Cemetery Security Guard Films Hauntings, Including Blood-Curdling Scream

By Dave Basner

July 17, 2019

Most job sites have their share of dangers - factory works can get injured by machines, firefighters can get burnt, and so on - but the risks folks who work with the dead face are a little more creepy, especially if they work all hours at a graveyard. That's what security guard Joshua Runyan does at a cemetery in Savannah, Georgia, and he claims to have experienced his fair share of strange happenings - so many in fact that he's started to film parts of his job and has captured a lot of the paranormal activity on camera.

He's uploaded footage to TikTok and one of the first eerie videos actually happens in broad daylight as he is securing a mausoleum. He shouts out, asking if anybody is in the building, and a faint child's voice responds, "Hello?" then says, "Can you help her?" Joshua tries to have a conversation with the voice, as though there is actually a kid hiding in the building, but seems unnerved by it all. The video ends before we see what happened.

In another clip, Joshua is patrolling when he sees the lights flickering in the chapel. He goes to check it out and is greeted by an ungodly scream that sends him running out of the building.

***WARNING: This video contains some harsh language***

The chapel seems to be full of frightening occurrences, since in another video, Joshua finds a suspicious car near the chapel and sees that the lights are on. This time, he goes in and hears a child say, "There is no God here." The disembodied voice then sings "Ring Around The Rosie," and Joshua very quickly leaves.

***WARNING: This video contains some harsh language***

He also caught the doors moving, opening and closing on their own in the chapel.

In the mausoleum, he's filmed loud banging and what sounds like a voice saying "help." He also said that's the reason one of the other security officers quit.

In one of the most chilling videos, Joshua actually communicates with something in the mausoleum, who whispers that her name is Sarah.

Of course, the most likely reason for all of this is that it is all a hoax. In the beginning of the video with the knocking in the mausoleum, you can see a person seemingly trying to hide on the right of the screen. Also, all of the videos can easily be faked. However, Joshua, who says he doesn't even believe in ghosts, swears they are all real and that they are proof ghosts exist.

Photo: TikTok/Security9886

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