Maren Morris Talks 'Untrue Misconception' Of Women In Country Music

By Lindsey Smith

July 31, 2019

If you've been a fan of Maren Morris since the beginning (hi, *raises hand*), then you know she's worked her butt off to get where she is today.

She was recently honored by Harper's Bazaar to be featured in the publication's very first music documentary, which dropped Wednesday (July 31).

The new documentary not only gives a behind-the-scenes look at the "The Bones" singer out on tour but also how her career started and turned in to what it is today. She also sat down for a candid interview about her career and being a woman in country music.

"Everyone's an overnight sensation when no one's heard of them before," she said about her career. "You don't see all those years of playing in sh**** honky-tonks and being stiffed by the club owner and not getting paid." 

One thing Morris hasn't been shy about discussing is how hard it is for women in country music to get the same respect in the industry as men. She recalls the many times she's had doors slammed in her face and has missed opportunities during her career. "There are a lot of gatekeepers that just do not give the same time of day to a new female artist as they would do to a new male artist," she explained. 

Later in the video, Sheryl Crow, Morris' husband, Ryan Hurd, and Keith Urban all gush about Morris and her incredible career as well as what makes her such a force in country music. Crow furthers Morris' explanation saying she was told women in country music "wouldn't sell advertising for radio" as well as tickets to concerts.

The "Rich" singer explained that she's aware of a "very weird, untrue misconception" that women don't want to hear other women on the radio. Thankfully, she's proving them all wrong by selling out many of her tour dates and breaking records as well as winning awards such as iHeartRadio Music Awards and a Grammy.

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