Wife Celebrates Abusive Husband's Death By Dumping His Ashes In The Trash

By Dave Basner

June 9, 2020

When a loved one dies, people handle their passing in many different ways but there is almost always a heartfelt tribute. The same cannot be said when a not-so-loved one passes away, and that has never been more true than in a video one woman posted following the death of her husband.

Marsha Widener begins the clip by saying, "I know you're not going to understand why I'm doing this," then she shows a box of filled with ashes to the camera, explaining they are the remains of her late spouse, Don Widener. She states, "His family don't want him, his brother doesn't want him around, his kids doesn't want him - actually, they want him to go in the gutter or the toilet." Marsha reveals that Don was garbage man, bringing trash from businesses to the landfill, and that she will now send him to a landfill.

As she unties the bag holding his cremains, Marsha says, "This is for all the pain and all the turmoil he has caused my children and myself and what he calls his parents. This is his goodbye." She then starts to pouring his ashes into a trash bin, noting as she does, "This is for all the times he kicked me in the head - yup, he put my head through a window." She spills ashes on the ground and grinds them into the dirt with her foot. She empties the rest into the bin, throws the bag in too and says, "Adios amigo!"

Here's hoping Marsha's life is better without Don in it.

Photo: YouTube/MarshaWidener

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