Passenger Furious With Delta After Kicking Kid Caused Her Cartilage Damage

By Dave Basner

April 9, 2018

If you've ever travelled by plane then you know there's a good chance there might be a child onboard who could make your flight a little more challenging. Most of the time, it just might be a little noisier than usual and is nothing headphones and loud music can't fix, but one woman alleges that what a kid did to her on her flight has left her severely injured. 

As she flew on Delta from LA to Minneapolis, Sally Canario claims that the little girl sitting next to her kicked her and bruised her ribs, and Canario is not thrilled with how the airline dealt with it.   

Canario told The Sun:

"I was up against the window, trying to get some sleep on a red eye flight. A stranger's daughter was trying to sleep on the plane with her head in her mother's lap and her feet in my face, in my side, and on my lap. The girl threw a bad tantrum - screaming, crying, and bicycle kicking while she was trying to sleep, [but] the airline would not accommodate me for a safer, comparable seat."

In fact, Sally says when she asked a flight attendant to file an injury report, he allegedly told her, "I am not a babysitter, you two parties need to work things out. This is a full flight. I do not take injury reports... you aren't injured."

She adds that he blamed her, alleging the flight attendant said, "I heard you were causing trouble and harassing the family next to you."

Canario, who denies that she was harassing the mother, says she now suffers from pain in her chest and cartilage damage. Thankfully, her doctor expects it to heal, but warns it might be painful.

Sally doesn't blame the girl's family but she is mad at Delta for their seating policies. Apparently, the girl's father was on the flight but the type of tickets the family bought didn't allow for seat selection. She says if she knew the husband was onboard, she would've gladly given him her seat and spared herself "this painful injury and hellish nightmare."

Delta is now investigating the situation and plans on reviewing the issue of seating families together.

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