How You Answer This Question Can Show If You Are A Psychopath

By Dave Basner

March 5, 2021

If you find yourself hurting animals or murdering people, it's pretty clear you are probably a psychopath, but if you're just not sure if you have some evil lurking inside of you, there is a simple test that might show if you do. In a video, a TikTok user explained the test, but first made sure to note that she is not a medical professional and that the test is not an actual diagnosis, so no need to buy a straitjacket on eBay.

In the clip, @Sophia.Boi asks viewers to close their eyes and imagine themselves in a dark, eerie forest. She says that in those creepy woods, sounds surround you and you suddenly hear and feel breathing coming from behind you. You turn around and what do you see?

The options she gives are a wild animal, a pale person of the opposite sex, a shadowy figure, a dog, a giant bug, or nothing. Each of those answers has a different meaning, but there's only one that most psychopaths pick - the dog.

In a follow-up video, she explains why that is.

As for what the other responses mean, she went on to describe those as well.

Of course, not everyone wound up seeing one of the options. Among the other things people saw were a clown, a werewolf and a horrifying figure. You can find out what some of those mean by checking out Sophia's TikTok here.

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