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February 24, 2024 83 mins
This was a week of anticipation for the industry focused more so looking forward to two major games that are coming in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth and the Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree expansion. Not to mention, Nintendo finally dropped that Nintendo Direct Partner Showcase as well.

Sean and Marc discuss all of these things, how reviews are shaping up for Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, thoughts on the Elden Ring DLC Trailer, and also on the Nintendo Direct Partner Showcase.

They've also been playing some games, with Marc having some Helldivers 2 Impressions, and also can discuss the server issues preventing him from playing the game. He's also made it further in Persona 3 Reload and Regency Solitaire 2. Sean has more to say on Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden after spending a significant amount of more time with it.

Plus, Sony will make it possible for PSVR 2 to work on PC so that the tech owners can access more games. The latest Circana report for January 2024 has dropped and brings with it some interesting info on game sales. SEGA's Crazy Taxi reboot has a Battle Royal mode and more!

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Also, Sean did an extra VG2M this week discussing all things Final Fantasy VII Rebirth w/ Hayes Madsen:


00:01:00: START

00:02:30: Housekeeping

-------------- Games We Are Playing ---------------

00:04:25: Helldivers 2 (Marc)

00:14:43: Persona 3 Reload (Marc)

00:24:38: Regency Solitaire (Marc)

00:26:10: Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden (Sean)

--------------- MAIN TOPIC ---------------

00:31:50: Nintendo Direct Partner Showcase Reactions

00:42:05: Elden Ring DLC Trailer

------------ What's in the News -----------

00:45:25: January 2024 Circana Report & Suicide Squad Kill the Justice doesn't meet Warner Bros expectations

00:50:48: Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Comes out to Great Reviews and a 94 on Metacritic

00:55:10: Could There Be a Bloodborne Remake?

00:57:38: Sony is working on allowing PSVR 2 to work on PC

01:03:55: Crazy Taxi Reboot is a AAA game with a 100-person Battle Royal Mode

01:08:40: Short interlude discussing the Sony Non-Spiderman Spidey movies & DC's New DCEU

01:13:25: EA is trying to get over 11,000 College Players to sign up to be Licensed for EA Sports College Football 25

01:16:25: Some discussion on HALO TV Series Season 2 and if Star Wars Jedi could be a TV Series

01:19:10: Discussing the Borderlands Movie Trailer & IGN Creators Guild Gets Accepted

------------------ The End ------------

01:21:25: Games Coming Out This Week: Pacific Drive, Promenade, Final Fantasy VII Rebirth & More!

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