; how hard it is having a head going around the place and a bunch of other contemporary conspiracy topics. We also talk about the recent TCG Rothschild episode and all the shenanigans that entails. There's a big ol' intro on the front of this one...
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March 14, 2023 386 mins
DEEP DIVE - On this episode we discuss The Rothschild Dynasty and the beginning to one of the most powerful and covertly influential dynastic families in modern civilisation. From the Jewish ghettos of 18th century Frankfurt to seats at the most clandestine and unimaginably powerful boardroom tables in the modern day; the Rothschild family and their immeasurable wealth has had a secret hand in the shaping of our society and, undoub...
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January 5, 2023 181 mins
On this episode we discuss one of the most famous and contentious true crime cases this century; the death of Stuart Lubbock. Now this case is still unsolved and in the UK and Ireland it was a huge deal and was covered incessantly by the news and tabloid media because of the association with celebrity tv personality and comedian Michael Barrymore. Lubbock died in the swimming pool of Barrymore's house after a drink and drug fuelled...
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December 3, 2022 335 mins
On this episode we talk about one of the most contentious and censoriously restricted topics on the internet; admittedly on an extremely dark subject with many many potentially litigiously vulnerable points but something that has been misinterpreted, covered up and in a real sense, the true factual details forgotten about online; this one is all about Pizzagate. From the Podesta email leak and Anthony Weiners laptop showing Hillary...
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October 28, 2022 209 mins
TRUE CRIME - On this episode we discuss a harrowing case of abuse and revenge; two brothers who killed their parents in a brutal and meticulously premeditated manner were paraded across the mainstream media as cold hearted killers. During the televised case however, the extent of the sexual and psychological abuse they suffered was described in sickening detail and the motivations for their actions became that much more murkily mo...
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October 18, 2022 373 mins
On this episode we discuss one of the most maligned and mysterious figures from modern history; a man who is as famous for his death as for his life, and someone like him would put the willies up anyone in power because he was an uncontrollable and unpredictable force; this episode is all about Rasputin. Shambling into St Petersburg from the Siberian countryside in the early days of the 20th century; is how most people would view t...
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September 13, 2022 192 mins
On this episode the wonderful Claire joins me to talk about the horrible case of the death of Cathy Cesnik and the abuse that Fr Joseph Maskell doled out on the girls of Keough High School in Baltimore as detailed in the Netflix documentary series The Keepers. This is a rough one and we dive deep into the personalities involved including the two investigators Abbie Schaub and Gemma Hoskins who hounded law enforcement for documents ...
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September 1, 2022 354 mins
On this episode we discuss the silent machine behind the worlds media; the clandestine manipulation of your reality and the obfuscation of the real world around us through the content we consume; the news we trust and the moulded attitudes of our friends and loved ones. An operation so grand in its complexity and execution that it is as easily identifiable as it is deniable; Operation Mockingbird Post war propagandists and governme...
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July 29, 2022 216 mins
On this episode we discuss this horrible human being, Chris Watts, and his cowardly and brutal murder of his wife and two young kids with super-guest: comedy powerhouse and the undisputed heavy weight champion of the comedic arts Colin Geddis. The discussions and opinions on this episode will definitely be controversial as we try to understand the motivations behind such a crime; we also look deeper into the famous documentary Amer...
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July 6, 2022 197 mins
On this episode comedian Tom O'Mahony joins me to talk about one of the best kept secrets in modern True Crime; the man with a thousand murder buckets and an unpredictable and seemingly uncontainable serial scourge on the entirety of the US; Israel Keyes. Growing up as a Mormon in a massive family can mess with the best of us but Israel took it that step further and his cultish childhood led to a deeply troubled adolescence with ga...
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June 13, 2022 317 mins
On this episode we talk about one of the most dramatically interconnected men in conspiracy lore; a man who had more fingers in more pies than Mr Kipling and who was responsible for more rock than Dwayne Johnson. The king of cocaine and the reason anyone had something to toot throughout the 70s and 80s in America; this episode we are talking about Barry Seal. You may have heard of Barry from the 2017 Tom Cruise movie 'American Made...
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May 30, 2022 205 mins
On this episode we talk about the man who made parents everywhere afraid that a man in a van will come and take away your children; Texas Serial killer, child murderer and all round very bad man, Dean Corll. Killer of up to (and probably more than) 28 young men Dean Corll was the scourge of Heuston Heights in Texas and was so cruel in his murders that the moniker of Candy Man was given to him. Using what was known as 'The Murder Bo...
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March 31, 2022 125 mins
On this episode I interview Nora Koppel, daughter of Hinterkaifek expert Adolf Koppel, all about the facts of the case as proven by the investigations of her father. Dolf wrote the book Lerchenstimme (The Lark's Song) and book in German about The Hinterkaifek Murders and he claims to have proof of what happened to the Gruber Family on those fateful days 100 years ago at Hinterkaifek. Dolf recreated weapons, made moulds of wounds an...
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March 18, 2022 324 mins
On this episode we casually hold our hand over our brow as we inquisitively stare into the glare of the midday sun; searching for an ancient truth in a barren land and uncovering possibly the ultimate mysteries of our creation, our civilisation and the nature of our planet in this episode all about The Mystery of the Pyramids. From the classic pyramid on the Giza plateau in Egypt to the buried pyramids under the lush undulating hil...
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January 27, 2022 147 mins
SWAPCAST - On this episode I join Colin Geddis in his General Banter Podcast HQ in Belfast as part of his 12 Pods of Christmas; where we talk about conspiracies, comedy, dicks, willies and cocks. We do get a small bit serious about a few things but there is craic and chat of the highest order.  I really did have a great time with Colin and Niall in Belfast and the city is lovely; Ill defo be back for a live show in the near future....
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SWAPCAST - On this Swapcast I join well loved TCG co-host Eamonn and his compadre Rob on their show Monster Fuzz and I get very impassioned by the new Matrix film and its overall shitness! We talk about simulation theories, other universes, CERN and 'the quantum'; and toward the end give a scathing appraisal of the newest and most blasphemous of the now quadrilogy of Matrix films! Why don't they just leave good stuff alone!? ______...
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January 20, 2022 304 mins
On this episode we cast our eyes skyward and prepare for the end times as we discuss the seemingly inevitable extra terrestrial invasion scenario that was famously predicted by a Canadian journalist and now fabled conspiracy theories Serge Monast known as Project Blue Beam Blue Beam began its round in the public discourse after a 1994 article was written by the infamous Serge Monast and hit hard on the now 'alien abduction obsessed...
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