YUNGBLUD Admits A Voice In His Head Tells Him He's 'Not Good Enough'

By Lindsey Smith

May 18, 2020

YUNGBLUD has shared a video from his life in quarantine with fans in a docu-series called Stay Home With: YUNGBLUD every Monday over the past four weeks.

On Monday (May 18) the “Weird!” singer dropped the final video and it's an emotional one!

The video starts with Dom chatting about a Zoom call he's going to have with his tour family, who he's usually around 24/7 while traversing around the world playing gigs. “By the end of tour you're kinda sick of them but a week into your holiday or a week into being off, you miss 'em,” he said. 

Next, Dom can be seen hanging out on his bed candidly chatting about missing fans and his tour family and how eager he is to get back on the road. “I need to see them, I feel like I'm going to cry because I need to just feel not lonely,” he explained. “I feel really lonely.”

Always the one to be open and honest, he also admitted that despite being excited about his new music, he's not always confident and still doubts himself.

“There's always still something in my head that comes up and goes, 'alright, I'm gonna drag you down again,'” he explained. “I hear the silence and I hear the thoughts just being like, 'you are not good enough. You are worthless. You are not good enough.'”

Brb, just gonna go invent a way to hug him through my laptop screen.

He continues saying he makes music and does what he can to make people feel less alone and realizes he sometimes has to listen to his own advice and words he's telling fans. As an example, he includes a chat with one of his producers who tells him about a letter a fan wrote thanking YUNGBLUD for helping them and it's such an emotional story that the singer begins to cry!

The second half of the video is a little more positive as fans get an inside look at his cooking skills and Dom talking about the docu-series before it launched a few weeks back.

Watch the whole episode above!

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