This Innocent Dog Photo Is Confusing People Because It Looks Very Wrong

By Dave Basner

April 8, 2020

When most people look at a picture of a dog, it immediately gives them a warm feeling to see that furry good boy or girl - no matter if the pup is sitting with their owner, playing, or happily standing around. But there is one dog photo out there that definitely does not make you feel nice inside, in fact, it does the opposite. That's because most brains can't register or handle exactly what it is they are looking at in this pic. It was originally posted to Reddit under the topic "Confusing Perspective" and you'll understand why after examining the image, which is actually totally harmless.

It was clear from the comments that no one knew what the heck was going on there. One person wrote, "I legit thought that was a headless dog that was somehow alive," while another asked, "Soooo, where's the head?" Others were just plain frustrated stating, "For the love of God I can't get this!?"

A few commenters edited the photos to make the picture a little more appealing:

It turns out that the picture is actually just a three-legged dog licking itself on its back. One commenter added a helpful illustration to show exactly what's going on from two angles:

Best of all, the dog's owner posted just what his pup looks like normally, and it'll leave you with that nice, warm feeling:

Much better, right?

Photo: Imgur, Reddit

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