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February 3, 2024 64 mins
This week, Sony graced us all with a rather lengthy PlayStation State of Play showing off the promised games such as Stellar Blade and Rise of the Ronin, but also delivering a few surprises such as an almost 10-minute look at Death Stranding 2 among other announcements. Sean and Marc give their thoughts on the State of Play and if they are more hyped about anything that was shown than they were previously.

Also, Marc has been playing quite a lot of Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth, as he traverses through Hawaii with Ichiban and friends exploring the beaches, the Animal Crossing-like Dondoko Island, and battling it out with the Sujimon. Sean unfortunately hasn't been able to play much, but both of them will be able to discuss Persona 3: Reload next week at least.

There's also a rumor that Sony may be working on a PlayStation Vita 2 or at least a true original portable device, but that it would not be released for at least another two years. Would it be possible to even have a PlayStation 5 portable? Does this mean we will see this become an even bigger trend in gaming? Or is this just another case of PlayStation and potentially Xbox going after Nintendo a little too late?

Plus, sadly, more layoffs at Embracer Group, and SEGA of America also is set to have layoffs as well. games being delisted with no warning off Steam and consoles, Square-Enix saying a Final Fantasy VI remake would take 20 years to make, info on the PDP Fortnite Festival guitar and more!

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00:01:00: START

00:02:10: Housekeeping

------------------ MAIN TOPIC -----------

00:03:40 PlayStation State of Play Reactions

------------- Games We Are Playing ---------

00:21:45 Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth (Sean & Marc)

00:36:40 Discussing if they are gonna play Persona 3: Reload, Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, and Helldivers 2

------------- What's in the News ------------

00:39:25 SEGA of America laying off 61 people and Embracer Continues Layoffs as well at Eidos Montreal, Cancels Deus Ex game too

00:42:25 Spec Ops the Line and Devil Mary Cry 3 & 4 Special Editions get suddenly Delisted

00:45:40 Some European retailers to stop selling physical Xbox Games in stores

00:49:10 According to a Hardware Leaker, there's a possible PlayStation Vita 2 or Original Portable in Development with AMD

00:55:45 Yoshinori Kitase says it would take 20 years to make a FFVII-style remake of FFVI

00:59:40 Sean talks about the PDP Rock Band 4/Fortnite Festival Guitar

1:01:15 Skull & Bones is going to have an Open Beta February 8-11 and some random thoughts

---------------- The End ------------

01:02:35 Mario versus Donkey Kong has a Demo on Nintendo Switch and the Games Coming out this week!

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