Noel Gallagher Responds To Liam Saying He Turned Down £100m For Oasis Tour

By Eliot Hill

February 4, 2020

Here we go again.

Just two months into 2020 and brothers Liam Gallagher and Noel Gallagher are at each other's throats (as if they ever stopped).

On Monday (February 3), Liam made a claim in a tweet that Oasis had previously been offered £100 million (roughly $130 million) to put on a reunion tour and his brother turned it down.

“We’ve been offered 100 million pounds for a tour still not enough for the greedy soul oh well stay young LG,” he tweeted. 

Well, on Tuesday (February 4), his brother Noel took to the app to refute the claims Liam made and, as always, also used it as an opportunity to get a quick jab in to his brother.

“To whoever might be arsed: I am not aware of any offer from anybody for any amount of money to reform the legendary Mancunian Rock’n’Roll group Oasis,” Noel tweeted. “I am fully aware though that someone has a single to promote so that’s maybe where the confusion lies.”

While yes, Liam does indeed have a single — and a new EP — to promote, Noel also has a new single and EP to promote so hey, looks like everyone is getting some free promo out of this. 

In an interview just last November, Noel admitted that he doesn't really care for social media and usually leaves his accounts up to his management team but it looks like he had to get a word in this time.

It seems like the brothers' feud will truly never really be behind them as Liam's said in past interviews. 

Plus, don't get your hopes up for an Oasis reunion because it does not seem likely to EVER occur and we'll just repeat this cycle all over again. “The geezer don’t want the band back together because he likes to be the main man,” Liam said in September 2019. “If the f***ing music he’s writing now was going to be any part of Oasis, I’d f***ing blow my brains out. We’re probably better off apart.”


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